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Governor: Sue Jeffers

Sue Jeffers, who owns a bar on the University of Minnesota campus, has been a vocal opponents of efforts to limit or ban smoking in public. She's running as a Republican in the primary against Gov. Pawlenty. Jeffers says she has been disappointed with the leadership of Gov. Pawlenty and other party leaders. She says her campaign will focus on lower taxes and property rights. Jeffers has successfully led the efforts to scale back Hennepin County's smoking bans. She says her campaign will also focus on property rights and limited government.

In her loss to Gov. Tim Pawlenty in the September 2006 primary, Jeffers received about 11 percent of the Republican vote.

Candidate Bio

Sue Jeffers
Political affiliation:
Republican Party
October 3, 1956
Lifelong Minnesota resident.
Mother of 3 children: Sara 19, Brett 16, Amy 15
Owner of Stub & Herbs Restaurant (Minneapolis) 1979-Present
Graduate Richfield High School 1975; University of Duluth 1975-1977; University of Minnesota 1977-1979 with a major in business and political science.
Major political experience:
None indicated.

On the Issues

Audio Abortion (4/26/06)
Audio Budget (4/26/06)
Audio Death penalty (4/26/06)
Audio Education (4/26/06)
Audio Gambling (4/26/06)
Audio Higher education (4/26/06)
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Audio Safety net (4/26/06)
Audio Stadiums (4/26/06)
Audio Health care (4/26/06)
Audio Taxes (4/26/06)
Audio Transportation (4/26/06)

Links and Resources

Campaign Web site:

Candidate Pages

Sue Jeffers, the Libertarian-turned-Republican challenging Gov. Tim Pawlenty in the September primary election, discussed her vision for smaller government in an Aug. 17 speech at the University of Minnesota's Humphrey Institute. (Midday, 08/23/2006)
Attorney General Mike Hatch wants to make the big move across the hallway and into the governor's office. Hatch, who won the DFL endorsement in June, explains where he stands on the issues as part of Midday's "Meet the Candidates" series. (Midday, 08/22/2006)
DFL candidate for governor Mike Hatch is trying to make embryonic stem cell research a key issue in this year's campaign. For the second time in a month, Hatch held a news conference to propose a $100 million state investment in stem cell research. (08/21/2006)
Peter Hutchinson believes he can follow in Jesse Ventura's footsteps to become Minnesota's second Independence Party governor. Hutchinson discusses his campaign and the issues as part of Midday's "Meet the Candidates" series. (Midday, 08/21/2006)
Sue Jeffers says she's the only true conservative running for governor this year. Jeffers, who is challenging Gov. Tim Pawlenty in the Republican primary, discusses the issues as part of Midday's "Meet the Candidates" series. (Midday, 08/18/2006)
Midmorning speaks with Attorney General Mike Hatch, DFL candidate for governor, about his battle against large companies, his views on health care and how he plans to swing Minnesota's undecided voters. (Midmorning, 08/18/2006)
State Sen. Becky Lourey, DFL-Kerrick, hopes DFL voters will choose her over endorsed gubernatorial candidate Mike Hatch in the September primary elections. She makes her case as part of Midday's "Meet the Candidates" series. (Midday, 08/17/2006)
Midmorning speaks with gubernatorial candidate Peter Hutchinson about his current campaign, his stance on the issues and the challenges facing the Independence Party. (Midmorning, 08/17/2006)
State officials say Minnesota's economy added nearly 12,000 jobs last month. Over the past year, the state has added jobs at more than double the national rate. At the same time, Minnesota's unemployment rate inched up last month, because more people are now looking for work. (08/15/2006)
Republican Gov. Tim Pawlenty is asking Minnesota voters to give him a second term. Pawlenty makes his case as part of Midday's "Meet the Candidates" series. (Midday, 08/14/2006)
Among the endorsed major party candidates for governor, only Peter Hutchinson of the Independence Party has never before held elected office. But he has a public record, serving more than three years as the superintendent of the Minneapolis school district. (08/13/2006)
Independence Party gubernatorial candidate Peter Hutchinson unveiled a health care plan that he says will save state and local governments as much as $1.2 billion a year. His plan includes requiring all Minnesotans to have health insurance and slashing administrative costs in half. (08/11/2006)
Independence Party-endorsed gubernatorial candidate Peter Hutchinson offered a lesson on "the price of government" at the University of Minnesota's Humphrey Institute Thursday. His speech was part of the Humphrey's series of "policy talks" from major party candidates for governor. (Midday, 08/11/2006)
The issue of health care is heating up in the governor's race. Two candidates have already outlined health care proposals, and another two will weigh in on the issue this week. Political observers say the issue affects many Minnesotans' pocketbooks, but it's unclear whether it will ultimately affect their votes in November. (08/09/2006)
In the first in a series of "major policy addresses" from the major-party gubernatorial candidates at the University of Minnesota's Humphrey Institute, incumbent Republican Gov. Tim Pawlenty speaks about changes he'd like to see in the state's education system. (Midday, 07/26/2006)
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