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Ask MPR Mailbag

September 01, 2006

Can I hear past broadcasts of All Things Considered?

I heard a commentary on "All Things Considered" while on my way home from work, and I would like to hear it again. However I don't see any links on the ATC page to hear or read the entire show from that day. (August 29, 2006). Is it possible to hear past broadcasts? Thanks!

Apple Valley, MN

Dear Mark, most commentaries you hear on "All Things Considered" actually come fron National Public Radio's segments of the show. You can see a complete rundown of the program, along with audio links for each story, by visiting their All Things Considered page.

If you're ever flummoxed by the dizzying amount of information thrown at you by the Internet, you can call MPR's Member Services Team at 651-290-1212 or 1-800-228-7123.

Michael Popham
Minnesota Public Radio Member Listener Services