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Thursday, September 5, 2013

Ramsey County Sheriff's deputies found the shooting victim in Shoreview on Aug. 29. (09/05/2013)
The $6 million project will restore more than 1,300 acres of wetlands. (09/05/2013)
A family member says Kowalski suffered a fatal head injury while on a fishing trip in Ontario. (09/05/2013)
The shooting happened around 4:15 p.m. Thursday in a delivery area behind several stores in the St. Paul suburb.
This year, the State of Minnesota will tax certain employer benefits such as tuition assistance and adoption subsidies.
Some Asian-American artists say the award-winning musical perpetuates damning stereotypes and glosses over the realities of human trafficking in order to pull at heart strings and sell tickets.
The management proposal was for two months of negotiations with musicians paid under their old contract, followed by the imposition of a two year contract including a 25 percent pay cut if no agreement was reached.
No arrests have been made, and the hunter's name was being withheld pending further investigation, according to the Forest Service. The only legal hunting allowed at the time the fire started Aug. 17 was archery for bear and deer.
Among the areas targeted is a refuge in northern Minnesota.
Shaimaa Khalil looks at the Arab Spring through the eyes of prominent writers from Egypt, Libya, Tunisia, Yemen and Syria.
With a new album out, The Suburbs stop by to talk about their reconstituted band.
Author Dave Kenney joins us to discuss his approach to Minnesota history and how his textbook is being used in schools.
With the NFL season about to kick off this weekend, our panelists examine how much character matters in sports. Do fans care whether athletes have high character? Should they?
New areas of "severe drought" popped up this week between Willmar, St. Cloud and the northwest metro.
A new documentary from the American RadioWorks documentary unit explores the history and purpose of the General Educational Development diploma or GED. 39 million adults don't have a high school diploma, but some researchers say passing the GED test won't help you in college, the job market, or the military. The GED only tests cognitive skills, and those are not enough to make it in life. Hard-working people of good character find the lack of a GED is a barrier to many jobs they are well-equipped to handle.
Just east of downtown St. Paul there's a 27-acre preserve named in memory of the late Minnesota congressman Bruce Vento. But the Dakota people know it as something else: Wakan Tipi, or sacred house. Before too long, the sanctuary there will include an education and interpretive center for visitors.
The project will create a transportation hub that combines truck, rail and shipping facilities.
Alternating floods and drought seem to be the new pattern.
The Minnesota Department of Natural Resources is making fewer wolf licenses available this year. The hunting season begins November 9.
The vast majority have Americans have taken steps to obscure their digital footprint online. At the same time, most remain unconcerned about government Internet snooping.
While the deaths of the two children, Mohammed Fofana and Haysem Sani, were tragic, the city could not have predicted the slide, St. Paul Mayor Chris Coleman told reporters Thursday morning.
Marisha Pessl's new thriller, "Night Film," uses interactive components online to give readers clues throughout the narrative and deepen the storytelling.
Relations between the former Cold War enemies are cool, heading toward frosty.
Enbridge Energy would increase the line's flow to 800,000 barrels a day by adding new pumps along an oil line in Alberta, Canada, to Superior, Wis.
Jon Peacock, research director with the Wisconsin Council on Children and Families, joins The Daily Circuit to talk about the report.
The city hired an engineering firm and the dean of the Hamline School of Law to look at the May 22 landslide, which killed to children and injured others.
Two members of Minnesota's congressional delegation plan to vote to authorize an attack on Syria, three plan to vote against and five are undecided. This is a vote that does not fall along on party lines.
A new report from the U.S. Department of Agriculture says about one in 10 Minnesota households doesn't have access to enough food for healthy living.
Drivers busted for speeding in Wabasha County may choose to attend a safe driving class in lieu of a ticket and fine. But the option is illegal according to some of the highest legal authorities in the state.
Syria's neighbors have all felt the impact of the country's war, and they will be keeping a close eye on any U.S. military action against Syria for its alleged use of chemical weapons.
U.S. competitiveness among global economies suffered after the 2008 global economic crisis. This year it's back up a bit.
The U.S. economy held steady with "modest to moderate" growth between early July and late August, as Americans bought more cars and auto factories ramped up hiring.
Former President Bill Clinton, sometimes known as explainer in chief, is helping out with the public relations push in advance of the Affordable Care Act.
Hotel lobbies have long been treated as dead spaces that guests raced through on the way to the elevator. Now, companies like Marriott, Hyatt and Starwood are betting that more vibrant lobbies will leave guests with a better feeling about their stay.
Two probes of the fatal landslide have resulted in reports being issued this morning.

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