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Campaign 2004

Candidate Bio
John Kline
Political affiliation:
Republican Party
September 6, 1947
Allentown, PA.
Married to Vicky Kline. Resides in Lakeville. Christian.
Current 2nd District congressman. Former Marine
B.A. biology, Rice University
Major political experience:
Ran twice against Rep. Bill Luther in the 6th District before winning the seat in 2002.
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Document www.house.gov/kline/
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John Kline

When John Kline retired from the Marines, he and his wife, Vicky, settled in Lakeville, Minn., where Kline worked as a leadership consultant and managed the family farm with his father-in-law. He also began volunteering as a member of Lakeville's Environmental Affairs Committee.

Kline has served as an adult leader in the Boy Scouts and he is a member of Grace United Methodist Church in Burnsville. He is a member of Trout Unlimited, Pheasants Forever, the National Wild Turkey Federation and Ducks Unlimited. He supports veterans' issues and is a member of the Marine Corps League, the Marine Corps Association, the Veterans of Foreign Wars, the American Legion and the Retired Officers' Association. Currently, he is president of the Marine Corps Coordinating Council of Minnesota.

In 1998, Kline was the Republican candidate for Congress in the 6th District. All eight of Minnesota's congressmen were reelected that year, but the Kline-Luther race was the closest. Rep. Bill Luther won the race by a narrow 50-46 percent margin. The race was also the most financially competitive and the 2000 matchup was the same. Luther won, again, with 50 percent.

In 2002, immediately following the release of new Congressional redistricting maps, Kline announced he planned to run in the 2nd District, noting that the maps placed GOP Rep. Mark Kennedy just outside the boundary. Kennedy, in turn, chose to run in the 6th, and Luther chose to follow Kline to the 2nd for another rematch. Kline defeated Luther 53 percent to 42 percent.

In 2004, Kline faced Democratic challenger Teresa Daly, and easily defeated her by a 56%-to-40% margin. As with most candidates in 2004, Kline focused primarily on the war against terrorism in his campaign. See election results for the 2nd District.

Meet the candidates: 2nd Congressional District
A live Minnesota Public Radio debate between the candidates running for Minnesota's 2nd Congressional District. Republican John Kline is in his first term in the U.S. Congress and is defending his seat against Democrat Teresa Daly. Independence Party candidate Doug Williams was also invited to participate in the debate but did not respond.
Hard feelings mark Minnesota's 2nd District race
Republican Congressman John Kline and DFL Challenger Teresa Daly met on Monday for their second debate. The two candidates are running in Minnesota's 2nd Congressional District, which includes some southern Twin Cities suburbs and stretches south into Red Wing and Faribault. The 2002 race in Minnesota's 2nd was fiercely competitive, with Kline and DFL opponent Bill Luther both claiming the other was using underhanded tactics to get elected. The current race is likely to follow suit since both candidates are claiming their their opponent is engaged in mudslinging.
Race for Minnesota's 2nd District takes shape
The race for President has been overshadowing some other campaigns in Minnesota. One of them is in Minnesota's 2nd Congressional District. The contest between Republican John Kline and DFLer Teresa Daly mirrors many of the issues being discussed in the presidential contest. The war in Iraq is at the top of the list of issues that the two candidates are debating.
Pols get earful from educators on No Child Left Behind law
One of the architects of the federal Leave No Child Behind law faced a round of criticism on Thursday from Minnesota educators. The chair of the U.S. House Education and Workforce Committee met in Woodbury with a group of principals, school superintendents and teachers to talk about concerns with federal education policies.
Rep. John Kline on Iraqi prisoner abuse
Members of the Senate Armed Services Committee today are expected to see more pictures and video of American soldiers abusing Iraqi prisoners. The Pentagon will make the material available for viewing in a high-security room in the Capitol. The viewing comes a day after the beheading of an American citizen was shown on an Islamic Website. The video said the killing of Nick Berg was to avenge the abuse of Iraqis by American soldiers. Minnesota Second District Congressman Republican John Kline is on the House Armed Services committee. He says it is unclear when the new images of prisoner abuse will be made public.
Rep. John Kline discusses the violence in Iraq
Another U.S. Marine has been killed in the Iraqi city of Fallujah. Meantime, Shiite Muslim militias now have at least partial control over three southern Iraqi cities. What should the U.S.-led coalition do to end the violence?
Congressman Kline still supports Iraq war
One year ago, the United States started the war that eventually ousted Saddam Hussein from Iraq. In the time since the bombs first fell, politicians, activists, and citizens have debated the decision to go to war and its consequences. Morning Edition host Cathy Wurzer spoke with Republican Congressman John Kline.
Minnesota congressional reaction to the State of the Union
Both Democrats and Republicans are reacting to the president's State of the Union address. In a nationally televised speech, Bush outlined his domestic priorities for the country and called on Americans to stand behind him in the war on terror. Morning Edition host Cathy Wurzer spoke with two members of Minnesota's congressional delegation -- Republican John Kline and Democrat Betty McCollum.

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