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Sunday, July 20, 2014

A spokesman for Hamas claimed Sunday that the group has captured an Israeli soldier. Israel has not commented on the statement. It's the latest development in a bloody day of fighting between Israel and Hamas. (07/20/2014)
The four Republicans running for governor in next month's primary aren't saying much about a topic important to many Republicans: social issues. (07/20/2014)
More than a thousand people stood in line to meet the former Secretary of State in St. Paul. (07/20/2014)
Standard economic theory assumes that humans behave rationally and are able to objectively calculate the value (or cost) of the different choices they are presented with. In fact, we pride ourselves on our rationality. Different from the animals, we humans have the unique capacity for logical thought and rational decision making. Or do we?
n the most emphatic U.S. statement to date on culpability for the downing of a Malaysian airliner over eastern Ukraine that killed 298 people, Secretary of State John Kerry says evidence overwhelmingly points to Russian-backed separatists.
A two-hour "humanitarian truce" in the Gaza Strip collapsed almost as soon as it began and fighting has resumed between Hamas militants and Israeli forces. The brief cease-fire, meant to allow both sides to tend to the wounded, was brokered by the Red Cross.
Although he was adept at drama and action, Garner was best known for his witty, low-key style, especially with the TV series "Maverick" and "The Rockford Files."
By 13, both of Chung Eang Lip's parents were dead, and he was largely on his own, living with an older brother. What most people regard as normal family life - or what passed for it in Lip's life - was largely a thing of the past. Or so he thought.
Late last week, the Pew Research And Public Life Project dropped a fascinating new survey on. The pollsters used a "thermometer" that went up to 100 for respondents to plot just how warmly they felt toward different communities. They deemed a rating of more than 50 as positive, while a rating of less than 50 was deemed negative.
An independent journalist says he's found a way around the so-called "ag-gag" laws by flying drones over large livestock operations to document animal welfare problems and pollution.
Back pain is common. Nearly have at least one episode in our lives, and two-thirds of us will have it repeatedly. If you've somehow lived into your 40s and never suffered low back pain, congratulations! You're what doctors like me call an .

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