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Monday, February 5, 2018

Two new studies confirm that an outbreak of deadly Legionnaires' disease in Flint, Mich., was caused by the city's water crisis in 2014 and 2015. (02/05/2018)
Monday is the deadline for Americans to comment on the proposal. The Trump administration reportedly suppressed an analysis that found the plan could cost tipped workers billions of dollars a year. (02/05/2018)
The House Intelligence Committee voted without opposition on Monday to declassify Democrats' secret rebuttal to the secret Republican memo unveiled on Friday. (02/05/2018)
Men and women eat chips differently, says PepsiCo CEO Indra Nooyi, and her company is working on a version of Doritos specifically for women -- designed to be low-crunch and to fit in a purse.
A day ahead of Minnesota's precinct caucuses, six Democrats running for governor went on the radio Monday and made competing pitches for why they are the candidate to support.
A gathering designed to build relationships between Maplewood police and some grade-schoolers nearly turned tragic Monday when a child got his finger on the officer's holstered gun and pulled the trigger.
During a speech in Cincinnati on Monday touting the new tax law, President Trump slammed Democrats for not applauding when he boasted about record low levels of black and Hispanic unemployment.
The only person convicted in the United States in connection with the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks is suing President Donald Trump over conditions at a federal prison, where he alleges he experiences "psychological torture" while kept in total isolation.
The Associated Press obtained the eight-page letter, written in Francis' native Spanish, and was told by both the victim who wrote it and by members of the pope's sex-abuse commission that Francis' top adviser assured them he gave it to the pope.
The stock market continued to lose ground Monday after Friday's steep drop, with the Dow Jones industrial average down nearly 1,200 points, its worst single-day drop.
Family members say Sally Pillsbury had been suffering from advanced dementia and died early Sunday morning, just after midnight, she was 93.
The company is getting ready for the first flight of its massive Falcon Heavy. It will be the most powerful rocket in use -- if it doesn't blow up.
"It became very clear to me that I wasn't hearing any call from God to do this," Bachmann told radio host Jan Markell.
Amazon just announced a new partnership with Berkshire Hathaway and JPMorgan Chase to improve health care. But how big is too big? Are companies like Amazon and Google our era's new monopolies?
All 18 of the state's congressional districts will have to redrawn by Feb. 15 in order to comply with a state Supreme Court order that ruled the districts were drawn in an overly partisan manner.
"Our fans have been waiting a long time for this," said Eagles Coach Doug Pederson. That was clear from the celebrations that started Sunday night and will continue into Thursday's parade.
The TV network reported that the documents, which were "important for national security," critiqued how security responded to a simulated anthrax attack.
Minnesota health officials say influenza continues to spread, and people who have not been vaccinated against the flu should still do so.
Gun-control advocates say the push fits a pattern in gun politics: inaction in Washington that forces states to take the lead. Gun-rights advocates call it a knee-jerk reaction that will do little to stop bad guys from killing, and vow a legal challenge.
Ken Rudin on the newly released Nunes memo, the prospect of another government shutdown and President Trump's goals for 2018.
With deadlines approaching, the Trump administration and a bipartisan group of senators have each released their own frameworks for immigration reform. See how they would change current law.
Marching band director Betsy McCann says she got the call in November about performing at the halftime show.
Ruffled, sparkly rock star outfits worn by Prince and one of his famous white "Cloud" guitars are among memorabilia of the late superstar up for auction May 18 to kick off a two-day "music icons" sale, Julien's Auctions announced.
Larry Nassar already has been sentenced to 40 to 175 years in prison in another county and to a 60-year federal term for child pornography crimes.
He's the first receiver to be elected to the Hall in his initial year of eligibility since the Jerry Rice.
Linda Walker was struck by lightning at Girl Scout camp in 1967. Laurie Luna was the "buddy" who saved her life. Luna says she has thought about their frightening encounter a lot over the years -- largely because she never knew if Walker survived.
The psychiatric profession is still divided, but there are treatment programs, apps and a new public campaign to address media overuse.
Scientists are keen to figure out how diet influences aging, including brain health. A five-year study of healthy seniors found those who ate a serving or two of daily greens had less cognitive decline.
Far more U.S. teens than previously thought are transgender or identify themselves using other nontraditional gender terms, with many rejecting the idea that girl and boy are the only options, new research suggests.
Federal investigators are trying to figure out why a switch was in the wrong position, sending an Amtrak train into a freight train and killing a conductor and an engineer in South Carolina.
The ad shows people doing service-oriented tasks set against audio of Martin Luther King Jr.s speech, which urges people to be "great" by serving the greater good rather than being successful. It was supposed to highlight the volunteer program Ram Nation.
On Tuesday, Minnesota's political parties hold their precinct caucuses, in which voters will begin the process of deciding who will end up on November's ballots.
As fans poured into Minneapolis this week for the Super Bowl, some businesses found their coffers full, while others who expected a healthy increase in business throughout the week were disappointed.
Maggie O'Farrell recounts the multiple times she cheated death in her memoir, "I Am, I Am, I Am." "We're different people afterwards," she says. "These experiences always take up residence inside us."
Critic John Powers says Mick Herron's latest novel sucks you in from the opening page.
Jeanne Theoharis' new book re-examines civil rights history and the way it's been manipulated. "It is used to make us feel good about ourselves, to make us feel good about our progress," she says.
A talk by economist Louis Johnston about the role the liberal arts play in understanding how the world works, and why the economy behaves the way it does.

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