Minnesota Public Radio features by Laura McCallum http://minnesota.publicradio.org/about/people/mpr_people_display.php?aut_id=46 en-us Copyright 2018 Minnesota Public Radio Mon, 18 Jun 2018 14:07:58 -0500 Minnesota Public Radio features by Laura McCallum http://minnesota.publicradio.org/standard/images/mpr003/logo_mpr.gif http://minnesota.publicradio.org/?refid=0 Pawlenty: 'warming up the engine' for likely gubernatorial run Former Minnesota Gov. Tim Pawlenty said Friday he will have an announcement "shortly" on whether he'll run for his old job. http://minnesota.publicradio.orghttp://www.mprnews.org/story/2018/03/16/pawlenty-warming-the-engine-on-likely-gubernatorial-run?refid=0 Fri, 16 Mar 2018 17:33:53 -0500 'Village' helped 2 St. Paul hockey brothers make it to state tournament Ray and Rob Christy are forwards for St. Thomas Academy, which plays Centennial High in the Minnesota boys hockey tournament at 8 p.m. Here's how friends, family and neighbors stepped in after their mother died. http://minnesota.publicradio.orghttp://www.mprnews.org/story/2018/03/08/mn-boys-hockey-tournament-st-thomas-brothers-mom?refid=0 Thu, 08 Mar 2018 04:00:00 -0600 WE Day: the 'Olympics for change makers' This year's event will honor Amelia Yang, a 9th grader from Coon Rapids, along with four other students from across the country who received the first-ever DHL Youth Volunteer Fellowship Award. http://minnesota.publicradio.orghttp://www.mprnews.org/story/2017/11/07/we-day-the-olympics-for-change-makers?refid=0 Tue, 07 Nov 2017 16:00:00 -0600 MPR News entry for Murrow Award for Overall Excellence This is MPR News' entry for a 2016 Edward R. Murrow Award for Overall Excellence for large market radio. http://minnesota.publicradio.orghttp://www.mprnews.org/story/2016/04/19/2016/rtdna?refid=0 Tue, 19 Apr 2016 00:00:00 -0500 Mpls. delays action on paid sick time proposal The Minneapolis City Council voted Friday to delay action on a proposed paid sick time measure until next year over the objections of groups representing low-wage workers. http://minnesota.publicradio.orghttp://www.mprnews.org/story/2015/10/23/minneapolis-paid-sick-time-measure?refid=0 Fri, 23 Oct 2015 16:51:45 -0500 Cookbook author John Michael Lerma dies John Michael Lerma was bigger than life. Everyone who knew him would agree. And that's why it's so hard to believe he passed away yesterday at the age of 52. http://blogs.mprnews.org/newscut/2013/11/twin-cities-cookbook-author-john-michael-lerma-dies/?refid=0 Fri, 08 Nov 2013 15:25:48 -0600 Background: The missing Somali men Since 2007, at least 23 young Twin Cities men have left for the Horn of Africa, allegedly to take up arms in Somalia's civil war. Authorities believe the men joined al-Shabab, a ruthless and radical Islamic militia group vying to topple Somalia's weak transitional government. Here is what we know about these men. http://minnesota.publicradio.org/projects/ongoing/somali_timeline/?refid=0 Wed, 25 Sep 2013 19:07:00 -0500 Edgars Inde: 1988 case was previous discovery of Nazi in Minn. The news that a man alleged to be a former Nazi SS commander has been living in Minnesota for decades is not the first time that someone residing here has been accused of crimes during World War II. http://minnesota.publicradio.orghttp://www.mprnews.org/story/2013/06/14/news/edgars-inde-nazi-commander-minnesota?refid=0 Fri, 14 Jun 2013 14:57:15 -0500 Will Minn. apply for waiver to nation's welfare law? Lawmakers on a Republican-led subcommittee in the U.S. House met Thursday to discuss President Barack Obama's offer to give states the ability to receive waivers from the Temporary Assistance for Needy Families, or TANF, program. http://minnesota.publicradio.orghttp://www.mprnews.org/story/2013/02/28/daily-circuit-welfare-law-waiver?refid=0 Thu, 28 Feb 2013 09:01:59 -0600 Prairie Seeds Academy disqualifed from soccer tourney The Prairie Seeds Academy will not be allowed to compete in a state soccer tournament, a judge ruled today. http://minnesota.publicradio.orghttp://www.mprnews.org/story/2012/10/26/education/soccer-prairieseeds-totino?refid=0 Fri, 26 Oct 2012 16:07:27 -0500 Deep roots of the marriage debate Minnesotans are involved in a passionate debate about marriage this election season. The two sides began squaring off more than 40 years ago. The Deep Roots of the Marriage Debate draws from MPR's extensive audio archive to explore the origins of this election day showdown over same-sex marriage. /collections/special/2012/campaign/amendments/marriage/timeline/home/?refid=0 Thu, 25 Oct 2012 06:00:00 -0500 Same-sex marriage opponents debut first TV ads The group promoting a constitutional ban on same-sex marriage in Minnesota is debuting its first two TV ads of a heated campaign. http://minnesota.publicradio.orghttp://www.mprnews.org/story/2012/10/01/politics/same-sex-marriage-tv-ads?refid=0 Mon, 01 Oct 2012 12:31:39 -0500 Poll: Voter ID, marriage amendments poised to pass A new poll shows if the election were held today, constitutional amendments on marriage and voter ID would likely pass. http://minnesota.publicradio.orghttp://www.mprnews.org/story/2012/09/11/politics/marriage-voter-id-amendments-poll?refid=0 Tue, 11 Sep 2012 11:33:37 -0500 Dayton vetoes GOP-backed tax bill Gov. Mark Dayton has vetoed a package of business tax breaks, including a freeze on statewide property taxes for businesses. http://minnesota.publicradio.orghttp://www.mprnews.org/story/2012/05/04/politics/dayton-tax-bill-veto?refid=0 Fri, 04 May 2012 10:18:42 -0500 Timothy Bakdash convicted of second degree murder of student A jury has convicted a Roseville man of second-degree murder in the hit-and-run death of a University of Minnesota student. http://minnesota.publicradio.orghttp://www.mprnews.org/story/2012/03/06/timothy-bakdash-convicted?refid=0 Tue, 06 Mar 2012 18:54:38 -0600 Medical examiner IDs MN woman found dead in hot tub The Hennepin County medical examiner says a Nisswa woman drowned in a hot tub outside a Plymouth home over the weekend. http://minnesota.publicradio.orghttp://www.mprnews.org/story/2012/02/27/hot-tub-drowning?refid=0 Mon, 27 Feb 2012 11:22:30 -0600 Judge dismisses OccupyMN lawsuit against Hennepin County A district judge has dismissed Occupy Minnesota's lawsuit against Hennepin County. http://minnesota.publicradio.orghttp://www.mprnews.org/story/2011/12/23/occupy-minnesota-lawsuit-dismissed?refid=0 Fri, 23 Dec 2011 16:18:02 -0600 Suit alleges city illegally inflated home values A new lawsuit alleges the city of Minneapolis illegally inflated home reassessments in some lower income neighborhoods but the city of Minneapolis stands by its tax assessment system. http://minnesota.publicradio.orghttp://www.mprnews.org/story/2010/11/19/lawsuit-minneapolis-homevalues?refid=0 Fri, 19 Nov 2010 12:54:23 -0600 Community program sprouts new playground in Mpls' North Loop Volunteers braved the rainy, windy weather Tuesday to finish building the first playground located on parkland along the Mississippi River in Minneapolis. http://minnesota.publicradio.orghttp://www.mprnews.org/story/2010/10/27/playground?refid=0 Wed, 27 Oct 2010 14:22:36 -0500 Pawlenty, Republicans meet with DFL on health care solution for poor Gov. Pawlenty and Republican legislative leaders say they have a proposal to break the impasse over how to provide health insurance for the poor. http://minnesota.publicradio.orghttp://www.mprnews.org/story/2010/03/03/gamc-impasse?refid=0 Wed, 03 Mar 2010 07:06:38 -0600 Man suspected in aiding missing Somalis back in court A pretrial motions hearing is scheduled tuesday for a Somali man who has pleaded not guilty to lying to the FBI. http://minnesota.publicradio.orghttp://www.mprnews.org/story/2010/01/12/abdow-abdow-back-in-court?refid=0 Tue, 12 Jan 2010 07:16:22 -0600 Aide fired after abusing patients in outstate nursing home Investigators from the Minnesota Department of Health say an aide emotionally and physically abused two residents at a West-Central Minnesota nursing home earlier this summer. http://minnesota.publicradio.orghttp://www.mprnews.org/story/2009/09/18/nursing-home-abuse?refid=0 Fri, 18 Sep 2009 09:00:22 -0500 MSP runway closure to affect Highland Park, downtown Mpls The Metropolitan Airports Commission holds the first of four public meetings tonight on a runway closure at the Minneapolis-St. Paul International Airport. http://minnesota.publicradio.orghttp://www.mprnews.org/story/2009/08/03/runway-closures-at-msp?refid=0 Mon, 03 Aug 2009 10:07:31 -0500 Officials: Terror worries tied to Midwest Somalis Senior counter-terrorism officials say an East Africa-based terrorist group that is recruiting young Somalis from Minneapolis has ties to al-Qaida insurgents. http://minnesota.publicradio.orghttp://www.mprnews.org/story/2009/03/11/somali_hearing?refid=0 Wed, 11 Mar 2009 09:54:07 -0500 White Bear Lake residents wrestle with the state budget deficit Minnesota Public Radio held a forum on the state budget -- and how it affects one community, White Bear Lake. http://minnesota.publicradio.org/features/2009/02/21_wbl_forum/index.shtml?refid=0 Sun, 22 Feb 2009 00:00:00 -0600 Minneapolis mosque to respond to allegations Leaders of a Minneapolis mosque allegedly linked to missing young Somali men have scheduled a news conference Tuesday at 12:00 p.m. to respond to the allegations. http://minnesota.publicradio.orghttp://www.mprnews.org/story/2009/02/10/mosque_response?refid=0 Tue, 10 Feb 2009 07:42:11 -0600 Minnesota may receive billions from federal stimulus Governor Tim Pawlenty says Minnesota could get several billion dollars from a federal economic stimulus package. http://minnesota.publicradio.orghttp://www.mprnews.org/story/2009/02/04/pawlenty_fed_stimulus?refid=0 Wed, 04 Feb 2009 09:36:30 -0600 Seifert will run for leadership post again The leader of the House Republican caucus, House Minority Leader Marty Seifert, says he'll seek the post again. http://minnesota.publicradio.orghttp://www.mprnews.org/story/2008/11/10/seifert?refid=0 Mon, 10 Nov 2008 07:20:53 -0600 Minnesota philanthropist Eugene Sit dies The head of one of the Minnesota's leading investment firms has died. Eugene Sit was 69 years old. He died Tuesday from pancreatic cancer. http://minnesota.publicradio.orghttp://www.mprnews.org/story/2008/06/26/eugene_sit?refid=0 Thu, 26 Jun 2008 07:26:39 -0500 Hugo woman dies while cleaning up tornado debris Authorities say a Hugo woman whose house was damaged in Sunday's tornado has died of an apparent heart attack. http://minnesota.publicradio.orghttp://www.mprnews.org/story/2008/05/30/hugodeath?refid=0 Fri, 30 May 2008 12:12:13 -0500 Gov. to sign bill banning texting while driving Gov. Tim Pawlenty said he plans to sign a bill that would prohibit texting while driving. http://minnesota.publicradio.orghttp://www.mprnews.org/story/2008/05/23/texting?refid=0 Fri, 23 May 2008 13:03:07 -0500 Legislators could resume talks on billion-dollar bonding bill Gov. Tim Pawlenty has asked lawmakers to scale back the size of the bill, which authorizes the state to borrow money for public works projects. http://minnesota.publicradio.orghttp://www.mprnews.org/story/2008/03/25/senate_bonding?refid=0 Tue, 25 Mar 2008 09:56:40 -0500 MSP flights back on track Flights are now running on time at Minneapolis-St. Paul International Airport. http://minnesota.publicradio.orghttp://www.mprnews.org/story/2007/12/23/airport?refid=0 Mon, 24 Dec 2007 01:00:00 -0600 Does No Child Left Behind set unfair expectations for special education students? Many educators say the federal education law doesn't take the needs of special education students into consideration. http://minnesota.publicradio.orghttp://www.mprnews.org/story/2007/09/17/ayptwo?refid=0 Thu, 04 Oct 2007 05:00:00 -0500 Schools say they were unfairly labeled as underperforming Some schools say the state labeled them as underperforming under No Child Left Behind for technical glitches or human errors that have nothing to do with whether their students can pass reading and math tests. http://minnesota.publicradio.orghttp://www.mprnews.org/story/2007/09/17/aypone?refid=0 Wed, 03 Oct 2007 03:00:00 -0500 Minnesota scores well on national education tests Minnesota students did better in reading and math this year than the national average, according to a new report released Tuesday. http://minnesota.publicradio.orghttp://www.mprnews.org/story/2007/09/25/testscores?refid=0 Tue, 25 Sep 2007 12:44:02 -0500 Dire warnings about budget cuts if Anoka-Hennepin levy fails Officials in Minnesota's largest school district say they may have to close as many as nine schools if voters don't approve a property tax increase in November. http://minnesota.publicradio.orghttp://www.mprnews.org/story/2007/09/13/anokahennlevy?refid=0 Thu, 13 Sep 2007 23:03:36 -0500 New Chinese immersion programs in the Twin Cities Two suburban school districts are now offering Chinese immersion programs, in response to rising demand from parents. http://minnesota.publicradio.orghttp://www.mprnews.org/story/2007/09/10/immersion?refid=0 Tue, 11 Sep 2007 05:00:47 -0500 One in four Minnesota school districts will ask voters for funding School officials say they have no choice, because state funding isn't keeping pace with their rising costs. http://minnesota.publicradio.orghttp://www.mprnews.org/story/2007/08/29/referenda?refid=0 Tue, 04 Sep 2007 03:00:14 -0500 Minnesota schools falling behind on No Child Left Behind standards More than one in every three Minnesota schools failed to make sufficient gains last year under the federal No Child Left Behind education law. http://minnesota.publicradio.orghttp://www.mprnews.org/story/2007/08/29/aypreport?refid=0 Thu, 30 Aug 2007 21:45:12 -0500 New charter school aims to close achievement gap A new Minneapolis charter school aims to close the academic achievement gap between white students and students of color. http://minnesota.publicradio.orghttp://www.mprnews.org/story/2007/08/28/hiawatha?refid=0 Wed, 29 Aug 2007 03:00:00 -0500 Science academy urges kids to go to college A Twin Cities college offers a free week-long science academy to low-income students, to try to spark their interest in science careers. http://minnesota.publicradio.orghttp://www.mprnews.org/story/2007/08/16/altmedkids?refid=0 Thu, 16 Aug 2007 15:00:00 -0500 The need to read Twin Cities libraries have kicked off a summer reading program for teens. Librarians say busy teenagers don't typically make time for reading, yet summer reading can help them academically. http://minnesota.publicradio.orghttp://www.mprnews.org/story/2007/06/13/summerreading?refid=0 Wed, 13 Jun 2007 16:01:53 -0500 Montessori education turns 100 Montessori education celebrates its 100th anniversary this year, and Montessori educators say this method of teaching is thriving in Minnesota. http://minnesota.publicradio.orghttp://www.mprnews.org/story/2007/06/06/montessori?refid=0 Tue, 12 Jun 2007 05:00:00 -0500 Retired Medtronic exec gives scholarships to Edison students For more than a decade, a retired Medtronic executive has awarded scholarships to low-income students from Edison High School in northeast Minneapolis. http://minnesota.publicradio.orghttp://www.mprnews.org/story/2007/06/01/scholarship?refid=0 Sun, 03 Jun 2007 15:00:00 -0500 Modest gains for early childhood this session The 2007 session didn't achieve the ambitious goals set by early