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Wednesday, June 28, 2023

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2nd District

With the exception of the northern ends of the 6th District, there are few areas of Minnesota more strongly Republican than Minnesota's 2nd Congressional District. In 2002, a redistricting snafu created an opportunity for Republican John Kline to knock off arch-rival Bill Luther.. The two had faced off twice in the 6th District. Redistricting, however, put Kline in the 2nd District and judges apparently erred by moving incumbent Republican Mark Kennedy in the 6th District, thus opening the seat.

Kline beat Luther in that election, and then won easy re-election in 2004, besting Teresa Daly. He turned aside a challenge from Coleen Rowley in 2006 by a 56-to-40 percent margin.

The 2nd District is the poster child for political power now wielded by Minneapolis/St. Paul's suburbs. It encompasses the fast-developing communities of Eagan, Lakeville, Apple Valley, Cottage Grove, Mendota Heights and Burnsville in the Twin Cities' southern region. The district also includes farm communities and college towns, such as Northfield, home to Carleton College and St. Olaf College.

This area once was marginally Democratic, but was in play in 1998 when Jesse Ventura carried each county in the district. In 2000, George W. Bush narrowly won Dakota County. In 2002, the district went big for Republican Senator Norm Coleman and Gov. Tim Pawlenty.


Document John Kline (R)
Document Coleen Rowley (D)
Douglas Williams (I)

District Information

District map
Median age: 37
School age: 22%
Age 65+: 8%
Percent below poverty: 4%
Per capita income: $25,666
Median housing value: $151,194
Percent unemployed: 2%
Percent minority: 8%
Percent college graduate: 18%
Percent less than high school diploma: 5%

The Money Race

John Kline $1,315,946
Coleen Rowley$511,717
Rep. John Kline
Democrat Keith Ellison was elected as the nation's first Muslim member of Congress on Tuesday, easily winning a Minneapolis-area district Republicans had not carried since 1962. He is also Minnesota's first nonwhite representative in Washington. (11/07/2006)
The candidates for Congress in Minnesota's 2nd District -- incumbent Republican John Kline and his DFL challenger Colleen Rowley -- discuss the issues as part of Midday's "Meet the Candidates" series. (Midday, 11/01/2006)
Coleen Rowley accused John Kline of "blind loyalty" to the Bush administration. Kline accused Rowley of violating her own call for integrity. (10/04/2006)
Polls suggest the war in Iraq will be a major issue for voters in the November election. The two leading candidates in Minnesota's 2nd Congressional District are on opposite sides of the war. (07/26/2006)
Democratic state Sen. Sharon Marko withdrew Wednesday from Minnesota's 2nd Congressional District race, making a fall matchup between FBI whistleblower Coleen Rowley and Republican Rep. John Kline a near certainty. (03/29/2006)
State Sen. Sharon Marko said Wednesday she is jumping into the DFL race for Minnesota's 2nd Congressional District, pitting her against former FBI agent Coleen Rowley. (02/01/2006)
The Pentagon is tentatively considering reducing the number of troops in Iraq by as many as three brigades over the next year, according to news reports. There are currently 18 brigades on the ground. Is U.S. military strategy in Iraq proving effective? ( 11/25/2005)
As hundreds of Minnesota National Guard troops left this weekend for eventual deployment to Iraq, U.S. Rep. John Kline saw his son go overseas as well. Kline, R-Minn., said his son, Army Major J. Daniel Kline, is on his way to Iraq as part of the 101st Airborne Division. Kline spoke with MPR's Cathy Wurzer. (09/19/2005)
FBI 9/11 whistle blower Coleen Rowley formally launched her campaign for congress today. Rowley is challenging Republican John Kline in the 2nd District. She's running as a Democrat even though she says until recently she voted pretty much straight-line Republican, including a vote for the congressman she's now trying to unseat. (07/06/2005)
Coleen Rowley is considering a race for Congress in Minnesota's 2nd Congressional District, the former FBI whistle-blower told The Associated Press Monday. (05/23/2005)
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