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Campaign 2004

Candidate Bio
Van Presley
Political affiliation:
Green Party
January 18, 1948
Altadena, Calif.
Married 28 years to Therese Presley, 3 grown children, reside in Duluth for 25 years, MN.
Physical Therapist specializing in rehabilitation, employed by 3 home health agencies
Bachelor of Arts in German Language & Literature, Bachelor of Science in Physical Therapy, both at Wayne State University, Detroit, Michigan
Major political experience:
Fund raising activities for John Kennedy for President, neighborhood canvassing for George McGovern, Peace Activist since the late 1960's, Green Party Member since June, 2001, Member of Duluth City Charter Commission for 1 year
Links and Resources
Campaign Web site:
Document www.votevan.org
Campaign contributors:
Document Political Money Line
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Van Presley - 8th District

Van Presley is the Green Party candidate for the 8th District congressional seat, now held by Democrat James Oberstar.

According to his campaign Web site, Presley says he is running for office, "because we need a broader debate in order to challenge the establishment politicians, because of their ties to big-money. Citizens need to ask, 'Why are things getting worse instead of better?'"

"We need policies that address the failures of the marketplace by 1) building a universal, single-payer, publicly-funded health care system that honors choice, 2) guaranteeing free public education, pre-kindergarten through college, 3) guaranteeing full employment at living wages and high-quality, affordable childcare, 4) restoring the environment by investing in safe, clean, renewable energy."

McCollum's view of Iraq
Rep. Betty McCollum, DFL-Minn., has returned from a trip to Iraq. During her visit, a wave of coordinated attacks took place, some targeting the Red Cross headquarters in Baghdad, killing more than 35 people. She also visited Mosul, in northern Iraq, where she and other members of her delegation with the House International Relations committee met with members of the 101st Airborne Division. Morning Edition host Cathy Wurzer spoke with McCollum.
Kennedy remarks on Iraq
Minnesota 6th district republican Congressman Mark Kennedy talks about his recent trip to Iraq, and the major issues facing Congress this fall.
Tolls for thee, Minnesota?
In the next couple of years, Minnesotans could be paying tolls to use certain metropolitan highway lanes. State and federal lawmakers are considering plans to charge lane fees to relieve congestion and fund new road projects. The proposal is part of a mix of highway development and financing plans announced by Gov. Tim Pawlenty's administration and legislators from both parties.

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