childhood advocates before the session, but lawmakers did boost funding for programs that prepare children for school. http://minnesota.publicradio.orghttp://www.mprnews.org/story/2007/05/30/earlyed?refid=0 Thu, 31 May 2007 05:00:00 -0500 Education bill creates winners and losers The $13.8 billion education bill passed by the Legislature would boost spending on special education by about $330 million, the largest-ever increase for special ed funding. School districts with large numbers of special education students are the biggest winners. http://minnesota.publicradio.orghttp://www.mprnews.org/story/2007/05/24/specialed?refid=0 Fri, 25 May 2007 05:00:00 -0500 Pawlenty may veto tax bill Gov. Pawlenty says he may veto one of the major bills that lawmakers passed in the final hours of the session Monday night. The governor has his eye on the tax bill, after lawmakers included a provision he opposes. But even if he vetoes the bill, it wouldn't necessarily force a special session. http://minnesota.publicradio.orghttp://www.mprnews.org/story/2007/05/22/vetothreat?refid=0 Tue, 22 May 2007 16:00:00 -0500 K-12 bill falls short of lofty goals The bill would boost education spending by nearly $800 million. But it falls short of the hopes for education this session, and it doesn't include all of the governor's key education goals. http://minnesota.publicradio.orghttp://www.mprnews.org/story/2007/05/21/ed?refid=0 Mon, 21 May 2007 17:12:01 -0500 States told to improve American Indian student achievement Education officials from Minnesota and four other states say states need to do a better job of teaching both Indian and non-Indian students about American Indian culture. http://minnesota.publicradio.orghttp://www.mprnews.org/story/2007/05/16/indianed?refid=0 Wed, 16 May 2007 15:30:00 -0500 Twin Cities charter school boosts reading scores for English language learners The reading test scores at Tarek ibn Ziyad Academy are among the highest in the state. http://minnesota.publicradio.orghttp://www.mprnews.org/story/2007/05/11/muslimcharter?refid=0 Sun, 13 May 2007 15:00:00 -0500 High school students' play tackles tough issues Students in the advanced acting class at Central High School in St. Paul have written a play that addresses racism, homophobia, and absent fathers. http://minnesota.publicradio.orghttp://www.mprnews.org/story/2007/05/04/centralplay?refid=0 Mon, 07 May 2007 15:00:00 -0500 Minnesota students sound off on the MCA IIs Minnesota schools are in the final days of giving students math and reading tests called the Minnesota Comprehensive Assessments Series Two, or MCA IIs. http://minnesota.publicradio.orghttp://www.mprnews.org/story/2007/04/24/testreactions?refid=0 Tue, 01 May 2007 05:00:00 -0500 Roseville students raise money for Darfur A group of students at Roseville Area High School has organized a fundraiser to help people in the troubled Darfur region of Sudan. The event features journalist Nick Clooney, who traveled to Darfur a year ago with his actor son George. http://minnesota.publicradio.orghttp://www.mprnews.org/story/2007/04/24/darfurdollars?refid=0 Fri, 27 Apr 2007 10:35:19 -0500 Gates and Pawlenty focus on the "3Rs" of reform Education is all about the three Rs. They used to be "reading, 'riting and 'rithmetic." But not anymore. Both Microsoft Chairman Bill Gates and Gov. Tim Pawlenty are promoting their own "3Rs" to push for high school reforms. http://minnesota.publicradio.orghttp://www.mprnews.org/story/2007/04/18/hssolutions?refid=0 Mon, 23 Apr 2007 14:00:00 -0500 Graduation rate goes from 90 percent to 73 percent -- Why? Minnesota education officials have pointed with pride to the state's 90 percent high school graduation rate as among the nation's best. But a new formula adopted just recently puts the rate for the same year, 2005, at a more lowly 73 percent. What accounts for the change? http://minnesota.publicradio.orghttp://www.mprnews.org/story/2007/04/18/highschoolgradrates?refid=0 Mon, 23 Apr 2007 14:00:00 -0500 The answer is not that simple Every school day, as many as 300,000 Minnesota teenagers stream through the doors of one of the state's 450 high schools. These buildings are their gateways to either college or the workforce, and the rest of their lives. Is high school preparing them for the world that awaits? http://minnesota.publicradio.orghttp://www.mprnews.org/story/2007/04/11/obsolete?refid=0 Mon, 23 Apr 2007 14:00:00 -0500 Minneapolis school board votes to close six schools The Minneapolis school board voted Thursday night to close six schools in June, all but one on the city's north side. http://minnesota.publicradio.orghttp://www.mprnews.org/story/2007/04/13/schoolclose?refid=0 Fri, 13 Apr 2007 08:21:12 -0500 High-tech jobs in Minnesota could go unfilled Minnesota's high-tech industry is worried about a shortage of students going into math and science careers. http://minnesota.publicradio.orghttp://www.mprnews.org/story/2007/04/10/hitech?refid=0 Tue, 10 Apr 2007 17:06:28 -0500 Senate focuses attention on special education as it passes "lean" bill Senate DFLers say the state has to help schools with their special ed costs before funding new initiatives that Gov. Pawlenty has proposed. But the Senate education plan is leaner than either Gov. Pawlenty's education budget, or a House DFL bill released on Monday http://minnesota.publicradio.orghttp://www.mprnews.org/story/2007/03/26/ed?refid=0 Mon, 26 Mar 2007 15:09:57 -0500 Is early childhood education still a top priority at the Capitol? Early childhood education was cited as a top priority by legislative leaders early this session, but budget bills released last week don't reflect that. http://minnesota.publicradio.orghttp://www.mprnews.org/story/2007/03/23/edstrategy?refid=0 Sun, 25 Mar 2007 15:00:00 -0500 Minneapolis targets six schools for closure Minneapolis school officials have announced six schools they plan to close. The list includes five schools on the city's north side, which has lost half of its enrollment since 2000, and one school in southeast Minneapolis. http://minnesota.publicradio.orghttp://www.mprnews.org/story/2007/03/20/closinglist?refid=0 Tue, 20 Mar 2007 23:00:00 -0500 Legislature takes first step toward reversing high school transfer rule High school students who transfer schools would remain eligible for varsity sports under a bill that cleared its first legislative hurdle Monday. http://minnesota.publicradio.orghttp://www.mprnews.org/story/2007/03/19/transferbill?refid=0 Mon, 19 Mar 2007 15:46:15 -0500 Minnesota charter school principal invited to Oxford Round Table on Education Liz Wynne, principal of Twin Cities Academy, is a leader in the charter school movement. http://minnesota.publicradio.orghttp://www.mprnews.org/story/2007/03/16/charteroxford?refid=0 Sun, 18 Mar 2007 15:00:00 -0500 House Democrats push higher income taxes for schools A key House committee chair is proposing an income tax increase to fund Minnesota schools. Rep. Mindy Greiling, DFL-Roseville who chairs the K-12 Finance Committee, wants to raise the tax rate for upper-income Minnesotans. http://minnesota.publicradio.orghttp://www.mprnews.org/story/2007/03/05/demstaxplan?refid=0 Mon, 05 Mar 2007 12:25:00 -0600 Special education is bigger priority at Capitol Minnesota education groups say their top priority is a bill that would boost special education funding, and the issue has the support of Senate DFL leaders. http://minnesota.publicradio.orghttp://www.mprnews.org/story/2007/02/28/specialed?refid=0 Thu, 01 Mar 2007 07:00:00 -0600 Upon further review, Senate pay bump stands Minnesota senators voted Wednesday to stick with a $30 a day increase in expense allowances, dismissing concerns by some lawmakers that the pay bump was too generous. http://minnesota.publicradio.orghttp://www.mprnews.org/story/2007/02/21/perdiem?refid=0 Wed, 21 Feb 2007 13:57:52 -0600 Preschool literacy program shows long-term results The Words Work program is designed to close the education achievement gap, and researchers say it's working. http://minnesota.publicradio.orghttp://www.mprnews.org/story/2007/02/16/wordswork?refid=0 Sun, 18 Feb 2007 15:00:00 -0600 Minneapolis superintendent Green is "interim" no more Bill Green has been appointed the permanent superintendent of the Minneapolis school district, after serving in that capacity on an interim basis for more than a year. http://minnesota.publicradio.orghttp://www.mprnews.org/story/2007/02/13/billgreen?refid=0 Tue, 13 Feb 2007 23:00:00 -0600 Mercury spill shuts down another school A New Brighton school is closed for the rest of the week after a mercury spill. http://minnesota.publicradio.orghttp://www.mprnews.org/story/2007/02/07/mercury?refid=0 Wed, 07 Feb 2007 16:03:58 -0600 Interim Minneapolis superintendent sees himself as the right person for the permanent job Bill Green goes before community residents for a public interview Tuesday night. http://minnesota.publicradio.orghttp://www.mprnews.org/story/2007/02/05/green?refid=0 Tue, 06 Feb 2007 03:00:00 -0600 First Jesuit high school set to open in Minnesota Cristo Rey High School will be part of a network of urban Catholic high schools across the country that places low-income students in corporate internships. http://minnesota.publicradio.orghttp://www.mprnews.org/story/2007/02/01/jesuits?refid=0 Thu, 01 Feb 2007 16:00:00 -0600 Achievement gap is "race gap," legislators are told At a hearing in Minneapolis, lawmakers wanted to hear about closing the achievement gap, but they also got an earful about the challenges facing urban schools. http://minnesota.publicradio.orghttp://www.mprnews.org/story/2007/01/31/hearing?refid=0 Wed, 31 Jan 2007 08:20:01 -0600 Charter schools get a boost Nineteen Minnesota charter schools will receive a total of $8 million in federal money to renovate their buildings. http://minnesota.publicradio.orghttp://www.mprnews.org/story/2007/01/25/charter?refid=0 Thu, 25 Jan 2007 17:55:33 -0600 School funding bump pleases many, but not the strings attached Under the governor's budget, all public K-12 schools would get a 2 percent funding boost per student in each of the next two years, and Pawlenty would tie some additional spending to school performance. http://minnesota.publicradio.orghttp://www.mprnews.org/story/2007/01/22/budgetedreax?refid=0 Mon, 22 Jan 2007 16:41:16 -0600 Minneapolis charter school rocks to raise money A Minneapolis charter school needs to raise about $35,000 by the end of the month to avoid laying off teachers. http://minnesota.publicradio.orghttp://www.mprnews.org/story/2007/01/16/rockcharter?refid=0 Thu, 18 Jan 2007 12:00:00 -0600 Pawlenty pledges more school aid, but with strings attached Gov. Pawlenty outlined his general proposals for education funding during a speech Friday, acknowledging that school boards need more state money to keep up with rising costs. He also sought to dampen expectations for funding all-day kindergarten statewide. http://minnesota.publicradio.orghttp://www.mprnews.org/story/2007/01/12/govedbudget?refid=0 Fri, 12 Jan 2007 12:31:06 -0600 No Child Left Behind at 5: Legislators say it's not working The law is designed to close the achievement gap between different groups of students, and make all students proficient in reading and math by the year 2014. http://minnesota.publicradio.orghttp://www.mprnews.org/story/2007/01/08/nochild?refid=0 Thu, 11 Jan 2007 03:00:00 -0600 Role reversal in AG's office; Hatch to work for Swanson On the day that Lori Swanson was sworn in as Minnesota's 29th attorney general, her predecessor Mike Hatch announced he's staying on to work for her. http://minnesota.publicradio.orghttp://www.mprnews.org/story/2007/01/02/hatchstayson?refid=0 Tue, 02 Jan 2007 15:57:03 -0600 Capitol consensus: More money for schools There's one thing everyone at the Capitol seems to agree on for the 2007 legislative session -- Minnesota's public schools will get more money. But it may not be enough for some parents and education groups, who are calling for an overhaul of the way Minnesota funds schools. http://minnesota.publicradio.orghttp://www.mprnews.org/story/2006/12/14/previewelemed?refid=0 Wed, 27 Dec 2006 13:00:00 -0600 Early childhood education could get major funding boost Advocates of early childhood education are optimistic that the upcoming legislative session will include a major funding boost for programs that prepare children for school. http://minnesota.publicradio.orghttp://www.mprnews.org/story/2006/12/14/previewearlyed?refid=0 Tue, 26 Dec 2006 03:00:00 -0600 In wake of weak math scores, education officials want to make math exciting Math is a challenge for many Minnesota high school students, judging from the math scores on a new statewide test. http://minnesota.publicradio.orghttp://www.mprnews.org/story/2006/11/27/mathtestsfolo?refid=0 Sun, 03 Dec 2006 15:00:00 -0600 Experiment to close education achievement gap coming to Minnesota The Twin Cities have been selected by KIPP, the Knowledge is Power Program, as one of two expansion sites for 2008. http://minnesota.publicradio.orghttp://www.mprnews.org/story/2006/11/28/kipp?refid=0 Tue, 28 Nov 2006 16:55:27 -0600 Women make big gains in elections The number of women representing Minnesota in Washington and at the state Capitol will hit a historic high when a new crop of lawmakers is sworn in next January. http://minnesota.publicradio.orghttp://www.mprnews.org/story/2006/11/17/womenpolitics?refid=0 Mon, 20 Nov 2006 03:18:49 -0600 Minnesota students' math and reading proficiency declines Nearly a quarter of Minnesota's public schools didn't meet student performance goals last year under the federal No Child Left Behind law. http://minnesota.publicradio.orghttp://www.mprnews.org/story/2006/11/14/testscores?refid=0 Wed, 15 Nov 2006 01:00:00 -0600 Despite national buzz, Pawlenty has gubernatorial intentions In his first news conference since winning the election, the Republican governor pledged to serve a full second term, despite regional and national speculation about his prospects for higher office. http://minnesota.publicradio.orghttp://www.mprnews.org/story/2006/11/09/pawlentyfuture?refid=0 Thu, 09 Nov 2006 16:26:50 -0600 Hatch concedes; Pawlenty barely wins re-election Tim Pawlenty survived a scare and claimed a second term as Minnesota governor in come-from-behind fashion. His DFL opponent, Mike Hatch, conceded the race this morning. http://minnesota.publicradio.orghttp://www.mprnews.org/story/2006/11/07/mngov?refid=0 Wed, 08 Nov 2006 02:00:14 -0600 Governor candidates stay on message in final debate Tax topics took top billing Sunday night as the debate season closed in Minnesota's tight race for governor. http://minnesota.publicradio.orghttp://www.mprnews.org/story/2006/11/05/govdebate?refid=0 Sun, 05 Nov 2006 22:02:11 -0600 Pawlenty fights for re-election Gov. Tim Pawlenty has been seen as a rising star in the Republican Party, but he's locked in a close race with DFL candidate Mike Hatch. http://minnesota.publicradio.orghttp://www.mprnews.org/story/2006/11/03/pawlentyprofile?refid=0 Fri, 03 Nov 2006 07:49:37 -0600 Huchinson undaunted by long odds Independence Party candidate Peter Hutchinson faces long odds in his race for Minnesota governor. But the public policy consultant is undaunted, because he says Minnesota voters want a change from politics as usual. http://minnesota.publicradio.orghttp://www.mprnews.org/story/2006/11/02/hutchinsonprofile?refid=0 