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Campaign 2004

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Jim Carlson
Jim Carlson
Party: DFL
Residence: Eagan, MN
Web site:

Statement from the candidate:
Jim Carlson: a strong voice and the right choice for Eagan. Jim is concerned about the deep divisions and extremism in government. He is a seasoned negotiator who can help restore bipartisan cooperation in the Minnesota legislature. In his many conversations with Eagan citizens, Jim has heard repeatedly that they are concerned about: 1.) the lack of bipartisan cooperation in the Minnesota legislature; 2.) the need for fully funded education for our children; 3.) transportation problems not being addressed that are moving residents in Eagan and neighboring suburbs to gridlock; and 4.) keeping Eagan a safe, thriving community. Jim Carlson is committed to these priorities, and not just for election time. He takes representation seriously.

Jim Carlson is a lifelong resident of Eagan. His wife, Gayle, teaches German at Eagan High School. Jim is a graduate of the University of Minnesota. Their adult daughter, Lindsay, is a graduate of Gustavus Adolphus and UCLA Law School; son David is a U of M grad.

Jim and Gayle are members of Eagan’s Easter Lutheran Church. Jim Carlson built a successful career in engineering and management with Minnesota-grown businesses—Ecolab and 3M. He was a 3M "Traveling Wizard" and a 3M Tech, promoting technical careers to high school students.

Jim’s volunteer work includes serving on the board of the Minnesota Council for the Gifted and Talented, moderating the ISD 196 School Board candidate forum, and fundraising for the Multiple Sclerosis Society and the Juvenile Diabetes Foundation.

In his "spare time," Jim is interested in bike riding, woodworking, electronics, classic cars and gourmet cooking.

On the Issues:

Should increased taxes be considered as part of a solution to a projected budget deficit?

Should gambling be expanded in Minnesota to generate new revenue for the state?

Should state funds — directly or indirectly — be used to build new sports facilities for the Twins and Vikings?

Do you support Gov Pawlenty's JOBZ zones program?

Should K-12 spending in Minnesota be curtailed in order to balance a projected budget deficit?

Should a constitutional amendment be presented to voters that would ban same-sex marriage in Minnesota?

Should the state spend money for expanding mass transit options in Minnesota?

Should there be additional restrictions on abortion in Minnesota?

Should the Conservation Reserve Enhancement Program, which seeks to protect wildlife habitat and wetlands by paying farmers for taking marginal lands out of agriculture production, be supported?

Should the state's subsidized health care program be trimmed in order to reduce a projected budget deficit?