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6th District

When it's time to redistrict congressional districts in Minnesota, the 6th District usually is the battleground. The last redistricting — 2002 — was no exception as a large block of the 7th and 2nd Districts were awarded to the 6th, dramatically changing the politics in the district. Before redistricting, faster growing Eastern suburbs such as Woodbury and Oakdale — which tended to be somewhat Republican — vied with some established DFL-leaning northern suburbs. But with the addition of cities around the St. Cloud area, most every candidate concentrated on these more-conservative, voter-rich areas. In 2002, incumbent, pro-choice Rep. Bill Luther didn't bother to run for re-election, moving into the 2nd instead. Republican Mark Kennedy, who had been in the 2nd, fairly easily beat Oak Park Heights DFLer Janet Roberts 57-to-35 percent, and then showed the power of the northwestern region by setting up his district offices in Buffalo, Hugo, and St. Cloud, ignoring the suburbs that were in the 6th District to begin with. Demographically, however, the district has the same face: former farm fields turn into subdivisions. It heavily supported Sen. Norm Coleman and Gov. Tim Pawlenty — both Republicans — in 2002.

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District Information

District map
Median age: 36
School age: 22%
Age 65+: 8%
Percent below poverty: 5%
Per capita income: $23,524
Median housing value: $137,506
Percent unemployed: 2%
Percent minority: 5%
Percent college graduate: 14%
Percent less than high school diploma: 6%

The Money Race

Patty Wetterling $2,204,334
Michele Bachmann $1,624,052
John Binkowski $17,057

Withdrawn Candidates

DocumentJay Esmay (R)
DocumentJim Knoblach (R)
DocumentPhil Krinkie (R)
Document Elwyn Tinklenberg (D)
Patty Wetterling and Elwyn Tinklenberg both want to grab Mark Kennedy's House seat for the Democratic Party. They make their cases to the voters in Minnesota's 6th Congressional District. (Midday, 05/10/2006)
Bachmann easily won the endorsement contest Saturday in Monticello and is looking ahead to the November election. Her three challengers say they are sticking to their pledge not to run in a primary. (05/06/2006)
Rep. Mark Kennedy has set his sights on the U.S. Senate, and there is a heated race underway for the Republican endorsement to take his place in Congress. (Midday, 05/03/2006)
Three of four candidates for the 6th District seat signed a pledge to honor the party endorsement process. But a fourth refused to sign, although he says he'll abide by it. (04/21/2006)
The common campaign theme among the Republican challengers is that Congress doesn't just need more Republicans, it needs more conservative Republicans. (04/17/2006)
Just ahead of a due date for property tax payments - and just weeks before the fall election - rebate checks averaging $205 would begin arriving in the mailboxes of homeowners if House Republican lawmakers get their way. (04/10/2006)
There's always some politics in every policy debate at the Legislature. Republican Reps. Phil Krinkie and Jim Knoblach are taking that to a higher level at the Capitol, because they're running against each other for the same Congressional seat. Some say they're trying to "out-conservatize" each other. (04/07/2006)
Even though the Legislature doesn't have a budget to balance this year, there are a number of tax-related proposals on the table, including eliminating the so-called marriage penalty, raising the state sales tax and the increasing the income tax. (Midday, 04/06/2006)
Ending more than a year of gridlock, a Senate committee today finally held a hearing on -- and then voted down -- a controversial bill that would put the definition of marriage on November's ballot as an amendment to the state constitution. (04/04/2006)
Jacob Wetterling Foundation officials say they've been considering the name change for several years, but one board member says Patty Wetterling's political campaign is also playing a role in the possible change. (03/10/2006)
State Sen. Michele Bachmann has suspended her congressional campaign while she enters a hospital for medical treatment. (02/27/2006)
Patty Wetterling's announcement has upset the other Democrat in the race and has Republicans hopeful that the seat will stay in their hands. (02/03/2006)
Children's safety advocate Patty Wetterling said Friday she is ending her Democratic campaign for U.S. Senate, and threw her support to Hennepin County Attorney Amy Klobuchar. (01/20/2006)
Supporters of a constitutional amendment to ban gay marriage in Minnesota are going to have a tougher time getting the measure on the ballot next November. They've lost two critical votes in the Minnesota Senate in recent special elections. (12/28/2005)
If a proposed constitutional amendment banning same-sex marriage makes it on the ballot next year, it could give a big boost to Republican candidates for governor and U.S. Senate. (11/21/2005)