Fri, 03 Nov 2006 04:29:00 -0600 Hatch embraces "bulldog" label Mike Hatch is well-known to Minnesotans as a scrappy -- sometimes confrontational -- politician, and he's embracing his bulldog image in his third run for the governor's office. http://minnesota.publicradio.orghttp://www.mprnews.org/story/2006/10/31/hatchprofile?refid=0 Wed, 01 Nov 2006 13:00:00 -0600 Jabs fly at gubernatorial debate Minnesota's candidates for governor sparred Sunday night in their first televised debate of the campaign. Republican Gov. Tim Pawlenty, DFL candidate Mike Hatch and the Independence Party's Peter Hutchinson disagreed on issues such as transportation, immigration and property taxes. http://minnesota.publicradio.orghttp://www.mprnews.org/story/2006/10/29/govdebate?refid=0 Sun, 29 Oct 2006 20:20:37 -0600 Social issues in the background of governor's race You won't find anything about social issues such as abortion and same sex marriage on the gubernatorial candidates' Web sites, but they're important to many voters. http://minnesota.publicradio.orghttp://www.mprnews.org/story/2006/10/23/socialissues?refid=0 Tue, 24 Oct 2006 01:00:00 -0500 Hatch to educators: No promises DFL gubernatorial candidate Mike Hatch says he won't make any promises about education spending until it's clear that Minnesota has a budget surplus. http://minnesota.publicradio.orghttp://www.mprnews.org/story/2006/10/19/hatch?refid=0 Thu, 19 Oct 2006 14:58:31 -0500 Chilling job market warms gubernatorial campaign Minnesota lost nearly 13,000 jobs in September, the third largest monthly job loss in more than 50 years. http://minnesota.publicradio.orghttp://www.mprnews.org/story/2006/10/17/joblosses?refid=0 Tue, 17 Oct 2006 14:33:17 -0500 Judge dismisses lawsuit against JOBZ program The program creates tax-free zones outside the seven-county metro area. A homeowner and a business challenged the constitutionality of the program. http://minnesota.publicradio.orghttp://www.mprnews.org/story/2006/10/13/jobzlawsuit?refid=0 Fri, 13 Oct 2006 14:58:06 -0500 Candidates for governor spar over jobs Republican Gov. Tim Pawlenty says the state's job market is "on fire," while his opponents say Minnesota's economic picture is not so hot. http://minnesota.publicradio.orghttp://www.mprnews.org/story/2006/10/09/govjobs?refid=0 Tue, 10 Oct 2006 01:00:00 -0500 Mobilization of the faithful is a two-party affair It's not just conservative churches that are trying to get out the vote this fall. Urban church leaders are registering voters in low-turnout precincts in Minneapolis and St. Paul - areas that tend to vote Democrat. http://minnesota.publicradio.orghttp://www.mprnews.org/story/2006/10/03/religionandpolitics?refid=0 Tue, 03 Oct 2006 17:18:00 -0500 Gubernatorial candidates play it safe in debate Moderators pressed the group to offer specific proposals for future road funding, education reform and the environment. But Mike Hatch and Tim Pawlenty mostly demurred. http://minnesota.publicradio.orghttp://www.mprnews.org/story/2006/09/27/govdebate?refid=0 Wed, 27 Sep 2006 21:29:43 -0500 Candidates for governor make tax and spending promises The candidates have been making a lot of promises about new spending, from free college tuition to more cops on the street. http://minnesota.publicradio.orghttp://www.mprnews.org/story/2006/09/25/govissue_taxes?refid=0 Tue, 26 Sep 2006 00:01:00 -0500 MPR poll: Governor's race is close A new Minnesota Public Radio-St. Paul Pioneer Political analysts say the race could hinge on which candidate sways the most undecided voters. http://minnesota.publicradio.orghttp://www.mprnews.org/story/2006/09/21/govpoll?refid=0 Thu, 21 Sep 2006 12:00:14 -0500 Style as much on display as substance in governor debate The major party candidates for governor squared off on Thursday for the first time since their primary victories earlier this week. Pawlenty and Hatch took shots at each other, largely ignoring the Independence Party's Peter Hutchinson. http://minnesota.publicradio.orghttp://www.mprnews.org/story/2006/09/13/govdebate?refid=0 Thu, 14 Sep 2006 14:55:00 -0500 Preliminaries over, gubernatorial survivors begin campaign Republican incumbent Tim Pawlenty, DFLer Mike Hatch and the Independence Party's Peter Hutchinson will face off in the November election, and the barbs have already started. http://minnesota.publicradio.orghttp://www.mprnews.org/story/2006/09/13/govrace?refid=0 Wed, 13 Sep 2006 00:21:32 -0500 Three women press primary challenges DFLer Becky Lourey, Republican Sue Jeffers and the Independence Party's Pam Ellison say they have better positions on the issues than the three candidates they're challenging. http://minnesota.publicradio.orghttp://www.mprnews.org/story/2006/09/11/govprimarypreview?refid=0 Mon, 11 Sep 2006 15:06:54 -0500 Pawlenty wants schools to spend 70 percent of their money in classrooms The proposal failed to pass the Legislature, and Pawlenty's political rivals say that's because it's a gimmick. http://minnesota.publicradio.orghttp://www.mprnews.org/story/2006/09/05/seventypercent?refid=0 Tue, 05 Sep 2006 16:31:38 -0500 Rallying for immigrant rights For the first time in nearly two decades, there was no big Labor Day picnic in St. Paul this year. Union organizers canceled the event because of a lack of funding and volunteers. But several unions were involved in another Twin Cities rally today. Hundreds of people marched for immigrant and workers rights. http://minnesota.publicradio.orghttp://www.mprnews.org/story/2006/09/04/immigrantrally?refid=0 Mon, 04 Sep 2006 16:39:14 -0500 Hutchinson spends faster than his opponents Independence Party gubernatorial candidate Peter Hutchinson has raised a lot of money for a third-party candidate, but he's spent even more. http://minnesota.publicradio.orghttp://www.mprnews.org/story/2006/08/29/hutchmoney?refid=0 Wed, 30 Aug 2006 03:41:17 -0500 State's job growth catching up with the rest of the country State officials say Minnesota's economy added nearly 12,000 jobs last month. Over the past year, the state has added jobs at more than double the national rate. At the same time, Minnesota's unemployment rate inched up last month, because more people are now looking for work. http://minnesota.publicradio.orghttp://www.mprnews.org/story/2006/08/15/jobsreport?refid=0 Tue, 15 Aug 2006 16:21:43 -0500 Legislative candidate blames secretary of state for ballot mistake An Independence Party legislative candidate is asking the Minnesota Supreme Court to place his name on the September primary ballot. He's blaming Secretary of State Mary Kiffmeyer for his missing the filing deadline. http://minnesota.publicradio.orghttp://www.mprnews.org/story/2006/08/14/candidateplea?refid=0 Tue, 15 Aug 2006 05:00:00 -0500 Hutchinson outlines health care plan Independence Party gubernatorial candidate Peter Hutchinson unveiled a health care plan that he says will save state and local governments as much as $1.2 billion a year. His plan includes requiring all Minnesotans to have health insurance and slashing administrative costs in half. http://minnesota.publicradio.orghttp://www.mprnews.org/story/2006/08/11/hutchhealthcare?refid=0 Fri, 11 Aug 2006 14:18:29 -0500 Stricter security screening possible at airport Air travelers are coping with new security regulations in the wake of the alleged terrorist bombing plot uncovered in London. U.S. travelers are banned from bringing liquids on planes, and a second level of security screening for some passengers may begin early Friday. http://minnesota.publicradio.orghttp://www.mprnews.org/story/2006/08/10/airportreax?refid=0 Thu, 10 Aug 2006 10:32:49 -0500 Candidates for governor promise health care changes The issue of health care is heating up in the governor's race. Two candidates have already outlined health care proposals, and another two will weigh in on the issue this week. Political observers say the issue affects many Minnesotans' pocketbooks, but it's unclear whether it will ultimately affect their votes in November. http://minnesota.publicradio.orghttp://www.mprnews.org/story/2006/08/08/gubshealth?refid=0 Wed, 09 Aug 2006 05:00:00 -0500 Edina is key suburban battleground this campaign Some political observers were surprised two years ago when Democratic presidential candidate John Kerry won in the Minneapolis suburb of Edina, long considered a Republican stronghold. This year's election will test whether that was a fluke. http://minnesota.publicradio.orghttp://www.mprnews.org/story/2006/08/01/statesenrace?refid=0 Sun, 06 Aug 2006 15:00:00 -0500 Pawlenty's meth registry: Good policy or a gimmick? Gov. Tim Pawlenty has signed an executive order creating a new online registry for meth offenders. When it's up and running, Minnesotans will be able to search the registry for people convicted of making or selling methamphetamine. Pawlenty's political rivals mocked the idea as a gimmick that won't do anything to deter meth use. http://minnesota.publicradio.orghttp://www.mprnews.org/story/2006/07/27/methregistry?refid=0 Thu, 27 Jul 2006 14:26:31 -0500 Hatch says paper trying to 'swiftboat' his family DFL gubernatorial candidate Mike Hatch is blasting the state's largest newspaper for a story that hasn't been published. He claims the Star Tribune is trying to dig up dirt on his family. http://minnesota.publicradio.orghttp://www.mprnews.org/story/2006/07/24/hatch?refid=0 Mon, 24 Jul 2006 17:32:14 -0500 Entenza apologizes over research into Hatch's background DFL Attorney General candidate Matt Entenza says he's horrified and embarrassed by revelations that a Chicago firm he hired dug for dirt on current DFL Attorney General Mike Hatch. He says he will apologize to Hatch, his fellow Democrat, the party's endorsed candidate for governor. http://minnesota.publicradio.orghttp://www.mprnews.org/story/2006/07/13/morehatchentenza?refid=0 Thu, 13 Jul 2006 17:52:53 -0500 Hatch and Entenza -- can they get along? Republican Party officials are calling on two of the state's top Democrats to come clean on an apparent feud between them. http://minnesota.publicradio.orghttp://www.mprnews.org/story/2006/07/12/hatchentenza?refid=0 Wed, 12 Jul 2006 17:11:59 -0500 Power Trips: Minnesota members of Congress defend travel In the last few years, Minnesota members of Congress have traveled to Hawaii, Alaska, Israel, South Africa, China, Germany, Turkey, Mozambique and other spots around the globe. Taxpayers didn't foot the bill for these trips -- private interest groups did. http://minnesota.publicradio.orghttp://www.mprnews.org/story/2006/07/10/congressionaltrips?refid=0 Sun, 09 Jul 2006 17:00:00 -0500 Rep. Oberstar's office explains trip to Paris U.S. Rep. James Oberstar, a DFLer who represents Minnesota's 8th Congressional District, took a trip to Paris, France and Stuttgart, Germany in Feb. 20-26, 2005, sponsored by the International Management and Development Institute. His office responded to questions about that trip via e-mail. Here are some excerpts. http://minnesota.publicradio.orghttp://www.mprnews.org/story/2006/07/08/oberstarletter?refid=0 Sat, 08 Jul 2006 13:04:17 -0500 Do primary challengers help or hurt endorsed candidates? The DFL-endorsed candidates for U.S. Senate and governor say they're focusing on the November general election, and the Republicans running in the race. But Amy Klobuchar and Mike Hatch must first get through the September primary, and both face primary challengers who claim to have stronger positions on the issues. http://minnesota.publicradio.orghttp://www.mprnews.org/story/2006/06/29/dflprimaries?refid=0 Wed, 05 Jul 2006 08:00:00 -0500 Data from 50,000 Minnesota taxpayers gone missing State tax officials disclosed Wednesday that a package containing private information on 50,000 taxpayers - mostly businesses being audited for back taxes - has been missing for more than a month. http://minnesota.publicradio.orghttp://www.mprnews.org/story/2006/06/28/lostinfo?refid=0 Wed, 28 Jun 2006 13:00:00 -0500 Hutchinson, team cruise to IP endorsement Winning the Independence Party endorsement for governor was no problem for public policy consultant Peter Hutchinson Saturday. http://minnesota.publicradio.orghttp://www.mprnews.org/story/2006/06/23/ipconvention?refid=0 Sat, 24 Jun 2006 17:00:00 -0500 Deal will protect forest land in northern Minnesota Conservation groups say the state's forests are rapidly falling to development, and the agreement will ensure that a large swath of land north of Grand Rapids won't be sprouting cabins and condos. http://minnesota.publicradio.orghttp://www.mprnews.org/story/2006/06/14/forestplan?refid=0 Wed, 14 Jun 2006 13:45:30 -0500 DFLers will wrangle over endorsement for governor Minnesota Democrats will endorse a candidate for governor at the party's state convention in Rochester on Saturday. Vying for the endorsement are Attorney General Mike Hatch, state Sen. Steve Kelley and state Sen. Becky Lourey. http://minnesota.publicradio.orghttp://www.mprnews.org/story/2006/06/07/dflgovpreview?refid=0 Fri, 09 Jun 2006 12:00:00 -0500 Pawlenty accepts Republican endorsement for re-election Delegates to the state Republican convention have overwhelmingly endorsed Gov. Tim Pawlenty in his bid for a second term. Pawlenty told delegates that he's been fighting a deeply liberal tradition for the past four years, and said the state needs leaders, not whiners. http://minnesota.publicradio.orghttp://www.mprnews.org/story/2006/06/02/pawlentyendorse?refid=0 Fri, 02 Jun 2006 16:00:00 -0500 Pawlenty heads into second campaign Delegates to the state Republican convention are expected to handily endorse Gov. Tim Pawlenty for a second term Friday afternoon Pawlenty has led the state during a contentious and highly-polarized era at the Capitol, which included the state's first partial government shutdown. http://minnesota.publicradio.orghttp://www.mprnews.org/story/2006/06/01/pawlentyprofile?refid=0 Fri, 02 Jun 2006 06:00:00 -0500 Gov. Pawlenty announces re-election bid It was a busy day for gubernatorial politics Wednesday. Republican Gov. Tim Pawlenty formally announced his re-election campaign. Democrats launched a campaign against Pawlenty and other Republicans. And DFL gubernatorial candidate Becky Lourey announced her running mate. http://minnesota.publicradio.orghttp://www.mprnews.org/story/2006/05/31/pawlentyannounce?refid=0 Wed, 31 May 2006 09:37:32 -0500 Legislators give themselves passing grades as session ends As with every session, the list of things that didn't get done is just as long as what did. While the Twins and Gophers got their stadiums, the Minnesota Vikings will have to wait until at least next year for an Anoka County stadium complex. A provision in the Twins bill instructs the Vikings to continue developing their plans. http://minnesota.publicradio.orghttp://www.mprnews.org/story/2006/05/21/sessionwrap?refid=0 Mon, 22 May 2006 06:00:00 -0500 In Legislature's waning days, property tax relief becomes hot issue The Minnesota Supreme Court affirmation of the cigarette fee is fueling debate among lawmakers over how to spend more than $400 million that's now available. http://minnesota.publicradio.orghttp://www.mprnews.org/story/2006/05/17/proptax?refid=0 Wed, 17 May 2006 17:30:54 -0500 Minnesota Supreme Court upholds tobacco fee The disputed 75-cent-per-pack charge on cigarettes won the backing Tuesday