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Campaign 2004

Candidate Bio
Bob Graham
Political affiliation:
Democratic Party
November 9, 1936
Coral Gables, Florida
Married to Adele Khoury Graham. Four Children. United Church of Christ.
U.S. Senator. Attorney. Real estate developer. Cattle ranch owner.
B.A., University of Florida, 1959. Law degree from Harvard Law School, 1962
Major political experience:
U.S. senator, 1987-present. Chairman of the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee, 1993-95. Governor of Florida, 1979-87. State senator, 1970-78. State representative, 1966-70.
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Links and Resources
Web site:
Document grahamforpresident.com
Campaign contributors:
Document Political Money Line
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Bob Graham

Bob Graham, a political veteran whose low-key style failed to gain traction in the crowded Democratic presidential race, ended his campaign on October 6, 2003. "I'm leaving because I have made the judgment that I can not be elected president of the United States," Graham said in announcing his exit from the race on CNN's "Larry King Live." He said he was not successful because he started his campaign too late and had trouble raising money. He said he delayed his entry in the race to lead the Senate Intelligence Committee, recover from heart surgery and wait for the war in Iraq, which he opposed.

Democratic insiders taunt newcomer Clark in presidential debate
Washington insiders seeking the presidency gave Wesley Clark a rough welcome to the Democratic race, dismissing the insurgent outsider's 11th-hour allegiance to the party and assailing his indecisiveness on the Iraq war.
More Democrats join race for president
Friday's Week in Review covers the national political stories as well as the local, including the official entrance of two more Democrats in the presidential candidate field and negotiations on state employees' contracts.
The race for President
With President Bush's poll numbers dropping, many of his fellow Republicans are uneasy about the state of the U.S. economy, rising budget deficits, and the U.S. military operation in Iraq. Meanwhile, Democratic presidential contender Richard Gephardt launched his sharpest attack on rival Howard Dean Friday, likening his views on Medicare to past efforts led by Republican Newt Gingrich to cut the health care program for seniors. We discuss Presidential politics and other national political issues.
Democratic presidential candidates curb their politeness, throw elbows at each other
Democrat Howard Dean's claim that he is the only white politician who talks about race to white audiences drew criticism Wednesday from one of his presidential rivals. Sen. John Edwards said the entire field discusses racial issues on the campaign trail.

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