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Monday, July 1, 2013

Federal authorities unsealed indictments Monday against 22 people charged with conspiracy to sell heroin and other drugs on an Indian reservation in the heart of the North Dakota oil patch. (07/01/2013)
The Federal Aviation Administration is investigating a close call between a Texas-bound Spirit Airlines flight and a skydiving plane that forced the jetliner to dive sharply over Michigan. (07/01/2013)
A decade ago, many summer camps nationwide started instituting a no-tech policy, banning cellphones, pagers and electronic games. Cut to 2013, and the Xbox, Instagram, iPhone and iPad. Technology has dramatically changed, and yet some things have stayed the same. (07/01/2013)
Egypt's military gave a "last-chance" ultimatum Monday to President Mohammed Morsi: Meet the demands of millions of protesters in the streets demanding his ouster, or the generals will intervene and impose their own plan for the country.
Xcel Energy sees no end to the burning of coal at its Sherco power plant in Becker in central Minnesota.
As the Archdiocese of Milwaukee prepared to file for bankruptcy amid dozens of claims by victims of clergy sex abuse, then-Archbishop Timothy Dolan sought and received permission from a Vatican office to move $57 million from a cemetery fund into a trust to provide "improved protection," according to documents made public Monday.
Sen. Al Franken wants Congress to pass an immigration bill, he said, speaking at a news conference today.
In a small room inside Gary Kieffer's dairy barn, a cow walks into a metal box. It's milking time on the farm. Humans are not required.
A few months shy of the 100th anniversary of the ship's disappearance on Lake Superior, shipwreck hunters say they have identified the lost freighter S S Henry B. Smith.
Somalis in Minnesota commemorated Somali Independence Day this weekend as the 52nd anniversary of their country's struggle for independence.
Best Buy shares jumped up 9 percent today to nearly $30.
Republicans in the Minnesota Legislature are marking the start of the state's budget year by criticizing tax hikes enacted by Democrats.
An Aspen Ideas Festival panel discussion about The Franklin Project, which advocates for making a year of military or civilian national service an expectation, a civic rite of passage, and a badge of honor. It's spearheaded by the Aspen Institute and Retired General Stanley McChrystal.
After several years of taking a beating from the poor economy, new pollution rules and a flood of cheap natural gas, the coal industry was on the rebound this year as mining projects moved forward in the Western U.S. and demand for the fuel began to rise, especially in Asia.
San Francisco Bay area commuters sweated in crowded buses, shivered on loaded ferries or inched through crowded freeway traffic on Monday after hundreds of train workers demanding higher wages went on strike and the region's heavily used rail system ground to a halt.
A key economic measure from Creighton University indicates manufacturers in Minnesota continue to expect growth in coming months, but perhaps more slowly than last year.
The death of 19 firefighters in an Arizona fire is a reminder of the unpredictability of wildfires. Tom Weber speaks with a longtime Minnesota firefighter about how firefighters train to deal with changing conditions.
Word expert Anatoly Liberman joins us to discuss how American colonists fractured the language that we inherited from the homeland.
Author Jonah Berger explains how marketing campaigns and causes spread messages via social media and become contagious.
Author Ernest Hemingway killed himself in Ketchum, Idaho on this day in 1961, at age 61. Fifty-two years later, do we understand more about suicide than we did then?
Gov. Mark Dayton kept Jesse Overton as a member of the Minnesota Racing Commission on Monday but designated a new appointee to succeed him as chairman.
Here's a look at some of the deadliest U.S. tragedies to have claimed the lives of wildland firefighters, including the 19 killed in an Arizona blaze Sunday.
As the windblown blaze suddenly swept toward them, an elite crew of firefighting "hotshots" desperately rushed to break out their emergency shelters and take cover on the ground under the foil-lined fabric. By the time the flames had passed, 19 men lay dead in the nation's biggest loss of firefighters in a wildfire in 80 years.
Democratic Sen. Amy Klobuchar and Rep. Keith Ellison want Congress to make changes to the Voting Rights Act, now that the U.S. Supreme Court has invalidated a key portion of the law.
Racing at Canterbury Park, Gorillas at the zoo, Duluth in the fog and a lot of high water around the Twin Cities in the aftermath of sever weather. All that and more of our favorite photos submitted by audience members in June.
Federal Judge Kevin Koeltl threw out the lawsuits Monday. He said the claims came more than six years after each man reasonably should have become aware of Clash's alleged violations and more than three years after each turned 18.
The money was to be used for general operating expenses in Fiscal Year 2013, which ended yesterday.
From the Bar-B-Q Days celebration in Belle Plaine to the parade in Grand Marais, Minnesotans will be enjoying a vast array of Fourth of July festivities this summer. Here are some additional spots for you to consider when planning your Independence Day celebrations.
Three experts at the Aspen Ideas Festival discuss the protests in Egypt and the war in Syria. "Democracy in the Middle East: Islamists, Liberals, and the Battle for the Hearts and Minds of the Arab Revolutions."
Contestants included Rick "The Mexacutioner" Rodriguez, who had never eaten sauerkraut before, and an Elvis impersonator. Another began dry heaving and begging for water, then backed out.
Video taken more than 500 feet down in Lake Superior confirms a shipwreck is the long-lost freighter Henry B. Smith.
Public opinion has moved so dramatically toward general acceptance of marijuana that even those who champion legalization are surprised at how quickly attitudes are changing and states are moving to approve the drug -- for medical use and just for fun.
Two signature buildings on the campus of Minnesota State University in Mankato came down over the weekend. The school's interim alumni relations director, Jennifer Myers, says the buildings were demolished because they can't be updated.
A deal reached in federal bankruptcy court between the archdiocese and victims suing it for fraud called for the documents to be made public by July 1.
July 1 marks the beginning of a new fiscal year for the state of Minnesota, and that means the budget decisions state lawmakers made during the 2013 session take effect.
The high court gave celebrants one more reason to cheer Sunday when Justice Anthony Kennedy rejected a last-ditch effort by opponents to stop gay marriages in California.
All but one member of the Prescott-based Hotshot crew died in what was the deadliest wildfire for firefighters in the U.S. in decades.
Some of the state legislators who voted to legalize same-sex marriage in Minnesota this year will receive some extra help in their re-election campaigns -- whether they want it or not. Officials with a recently formed political action committee are raising money on behalf of the DFL and Republican lawmakers that they have named "The Minnesota 15."
One month from today, the first same-sex wedding ceremonies will take place in Minnesota, and anticipation of that day was evident at Twin Cities Pride over the weekend. Instead of an area for commitment ceremonies as there has been in previous years, there was a showcase for wedding businesses that want to help couples with their plans.
The major cellphone carriers are working with the Minnesota Department of Public Safety to let people know that texting 911 does not work. Starting Monday, Minnesotans who text 911 will get an automatic reply.
Kerri's book pick this week is "What Doctors Feel" by writer-physician Danielle Ofri.
Water levels in White Bear Lake have been dropping over the past decade. Now, businesses in the community are starting an effort to keep levels from declining more.

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