of the Minnesota Supreme Court, which overturned a judge's decision that struck down the "health impact fee." http://minnesota.publicradio.orghttp://www.mprnews.org/story/2006/05/11/taxfeeruling?refid=0 Tue, 16 May 2006 17:00:00 -0500 Legislature votes to limit government seizure of property A bill on its way to Gov. Tim Pawlenty's desk would restrict the ability of local governments to seize private property. http://minnesota.publicradio.orghttp://www.mprnews.org/story/2006/05/16/eminentdomain?refid=0 Tue, 16 May 2006 10:16:28 -0500 Wetterling wins 6th District DFL endorsement Patty Wetterling locked down the DFL endorsement in the 6th District on Saturday, setting up what promises to be a rip-roaring battle for Congress with the GOP's conservative candidate, Michele Bachmann. http://minnesota.publicradio.orghttp://www.mprnews.org/story/2006/05/13/wetterlingwins?refid=0 Sat, 13 May 2006 19:52:34 -0500 One eye's on the gas pump, the other's on the ballot box Legislators acknowledge there's not much the state can do about the high prices. But that may not matter to voters who could take out their frustration on incumbents this fall. http://minnesota.publicradio.orghttp://www.mprnews.org/story/2006/05/12/gasprice?refid=0 Fri, 12 May 2006 16:15:34 -0500 Pension shortfall report sparks exchange at Capitol The arcane world of public pensions produced a feisty debate at the Capitol on Thursday. The state's pension commission held a hearing on a report by the Minnesota Taxpayers Association that says Minnesota's public pensions face a nearly $10 billion funding shortfall. http://minnesota.publicradio.orghttp://www.mprnews.org/story/2006/05/04/pensions?refid=0 Thu, 04 May 2006 17:11:38 -0500 House passes tax rebate plan The Minnesota House has passed a property tax rebate bill that would send checks to homeowners this fall. Lawmakers who support the measure say it's the simplest way to help homeowners facing double-digit property tax increases. But there's no guarantee the state will have enough money for the proposal, and critics call the rebate a gimmick designed to buy off disgruntled property taxpayers right before the election. http://minnesota.publicradio.orghttp://www.mprnews.org/story/2006/05/02/rebate?refid=0 Tue, 02 May 2006 16:39:11 -0500 Jeffers says she's tougher than Pawlenty Minneapolis business owner Sue Jeffers announces her candidacy for governor Thursday, taking on Gov. Tim Pawlenty for the Republican endorsement. Jeffers is an outspoken critic of Pawlenty, saying he's not conservative enough. http://minnesota.publicradio.orghttp://www.mprnews.org/story/2006/04/26/jeffersprofile?refid=0 Thu, 27 Apr 2006 05:00:00 -0500 House GOP leadership puts a lid on spending bills Republican leaders have scrapped a plan to pass as many as nine budget bills to take care of various spending priorities. To their dismay, those bills were accumulating initiatives that were picking up votes from Democrats and moderate Republicans. http://minnesota.publicradio.orghttp://www.mprnews.org/story/2006/04/26/politics_for_weds?refid=0 Wed, 26 Apr 2006 01:00:00 -0500 Old debate resumes: Should seat belt use be a choice? Minnesota drivers could be pulled over for not wearing seat belts, under a bill that passed the Minnesota Senate on Thursday. http://minnesota.publicradio.orghttp://www.mprnews.org/story/2006/04/20/seatbelts?refid=0 Thu, 20 Apr 2006 16:56:56 -0500 Senate unexpectedly defeats tax bill A Senate Democratic plan to bring some relief to property taxpayers has gone down to defeat -- because not enough Democrats would support it. http://minnesota.publicradio.orghttp://www.mprnews.org/story/2006/04/19/taxbilldefeat?refid=0 Wed, 19 Apr 2006 15:43:38 -0500 Big borrowing bill sails through Minnesota House With only a few members flinching at the cost, the Republican-led House voted 114-16 Wednesday for nearly $1 billion in public-works construction projects. http://minnesota.publicradio.orghttp://www.mprnews.org/story/2006/04/12/bonding?refid=0 Wed, 12 Apr 2006 15:19:45 -0500 Immigration issue could be political windfall for Pawlenty Gov. Pawlenty has called for cracking down on illegal immigration, and although his proposals are unlikely to get through the Legislature intact this session, he could get some political traction from the issue. http://minnesota.publicradio.orghttp://www.mprnews.org/story/2006/04/11/immigrationpawlenty?refid=0 Tue, 11 Apr 2006 17:41:49 -0500 House Republicans present property tax rebate Just ahead of a due date for property tax payments - and just weeks before the fall election - rebate checks averaging $205 would begin arriving in the mailboxes of homeowners if House Republican lawmakers get their way. http://minnesota.publicradio.orghttp://www.mprnews.org/story/2006/04/10/proptax?refid=0 Mon, 10 Apr 2006 12:19:52 -0500 A business plan to end long-term homelessness Two years ago, Gov. Pawlenty announced an ambitious plan to end long-term homelessness in Minnesota by the year 2010. State officials say the plan is on track to achieve its goal, although there are plenty of challenges ahead. http://minnesota.publicradio.orghttp://www.mprnews.org/story/2006/02/16/govhomelessness?refid=0 Sun, 09 Apr 2006 15:00:00 -0500 Governor, Minneapolis play blame game over crime Two recent high-profile killings in Minneapolis have prompted a round of finger-pointing between state and local officials, over whether the city is spending is money wisely on public safety. http://minnesota.publicradio.orghttp://www.mprnews.org/story/2006/04/05/blamegame?refid=0 Wed, 05 Apr 2006 16:26:42 -0500 Another apology from Johnson, this time on Senate floor Senate Majority Leader Dean Johnson on Monday apologized publicly - for a second time - for remarks he made about the gay marriage issue to a group of pastors. http://minnesota.publicradio.orghttp://www.mprnews.org/story/2006/03/27/apology?refid=0 Mon, 27 Mar 2006 14:26:22 -0600 Johnson sanctions include apology on Senate floor Sen. Dean Johnson, under pressure for embellishing remarks on the gay marriage issue, will make a public apology on the Senate floor as part of a resolution of an ethics complaint. http://minnesota.publicradio.orghttp://www.mprnews.org/story/2006/03/24/johnsonethics?refid=0 Fri, 24 Mar 2006 11:43:40 -0600 Senate passes bonding bill The Minnesota Senate took unusually quick action Thursday to pass the primary legislation of this year's session, a bill authorizing the state to borrow money for construction projects. http://minnesota.publicradio.orghttp://www.mprnews.org/story/2006/03/23/bondingbill?refid=0 Thu, 23 Mar 2006 14:49:34 -0600 It's a circus in there A bill that would ask voters to dedicate a portion of the sales tax to environmental projects has become so loaded down with other proposals that even the bill's sponsor says he doesn't recognize it. Supporters of the measure are upset with the changes. http://minnesota.publicradio.orghttp://www.mprnews.org/story/2006/03/22/circusamendment?refid=0 Wed, 22 Mar 2006 17:00:00 -0600 Johnson apologizes for gay marriage remarks Senate Majority Leader Dean Johnson says he embellished when he said Supreme Court justices told him they wouldn't overturn the state's marriage law, and he's sorry. The Republican Party wasted no time in producing a new ad that criticizes Johnson's actions. http://minnesota.publicradio.orghttp://www.mprnews.org/story/2006/03/17/johnsonapology?refid=0 Fri, 17 Mar 2006 13:10:00 -0600 Pawlenty declares state "strong, hopeful and prosperous" In what sounded like a test of possible themes for a re-election campaign, Pawlenty said he's completed the biggest financial turnaround in state history. http://minnesota.publicradio.orghttp://www.mprnews.org/story/2006/03/09/stateofstate?refid=0 Thu, 09 Mar 2006 13:05:22 -0600 Hatch, Klobuchar surge at caucuses Attorney General Mike Hatch appeared to be the favorite candidate for governor among those attending DFL precinct caucuses Tuesday night. In the DFL's U.S. Senate contest, a straw poll showed Hennepin County Attorney Amy Klobuchar had nearly 77 percent to veterinarian Ford Bell's 16 percent. http://minnesota.publicradio.orghttp://www.mprnews.org/story/2006/03/07/caucusresults?refid=0 Tue, 07 Mar 2006 23:57:56 -0600 Parties duel over how to spend health care surplus The two leading health care experts at the state Capitol are calling for changes to Minnesota's health care system, but their ideas differ dramatically. http://minnesota.publicradio.orghttp://www.mprnews.org/story/2006/03/02/healthcare?refid=0 Thu, 02 Mar 2006 16:40:03 -0600 Harmony at Capitol may be short-lived The 2006 legislative session got underway Wednesday, with plenty of talk about bipartisan cooperation. State leaders are pledging a short, productive session. But they disagree on what the agenda should be, and that is already threatening their pledge of harmony. http://minnesota.publicradio.orghttp://www.mprnews.org/story/2006/03/01/sessionopen?refid=0 Wed, 01 Mar 2006 16:30:28 -0600 Budget forecast shows state surplus More than half of the surplus is set aside for Minnesota schools. And if a pending court ruling goes against the state, the surplus could evaporate and become a shortfall. http://minnesota.publicradio.orghttp://www.mprnews.org/story/2006/02/28/budgetforecast?refid=0 Tue, 28 Feb 2006 10:42:06 -0600 Lawmakers pledge more cooperation in upcoming session Minnesota lawmakers return to the Capitol Wednesday for what they're hoping will be a brief and productive session. They want to avoid a repeat of last year, when gridlock resulted in the state's first partial government shutdown. http://minnesota.publicradio.orghttp://www.mprnews.org/story/2006/02/27/sessionpreview?refid=0 Mon, 27 Feb 2006 10:41:53 -0600 Hatch keeping low profile as competitors score points at business forum A candidate forum on business issues was the latest in which Attorney General Mike Hatch chose not to participate. Some Democrats are wondering why Hatch is keeping a low profile on the campaign trail. http://minnesota.publicradio.orghttp://www.mprnews.org/story/2006/02/08/govforum?refid=0 Wed, 08 Feb 2006 17:40:01 -0600 To fence, or not to fence the Shakopee women's prison The warden of Minnesota's only women's prison goes before the Shakopee city council Tuesday night to describe plans to expand the prison. Despite objections from some neighbors, Gov. Pawlenty also wants to build a fence around the prison http://minnesota.publicradio.orghttp://www.mprnews.org/story/2006/02/06/shakopeeprison?refid=0 Mon, 06 Feb 2006 17:00:00 -0600 Opponents mark Bush visit with small protests As the president spoke in Maplewood, about 100 people protested his policies nearby. The crowd included anti-war activists and supporters of same sex marriage. http://news.minnesota.publicradio.org/features/2006/02/02_mccalluml_protest/?refid=0 Thu, 02 Feb 2006 16:41:00 -0600 Hutchinson sees voter angst as his call to action Peter Hutchinson's thirst for adventure took him to the top of Washington's Mt. Rainier in 1985. That climb might seem easy compared to his latest endeavor - a third-party run for Minnesota governor. http://news.minnesota.publicradio.org/features/2006/01/25_mccalluml_hutchinson/?refid=0 Wed, 25 Jan 2006 16:51:00 -0600 Public policy expert joins governor's race Peter Hutchinson will officially enter the governor's race this week. The former Minneapolis schools superintendent and former state finance commissioner will run as an Independence Party candidate. http://news.minnesota.publicradio.org/features/2006/01/23_mccalluml_hutchinson/?refid=0 Mon, 23 Jan 2006 06:00:00 -0600 Pawlenty's bonding plan -- how much is enough? Gov. Pawlenty is proposing a nearly $900 million package of capital improvement projects around the state. His bonding proposal includes $270 million for state colleges and universities, and $60 million to complete the Northstar commuter rail line. http://news.minnesota.publicradio.org/features/2006/01/17_mccalluml_morebonding/?refid=0 Tue, 17 Jan 2006 14:03:00 -0600 MLK speaker says civil rights struggle is not over Civil rights leader John Lewis says America must not forget about the struggle to achieve racial equality. The Democratic congressman from Georgia, spoke Monday morning at the 16th annual Dr. Martin Luther King Junior holiday breakfast in downtown Minneapolis. http://news.minnesota.publicradio.org/features/2005/01/16_mccalluml_mlkday/?refid=0 Mon, 16 Jan 2006 14:22:00 -0600 Governor shows softer side toward immigrants One week after saying he wanted to crack down on illegal immigration, Gov. Tim Pawlenty proposed ways to help legal immigrants. The Republican governor's plan includes a new tax credit for immigrants seeking citizenship, and more money for English language instruction and immunizations. http://news.minnesota.publicradio.org/features/2006/01/12_mccalluml_moreimmigration/?refid=0 Thu, 12 Jan 2006 13:47:00 -0600 Pawlenty wants construction money to lock up sex offenders Unprecedented growth in the number of sex offenders confined to secure treatment facilities prompted Gov. Tim Pawlenty to include a $44.6 million expansion of the Moose Lake facility in his bonding recommendations Tuesday. http://news.minnesota.publicradio.org/features/2006/01/10_mccalluml_bonding/?refid=0 Tue, 10 Jan 2006 12:25:00 -0600 Doran taps Legislature's only Independent as running mate DFL gubernatorial candidate Kelly Doran has added State Sen. Sheila Kiscaden to his ticket. Kiscaden was an Independence Party member and former Republican from Rochester, who is switching to the DFL Party. Doran and Kiscaden say they plan to reach out to Minnesotans across the political spectrum. http://news.minnesota.publicradio.org/features/2006/01/09_mccalluml_dorankiscaden/?refid=0 Mon, 09 Jan 2006 10:56:00 -0600 Pawlenty proposes high-tech security for drivers licenses Gov. Pawlenty wants the state to add facial recognition technology to Minnesota drivers' licenses to prevent identity theft. His announcement comes a day after Attorney General Mike Hatch raised similar concerns, and signals that identity theft could be a hot topic in the race for governor. http://news.minnesota.publicradio.org/features/2006/01/05_mccalluml_idtheftfolo/?refid=0 Thu, 05 Jan 2006 17:12:00 -0600 Late bid to save St. Paul Ford plant Gov. Tim Pawlenty traveled to Michigan Wednesday to meet with senior Ford Motor Co. executives on the future of the company's St. Paul plant. Published reports last month said the St. Paul plant was on a list of North American factories slated for closure. http://news.minnesota.publicradio.org/features/2006/01/04_mccalluml_pawlentyford/?refid=0 Wed, 04 Jan 2006 17:03:00 -0600 Pawlenty pushes political hot button Immigration issues have moved to the forefront of political debate in recent weeks, thanks largely to Gov. Tim Pawlenty. It began in December when Pawlenty released what has become a controversial report on the costs associated with illegal immigration. And it continued this week, when the governor outlined a series of proposals to identify and crack down on illegal immigration in Minnesota. http://news.minnesota.publicradio.org/features/2006/01/04_mccalluml_immigrationfolo/?refid=0 Wed, 04 Jan 2006 07:00:00 -0600 Lawmakers hear cry for property tax changes Many Minnesota homeowners are frustrated that their property taxes will jump by double digits next year. Some hope that