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MPR Presents Freakonomics Radio with Stephen J. Dubner and Special Guest, Co-Author and Economist, Steven D. Levitt June 9 at the Fitzgerald Theater

May 19, 2011

WHAT: Freakonomics Radio host Stephen J. Dubner comes to the Fitzgerald Theater for an evening of lively stories that explore the hidden side of everything.

Freakonomics has been on air, on screen, and in print, but here's a rare chance to see its raconteurs together on stage. Freakonomics co-author, economist Steven D. Levitt, will join Dubner on stage, and together they will regale tales of surprising facts, and unsavory truths, that link the tools of economics to real-world behavior, including the upside of quitting, the ineffectiveness of modern parenting, and our obsession with predicting the future. Like Freakonomics, this evening will cover a lot of territory - "most of it," says Dubner, "off-limits to sane people."

Exclusive to this event, people from Levitt's St. Paul childhood will present the "This is Your Life" of how a Midwestern kid grew up to be an unusually influential thinker. Plus, audience members will be invited to ask Dubner and Levitt the Freakonomics questions that have been burning in their minds.

Dubner will wrap-up the evening with a book signing.

Freakonomics Radio can be heard on bi-weekly Marketplace segments weekdays at 6:30 p.m. on MPR News and by podcast.

Freakonomics Radio is a co-production of American Public Media and public radio station WNYC.

WHEN: Thursday, June 9, 7:30 p.m.

WHERE: The Fitzgerald Theater, 10 E. Exchange St., St. Paul.

TICKETS: $35 ($33 for MPR Members). Tickets can be purchased at the Fitzgerald Theater, 651-290-1200.

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The Fitzgerald Theater is committed to programming that reflects the audience and mission of Minnesota Public Radio. This 1,000-seat theater acts as MPR's largest broadcast studio, with airwaves reaching millions of people tuned in to A Prairie Home Companion. Our staged productions commission authors, artists and radio hosts to create intellectually stimulating programs that delight and enlighten our vast public radio community. The Fitzgerald Theater is St. Paul's oldest theater and is celebrating its 100th anniversar

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