Friday, June 22, 2018

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Ask MPR Mailbag

October 09, 2006

You had James Fallows on Midmorning - where can I find the article mentioned?

While listening to part of "Midmorning" I thought I heard that I could find a James Fallows article about a new way for us to deal with terror in Atlantic Monthly. I went to the library tonight and looked at both the October and September issues but could not find any article written by him. Where can I find the article referred to on the program? Thanks for your time and attention. Blessed Day!

Roseville, MN

Dear Pauline, the James Fallows article is actually the cover story in the September 2006 issue. The title of Fallow's article is "Declaring Victory". [The Atlantic monthly September 2006 online]

Michael Popham
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