anger will pressure legislators to overhaul the system, but a major change appears unlikely to happen next session. http://news.minnesota.publicradio.org/features/2005/12/29_mccalluml_propertytaxes/?refid=0 Fri, 30 Dec 2005 05:00:00 -0600 Pawlenty gives a nod to troops, and then some A new &quot;Support Our Troops&quot; license plate allows Minnesota vehicle owners to display their patriotism while helping military families and veterans in the state. http://news.minnesota.publicradio.org/features/2005/12/19_mccalluml_vets/?refid=0 Mon, 19 Dec 2005 13:08:00 -0600 Bush brings in $1 million for Kennedy campaign President Bush traveled to Minnesota Friday to raise money for the U.S. Senate campaign of Republican Rep. Mark Kennedy. Bush spoke about the need to be tough on terrorism, and also urged Republicans to elect Kennedy to the Senate. http://news.minnesota.publicradio.org/features/2005/12/09_mccalluml_bushvisit/?refid=0 Fri, 09 Dec 2005 14:00:00 -0600 Bush ties could hurt GOP candidates President Bush's fundraising visit in support of Senate candidate Mark Kennedy, comes when the president's approval rating in Minnesota has plunged. If that trend continues, it could hurt the chances in 2006. http://news.minnesota.publicradio.org/features/2005/12/09_mccalluml_bushsetup/?refid=0 Fri, 09 Dec 2005 05:00:00 -0600 State budget is back in the black A four-year string of budget deficits has ended in Minnesota. State finance officials Wednesday projected a $701 million surplus for the current two-year budget cycle. The debate over how to spend the extra money has already started. http://news.minnesota.publicradio.org/features/2005/11/29_mccalluml_forecast/?refid=0 Wed, 30 Nov 2005 10:06:00 -0600 Same-sex marriage debate could boost GOP '06 hopes If a proposed constitutional amendment banning same-sex marriage makes it on the ballot next year, it could give a big boost to Republican candidates for governor and U.S. Senate. http://news.minnesota.publicradio.org/features/2005/11/21_mccalluml_gaymarriage/?refid=0 Mon, 21 Nov 2005 14:50:00 -0600 Gubernatorial candidates support early childhood education funding The 2006 race for Minnesota governor became more visible Friday, when four candidates shared a stage for the first time. Democrats Kelly Doran, Steve Kelley and Becky Lourey, and Independence Party member Peter Hutchinson spoke at a business forum on early childhood education. The four criticized Gov. Pawlenty's leadership in this area. http://news.minnesota.publicradio.org/features/2005/11/18_mccalluml_demschildcare/?refid=0 Fri, 18 Nov 2005 17:32:00 -0600 Kennedy silent on budget bill A budget-cutting package in the U.S. House would reduce funding for programs such as food stamps, Medicaid and student loans. Opponents of the bill are targeting four Minnesota Republicans, including 6th District Rep. Mark Kennedy, who's running for U.S. Senate. http://news.minnesota.publicradio.org/features/2005/11/16_mccalluml_budgetbill/?refid=0 Wed, 16 Nov 2005 17:13:00 -0600 Looking for dough in China More than 200 people leave for China Nov. 11 as part of Gov. Pawlenty's trade mission. Representatives of some of the state's premiere industries are going -- medical devices, agriculture, high technology, and a bakery. A bakery? That's right, a Minneapolis bakery. http://news.minnesota.publicradio.org/features/2005/11/10_mccalluml_chinabaker/?refid=0 Thu, 10 Nov 2005 14:00:00 -0600 What you should know before you sign up What you should know about the fixed-rate plans offered by Xcel Energy and CenterPoint. http://news.minnesota.publicradio.org/features/2005/11/08_mccalluml_xcelhedgingtips/?refid=0 Tue, 08 Nov 2005 16:28:00 -0600 Should you hedge your bet on high heating costs? If you're an Xcel Energy customer, you may have gotten a letter recently telling you about a new plan to lock in your natural gas rates, as a hedge against big price increases. Experts say you'll probably pay more for the peace of mind. http://news.minnesota.publicradio.org/features/2005/11/08_mccalluml_xcelhedging/?refid=0 Tue, 08 Nov 2005 16:11:00 -0600 Clinton says U.S. should improve damaged image Former President Bill Clinton said the U.S. needs to prepare for a time when America is no longer the only superpower. Clinton spoke at the University of Minnesota, as part of the 25th anniversary of the Distinguished Carlson Lecture Series. http://news.minnesota.publicradio.org/features/2005/11/05_mccalluml_clinton/?refid=0 Sun, 06 Nov 2005 07:05:00 -0600 More temporary snowplow drivers this winter State transportation officials say they're prepared for the start of the winter driving season. They said snowplow drivers are well-trained, although officials acknowledge the state is relying more heavily on part-time drivers this year. The union representing MnDOT workers said the increasing use of temporary drivers raises safety concerns. http://news.minnesota.publicradio.org/features/2005/11/01_mccalluml_snowplowing/?refid=0 Wed, 02 Nov 2005 09:35:00 -0600 Delay causes greater scrutiny of Gophers stadium Supporters of a new Gopher football stadium are still hoping the Legislature will approve funding for the plan in a special session this fall. But Gov. Tim Pawlenty is reluctant to call a special session. The delay is raising some doubts about the project's completion. http://news.minnesota.publicradio.org/features/2005/10/27_mccalluml_gopherstadium/?refid=0 Mon, 31 Oct 2005 05:53:00 -0600 Matt Entenza runs for attorney general Two days after Attorney General Mike Hatch entered the governor's race, the top Democrat in the Minnesota House has announced he's running for Hatch's job. http://news.minnesota.publicradio.org/features/2005/10/26_mccalluml_entenzaruns/?refid=0 Wed, 26 Oct 2005 16:54:00 -0500 Governor's race: Hatch in, Philbrook out The DFL race to reclaim the governor's office saw heavy churning Monday as a big-name candidate got in, a long-shot candidate bowed out and a deep-pocketed candidate opened a $500,000 television ad campaign. http://news.minnesota.publicradio.org/features/2005/10/24_mccalluml_hatchin/?refid=0 Mon, 24 Oct 2005 16:49:00 -0500 Hatch campaign doesn't faze other DFL candidates Attorney General Mike Hatch is officially entering the governor's race. Hatch could be a formidable candidate, having won statewide office twice. But he also ran unsuccessfully for governor twice in the 1990s, and there's no guarantee he will get the DFL endorsement in '06. Several DFLers are already running for governor, and they say Hatch joining the race doesn't discourage them at all. http://news.minnesota.publicradio.org/features/2005/10/24_mccalluml_dflgovs/?refid=0 Sun, 23 Oct 2005 11:22:00 -0500 Brickbats fly over special session for stadiums Some lawmakers are questioning Gov. Pawlenty's leadership on the issue of a possible special session to take up new stadiums. Pawlenty said late last week that he won't call a special session at this time, saying Senate Democrats are unwilling to limit the agenda. But some legislators say Pawlenty should be building support for a special session, instead of casting blame. http://news.minnesota.publicradio.org/features/2005/10/18_mccalluml_leadership/?refid=0 Tue, 18 Oct 2005 18:15:00 -0500 Panel warns of looming financial crisis in U.S. A panel in Minneapolis says the country faces a looming financial crisis, and elected officials aren't making the tough choices required to fix the problem. http://news.minnesota.publicradio.org/features/2005/10/17_mccalluml_deficit/?refid=0 Mon, 17 Oct 2005 16:32:00 -0500 Property tax blame game begins Many Minnesota homeowners could be in for a big surprise when they get their truth-in-taxation statements this fall. Property taxes are expected to rise by double digits in many communities. The reasons range from rising costs for local governments to decisions made by the state Legislature. http://news.minnesota.publicradio.org/features/2005/10/03_mccalluml_propertytaxes/?refid=0 Mon, 03 Oct 2005 05:00:00 -0500 Kathleen Blatz resigns from Minnesota Supreme Court On the day that John Roberts was sworn in as chief justice of the United States Supreme Court, Minnesota's chief justice announced she's stepping down. http://news.minnesota.publicradio.org/features/2005/09/29_stawickie_blatzresigns/?refid=0 Thu, 29 Sep 2005 17:01:00 -0500 Leaders not too thrilled about special session invitation Legislative leaders are giving mostly negative reviews to Gov. Pawlenty's conditions for calling a special session. Pawlenty's proposal includes several issues that could come up in a special session, including stadiums. http://news.minnesota.publicradio.org/features/2005/09/28_mccalluml_specsession/?refid=0 Wed, 28 Sep 2005 17:00:00 -0500 Pawlenty pumps ethanol Governor Pawlenty is challenging other states to boost their ethanol consumption. He told a meeting of the Governors' Ethanol Coalition that the corn-based fuel will reduce the nation's dependence on foreign oil. The group consists of 31 states and five countries that support ethanol. But unlike Minnesota, few of them mandate ethanol use. http://news.minnesota.publicradio.org/features/2005/09/26_mccalluml_ethanol/?refid=0 Mon, 26 Sep 2005 16:53:00 -0500 Quality of care at Veterans Home questioned Several nurses at the state-run Minneapolis Veterans Home say severe understaffing at the home led to patient injuries and medical errors. http://news.minnesota.publicradio.org/features/2005/09/22_mccalluml_vet/?refid=0 Thu, 22 Sep 2005 10:04:00 -0500 How do you pay for Katrina? There's no consensus among Minnesota's congressional delegation on how to pay for the recovery. http://news.minnesota.publicradio.org/features/2005/09/22_mccalluml_whopays/?refid=0 Thu, 22 Sep 2005 06:20:00 -0500 Vikings proposal renews stadium debate at Capitol The Vikings' deal with Anoka County puts more pressure on Gov. Pawlenty to call a special session this fall to deal with stadiums. The Minnesota Twins and the University of Minnesota Gophers have already asked the governor to call a special session for their stadium bills. But adding another stadium to the mix, particularly one calling for a sizable state investment, may hurt the chances for the two already in line. http://minnesota.publicradio.orghttp://www.mprnews.org/story/2005/09/20_mccalluml_stadium?refid=0 Tue, 20 Sep 2005 17:45:00 -0500 Kelly unfazed by uphill re-election battle St. Paul Mayor Randy Kelly says he welcomes his role as the underdog in the race for his office. Kelly finished a distant second in Tuesday's primary election, behind DFL-endorsed candidate Chris Coleman. Observers say Kelly will have a tough time winning re-election. http://news.minnesota.publicradio.org/features/2005/09/14_mccalluml_mayoralfollow/?refid=0 Wed, 14 Sep 2005 17:13:00 -0500 Is Minnesota prepared for a major disaster? In the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina, many Minnesotans have wondered whether this state is prepared for a similar large-scale disaster. http://news.minnesota.publicradio.org/features/2005/09/09_mccalluml_mnprep/?refid=0 Sat, 10 Sep 2005 07:12:00 -0500 Roberts has both supporters and critics in Minnesota There hasn't been much debate over Supreme Court chief justice nominee John Roberts in Minnesota, although some Minnesotans are trying to drum up either support or opposition. http://news.minnesota.publicradio.org/features/2005/09/10_mccalluml_roberts/?refid=0 Tue, 06 Sep 2005 14:58:00 -0500 Gas prices and stadiums on voters' minds at the Fair There's no statewide election this year in Minnesota, but that hasn't stopped state officials from making their usual visits to the State Fair. http://news.minnesota.publicradio.org/features/2005/08/31_mccalluml_fairpolitics/?refid=0 Wed, 31 Aug 2005 17:14:00 -0500 State unlikely to hold bag on loan to Northwest, officials say It's not only the airline and the mechanics that have a stake in Northwest Airlines' financial situation, but also the taxpayers of Minnesota. In the early '90s, the state lent Northwest $270 million, and the company is still making payments. http://news.minnesota.publicradio.org/features/2005/08/26_mccalluml_loan/?refid=0 Fri, 26 Aug 2005 17:49:00 -0500 Learning legislative lessons in Seattle More than a dozen Minnesota legislators are in Seattle this week, along with thousands of attendees at the annual convention of the National Conference of State Legislatures. Some of the Minnesotans say the state is still viewed as a leader in many areas, despite this year's partial government shutdown. http://news.minnesota.publicradio.org/features/2005/08/19_mccalluml_seattleconf/?refid=0 Fri, 19 Aug 2005 16:03:00 -0500 Minnesota's World War II vets honored with new memorial State officials and veterans groups broke ground at the Capitol Sunday for a World War II veterans memorial. Many veterans say the memorial is long overdue, to honor the more than 300,000 Minnesotans who served in World War II. http://news.minnesota.publicradio.org/features/2005/08/12_mccalluml_memorial/?refid=0 Fri, 12 Aug 2005 16:00:00 -0500 The politics behind the fetal pain law A Minnesota law that takes effect Monday requires doctors who perform abortions to offer anesthesia for late-term fetuses. Minnesota is the second state to enact the requirement, following Arkansas. http://news.minnesota.publicradio.org/features/2005/08/01_mccalluml_fetalpain/?refid=0 Sun, 31 Jul 2005 15:00:00 -0500 Homeland security chief meets with St. Paul officials The nation's homeland security chief visited Minnesota Friday, urging citizens to be vigilant, but not alarmed, about the threat of terrorism. Homeland Security Secretary Michael Chertoff met with St. Paul Mayor Randy Kelly and other officials to discuss security in the capital city. http://news.minnesota.publicradio.org/features/2005/07/22_mccalluml_chertoff/?refid=0 Fri, 22 Jul 2005 15:12:00 -0500 Behind the scenes of state budget talks It's been a week since Minnesota lawmakers left the Capitol, after finishing work on a state budget that wasn't completed until a special session and a partial government shutdown. We take a look behind the scenes at how the budget stalemate came, and was resolved, by the state's three top political leaders. http://news.minnesota.publicradio.org/features/2005/07/21_mccalluml_behindthescenes/?refid=0 Thu, 21 Jul 2005 17:00:00 -0500 Budget deal seems close as talks keep going State leaders said Friday they were on the brink of ending Minnesota's unprecedented partial government shutdown, as a marathon negotiating session between Gov. Tim Pawlenty and top lawmakers stretched on into Friday afternoon. Both sides said an agreement was very close, but some DFL lawmakers have reservations about the details. http://news.minnesota.publicradio.org/features/2005/07/08_mccalluml_day8/?refid=0 Fri, 08 Jul 2005 14:48:00 -0500 Key Republican quits working group over racino, cigarette charges Talks resumed Thursday to end the state's week-old government shutdown, even as a key Republican dealt a blow to Gov. Tim Pawlenty's effort to pull casino gambling back into the mix. http://news.minnesota.publicradio.org/features/2005/07/07_mccalluml_day7pm/?refid=0 Thu, 07 Jul 2005 16:15:00 -0500 Legislative leaders hoping for breakthrough On the sixth day of a partial state government shutdown, several hundred state workers rallied at the Capitol Wednesday asking for their jobs back. Legislative leaders are talking