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Minnesota Public Radio and the City of Minneapolis launch the interactive "Sound Point" tour created for City's public art

November 10, 2011

(Minneapolis)-- Minnesota Public Radio and the City of Minneapolis announced today the launch of MPR's Sound Point⢠tour of Minneapolis Public Art. The interactive audio tour allows visitors to access a series of stories about new works of public art in Minneapolis, and to leave their own stories in return. The event was held at the "Blossoms of Hope," a public art work created in collaboration with Catalyst Community Partners that also serves as a transit shelter, at the intersection of Penn and Broadway avenues North in Minneapolis.

"Whether we look closely or not, great art in public spaces improves our quality of life in Minneapolis every day," said Minneapolis Mayor R.T. Rybak. "I'm pleased that MPR has created the 'Sound Pointâ¢' tour of our beautiful public artwork. It's a terrific tool for people to pause, look and learn more about our city, our art and our many great artists."

"MPR knows how to tell audio stories, and cell phones and smart phones allow us to share stories about a certain place with listeners physically standing in those places," said Jeff Jones, MPR's Sound Point⢠producer. "Minneapolis has great public art and this project allows people to hear from the artists who created it. The Sound Points also allow you to send in your own reactions and questions, giving you a chance to talk with the artists, to the city and to MPR."

How the Sound Point⢠tour of Minneapolis public art works
Signs posted at each artwork location direct viewers to call or text a phone number or scan a bar code with their smart phone and listen to the artist describe the artwork in detail. Viewers will also have the opportunity to leave a text or voice message describing their own impressions of the work or share a story about their neighborhood with journalists via MPR's community-powered Public Insight Network. These ideas will be used by the City in planning future public art projects.

The Sound Point⢠tour of Minneapolis Public Art features stories about art at these locations:
* "Blossoms of Hope," Penn and Broadway avenues, told by artist Marjorie Pitz;
* "In Flux, Double Flux, and Innovation Field," Jackson Square campus, 22nd Ave. and Quincy St. NE, told by artist James Brenner;
* "Tilted Bowl Fountain," St. Anthony neighborhood, Third Ave. and Main St., SE, told by artist Seitu Jones;
* "Enjoyment of Nature," Nicollet Mall between 3rd & 4th streets, told by artist Kinji Akagawa;
* "Minnesota Menagerie," Alice Rainville Place, between Marquette and Nicollet avenues, told by artist Foster Willey;
* "The Field," 2nd and Marquette avenues between Washington and 11th streets, told by artist Lisa Elias;
* "Lake Street USA," Public Service Center 1st, 2nd and 3rd floor lobbies, 250 4th St. S., told by Wing Young Huie;
* "35W Bridge Remembrance Garden," West River Parkway near 11th Ave. S., told by landscape architect Tom Oslund;
* "Kuulo (Beads)," 6th St. between Cedar and 16th avenues, told by artist Jim Hirshfield;
* "Water of the Dodem Spirits," 1113 Franklin Ave. E., told by artist Peter Morales;
* "En Avante," 1935 26th St. E., told by artist Brad Kaspari;
* "3 Forms: The Lake Street Bubbler," 2121 Lake St. E., told by artist Gita Ghei and Sara Hanson

The City has published a map of these locations to assist viewers in conducting their own self-guided tour of these artworks. Information can be found at

More about the Sound Point⢠project
MPR's Sound Point⢠is a project that seeks to start a community conversation about a place in that place. Sound Point⢠subjects can be related to art, history, architecture, nature or community building. A Sound Point at Duluth's Enger Tower features stories by local experts about the landscape below the tower. Other Minnesota locations for future Sound Points include: Murals in South Minneapolis; and music performed by the vocal ensemble Cantus at acoustically unique destinations around the state. Everyone who listens to a Sound Point⢠story will have the chance to "talk back" to MPR, offering new questions or insights or sharing their favorite story about their community. They'll be invited to join the Public Insight Network (PIN) to improve MPR's coverage of their community and our region. PIN is a group of people who have agreed to be sources for journalists whenever their area of expertise is useful.

More about Minneapolis Art in Public Places
Art in Public Places enriches the lives of local citizens and visitors by integrating public art into City planning, services, design and infrastructure. Since the program was developed by the Minneapolis Arts Commission nearly 25 years ago, over 50 artworks have been commissioned. For more information about Public Art in Minneapolis, contact Mary Altman at (612) 673-3006 or

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