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Monday, March 4, 2013

A bill that would allow in-home child care providers and home care assistants for adults to decide whether they want to join a union was given its first hearing in a Minnesota Senate committee today. (03/04/2013)
Departing from tradition, Duluth Mayor Don Ness showed a video as he delivered his State of the City address Monday night. (03/04/2013)
NASA says the Curiosity rover is returning to normal after a computer problem limited its activities. (03/04/2013)
Fearing that broader restrictions on guns won't pass, top Minnesota lawmakers on Monday tacked toward new legislation that avoids expanding background checks as their best bet to tighten the state's gun laws.
Some county jails are feeling the effect of federal budget cuts that went into effect on Friday. With Immigration and Customs Enforcement's announcement last week it will reduce the number of detainees held in custody, the county jails that get paid to hold them could get pinched.
Wisconsin-based Edward Kraemer and Sons has been selected as the contractor for the St. Croix bridge foundation, the Minnesota Department of Transportation announced today.
The rate of cesarean-section deliveries occurs in wide variation in U.S. hospitals, shows a University of Minnesota study.
The Minnesota House today begins what could be a marathon debate over a controversial and key part of the federal health care law.
Best Buy wants employees working more at the office, rather than telecommuting.
Target opens its first stores in Canada Tuesday, with three pilot stores near Toronto.
This legislative session could be a good one for Minneapolis and St. Paul: With DFLers in control at the Capitol, Minnesota's two largest cities see opportunities to get more state money for their local priorities.
Fifty years after "The Feminine Mystique" galvanized a generation of women and gave birth to the second wave of the women's movement, where does gender equity stand today?
Kerri Miller's book pick this week is "Mad Women," by Jane Maas. The memoir chronicles her experiences as a copywriter in the '60s at the agencies that inspired AMC's "Mad Men."
With Best Buy ending its Results-Oriented Work Environment and Yahoo! making the controversial decision to ban telecommuting, what is the future of workplace flexibility?
With a new economic forecast showing a shrinking deficit, how will the budget debate change at the State Capitol?
The Hennepin County Attorney's office on Monday charged three suspected gang members in connection with a series of burglaries and shootings.
The country's first Hispanic and third female US Supreme Court Justice, Sonia Sotomayor, speaks at the Commonwealth Club of California about her #1 best-selling memoir, "My Beloved World."
During a key scene in the play "Venus in Fur'' the lead actress lights up a Marlboro from her purse and takes a drag, tilting her head backward while exhaling a long stream of smoke. Those stage moments could become harder to pull off in Minnesota if lawmakers amend the state's smoking ban to eliminate an exemption for theatrical productions.
Gov. Dayton has signed an executive order that moves Minnesota state agencies from buying hand soaps and other cleaning products that contain the chemical triclosan.
Some want the conclave to start as soon as possible; others want time to get to know each other.
Today on the MPR News Update we hear about legislation that opens early education to more students, the question of jobs versus the environment for northern Minnesota, why Xcel Energy wants to increase your rates, and game-changing news in the effort to find a cure for HIV-AIDS.
President Barack Obama filled in more pieces of his second term leadership team Monday, nominating a trio of new advisers to lead the Energy Department, Environmental Protection Agency and budget office.
Mining has always been a boom and bust industry on the Iron Range. But proponents of the PolyMet plant and another proposed copper-nickel mines by Twin Metals, say the area is poised for a rebound. While backers of the mines tout the jobs they could bring, opponents ask whether those jobs are worth the environmental risk to the region's lakes and rivers.
Tom Weber talks with the superintendent of the Red Lake School District about the impact of budet cuts from the sequestration process.
The Minnesota House and Senate are set to vote this week on legislation that creates a state health insurance exchange. But what was once touted as a bipartisan effort to help consumers shop for health coverage appears now to have little if any support from Republicans. Capitol reporter Tim Pugmire talked with Morning Edition host Cathy Wuzrer about the week ahead at the Capitol.
The first public meetings are set today on a proposal by Xcel Energy to increase rates by 10.7 percent across the state. The utility's proposal would raise the prices paid by 1.2 million electric customers in Minnesota. But the state Department of Commerce has gone on record as saying, the hike is too high. Laura McCarten, an Xcel Energy Regional Vice President, talked about the proposed rate increase with Morning Edition host Cathy Wurzer.
In the midst of an effort to win a 10.7 percent rate hike that it says it needs to remain competitive, executives at energy utility Xcel are defending the money it spends on employee compensation.
The bill was heard by nine separate committees on its way to the House floor, but Republicans complained that Democrats stopped all GOP attempts to make meaningful improvements.
The body of a Robbinsdale man who disappeared while surfing in Mexico has been recovered.
The shortfall in electronic pulltab gambling revenues to pay for a Viking stadium has some state officials already looking for a way to close the financial gap.
A Mankato man is accused of beating his girlfriend's 4-year-old son and kicking a love seat on top of him.
This is not your normal Alberta Clipper. These storms usually scoot quickly across Minnesota and drop a few inches of snow at most. This storm is a two-part, long-duration storm. One weather impulse is headed our way from Montana while second impulse is coming from California. Ahead of all this, snow has been advancing across Minnesota overnight. Currently snow is spreading northeast across the Twin Cities just in time for the morning commute.
A baby born with the AIDS virus appears to have been cured, scientists announced Sunday, describing the case of a child from Mississippi who's now 2 1/2 and has been off medication for about a year with no signs of infection.
Supporters of early childhood education say that many children could benefit from programs like Bigelow Head Start in St. Paul and that this could finally be the year that Minnesota takes educating young children seriously.
People who want to see more sidewalk cafes in downtown St. Paul will clash this week with those concerned about limited parking.
Mining has always been a boom and bust industry on the Iron Range. But proponents of proposed copper-nickel mines say the area is poised for a rebound.
A baby born with the virus that causes AIDS appears to have been cured, scientists announced Sunday, describing the case of a child from Mississippi who's now 2 1/2 years old and has been off medication for about a year with no signs of infection.

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