hopefully about resolving the budget stalemate over the next day or so. http://news.minnesota.publicradio.org/features/2005/07/06_mccalluml_shutdown/?refid=0 Wed, 06 Jul 2005 13:47:00 -0500 Left-out lawmakers try to accomplish what legislative leaders can't A partial state government shutdown entered its fifth day on Tuesday, with no sign of an immediate resolution. Minnesota lawmakers returned to the Capitol after hearing from their constituents over the 4th of July weekend. Some say voters are mad at the Legislature, and may blame all state leaders. http://news.minnesota.publicradio.org/features/2005/07/05_mccalluml_day5/?refid=0 Tue, 05 Jul 2005 17:15:00 -0500 Agreement on bill funding DNR, state parks reached Campsites and parks would remain open and some 4,000 state workers facing layoffs would be safe under the agreement. But the rest of the state is heading toward a shutdown http://news.minnesota.publicradio.org/features/2005/06/29_scheckt_specialsession/?refid=0 Thu, 30 Jun 2005 08:49:00 -0500 As shutdown looms, state leaders keep talking State officials continue to plan for a partial government shutdown on Friday as legislative leaders continue budget negotiations. Gov. Pawlenty and legislative leaders met late into the night at the governor's residence in St. Paul with the hopes that they could hammer out a budget deal. But the two sides still remain far apart on several key budget items. http://news.minnesota.publicradio.org/features/2005/06/27_mccalluml_specialsession/?refid=0 Tue, 28 Jun 2005 10:08:00 -0500 Minneapolis teachers pension fund in a deep financial hole There's been a lot of talk about the possible state government shutdown that could happen on July 1. One issue you may not have heard about involves a multi-million dollar fund designed to pay pensions to retired Minneapolis teachers. The pension fund is in serious financial trouble, and lawmakers disagree over how to fix it and even what caused the problem. http://news.minnesota.publicradio.org/features/2005/06/27_mccalluml_pensionwoes/?refid=0 Mon, 27 Jun 2005 05:00:00 -0500 Special master appointed to rule on essential services A Ramsey County judge on Thursday ordered state officials to fund essential state services if there's a partial government shutdown at the end of the month. If there's any dispute over which services are essential, they will be mediated by former Supreme Court Justice Edward Stringer. http://news.minnesota.publicradio.org/features/2005/06/23_khoom_shutdowncourt/?refid=0 Thu, 23 Jun 2005 11:22:00 -0500 Minnesota Democrats' budget offers underwhelms GOP leaders Democrats said Thursday they would accept a portion of Gov. Tim Pawlenty's proposed cigarette charge as long as the proceeds go to subsidized health care programs. http://news.minnesota.publicradio.org/features/2005/06/08_mccalluml_dflplan/?refid=0 Thu, 09 Jun 2005 16:57:00 -0500 Cigarette tax proposal finding few friends at Minnesota Capitol Gov. Tim Pawlenty's &quot;health impact fee&quot; appears to have landed with a dull thud at the Capitol. It isn't just his political foes who have criticized it, but some usual allies as well.And it's apparently done little to break the budget stalemate; negotiators appear no closer to reaching a deal. http://news.minnesota.publicradio.org/features/2005/05/25_mccalluml_negotiations/?refid=0 Thu, 26 May 2005 17:03:00 -0500 Fundraising letter indicates Hatch has eye on Pawlenty's job Attorney General Mike Hatch has taken another step toward running for governor in 2006. Hatch sent a fundraising letter to DFL contributors, asking them to help him finance a gubernatorial campaign. While the election is still a year and a half away, Hatch isn't the only Democrat considering the governor's race. http://news.minnesota.publicradio.org/features/2005/05/26_mccalluml_hatch/?refid=0 Wed, 25 May 2005 21:20:00 -0500 Lawmakers go back to work as session ends without agreements The 2005 legislative session has ended, and the special session has begun. Lawmakers failed to reach agreement on several major spending bills before the constitutional deadline to adjourn. Gov. Pawlenty called them back into session immediately, despite the lack of a budget deal. http://news.minnesota.publicradio.org/features/2005/05/24_mccalluml_caplastday/?refid=0 Tue, 24 May 2005 06:05:00 -0500 Fee -- 'it's not a tax' -- could hit smokers Gov. Pawlenty is proposing the state collect an additional 75 cents a pack on cigarettes. He's calling the new money a &quot;health impact fee,&quot; and says the money would be used to pay for state health-care costs. Pawlenty insists his proposal is a fee, not a tax. The distinction is critical because a budget deal could hinge on Pawlenty's ability to come away from negotiations saying he's standing by his pledge to not raise taxes. http://news.minnesota.publicradio.org/features/2005/05/20_mccalluml_cigfee/?refid=0 Fri, 20 May 2005 16:51:00 -0500 Child-support reform passes Senate hurdle The Minnesota Senate has overwhelmingly passed a bill that would overhaul the state's child support guidelines for the first time in two decades. The guidelines affect about 300,000 children in the state. The House could pass a similar measure this week. And although it contains some differences from the Senate version, the sponsors of the two bills say they think they can find common ground before the Legislature adjourns next week. http://news.minnesota.publicradio.org/features/2005/05/17_mccalluml_childsupport/?refid=0 Tue, 17 May 2005 16:58:00 -0500 No-tax pledge faces major test For the first time in more than a decade, the Minnesota House has voted to raise the state's gas tax. Ten Republicans joined with most Democrats on Thursday to pass a $7.7 billion transportation package. It's also the first time the House has passed a tax increase since Gov. Pawlenty was elected, which could put his &quot;no new taxes&quot; stance to the test. http://news.minnesota.publicradio.org/features/2005/05/13_mccalluml_revolution/?refid=0 Fri, 13 May 2005 09:06:00 -0500 Senate-House gulf widens as Minnesota Legislature heads toward adjournment With less than two weeks left in the legislative session, Gov. Pawlenty is urging legislative leaders to reach a budget deal. The call came as the House was passing a vastly different tax bill than the one that passed the Senate last week. And taxes aren't the only issue on which the House and Senate are far apart. http://news.minnesota.publicradio.org/features/2005/05/11_mccalluml_tax/?refid=0 Wed, 11 May 2005 15:39:00 -0500 Pawlenty signs bill increasing ethanol content in gasoline Minnesota is the first state with a law mandating 20-percent ethanol use by the year 2013. http://news.minnesota.publicradio.org/features/2005/05/10_ap_ethanol/?refid=0 Tue, 10 May 2005 17:35:00 -0500 Tax plan lands with thud at Minnesota Capitol Gov. Tim Pawlenty on Thursday blasted a Senate DFL plan to raise taxes on upper-income Minnesotans. The Senate tax bill would create a temporary 11-percent top income-tax rate. Senate Democrats who support the plan say it asks Minnesotans who benefitted from the economic boom of the '90s to help balance the budget. But not all Senate Democrats back the plan. http://news.minnesota.publicradio.org/features/2005/05/05_mccalluml_taxbill/?refid=0 Thu, 05 May 2005 16:56:00 -0500 Senate bill treads lighter on sex offenders than House The worst sex crimes wouldn't be punished with the state's toughest penalties under a crime bill approved Tuesday by the Senate, where lawmakers argued that mandatory life sentences without parole could hamper prosecutors. http://news.minnesota.publicradio.org/features/2005/05/03_ap_crimebill/?refid=0 Tue, 03 May 2005 16:02:00 -0500 Senate committee carves up handgun permit bill A revised version of Minnesota's handgun permit law survived a key committee vote at the Capitol Monday. The Senate Crime Prevention Committee kept the bill alive by sending it to its next stop without recommendation. The committee also made significant changes to the bill. http://news.minnesota.publicradio.org/features/2005/05/02_mccalluml_gunvote/?refid=0 Mon, 02 May 2005 16:54:00 -0500 Sex offenders face life in prison, castration under bill A bill subjecting violent sex predators to life behind bars got even tougher Thursday when the House voted to make castration a possible penalty for pedophiles and to create special license plates identifying sex offenders. http://news.minnesota.publicradio.org/features/2005/04/28_mccalluml_publicsafety/?refid=0 Thu, 28 Apr 2005 20:26:00 -0500 Education funding agreement elusive at Capitol Bills in both the House and Senate would increase the amount of state money that school districts get for each student. While legislators agree on the need to put more money into K-12 education, they disagree on how to pay for it. http://news.minnesota.publicradio.org/features/2005/04/21_mccalluml_k12/?refid=0 Thu, 21 Apr 2005 17:44:00 -0500 DFL Senate majority puts out spending plan; avoids tax talk Senate DFL leaders Wednesday outlined a plan for about $1 billion in new state spending. Most of the money would go to public schools. Senate Democrats did not say where the money would come from, however, and Republican leaders promptly blasted the plan. http://news.minnesota.publicradio.org/features/2005/04/20_mccalluml_dflbudget/?refid=0 Wed, 20 Apr 2005 11:26:00 -0500 Audit sounds alarm over Minnesota government's online transactions In the wake of an audit showing lax Internet security, a top state official said Tuesday he can't guarantee users of a state vehicle registration Web site that credit card data and other personal information was safe from hackers. http://news.minnesota.publicradio.org/features/2005/04/19_mccalluml_tabsite/?refid=0 Tue, 19 Apr 2005 15:45:00 -0500 Legislature considering overhaul of child-support system The Minnesota Legislature appears close to overhauling the state's child support system, which affects about 300,000 children in the state. Bills that would base child support on the combined income of both parents are picking up momentum. While nearly everyone involved in the debate agrees that the current system needs reform, there's little consensus on the best way to do that. http://news.minnesota.publicradio.org/features/2005/04/18_mccalluml_childsupport/?refid=0 Mon, 18 Apr 2005 16:03:00 -0500 Legislature heads for day of decision on taxes Groups opposed to tax increases say they will stifle job growth in the state. Advocates for a tax increase say scrimping on education and other state priorities will do far more harm to Minnesota's economy. The issue is ready to boil over at the Capitol. http://news.minnesota.publicradio.org/features/2005/04/15_mccalluml_tax/?refid=0 Thu, 14 Apr 2005 17:42:00 -0500 Legislature taking another look at parole boards Minnesota hasn't had a parole board since 1982, when it was replaced by sentencing guidelines. The Legislature is considering changing that. Supporters say some inmates deserve a second chance through early release. Critics say inmates should serve their time. http://news.minnesota.publicradio.org/features/2005/04/08_mccalluml_parole/?refid=0 Fri, 08 Apr 2005 14:56:00 -0500 Committee deadline passes, but stadium bills still alive Tuesday marks the first committee deadline of the 2005 legislative session. Bills had to clear all the necessary policy committees in either the House or the Senate by the end of the day. Those that don't face much tougher odds of survival, and that includes two stadium proposals that haven't even had a hearing. http://news.minnesota.publicradio.org/features/2005/04/05_mccalluml_capdeadline/?refid=0 Tue, 05 Apr 2005 17:13:00 -0500 Senate votes to lift limit on MinnesotaCare The Minnesota Senate has voted to lift a cap on state-subsdized health care benefits for some low-income Minnesotans. Currently, MinnesotaCare health coverage is limited to $5,000 for adults who have no children. Opponents of the bill say the state needs to trim health care costs, rather than expanding benefits. http://news.minnesota.publicradio.org/features/2005/03/31_mccalluml_mncare/?refid=0 Thu, 31 Mar 2005 16:58:00 -0600 Governor, legislators cut deal on bonding bill Gov. Pawlenty and legislative leaders have reached a deal on a package of public works projects. If the agreement holds up, it would mark the most significant breakthrough at the Capitol in more than a year. The Legislature failed to pass a bonding bill last session, in the midst of partisan gridlock. http://news.minnesota.publicradio.org/features/2005/03/30_mccalluml_bonding/?refid=0 Wed, 30 Mar 2005 16:45:00 -0600 Minnesota House beats back attempt to boost state spending on education In the the first major debate of the session on whether to raise taxes, the Minnesota House of Representatives voted to cap state spending at $29.8 billion over the next two years, while rejecting an attempt to raise the limit to provide more money for schools. http://news.minnesota.publicradio.org/features/2005/03/29_mccalluml_resolution/?refid=0 Tue, 29 Mar 2005 15:00:00 -0600 Political leaders mourn Red Lake deaths Minnesota's political leaders are expressing their sorrow and condolences over the shooting rampage in Red Lake. Ten people are dead in the nation's worst school shooting since Columbine nearly six years ago. Many lawmakers attended a ceremony on the state Capitol steps to mourn the Red Lake deaths. http://news.minnesota.publicradio.org/features/2005/03/22_mccalluml_capitolreax/?refid=0 Tue, 22 Mar 2005 17:57:00 -0600 Ethanol bill nears crucial test About 200 ethanol supporters rallied at the state Capitol in support of doubling the state's ethanol mandate on Wednesday. Gov. Pawlenty urged the crowd to persuade wavering lawmakers to vote for the plan. The bill has bipartisan support in the Legislature, but it's about to face its toughest test in a key House committee, which holds a hearing on the bill on Thursday. http://news.minnesota.publicradio.org/features/2005/03/16_mccalluml_ethanol/?refid=0 Wed, 16 Mar 2005 17:00:00 -0600 Group plans suit against Minnesota over faith-based initiatives Gov. Tim Pawlenty is proposing the state hire a coordinator to work with faith-based groups seeking state grants to provide social services. Twenty governors have established similar offices, but the Wisconsin-based Freedom from Religion Foundation says the initiatives violate the constitutional separation of church and state. http://news.minnesota.publicradio.org/features/2005/03/16_mccalluml_faithbased/?refid=0 Tue, 15 Mar 2005 20:00:00 -0600 Bill to steer support to pregnant women passes House committee A bill designed to help pregnant women, once seen as possible common ground in the bitter abortion debate, ended up highlighting the divisions Thursday in a House committee hearing. http://news.minnesota.publicradio.org/features/2005/03/10_mccalluml_abortion/?refid=0 Thu, 10 Mar 2005 16:57:00 -0600 Education spending popular in Pawlenty's budget balancer Last November, with much fanfare, Gov. Tim Pawlenty invited Minnesotans to suggest ways to balance the state budget without raising taxes by logging on to a new Web site. The governor's office has just released the results. More than 17,000 people responded, and most wanted the state to spend more money on education, both K-12 and higher ed. Democrats question whether Pawlenty is paying