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Campaign 2004

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Brian Hanf
Brian Hanf
Party: Independence
Residence: Crystal, MN
Web site:

Statement from the candidate:
Brian Hanf is running for State House Because:
...I want our children to have safe parks to play in and clean air to breath.
...I want our children to be safe in school and get a world class education.
... if the loss of a provider occurs our families may need a little assistance to be able to continue to live normally.
... I want our grandparents to live in their own home and not be forced out because of high taxes.
...I want to know that our parents or grandparents if hospitalized have adequate medical care.

Software developer and campaign consultant for local, state and national level candidates, budgeting and tax preparation for business (and home), Family involvement in the medical community, Experienced business professional with both large and small businesses, Wife is member of Minnesota Nurses Association (AFL-CIO affiliate); Candidate for Crystal City Council 2000.

On the Issues:
Should increased taxes be considered as part of a solution to a projected budget deficit?

Should gambling be expanded in Minnesota to generate new revenue for the state?

Should state funds — directly or indirectly — be used to build new sports facilities for the Twins and Vikings?

Do you support Gov Pawlenty's JOBZ zones program?

Should K-12 spending in Minnesota be curtailed in order to balance a projected budget deficit?

Should a constitutional amendment be presented to voters that would ban same-sex marriage in Minnesota?

Should the state spend money for expanding mass transit options in Minnesota?

Should there be additional restrictions on abortion in Minnesota?

Should the Conservation Reserve Enhancement Program, which seeks to protect wildlife habitat and wetlands by paying farmers for taking marginal lands out of agriculture production, be supported?

Should the state's subsidized health care program be trimmed in order to reduce a projected budget deficit?