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Thursday, February 6, 2014

Senate Republicans narrowly blocked the advance of legislation to restore benefits for the long-term unemployed on Thursday for the second time in less than a month, and Democrats said they intended to call yet another vote on the issue. (02/06/2014)
A Roseville resident who backed former Texas U.S. Rep. Ron Paul's campaign for president in 2012 plans to run for the Independence Party's nomination for U.S. Senate. (02/06/2014)
Deputy Public Safety Commissioner Mary Ellison says the change is meant to improve data security. (02/06/2014)
A federal source with knowledge of the investigation confirms authorities are trying to determine if hackers gained access to Target's computer systems by stealing log-in and password information from the contractor, Fazio Mechanical Services.
Biden's office confirmed that he and his wife, Jill, would travel to Minnesota for the service at Westminster Presbyterian Church. Carter and wife, Rosalynn, also will attend with the former president delivering remarks.
The move represents the industry's attempt to try to preempt any future state ballot initiatives, which could turn as messy and costly as what played out in California and Washington. And the coalition admitted as much.
The ban comes after the department warned airlines that terrorists might try to smuggle explosives on board hidden in toothpaste tubes. The warning said terrorist might try to assemble explosive device in flight or upon arrival at the Olympics.
Minnesota has one of the biggest achievement gaps in the country on metrics such as test scores and graduation rates. Some high profile education reform groups have laid some of the blame for the gap on bad teachers, causing tension with teachers unions.
When it opens May 15, the project will include more than 250 high-end apartments and a Lunds grocery store. A city loan helped the apartment complex get built.
The president of The Education Trust, Kati Haycock, gives a keynote address at an education summit organized by the Minnesota Chamber of Commerce February 6th. She says the racial achievement gap is narrowing in early grades, but is widening later, and we are squandering the extraordinary diversity that should be one of our most important strategic advantages in the world economy. Lack of educational success for poor and minority children threatens social cohesion, economic mobility and the health of our democracy.
Figure and speed skating are some of the oldest Winter Olympic sports. Two coaches provided insight on what to watch for at the Sochi games.
The answer is the jet stream, the river of air that dictates our weather. This winter it has plunged south, creating high pressure ridges and low pressure troughs and taking cold polar air south and east and leaving warm, dry weather to the west.
Law professor Susan Crawford says that American Internet service is falling behind other nations because cable companies have such dominance in many markets, and that will undermine our ability to compete in a global economy.
If you want to know where everybody's going (or coming from) where you live, check out a new tool and set of data the U.S. Census Bureau just put out.
A pair of U.S. diplomats are heard discussing the merits of various Ukrainian opposition figures. One of them is heard using a profanity directed to the European Union.
All the essential information you need to watch the games. Insiders share what to watch for during the events and you can learn more about the 44 Minnesotans who will be competing in Sochi.
The number of Minnesota hog barns with the porcine epidemic diarrhea virus, increased 14 percent over the past week, representing an additional 50 cases confirmed.
Police were called to Springfield Public School just after 9:30 a.m. Thursday after a couple of students reportedly fell ill in the school auditorium.
The teenage years are a tumultuous time, with about 11 percent developing depression by age 18. Lack of sleep may increase teenagers' risk of depression, two studies say.
Between Alpine, cross country, freestyle, Nordic combined, ski jumping and snowboarding, it's an exciting year for Olympic skiing. Slopestyle is making its debut this year and women will be competing in ski jump for the first time.
Curling first originated in Scotland in the 16th century, played on frozen ponds and lochs. But the sport has a in the upper Midwest and Minnesota in particular. Nearly all of Team USA's curlers are from the state.
Residents can use the map to get daily updates about serious crimes such as assaults, robberies, homicides and burglaries reported throughout the city.
Minnesota is most well represented at the Sochi Olympics in -- no surprise -- hockey. But Olympic hockey is not the same as NHL or collegiate games. See how Olympic hockey works and which Minnesotans to watch for.
The fair noted in a newsletter this week that admission prices will increase to $13 for adults and $11 for seniors and kids.
New research shows that these giant creatures depended on flowers rather than grass as a vital source of protein. When the flowers disappeared, the mammoths did, too.
Police in Milwaukee have reportedly recovered "Lipinski" - a 300-year-old Stradivarius stolen last month from a concertmaster as he was walking to his car with the rare violin.
McDonald's aims to dispel McNugget mystery-meat rumors with a video that shows how they're made.
The U.S. Department of Agriculture said Thursday it will spend $30 million this year on forest restoration projects in 12 states to reduce the threat of wildfires, protect water quality and improve wildlife habitat for at-risk species.
This week's hounds found a new haven for arts and culture in south central Minnesota, a living room dance series designed to warm your bones, and a Kentucky poet who's bringing Appalachia to a northern clime.
Today's music is "The Root Beer Lady" from a new collection of music by the Twin Cities band Tree Party. The songs are all based on the true stories of remarkable people from Minnesota's history. They are collected on a CD entitled "Iced Over: Thawing Minnesota's Local Lore." Tree Party will perform the songs live at a CD release party on Sunday at the Cedar Cultural Center in Minneapolis. The Root Beer Lady in the song was Dorothy Molter who lived on Knife Lake in the Boundary Waters for 56 years. She was famous for her homemade root beer which she sold to passing canoeists. Molter was the last permanent resident of the BWCA.
The case grabbed attention across the nation in December when the boy's attorneys argued that the 16-year-old defendant suffered from "affluenza" -- effectively, that he was coddled too much by his wealthy parents, who have never held him accountable for his actions.
A lawsuit says that the maker of the games, Las Vegas-based Acres 4.0, failed to get a business-related license from Apple for the e-pulltab gambling software it has installed on more than 400 devices in at least 100 Minnesota bars.
It's not quite the bionics of science fiction, but European researchers have created a robotic hand that gave an amputee a sense of touch he hadn't felt in a decade.
Trains on the popular Empire Builder route between Chicago, the Twin Cities and the Pacific Northwest are often delayed for hours. The delays are becoming so bad that a passenger group now wants the U.S. transportation secretary to intervene.
The Minnesota Department of Human Services began implementing changes to its system of providing payments to Minnesotans with disabilities to make amounts more equitable, but providers and families are struggling to come to terms with the proposed levels of funding

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