attention to the results of his own Web site. http://news.minnesota.publicradio.org/features/2005/03/10_mccalluml_pawlentyweb/?refid=0 Thu, 10 Mar 2005 09:51:00 -0600 Casino plan likely to end up in court Gov. Pawlenty's plan for a new state-tribal casino could spark several legal challenges. Pawlenty and leaders of three northern Minnesota Indian tribes have agreed to build a 4,000-slot-machine casino in the metropolitan area. Other Minnesota tribes that aren't involved in the deal aren't ruling out suing the state. http://news.minnesota.publicradio.org/features/2005/03/07_mccalluml_casino/?refid=0 Mon, 07 Mar 2005 17:13:00 -0600 Minnesota revenue report slices one-third off budget deficit State finance officials say Minnesota's budget deficit has shrunk to a projected $466 million for the next two years. That's about a third smaller than the number predicted in December. Gov. Pawlenty and Republican leaders hailed the news, while DFLers said the forecast shows the state's budget woes persist. http://news.minnesota.publicradio.org/features/2005/02/28_mccalluml_revforecast/?refid=0 Mon, 28 Feb 2005 16:17:00 -0600 Poker bill survives legislative test A bill that would legalize Texas Hold'em tournaments cleared its first legislative hurdle on Wednesday. It's one of the smaller gambling proposals lawmakers are likely to consider this session. http://news.minnesota.publicradio.org/features/2005/02/24_mccalluml_gambling/?refid=0 Wed, 23 Feb 2005 17:09:00 -0600 House approval of bonding bill puts commuter rail on track The Minnesota House has overwhelmingly passed an $816 million package of public works projects. And as part of the legislation the House has, for the first time, approved some seed money for the proposed Northstar commuter rail line between Minneapolis and Big Lake. http://news.minnesota.publicradio.org/features/2005/02/22_mccalluml_bonding/?refid=0 Tue, 22 Feb 2005 20:08:00 -0600 Ethanol bill is in Legislature's fast lane Some lawmakers say legislation to double the amount of ethanol in gasoline is moving so quickly that legitimate concerns are being brushed aside. http://news.minnesota.publicradio.org/features/2005/02/15_mccalluml_ethanol/?refid=0 Tue, 15 Feb 2005 16:41:00 -0600 Former legislators share war stories For nine years, the Minnesota Legislative Society has brought together former legislators to share war stories, and to remember what many consider a less partisan time at the Capitol. http://news.minnesota.publicradio.org/features/2005/02/08_mccalluml_oldlawmakers/?refid=0 Mon, 14 Feb 2005 15:35:00 -0600 Dayton's political moments U.S. Sen. Mark Dayton's unexpected announcement that he will not seek reelection in 2006 isn't the first time Dayton has made a surprising decision. From the moment the former department store heir announced his Senate bid nearly five years ago, he has been an often unconventional politician. http://minnesota.publicradio.orghttp://www.mprnews.org/story/2005/02/09_mccalluml_daytonmoments?refid=0 Wed, 09 Feb 2005 17:55:00 -0600 Former finance officials blast Pawlenty's budget Two former state finance commissioners blasted Gov. Pawlenty's proposed budget Wednesday. They say Pawlenty's budget relies on gimmicks, gambling money and property tax increases to cover a $700 million deficit. http://news.minnesota.publicradio.org/features/2005/01/26_mccalluml_budgetfolo/?refid=0 Wed, 26 Jan 2005 14:45:00 -0600 Pawlenty's budget plan relies on $200 million from new casino Gov. Tim Pawlenty released a proposed two-year budget Tuesday that depends on money from a new casino to help erase a projected $700 million deficit. Pawlenty's budget wouldn't raise state taxes, but relies on a mix of spending cuts and revenue increases to balance the budget. http://news.minnesota.publicradio.org/features/2005/01/25_mccalluml_budgetoverview/?refid=0 Tue, 25 Jan 2005 13:25:00 -0600 Pawlenty highlights Rochester in State of State speech Gov. Tim Pawlenty on Tuesday used his State of the State address to call for establishing a university in Rochester, saying it's important to beef up the higher education offerings in what amounts to a boom town. http://news.minnesota.publicradio.org/features/2005/01/18_khoom_sots/?refid=0 Tue, 18 Jan 2005 12:37:00 -0600 Senate bill would restore MinnesotaCare cutbacks A Minnesota Senate committee considers a bill Thursday that would restore some health care benefits for MinnesotaCare, the state's subsidized health insurance program. Two years ago, lawmakers put a $5,000 cap on outpatient services for some adults without children. Some DFL lawmakers say the cap is forcing some low-income Minnesotans to forego needed health care. http://news.minnesota.publicradio.org/features/2005/01/13_mccalluml_mncare/?refid=0 Wed, 12 Jan 2005 16:52:00 -0600 DFLers, Republicans offer anti-meth legislation Democrats led by Attorney General Mike Hatch outlined a multi-pronged attack on methamphetamine, a potent illegal drug responsible for a wave of crime across the state. http://news.minnesota.publicradio.org/features/2005/01/06_mccalluml_meth/?refid=0 Thu, 06 Jan 2005 15:04:00 -0600 Legislators pressed to cut health care costs Spending on government health care programs in Minnesota is projected to increase 27 percent in the next two-year budget cycle, unless legislators take action to cut costs. Republican leaders say the state must target benefits to the most needy, but DFL leaders caution that the last round of budget cuts may have made the problem worse. http://news.minnesota.publicradio.org/features/2005/01/06_mccalluml_healthcare/?refid=0 Thu, 06 Jan 2005 00:01:00 -0600 Legislature convenes for session of tough choices The 84th Minnesota Legislature convened Tuesday with pledges of bipartisanship, followed in the House by a slew of party-line votes. Legislators from both parties say Minnesotans expect them to work together and accomplish something this session. Whether they can accomplish that is still unclear. http://news.minnesota.publicradio.org/features/2005/01/04_mccalluml_day1/?refid=0 Tue, 04 Jan 2005 13:42:00 -0600 Partisan politics at the Capitol The Minnesota House and Senate are narrowly divided. In the House, Republicans have only a one-vote lead. That margin could be tested as early as the first day of the session. Legislative leaders say the close margins will result in more bipartisan cooperation, but there are already some early indications of partisan wrangling. http://news.minnesota.publicradio.org/features/2005/01/04_mccalluml_politicspreview/?refid=0 Tue, 04 Jan 2005 00:01:00 -0600 A mixed bag for retailers underscores a fragmented recovery Retail analysts say holiday sales nationwide have been sluggish. Barring a last-minute shopping boost, the 2004 season will likely be worse than last year. But there are some bright spots such as electronics and luxury items. Minnesota retailers are reporting a mixed bag, ranging from brisk sales to a less than stellar season. http://news.minnesota.publicradio.org/features/2004/12/24_mccalluml_holidaysales/?refid=0 Fri, 24 Dec 2004 16:13:00 -0600 State regulators slap national Democratic group with heavy fine Minnesota campaign regulators slapped a national Democratic political group with $317,950 in fines Tuesday for violating state campaign finance disclosure laws, the largest penalty of its kind issued in Minnesota. http://news.minnesota.publicradio.org/features/2004/12/21_mccalluml_campaignfinance/?refid=0 Tue, 21 Dec 2004 17:08:00 -0600 Republicans, Democrats trade campaign finance allegations In tit-for-tat calls for ethics investigations, Republicans and Democrats accused each other Monday of sidestepping campaign finance laws in the 2004 election. http://news.minnesota.publicradio.org/features/2004/12/20_mccalluml_entenza/?refid=0 Mon, 20 Dec 2004 16:03:00 -0600 Reservists could get health care, loans under DFL plan Reservists and Minnesota National Guard members deployed to Iraq and Afghanistan would be eligible for state health care coverage and zero-interest loans under a proposal outlined Wednesday by Attorney General Mike Hatch and DFL legislators. http://news.minnesota.publicradio.org/features/2004/12/15_mccalluml_militaryhelp/?refid=0 Wed, 15 Dec 2004 15:27:00 -0600 Guard families applaud Pawlenty proposals Gov. Tim Pawlenty outlined a package of initiatives Friday that he said would help Minnesota military members and veterans. http://news.minnesota.publicradio.org/features/2004/12/03_mccalluml_govguard/?refid=0 Fri, 03 Dec 2004 16:27:00 -0600 State faces $700 million budget shortfall The new $700 million deficit projection is larger than legislative leaders had predicted, and could set the stage for another round of contentious budget talks next session. http://news.minnesota.publicradio.org/features/2004/12/01_mccalluml_budgetforecast/?refid=0 Wed, 01 Dec 2004 11:05:00 -0600 Same-sex marriage debate returns to the Capitol Supporters of amending the Minnesota Constitution to ban same-sex marriage say they'll renew their push to get the measure on the ballot. They say they're energized by the passage of similar measures in other states on Election Day. http://news.minnesota.publicradio.org/features/2004/11/15_mccalluml_marriageban/?refid=0 Mon, 15 Nov 2004 05:00:00 -0600 New Senate minority leader elected; it's the old Senate minority leader Senate Minority Leader Dick Day will continue in his leadership post, despite announcing two months ago that he was stepping down. Senate Republicans on Thursday voted to keep Day as minority leader. The Owatonna Republican says he changed his mind after some lobbying from his colleagues. He says his caucus is willing to work with Democrats in the Legislature to avoid a repeat of last session's partisan gridlock. http://news.minnesota.publicradio.org/features/2004/11/04_mccalluml_leadership/?refid=0 Thu, 04 Nov 2004 16:28:00 -0600 DFL influence grows at Capitol Republicans narrowly maintained their majority in the Minnesota House in the 2004 election, squeaking through with a one-vote margin. Democrats picked up 13 seats, including five held by Republican committee chairs. The close headcount in the House could lead to more bipartisan cooperation... or greater gridlock. http://news.minnesota.publicradio.org/features/2004/11/03_mccalluml_housefolo/?refid=0 Wed, 03 Nov 2004 16:36:00 -0600 MPR Poll: Minnesota's a tossup A new Minnesota Public Radio-St. Paul Pioneer Press poll shows the presidential race too close to call in Minnesota, just two days before the election. The poll found 48 percent of respondents say they'll vote for Republican President George W. Bush, while 47 percent say they'll vote for Democrat John Kerry. A different poll, also out Sunday, shows Kerry with an 8-point lead, and a pollster says anything could move the race one way or the other in the last days. http://news.minnesota.publicradio.org/features/2004/10/31_mccalluml_prespoll/?refid=0 Sat, 30 Oct 2004 21:00:00 -0500 With presidential candidates elsewhere, surrogates take up Minnesota campaign It was a rare day with no candidates from the presidential tickets in the state on Friday. Still, surrogates for President Bush and John Kerry showed up to rally supporters. Former New York mayor Rudy Giuliani campaigned in Minnesota for Bush, while former NATO commander Gen. Wesley Clark stumped for Kerry. The two focused on national security at competing partisan rallies. Meanwhile, Bush and Kerry began wrapping up their campaigns on the last weekend of the campaign season. http://news.minnesota.publicradio.org/features/2004/10/29_ap_roundup4/?refid=0 Fri, 29 Oct 2004 17:09:00 -0500 Speechless no more, Ventura stumps for Kerry at colleges Former Minnesota Gov. Jesse Ventura is silent no more on why he's supporting Sen. John Kerry for president. Unleashing a strong attack against President Bush, Ventura appeared at Century College, a community and technical college in White Bear Lake, to encourage young people to vote. http://news.minnesota.publicradio.org/features/2004/10/28_mccalluml_venturakerry/?refid=0 Thu, 28 Oct 2004 12:32:00 -0500 Rehnquist illness propels social issues back to campaign agenda Neither President George W. Bush nor Sen. John Kerry spends much time talking about either abortion or same-sex marriage in speeches. But the next president is likely to appoint at least one member to an aging Supreme Court that's divided on abortion, gay rights and other issues. There hasn't been a Supreme Court vacancy in 10 years, and this week's announcement that Chief Justice William Rehnquist has thyroid cancer gives new prominence to the question. http://news.minnesota.publicradio.org/features/2004/10/27_mccalluml_socialissues/?refid=0 Wed, 27 Oct 2004 06:30:00 -0500 Campaign Roundup: Kerry, Bush, Nader focus on the Midwest President Bush campaigned in a small town near La Crosse, Wisconsin Tuesday, hoping to woo more voters in a part of the state which went for Democrat Al Gore in the 2000 election. As a result, Bush narrowly lost the state's electoral votes. This time around the president has made a deliberate effort to court western Wisconsin voters. http://news.minnesota.publicradio.org/features/2004/10/26_galballye_campaignroundup/?refid=0 Tue, 26 Oct 2004 11:08:00 -0500 Cheney hammers on national security issues in Rosemount; Ventura endorses Kerry Vice President Dick Cheney capped an unprecedented week of presidential politics in Minnesota by telling a rally crowd in suburban Rosemount that Democratic Sen. John Kerry lacks the judgment and conviction to be president. http://news.minnesota.publicradio.org/features/2004/10/22_mccalluml_cheney/?refid=0 Fri, 22 Oct 2004 14:02:00 -0500 Supreme Court ponders election judge lineup The Minnesota Supreme Court heard arguments on Thursday on whether the party affiliations of election judges should be made public. The state Republican Party sued county auditors in Hennepin, Ramsey and Olmsted County, alleging that they apparently failed to follow state election law. The law requires that no more than half of the judges in any precinct are members of one political party. Minnesota Public Radio's Laura McCallum reports. http://minnesota.publicradio.orghttp://www.mprnews.org/story/2004/10/21_mccalluml_elxjudges?refid=0 Thu, 21 Oct 2004 17:00:00 -0500 Rematch in District 52B One of the Minnesota legislative races that's being closely watched is District 52B in the Stillwater area; it's a rematch of last year's special election between DFLer Rebecca Otto and Republican Matt Dean. Otto won the seat last time, but some Republicans believe her victory was a fluke. http://news.minnesota.publicradio.org/features/2004/10/19_mccalluml_legprofile/?refid=0 Tue, 19 Oct 2004 03:00:00 -0500 Dayton defends decision to close Washington office Sen. Mark Dayton says he has no second thoughts about his decision to close his Capitol Hill office. The Minnesota Democrat closed his Washington, D.C. office earlier this week, citing a top-secret intelligence report on terrorism. He responded to both critics and supporters of his decision on MPR's Midday program. http://news.minnesota.publicradio.org/features/2004/10/15_mccalluml_dayton/?refid=0 Fri, 15 Oct 2004 16:23:00 -0500 Two generations critique the final debate An intergenerational group of Minnesota seniors and students gathered Wednesday night to watch the final presidential debate. They wanted to hear from Democrat John