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Thursday, November 8, 2012

It's the question we've all been pondering from the second we heard that three more "Star Wars" movies were planned: Who will direct them? (11/08/2012)
Democrats in the Minnesota Senate have elected Sen.Tom Bakk, DFL-Cook, to serve as majority leader when they officially take control in January. (11/08/2012)
Democrats and liberal advocacy groups have declared victory in what they called a Republican "war on women" and are celebrating the pivotal defeats of some GOP candidates who took rigid stands against abortion. (11/08/2012)
A Massachusetts company with the same founders as a pharmacy tied to a deadly meningitis outbreak says it's laying off nearly all its employees amid its prolonged closure for inspection.
3M today lowered its annual sales growth target and pledged to boost spending on research and development.
Officials are asking a judge to terminate the parental rights of a Minnesota couple accused of starving one of their four children, saying the 8-year-old boy suffered egregious harm and it's not in the best interest of any child to be in their care.
We've got dolls that wet, crawl and talk, but a breastfeeding doll whose suckling sounds are prompted by sensors sewn into a halter top at the nipples of little girls that caught some flak after hitting the U.S. market.
DFL-ers had a good night Tuesday, but few won with a margin like U.S. Sen. Amy Klobuchar.
Caterpillar is closing its plant in Owatonna, costing about 100 employees their jobs.
Locked-out musicians at the Minnesota and St. Paul Chamber Orchestras have been warning of a dangerous decline in artistic quality if they accept new contracts sought by management. They say the severe cuts in salary and benefits will force many musicians to seek employment elsewhere. We hear from two of them who have already made that decision.
PART ONE: President Barack Obama's statement at the White House. PART TWO: Minnesota native Tim O'Brien is awarded the Dayton Literary Peace Prize Foundation's Distinguished Achievement Award in ceremonies on Veterans Day 2012.
Voters defeated the Republican-backed measure but there's a big question about whether voter ID will come up again in the Legislature, which will now be under the control of DFLers who opposed it.
The past few years have not been good to people's retirement savings. Personal finance columnist Gail MarksJarvis joins us to talk about what people can do to build that savings back up.
Election Day gave a face to the America's growing minority-majority population. Did we learn about what motivates Latino, millennial and female voters to support a party or candidate?
Our panelists look at the meaning of the Obama victory, the ballot amendment defeats and what DFL control of state government will mean for the Minnesota.
The human impact on the Earth is now creating a new geological time period called Anthropocene, geologists say. The changes happening to the Earth will be visible in rocks for future geologists.
These maps show by precinct the support that the Marriage and Voter ID constitutional amendments found around the state of Minnesota
The long slog has turned into a sprint. President Barack Obama's health care law survived the Supreme Court and the election; now the uninsured can sign up for coverage in about 11 months.
A power plant that burns turkey litter has agreed to pay a $14,000 fine for burning treated wood in violation of its permit.
Voters in the ag-dependent state became the first to enshrine the right to farm in their constitution, a move that some say could have far-reaching effects on genetic modification, land use and the way animals are raised.
The man who pleaded guilty to a deadly Arizona shooting rampage that wounded former U.S. Rep. Gabrielle Giffords was sentenced to life in prison Thursday.
Today on the MPR News Update, DFLers elect new leaders of their now-in-the-majority state House and Senate caucuses. The battle over same-sex marriage may just be beginning. Hennepin County talks about what went wrong with some voting machines. And Minnesota job seekers, employers and health reformers talk about the impact of Tuesday's vote.
For those who saw Bob Dylan perform in Rochester this past August, there were few surprises last night at the Xcel Energy Center as he played to a similarly sized crowd.
The nor'easter that stymied recovery efforts from Superstorm Sandy pulled away from New York and New Jersey Thursday, leaving hundreds of thousands of new people in darkness after a blanket of thick, wet snow snapped storm-weakened trees and downed power lines.
High carbon monoxide levels sickened several people and caused an evacuation at an ice arena in Duluth.
A suburban Des Moines couple is under arrest after their adopted teenage children reported being locked in the basement and fed under a locked door as punishment.
Management of the Minnesota Orchestra today cancelled all concerts through the end of the year.
Overall, voting seemed to go smoothly in Minnesota. There were a few exceptions in Hennepin County, with reports of waits lasting several hours, printing errors making ballots unscannable by machines and election judges giving too much information to voters regarding the Constitutional amendments.
Sheila Krumholz, executive director for the Center for Responsive Politics, will join The Daily Circuit Thursday to discuss the role of money in this year's election and its impact on the presidential and state races.
The suspension of drug testing at the St. Paul crime lab in July amid allegations of shoddy science is forcing a debate in Minnesota about the science that's used in police work and investigations.
Republicans are trying to figure out what happened during the election on Tuesday night so they can start regrouping.
Consumers and businesses alike have been jittery about spending cash, resulting in weak economic activity and tepid job growth. Confidence in the economy among some Minnesota employers is still wavering in the wake of the election.
With the election over, attention in Washington has turned to the nation's debt and deficit challenges -- most immediately the looming fiscal cliff. That's the $600 billion worth of expiring tax breaks and automatic spending cuts that begin to take effect Jan. 1.
"The Obama campaign laid out its plan, told everyone what they were doing and executed," said Anita Dunn, a former Obama White House official who advised the campaign through the fall. "No one should be surprised."
Hispanic voters gave a resounding 71 percent support for President Barack Obama, helping to tighten the Democrats' grip on the White House and putting Republicans on notice that they must seriously court the nation's largest minority group if they want to win the presidency again.
Its place assured alongside Medicare and Medicaid, President Barack Obama's health care law is now in a sprint to the finish line, with just 11 months to go before millions of uninsured people can start signing up for coverage.
The Minnesota Timberwolves' two stars are watching from the bench with injuries, and Kevin Love and Ricky Rubio are seeing a deep team respond with some inspired defense and unselfish offense to make up the difference.
Voters across Minnesota turned out in record numbers on Election Day -- more than 2.9 million people. In Minneapolis, they were sometimes greeted by long times and balky machines.
A Democratic Legislature, along with Gov. Mark Dayton who solidly supports the president's health care overhaul, likely clears roadblocks to completing a cornerstone of the law, a state insurance marketplace called an exchange.
The Prairie Island Indian Community is asking the federal government to respond to its long-running concerns about nuclear waste stored near the Prairie Island power plant.

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