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David Cobb
Political affiliation:
Green Party
San Leon, Texas
Attorney. Lectures and facilitates "Rethinking Corporations/ Rethinking Democracy" seminars and workshops across the country
University of Houston Law School. Graduated 1993
Major political experience:
Former general counsel of Green Party. Was candidate for attorney general of Texas in 2002.
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David Cobb

David Cobb's candidacy is particularly important for the future of the Green Party in Minnesota. Its status as a "major party" in the state requires a candidate in a statewide race to get 5-percent of the vote. Ralph Nader accomplished this in 2000, but Nader is running as an independent in 2004. At the state convention in Bemidji, Cobb outpolled Nader for delegates to the party convention in Milwaukee, which eventually gave its endorsement to Cobb. Cobb says he's running primarily to ensure the survivability of the "only political party that is calling for an end to war as a foreign policy, advocate for universal health care, advocate for a living wage, publicly fund elections."

Green Party presidential candidate David Cobb
If elected president, Green Party candidate David Cobb would immediately withdraw all U.S. troops from Iraq. He would work to establish a single-payer universal health care system and push for the legalization of same-sex marriage. Cobb is focusing his campaign on states where he's unlikely affect the final outcome, because while he opposes democratic contender John Kerry on most issues, "George W. Bush is even more dangerous."
Nader supporters ponder their options
Consumer advocate and presidential candidate Ralph Nader debates former Vermont Gov. Howard Dean Friday afternoon, over the role and influence of third parties in politics. In 2000, Minnesota voters gave Nader one of his strongest showings, enough to propel the Greens to major party status here. His supporters say they'll continue that fight this year -- but other progressive voters say Nader's candidacy could undermine Democrat John Kerry, and ultimately benefit the Republican ticket.
Green Party in race to retain major-party status in Minnesota
The Green Party of Minnesota held its state convention in Bemidji over the weekend. Party activists selected 28 delegates to represent them at the Greens' national convention in Milwaukee later this month. But those delegates disagree about their choice for president. For the first time in eight years, the party is without standard bearer Ralph Nader, who is running for president this year as an independent. Party officials say that void could cost the Green Party its major party status in Minnesota.
Minnesota Green Party gathers for convention in Bemidji
The Minnesota Green Party holds its state convention in Bemidji this weekend. Party members will sort through more than 200 proposals to amend their party platform. They'll also select 28 delegates to go to the national convention later this month in Milwaukee. Perhaps the biggest issue will be selection of a presidential candidate. Some delegates still support Ralph Nader. But many don't want the party to run a candidate at all.

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