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6th District: Elwyn Tinklenberg

Former state Transportation Commissioner Elwyn Tinklenberg announced his candidacy for the 6th District congressional seat on June 14, 2005. He ended his campaign on May 13, 2006 when fellow DFLer Patty Wetterling won the 6th District convention endorsement after seven ballots. Tinklenberg, a former Methodist minister, says DFLers should not shy away from talking about faith and moral values. His announcement speech focused on restoring faith in government and ending the divisive bickering in Washington. Tinklenberg opposes legalized abortion, favors gun rights and supports a federal ban on gay marriage, provided there are some legal protections in place for gay couples. Those views are to the right of many Democrats, but could play well in the socially conservative 6th District.

Candidate Bio

Elwyn Tinklenberg
Political affiliation:
DFL Party

Former United Methodist Minister
Graduated from University of Minnesota.
Major political experience:
Was Minnesota's transportation commissioner under Gov. Jesse Ventura. Served 14 years on the Blaine City Council including 10 years as mayor from 1986 until 1996.

On the Issues

Audio Abortion (5/10/06)
Audio Deficits (5/10/06)
Audio Gas prices(5/10/06)
Audio Guns (5/10/06)
Audio Health care (5/10/06)
Audio Immigration (5/10/06)
Audio Impeachment(5/10/06)
Audio Iran (5/10/06)
Audio Iraq (5/10/06)
Audio Medicare (5/10/06)
Audio Palestinians (5/10/06)
Audio Tax cuts (5/10/06)

Campaign Contributions

Cash on hand
Source: Political MoneyLine.
July 2006

Links and Resources

Campaign Web site

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Patty Wetterling locked down the DFL endorsement in the 6th District on Saturday, setting up what promises to be a rip-roaring battle for Congress with the GOP's conservative candidate, Michele Bachmann. (05/13/2006)
Democrats in the 6th Congressional District will meet Saturday in Monticello to endorse a candidate for the U.S. House. (05/12/2006)
Patty Wetterling and Elwyn Tinklenberg both want to grab Mark Kennedy's House seat for the Democratic Party. They make their cases to the voters in Minnesota's 6th Congressional District. (Midday, 05/10/2006)
Patty Wetterling's announcement has upset the other Democrat in the race and has Republicans hopeful that the seat will stay in their hands. (02/03/2006)
Former Minnesota Transportation Commissioner Elwyn Tinklenberg is the first DFLer to formally announce his candidacy for the open congressional seat in Minnesota's 6th District. Tinklenberg made the announcement Tuesday in Blaine, where he once served as mayor. (06/14/2005)
The Republicans vying for a spot on Minnesota's 6th Congressional District ballot hauled in comparable amounts of campaign cash and, in some cases, looked to the same donors, according to reports that were due Friday. (04/15/2005)