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Ask MPR Mailbag

December 01, 2006

Can I hear that Sen. Norm Coleman interview again?

Regarding Tom Cran's Nov. 8, 2006 ATC interview with Sen. Norm Coleman about Secretary Donald Rumsfeld.

I listened as Tom questioned the Senator about his previous support of Donald Rumsfeld as Secretary of Defense. To my ear, the Senator seemed to get a bit edgy over Tom's line of questioning. In fact, at the next question about what specific suggestions the Senator might make about changing direction in Iraq, the connection was "lost" between Tom and the Senator. Some of us in the audience think that the loss of connection might not have been coincidental (and don't think the loss necessarily happened on MPR's side!).

I looked in your News Archive section to re-listen to the interview, and saw that the interview was the only one on that date without a Permalink. Any means by which you can provide an audio linkup to that interview for this long-time MPR member?

St. Louis Park, MN

Dear David,

Unfortunately, you can't hear this interview online because it was a live segment from one of our news magazine shows. We don't archive those on our web site.

However, the production staff at "All Things Considered" has assured me that there was nothing fishy about the sudden disappearance of Senator Coleman. He was talking to us on a cellphone, and the signal dropped out. Normally we strongly encourage people who are doing phone interviews to use a landline. Unfortunately, the senator was in transit at the time and could only talk to us via cellphone.

One of his staffers called us back to apologize, and told us that Sen. Coleman was willing to call us back to finish the interview. But given the hectic schedule (both ours and his) it just wasn't possible to bring him on before the end of "All Things Considered".

Michael Popham
Minnesota Public Radio Member Listener Services