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Thursday, July 24, 2014

Rep. Keith Ellison said Minnesota "has capacity" to take in some of the estimated 60,000 unaccompanied immigrant children coming to the U.S. this year. (The Daily Circuit, 07/24/2014)
When people hear about Maria DeLaundreau's summer cottonwood planting project, they think she's crazy. Plant more of those messy, trees? What about the seeds? (07/24/2014)
Daily Circuit producer Stephanie Curtis is heading to the beach for two weeks and shares a few ideas about what she, and you, might bring to read. (07/24/2014)
President Obama launched the "My Brother's Keeper" initiative in February 2014 to improve the opportunities and achievement of boys and young men of color. He said America needs more mentors to show young men we care about them, and there needs to be more action and less talk. The director of the My Brother's Keeper program, Jim Shelton, spoke at the Aspen Ideas Festival July 1, 2014.
MPR News reporter Tim Post put GoPro cameras on the giraffe feeding baskets at Como Park Zoo and got an eye level view of the 14-foot animals.
The old versions never quite caught on. E-pulltab gambling failed to pay out the big profits it promised since it launched in 2012 as a financing mechanism for a new Minnesota Vikings stadium.
In this latest installment of our Young Reporters series, Elizabeth Zalanga survives a cultural minefield: young woman learns to ignore the insult that she's 'acting white'
The Daily Circuit's Tom Weber and Andrea Swensson of The Current curated a retrospective from First Avenue, where much of the movie was filmed.
Speed restrictions to reduce wakes will remain in channels and designated bays, near docks and piers, swimming areas and near anchored craft.
Tonight marks the opening of "Radical Presence: Black Performance in Contemporary Art" at the Walker Art Center, and the museum is calling it a groundbreaking survey of the last 50 years.
Knoblauch, who earned the ire of Twins fans when he demanded a trade out of Minnesota when the team fell on hard times, is accused of punching his ex-wife.
In the Guthrie Theater's production, American-born actor Jeff McCarthy was chosen for the role of Henry Higgins, a very proper English professor.
The NOvA detector is a huge array of plastic cells filled with mineral oil, built near Ash River on the Canadian border.
The city's civil rights and 911 departments scored among the lowest in job satisfaction.
The state government said Wednesday that five men in their 30s and 40s were forced out of three vehicles by armed assailants and shot to death in a convenience store parking lot.
Arturo the polar bear, dubbed the "world's saddest animal," lost his enclosure mate two years ago and appears to have fallen into a deep depression.
This will be Minnesota's third wolf hunting season since the animals came off the endangered list.
A draft letter from authority officials obtained by the St. Paul Pioneer Press asked mayors of Minneapolis, St. Paul and Bloomington to pledge the NFL would have snow removal priority during the 2018 Super Bowl week.
Krista Tippett has won some of radio's most prestigious awards for her work exploring the complexities of faith and human life.
The strike occurred during a day of heavy fighting throughout the coastal territory.
Thousands of fanboys and fangirls have flocked to San Diego for the annual Comic-Con, a celebration of superheroes, villains and more.
GarLyn Zoo is home to about 100 animals, including two adult alligators.
To rule in Ventura's favor, the jury must find by "clear and convincing evidence" that Kyle knew or believed his story was false, or that Kyle had serious doubts about whether it was true.
Plays, pow wows and lots of food and drink opportunities await you this weekend across Minnesota.
It was the hottest June on record worldwide and the second month in a row to attain that status.
Politicians often turn to lucrative jobs in the private sector after leaving office, raising ethical concerns.
Today's Morning Edition music is the song "Monster Movies" a new single from the Twin Cities-based musician and composer Mark Mallman.
The wettest year through the first half in much of Minnesota has mercifully eased back a bit this month for the metro.
Scannell says he kissed the girl multiple times but didn't intentionally touch her in a sexual way.
Authorities say the woman had walked down a trail to pick up trash and got lost.
The championships started in 1960. Organizers say it's a way to acknowledge the rich history of the logging industry across the United States.
The Roosevelt Education Center was built in 1920 when asbestos was often used in insulation and floor and ceiling tiles.
The Minnesota city is the only metropolitan area in the north to make the top-10 list of happiest cities.
The host of America's Test Kitchen TV and radio says there are lots of foods you'd never think of making for yourself that you actually can.
More than 400,000 of the recalled vehicles have a potential problem with a bolt in their front-seat height adjustor. Others have more serious risks, such as a possible loss of steering.
In recent years, the USDA has been getting about 200 complaints each year about organic products that somebody suspects really aren't organic.
Saying she was concerned by how long the execution took, Gov. Jan Brewer said she had "directed the Department of Corrections to conduct a full review of the process."
The complaints center on what happens inside the group holding cells that immigrants call las hieleras, the freezers.
Attorney General J.B. Van Hollen made his arguments in a brief filed with the 7th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals in Chicago. He is appealing a federal judge's June decision declaring Wisconsin's ban on gay marriage unconstitutional.
"The late Saado Ali was well-known back home. She was a legend. This woman spoke about injustice, corruption, law of government. She was a brave human being," said Jabril Afyare, president of the Somali Citizens League in Minneapolis.
Some big box retailers are wondering what a littler box can do for sales.
The official Algerian news agency said air navigation services lost track of the Swiftair plane 50 minutes after takeoff. Flight AH5017 had been missing for hours before news was made public.
A judge in Philadelphia issued an order Monday granting a request for a former Nazi camp guard to be extradited to Germany, but 89-year-old Johann "Hans" Breyer died Tuesday, his lawyer told The Associated Press.
Anyone who looks for Gabriel Iglesias on YouTube will find hours of material from the comedian, a 350-pound workaholic who for years has honed his craft before an audience.
Bruce Kramer says that what is happening to him is simply the way life can go and he's made the choice to embrace his disease. He's also said he's "well equipped" to have ALS. MPR's Cathy Wurzer asks him what he means by that.

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