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Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Mike Trout drove in two runs with a triple and a double to lead the American League past the National League 5-3 on Tuesday night. (07/15/2014)
Attorneys for a man who was committed to Minnesota's sex offender program for crimes he committed as a child say his confinement violates his rights. The man's attorneys want a federal judge to declare that he is being held unconstitutionally. (07/15/2014)
It's easy to take water for granted. After all, you just turn a faucet and it pours right out. But how does it get to our faucet? In this episode of Brains On, we explore the water cycle from rain to your drain. (07/15/2014)
Major League Baseball has appointed former outfielder Billy Bean, who came out as gay after his playing career, to serve as a consultant in guiding the sport toward greater inclusion and equality.
A legal challenge by two sex offenders currently held as part of Minnesota's Sex Offender Program could have broader implications for the state's nearly 700 patients.
An Aspen Ideas Festival conversation that explores the question, "what does being a true American really mean?" Anand Giridharadas is the author of "The True American: Murder and Mercy in Texas." He and Ray Suarez discuss faith, family, forgiveness and the American dream. Is America just a collection of immigrants, or is it a country with a culture and a soul?
Mayo Clinic is the best hospital in the country, according to U.S. News & World Report in its annual ranking.
A tiny tax on motor fuel that's used to help clean up leaking gas station tanks has some extra cash in it. It's one of the places House Republicans and Senate Democrats plan to scrounge to keep the highway trust fund from going broke in a few weeks.
Grand County deputies say a 78-year-old woman who was reported missing after she failed to show up to the library was found stuck in quicksand.
Should we consider unaccompanied children crossing the border to be migrants, or refugees?
Cathryn Ricker, president of the St. Paul teachers union, looks ahead to her new role with the American Federation of Teachers.
Obama is calling a recent surge in young migrants "an urgent humanitarian situation." We look at how this may shift public perceptions on immigration as a whole.
While midnight fireworks were part of a prior deal with city officials, "the show that the fireworks vendor executed was louder and longer than what we were expecting.
Comcast says it's very, very sorry. "We are very embarrassed by the way our employee spoke with Mr. Block and are contacting him to personally apologize," the company said in a statement.
Antibiotic use is up substantially around the world, according to a new study. Dr. Jon Hallberg joined MPR News' Tom Crann to talk more about the study.
Grand County sheriff's officials say they recovered the body of Duluth resident Robert Bergquist early Friday morning. A cause of death was not immediately known.
The wasps are natural predators of the tree-killing insect found in Winona in April. They eat the bug or use ash borer larvae to incubate their eggs.
In her sworn statement, the former archdiocese chancellor also accused top church leaders of a "cavalier attitude" towards the safety of children, and contradicted sworn testimony by former top church deputies Peter Laird and Kevin McDonough and archdiocese attorney Andrew Eisenzimmer.
Border Patrol spokesman Omar Zamora says Jose Antonio Vargas was in custody Tuesday morning, but he had no other details.
Kluwe alleged in a Deadspin article in January that he was released by the Vikings for being an outspoken advocate for gay rights, and that his special teams coach had openly made homophobic comments and slurs intended to intimidate Kluwe.
New Orleans Mayor Mitch Landrieu told the Aspen Ideas Festival audience that something is wrong with our country if young African-American men are being killed in the street in huge numbers and most Americans look away. He calls it "mass murder in slow motion" and says America must make combating violence a national priority. If we can mobilize to address tragedies around the world, we can do it at home.
In delivering the Fed's semi-annual economic report to Congress, Yellen said the Fed's future actions will depend on how well the economy performs.
Today's Morning Edition music is from Morrissey who is hoping that this song will get stuck in your head because you like it.
He said he would consult with Obama about the prospects for a comprehensive agreement with Iran, "as well as a path forward" if no agreement is reached by July 20.
Monday's record cold polar vortex sideswipe spins mercifully eastward today. The waves of attacking rain squalls are gone, but we play hide and seek in clouds in the cool exhaust today and tonight.
People often talk about how their friends feel like family. Well, there's some new research out that suggests there's more to that than just a feeling. People appear to be more like their friends genetically than they are to strangers, the research found.
It's rare that a man makes it through life without being told, at least once, "Be a man." To Joe Ehrmann, a former NFL defensive lineman and now a pastor, those are the three scariest words that a boy can hear.
Americans spend over $60 billion a year on diet and weight loss products, according to market research, but the weight often comes right back. That may because it's such a hassle to count calories -- tracking everything you order or cook at home.
Churches United has applied for a $6 million state grant for the apartment complex for chronically homeless and homeless families. Predictably, the neighbors objected.
Hundreds of passengers left the scene of the crash by walking down the tunnel to nearby stations; there have also been unconfirmed reports that some commuters had been trapped in one of the cars. Images on social media show the crumpled train cars.
The figures suggest that Americans are reluctant to spend freely, which could slow growth in the April-June quarter.
Author Sarah Lotz's book is part of a long tradition of travel disaster stories. After all, travel tales don't often end well.
An American over age 60 today has a 44 percent lower chance of developing dementia than a similar-aged person did roughly 30 years ago.
The situation remained volatile, suggesting Egypt's efforts to end a week of fighting could quickly run aground.
Working and juggling family responsibilities can be stressful. But can work, despite its demands, be less stressful than the alternative?
Since October, more than 52,000 children -- most from Central America and many of them unaccompanied by adults -- have been taken into custody. That's nearly double last year's total and 10 times the number from 2009.
Allison Hickey, the VA's undersecretary for benefits, told Congress that at the insistence of officials from President Barack Obama on down, the benefits backlog has been whittled down to about 275,000 -- a 55 percent decrease from the peak.
This is the second year the children are holding the event. Last year the trio's goal was $30 and they raised nearly $2,000 by the end.
Though the rules changed this year to showcase more players and speed up at-bats, the point of the derby remained the same: To win, a player had to hit the most home runs.
The call for change among lay Catholics is rising after an MPR News documentary showed how three Twin Cities archbishops kept quiet about priests who sexually abused children.
In recent years the Southern Theater has been a far cry artistically from its heyday. But the historic institution is undergoing a rebirth.
We discuss Somalia's new ambassador to the United States with Macalaster Professor and former Somalia presidential candidate Ahmed Samatar.

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