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Wednesday, March 20, 2013

The nation's views on same-sex marriage are more favorable in large part because of a shift in attitudes among those who know someone who is gay or became more accepting as they got older of gays and lesbians, according to a national survey. (03/20/2013)
Legislation on minimum nurse staffing levels at Minnesota hospitals is moving forward at the state Capitol. (03/20/2013)
Without "a few years" warning, humans currently have no capacity to stop an asteroid on a collision course with the planet, scientists told a Senate panel Wednesday. (03/20/2013)
A bill that would allow victims of child sexual abuse more time to file civil lawsuits was approved by the Minnesota House Judiciary Committee this afternoon.
Rusted pieces of two Apollo-era rocket engines that helped boost astronauts to the moon have been fished out of the murky depths of the Atlantic, CEO Jeff Bezos and NASA said Wednesday.
Carver County is ranked as Minnesota's healthiest county in a new report while Cass County is at the bottom of the list.
Gov. Mark Dayton says he does not support a statewide moratorium on silica sand mining for now, but he backs tougher regulations.
The Senate approved legislation Wednesday to lock in $85 billion in broad federal spending cuts and simultaneously avoid a government shutdown next week -- and pointedly rejected a call to even reopen White House tours that the Obama administration says had to be canceled because of the cuts.
On the first day of spring, few signs of the season can be found in our snow-covered landscape. But inside the Marjorie McNeely Conservatory in St. Paul, the temperature is tropical and vibrant colors speckle the glass rooms. A variety of plants and blooming flowers are displayed at the 98-year-old site, and they can be the perfect antidote for our winter-weary eyes.
"Think about it. We're in Minnesota. It's snowing," Margaret Yeakel-Twum said the other day from the Marjorie McNeely Conservatory, next to the Como Zoo in St. Paul. "And you walk in here and it's 75 degrees. It's green."
Climate change may bring bigger hurricanes more often on the Eastern Seaboard. The effect on tornadoes remains unclear.
Parka is a restaurant on East Lake Street in Minneapolis. When the owners renovated the building, they reached out to the culinary team behind Parka and invited them to share space.
There's a new restaurant trend in the Twin Cities that does not involve foie gras-topped hamburgers, heirloom beet foams, or anything served on a plate.
Demand for news content continues to grow online, but traditional news media outlets are not equipped to handle the audience, according to the Pew Research Center.
After President Obama proposed an increase to the minimum wage, economists are still split on what the increase would mean for the economy and low-wage workers.
As part of our week-long focus on gun violence, we look at the ways in which reform of the mental health care system might help reduce gun violence.
A rare, antibiotic-resistant form of Group B Streptococcus appears to be getting more common in Minnesota and there's concern that the infection will gain a foothold in the state and sicken more infants.
Gov. Mark Dayton has signed into law the contentious health insurance exchange bill that was approved by the House and Senate. The legislation creates a new online marketplace where more than one million Minnesotans will obtain health insurance starting in October. But that's only the beginning of the exchange story. Here are several next steps to watch for as the health exchange takes shape.
Neurologist Adam Gazzaley and New York Times technology reporter Matt Richtel discuss the impact of digital devices on the brain. Do they affect our memory, perception and attention span? Are distractions and interruptions good or bad for your brain and for your survival in the modern world?
General Mills' third-quarter net income rose 2 percent to nearly $400 million, as the food company continued to benefit from acquisitions in Canada and Brazil.
Still mired in a contract dispute with its musicians, the Minnesota Orchestra on Wednesday cancelled or rescheduled concerts through April 27.
Today on the MPR News Update we're following the hoax call that led to a school lockdown in New Prague, the fate of gun control in the Legislature, the DFL budget plan, frac sand mining regulations in Minnesota and Wisconsin, 'culturally responsive' teaching, and more.
Gov. Mark Dayton Wednesday signed into law historic and controversial legislation enacting the centerpiece of President Obama's health care overhaul. Starting in October, more than a million Minnesotans, including 300,000 who are uninsured, will be able to take advantage of a new marketplace for health insurance.
A 12-year-old boy was arrested Wednesday after police say he falsely reported a shooting at New Prague Middle School.
The Minnesota Child Victims Act goes before the House Judiciary Committee today. It faces opposition from the Minnesota Religious Council, a lobbying group that represents many of the largest religious organizations in the state.
Senate DFL leaders will release their budget priorities Wednesday, a day after House DFL leaders released theirs.
President Barack Obama plunged into the turbulent Middle East Wednesday, assuring Israel of the U.S. commitment to its security while cautioning that the region's "winds of change bring both promise and peril."
As Minnesota wrestles with some of the worst academic achievement gaps in the nation between white kids and students of color, some teachers are questioning their own practices in the classroom.
Now focusing on developing plays for toddlers, the Children's Theatre Company has become a national leader in work which child experts say is a perfect match for the educational needs of pre-schoolers.
The U.S. government is abandoning a legal battle to require that cigarette packs carry a set of large and often macabre warning labels depicting the dangers of smoking and encouraging smokers to quit.
The Justice Department on Tuesday dropped its support for a controversial provision in a federal law that allows police to review some private emails without a warrant, but it asked Congress to expand its surveillance powers in other ways.
The University of Minnesota lost almost $16,000 last year on alcohol sales at home football games, despite selling more than $900,000 worth of beer and wine.
Another piece of the state budget puzzle fell into place Wednesday as Democrats in the Minnesota Senate released their framework for erasing a projected $627 million deficit while also increasing overall spending by $1.4 billion.
A bill that would alter the way Local Government Aid (LGA) is distributed gets its first hearing at the legislature today.
We look at the progress of gun control legislation at the state capitol, and the debate over whether any legislation should include universal background checks for gun buyers.

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