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Ask MPR Mailbag

August 04, 2006

Does The Morning Show influence the Winnipeg Folk Festival?

Does someone selecting the music for the Morning Show go to the Winnipeg Folk Festival? We go every year and listen a lot to the Morning Show and it seems like every year artists that are relatively unknow that were at Winnipeg show up in the song rotation after the festival. For example the Duhks and Martyn Joseph.

St. Cloud, MN

Dear Greg, I talked to Morning Show producer Mike Pengra about this, accusing him of sneaking off to Winnipeg when we weren't watching.

But Mike swears he's never been to the Winnipeg Folk Festival. He says, however, that "I've always dreamed of going". According to him, Dale and Jim Ed haven't been there either -- at least, not in any official capacity.

He checked the line-up of this year's festival and was impressed to see how closely it matched the new music being played on The Morning Show. But he claims it's just a coincidence. "Or," he suggested, " maybe they're getting all their ideas from us."

We report, you decide.

Michael Popham
Minnesota Public Radio Member Listener Services