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Al Sharpton
Political affiliation:
Democratic Party
October 3, 1954
Brooklyn, NY
Married to singer Kathy Jordan. Two children. Pentecostal.
Attended Brooklyn College, 1973-75
Candidate for State Senate, 1978; Candidate for US Senate, 1992 & 1994; Candidate for New York City Mayor, 1997. Licensed and ordained a Minister at age 10 ; appointed Junior Pastor of the Washington Temple congregation. Founder & President, National Action Network, 1991-present. Founder, National Youth Movement, 1971. Road Manager for singer James Brown, 1973-80.
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Sharpton's speech to the Democratic National Convention (6/28/03)
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Document al2004.org
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Al Sharpton

Al Sharpton was one of only two candidates not named Kerry still in the race by the time Democrats held their national convention in Boston in July 2004. But he pulled out of the race, and was given a prime-time speaking role. Taking 20 minutes to speak, when he was given only 6, Sharpton electrified the delegates with a spirited rebuke of President George W. Bush, in what was a carefully scripted convention that sought to avoid direct attacks on Bush.

Hardly a word about Al Sharpton has been written in the mainstream media without "controversial" being placed before his name. Critics say he's little more than a publicity seeker who straddles the line of right and wrong. Time magazine says Sharpton views the campaign as his chance to displace Rev. Jesse Jackson as the icon of black leadership in America. He's a liberal Democrat who thinks the party's move to the center has come at the expense of the poor and minorities. He first gained national attention in the 1980s for defending Tawanna Brawley, who claimed to the victim of a racial attack. It turned out to be a hoax. Past political aspirations were muted by the 2002 HBO airing of a film showing Sharpton allegedly aggreeing to participate in money laundering for illegal, Mafia-connected cocaine deals; a tape which Sharpton said was an FBI set-up.

Big crowds, big bucks for Kerry in Minnesota stop
Democratic presidential candidate John Kerry says a fundraising stop in Minneapolis Monday night pushed his campaign over the $80 million mark. Kerry appeared at the Minneapolis Convention Center where he energized Minnesota's DFL base and reached out to independent voters.
Republican congressman responds to Kerry visit
Democrats are not the only ones interested in John Kerry's visit to Minnesota. Republicans in the state are also watching the presumptive Democratic candidate for president closely as they try to help president Bush win the state's 10 electoral votes. Morning Edition host Cathy Wurzer spoke with Republican Congressman Mark Kennedy, who represents the 6th Congressional District. Kennedy has been a strong supporter of President Bush.
Is Minnesota a swing state?
Presumptive Democratic presidential nominee John Kerry is in Minnesota on Monday, a week after George Bush paid a visit to the state. Is Minnesota a swing state? What difference might the Gopher state make in this year's presidential campaign? (Photo by Stephen Chernin/Getty Images)
Kerry confident of victory in Minnesota
More evidence today that Minnesota is a battleground state in the 2004 presidential race. Sen. John Kerry, the presumptive Democratic nominee for president, is coming to the Twin Cities just a week after President Bush made a stop here. Kerry is hoping to keep the state in the Democratic column, a place it has been every presidential election since 1972. The Massachusetts senator will raise money and deliver speeches to supporters. Morning Edition host Cathy Wurzer spoke with Democratic presidential hopeful John Kerry.
Kerry tries to repel Bush in Minnesota
Massachusetts Sen. John Kerry, the presumptive Democratic candidate for president, is due in Twin Cities Monday evening for series of fundraisers at the Minneapolis Convention Center. His visit comes on the heels of one by President Bush, in a state that appears to be a swing state in the November election.
Community colleges hope for results from Bush visit
President Bush left Minneapolis Monday after raising $1 million at a private fundraiser and giving a policy speech to a national education group. Many who attended the annual convention of the American Association of Community Colleges in Minneapolis Monday, say they are grateful for the president's recognition of the education and job training programs offered by the country's nearly 1,200 community colleges.
Bush came, spoke and raised money
President Bush raised $1 million on a swing through Minnesota Monday. Bush appeared at an invitation-only fundraiser at the Edina home of real estate developer David Frauenshuh. The president also addressed the American Association of Community Colleges, calling for new investments in high-tech innovation.
'Face off' over the presidential campaign
The University of St. Thomas hosted a "Face-off" debate last Thursday about the war in Iraq and the presidential campaign. A conservative and a liberal political writer debated those issues.
The government's role in stimulating the economy
President Bush visited Minneapolis Monday to talk about jobs and the economy. His comments raise questions about what the government's role should be in stimulating the economy and creating jobs.
Bush seeks support in closely contested states
Both Republicans and Democrats are hitting the economy and jobs, particularly in slow growth areas of the Midwest. Bush is hoping to take advantage of recent good news indicating an upturn in some manufacturing, while putative Democratic challenger John Kerry points to lack of new jobs and outsourcing.
Bush campaigns in Minnesota
President George Bush is expected to talk about jobs and education in his address to the American Association of Community Colleges meeting in Minneapolis. Prior to live coverage of his speech, analysis of the presidential campaign so far.
Presidential politics
President Bush and his challenger Senator John Kerry are both coming to Minneapolis. Host Gary Eichten and his guest talk about presidential politics and Minnesota's role in the 2004 election.
A conversation about corporate responsibility
A discussion about corporate responsibility between Ralph Nader, consumer advocate and presidential candidate, and University of Minnesota business ethics professor, Ian Maitland, who has examined the recent state of corporate accounting scandals.
Ralph Nader visits Rochester
Presidential candidate and consumer safety advocate Ralph Nader was in Rochester Tuesday to discuss corporate responsibility. It's been nearly 40 years since Nader's book "Unsafe At Any Speed" prompted reforms in the auto industry. Since then Nader's segued into politics. In 2000, he was the Green Party's presidential candidate and gained more than 2 percent of the popular vote. Now despite an outcry from both major parties, Nader's decided to run again for the White House again.
Picking the right Vice President
Now that the tops of the national tickets for Republican and Democratic parties are nearly set, attention is turning to the number two spot on the November ballot. A look at the present contenders for this inceasingly influential part of the executive branch.

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