Kerry and Republican George W. Bush on issues ranging from Social Security to the draft. Many said they weren't satisfied with the answers. http://news.minnesota.publicradio.org/features/2004/10/14_mccalluml_oldyoungdebate/?refid=0 Thu, 14 Oct 2004 07:00:00 -0500 Dayton closes Washington office over safety concerns Minnesota Sen. Mark Dayton Tuesday closed his Washington, D.C. office, citing security concerns. He says a top-secret intelligence report made him fear for his staff's safety. Federal law enforcement officials insist there is no new intelligence indicating the Capitol complex is a target, and no other members of Congress have announced plans to close their offices. http://news.minnesota.publicradio.org/features/2004/10/12_ap_daytonthreat/?refid=0 Tue, 12 Oct 2004 12:42:00 -0500 New voters may be election wild card October 12 is the deadline for Minnesotans to pre-register to vote. Anyone not registered by 5 p.m. will have to wait until election day to register at the polls. Registration cards have been streaming into county election offices around the state. Many of them are from new voters, raising questions about how that will affect the outcome of the presidential race. http://news.minnesota.publicradio.org/features/2004/10/12_mccalluml_registration/?refid=0 Mon, 11 Oct 2004 22:00:00 -0500 Edwards visits Minnesota, one day after Bush Minnesota demonstrated its battleground status over the weekend by attracting campaign visits by both Republican president George W. Bush and Democratic vice presidential hopeful John Edwards. Both candidates used the recent debates as ammunition for their positions. Bush spoke to an estimated 17,000 supporters at a park in Chanhassen Saturday, while Edwards spoke to an estimated 7,000 people at Maple Grove High School Sunday. http://news.minnesota.publicradio.org/features/2004/10/10_mccalluml_edwards/?refid=0 Sun, 10 Oct 2004 22:54:00 -0500 As budget-cutting time nears, Minnesota prioritizes Minnesota faces another budget deficit that could surpass a billion dollars. That's smaller than the $4.5 billion shortfall lawmakers eliminated in the current two-year budget cycle, but still large enough that Gov. Pawlenty acknowledges the choices will be difficult. Pawlenty is asking Minnesotans what they think the state should do, and state agencies have been prioritizing the services they provide. http://news.minnesota.publicradio.org/features/2004/10/07_mccalluml_budget/?refid=0 Thu, 07 Oct 2004 17:00:00 -0500 Independent organizations are scaling back political TV ads With the election just a month away, many voters may feel like they're being bombarded with campaign ads. Yet one Twin Cities television executive says political ad buys are down from both the 2002 and 2000 elections. And some interest groups say they're not spending as much money on television ads this year. http://news.minnesota.publicradio.org/features/2004/10/04_mccalluml_ads/?refid=0 Sun, 03 Oct 2004 15:00:00 -0500 Independence Party turns to Supreme Court to get ballot access The Independence Party on Tuesday asked the Minnesota Supreme Court to allow its candidates to remain on the November ballot. Secretary of State Mary Kiffmeyer determined last week that none of the party's 26 candidates for Congress and the Legislature met a necessary statutory threshold in last week's primary for staying on the ballot. Independence Party officials say Kiffmeyer is deliberately trying to keep their candidates off the ballot, a charge Kiffmeyer denies. http://news.minnesota.publicradio.org/features/2004/09/21_mccalluml_ip/?refid=0 Tue, 21 Sep 2004 17:24:00 -0500 Day to step down from Senate leadership post Sen. Dick Day, R-Owatonna, says he'll step aside as Senate minority leader in November. Day says he wasn't under any pressure to give up his leadership job, and he has no plans to leave the Senate entirely. He has served as the Republicans' Senate leader since 1997. http://news.minnesota.publicradio.org/features/2004/09/17_mccalluml_dickday/?refid=0 Fri, 17 Sep 2004 11:05:00 -0500 MPR poll: Bush momentum builds over Kerry in Minnesota As President Bush makes a three-city campaign swing through Minnesota, a new poll shows him with a narrow lead over Democrat John Kerry in the state. It's the first time Bush has led Kerry in the Minnesota Public Radio-St. Paul Pioneer Press poll. The slim two-point lead is within the poll's margin of sampling error, and pollsters say the race is still a toss-up. http://news.minnesota.publicradio.org/features/2004/09/16_mccalluml_prezpoll/?refid=0 Thu, 16 Sep 2004 00:01:00 -0500 Non-profits try to mobilize voters Minnesota non-profit organizations have launched their first-ever coordinated voter drive to get people to the polls in November. Non-profits say many of the people they serve don't vote, and they want to change that. Their goal is to contact 40,000 eligible voters, which could make a difference in what appears to be a close presidential race in the state. http://news.minnesota.publicradio.org/features/2004/09/10_mccalluml_gotv/?refid=0 Thu, 09 Sep 2004 20:40:00 -0500 Minnesota Republicans head home Minnesota delegates to the Republican National Convention say President Bush laid out a vision several described as &quot;strong,&quot; and though the election is two months away, they think the momentum is with their candidate. Democrats say the convention's harsh attacks against Democrat John Kerry will turn off the undecided voters Republicans want to persuade. http://news.minnesota.publicradio.org/features/2004/09/03_mccalluml_lookahead/?refid=0 Fri, 03 Sep 2004 01:06:00 -0500 Some Republicans see Pawlenty on a national stage Gov. Tim Pawlenty appears to be testing the national waters while in New York for the Republican National Convention. Pawlenty spoke to an influential fundraising group whose president says Pawlenty should be on a national ticket in 2008 or 2012. Pawlenty says he's not thinking about a national run - he's simply trying to tell Minnesota's story. http://news.minnesota.publicradio.org/features/2004/09/02_mccalluml_pawlentyfuture/?refid=0 Thu, 02 Sep 2004 00:01:00 -0500 Delegation visit frames question: How best to serve? A group of Minnesotans attending the Republican National Convention in New York spent several hours on Tuesday painting a day care center. The volunteer work was part of the Republican Party's theme of &quot;compassionate conservatism.&quot; Minnesota Republicans say the activity highlights their belief that the government can't fix all of society's problems, and individuals need to step to the plate. Critics say while Republicans talk about compassion, Republican officials have cut much of the safety net for people in need. http://news.minnesota.publicradio.org/features/2004/08/31_mccalluml_service/?refid=0 Tue, 31 Aug 2004 22:00:00 -0500 Republicans praise Bush's handling of terrorism; delegates approve platform Republicans belittled Democratic Sen. John Kerry as a shift-in-the-wind campaigner unworthy of the White House on Monday, opening their national convention four miles from Ground Zero of America's worst terrorist attack. &quot;We need George Bush more than ever,&quot; said former New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani. http://news.minnesota.publicradio.org/features/2004/08/30_ap_rncday1/?refid=0 Mon, 30 Aug 2004 22:44:00 -0500 Minnesotans join thousands of others in New York protest A busload of Minnesotans joined a protest by tens of thousands of people in Manhattan on Sunday as Republicans streamed into the city for their national convention. http://news.minnesota.publicradio.org/features/2004/08/29_collinsb_protest/?refid=0 Sun, 29 Aug 2004 12:10:00 -0500 Minnesota Bush supporters in NY for GOP convention As the Republican National Convention begins in New York City, 41 delegates and 38 alternates from Minnesota will gather at Madison Square Garden. For about two-thirds of the Minnesota delegates, this is their first national convention. Many have significant roles in the Bush-Cheney campaign, and the delegation is united in its support for President Bush and his reelection bid. http://news.minnesota.publicradio.org/features/2004/08/30_mccalluml_delegates/?refid=0 Sun, 29 Aug 2004 11:54:00 -0500 Coleman plays prominent role in Bush campaign Minnesota Sen. Norm Coleman will play a prominent role during next week's Republican National Convention in New York. Coleman is one of a handful of GOP elected officials who will run portions of the convention. The post is just the latest recognition for Coleman, who has taken a high profile role in the Bush campaign and in Republican fundraising around the country. http://news.minnesota.publicradio.org/features/2004/08/27_mccalluml_colemanstar/?refid=0 Fri, 27 Aug 2004 06:00:00 -0500 Minnesota Marine receives Bronze Star for heroism in Vietnam It took 37 years, but a Minnesota veteran has finally received a Bronze Star for heroism in combat while serving in Vietnam. http://news.minnesota.publicradio.org/features/2004/08/19_ap_bronzestar/?refid=0 Thu, 19 Aug 2004 11:44:00 -0500 After legislative session of indecision, Pawlenty carries a big stick Gov. Pawlenty has been taking some heat the past couple of weeks for sidestepping the Legislature on major decisions. Surprisingly, most of the criticism isn't coming from Democrats, it's coming from his Republican allies. Since Pawlenty took office, he has single-handedly closed two budget gaps, fixed a couple of nagging budget problems and jump-started a stalled rail project. The governor's office says lawmakers shouldn't criticize Pawlenty if they don't like his decisions. He had to take action, the governor says, because lawmakers didn't get their work done. http://news.minnesota.publicradio.org/features/2004/08/13_mccalluml_northstar/?refid=0 Fri, 13 Aug 2004 17:25:00 -0500 Governor hearing criticism from members of his own party Some Republican lawmakers had harsh criticism Tuesday for Gov. Tim Pawlenty's plan to jump-start the Northstar commuter rail line. The governor announced last week he was moving forward with the first phase of the Minneapolis-to-Big Lake line, using money from the Met Council, the federal government and counties. Northstar has not received legislative approval, and some lawmakers are calling the governor's plan &quot;unethical&quot; and &quot;a sham.&quot; http://news.minnesota.publicradio.org/features/2004/08/10_mccalluml_northstar/?refid=0 Tue, 10 Aug 2004 15:30:00 -0500 Pawlenty finds money to jumpstart North Star rail line Gov. Tim Pawlenty Tuesday announced a plan to kick-start the Northstar commuter rail line, a project that hasn't received legislative approval. Pawlenty plans to use several sources of money to begin the first phase of the project. Northstar supporters are thrilled, but legislators who oppose the project say Pawlenty is doing an end-run around the Legislature. http://news.minnesota.publicradio.org/features/2004/08/03_mccalluml_northstarmoney/?refid=0 Tue, 03 Aug 2004 14:20:00 -0500 Minnesota's senators differ on Sept. 11 report Minnesota's two U.S. senators Friday weighed in on the the findings of the Sept. 11 Commission report. Republican Norm Coleman and Democrat Mark Dayton spoke at the first congressional hearing on the report. Dayton said the report shows an utter failure by the federal government to protect American lives, and an attempt to cover up mistakes after the 2001 terrorist attacks. Coleman says he generally supports the commission's recommendations. http://news.minnesota.publicradio.org/features/2004/07/30_mccalluml_sept11minnreax/?refid=0 Fri, 30 Jul 2004 16:57:00 -0500 New 527 groups enter the political debate A group billing itself as the largest voter mobilization project in American history plans to become a major presence in the presidential race in Minnesota this year. America Coming Together, or ACT, wants to knock on 700,000 doors in the state before Nov. 2. ACT's goal is to defeat President Bush, but legally, it can't work with the Democratic Party. ACT is a 527 organization, which means it can raise unlimited amounts of money to try to elect Democrats. http://news.minnesota.publicradio.org/features/2004/07/23_mccalluml_actgroup/?refid=0 Sun, 25 Jul 2004 22:00:00 -0500 Pawlenty agrees to fix city aid glitch, defender budget Gov. Pawlenty says he'll fix two budget problems on his own, giving up his insistence that they could only be addressed in a special legislative session. One problem affects state aid to cities, the other a public defender budget shortfall. The governor says he decided to reverse course because it's unlikely there will be a special session. Until Thursday, Pawlenty had maintained that he was legally prohibited from correcting the problems. http://news.minnesota.publicradio.org/features/2004/07/22_mccalluml_pawlenty/?refid=0 Thu, 22 Jul 2004 16:08:00 -0500 MPR Poll: U.S. winning war on terror One day before the scheduled release of the long-awaited Sept. 11 Commission report, a new poll shows most Minnesotans think the United States is making progress in the fight against terrorism. The Minnesota Public Radio - St. Paul Pioneer Press poll also found that about half of Minnesotans believe the terrorist group Al Qaeda did collaborate with Iraq. That's contrary to the findings of the interim report already released by the 9/11 Commission. http://news.minnesota.publicradio.org/features/2004/07/20_mccalluml_terrorismpoll/?refid=0 Wed, 21 Jul 2004 00:01:00 -0500 MPR Poll: Minnesota voters divided about Iraq A new poll shows Minnesotans continue to be divided about the war in Iraq and its aftermath. The Minnesota Public Radio-St. Paul Pioneer Press poll finds no overwhelming consensus on whether the U.S. intervention will make things better in Iraq, and whether it will improve the United States' standing in the world. http://news.minnesota.publicradio.org/features/2004/07/20_mccalluml_iraqpoll/?refid=0 Tue, 20 Jul 2004 03:00:00 -0500 Concealed carry law -- extreme case or business as usual? Tuesday's decision by a Ramsey County judge to throw out Minnesota's concealed handgun law is raising questions about the constitutionality of other legislation. The judge ruled the law violated a constitutional provision requiring that bills deal with only one subject. Supporters of the law say the ruling opens the door to dozens of legal challenges, but others say the gun law was an extreme case. http://news.minnesota.publicradio.org/features/2004/07/14_mccalluml_garbagebills/?refid=0 Wed, 14 Jul 2004 16:45:00 -0500 Every vote counts in the presidential race Tuesday's campaign stop by President Bush in Duluth highlights the significance of Minnesota in this year's presidential race. Democrat John Kerry was here less than two weeks ago. Minnesota is considered one of the battleground states that could determine the next president. What does that mean for the campaigns? That they're competing door-to-door to identify anyone who might support their candidate -- and then trying to make sure those supporters actually vote on election day. http://news.minnesota.publicradio.org/features/2004/07/13_mccalluml_everyvotecounts/?refid=0 Tue, 13 Jul 2004 14:19:00 -0500 Report: School funding could be fairer A long-awaited report on the state's school funding system says reform should start with figuring out what it actually costs to educate a child. It's not the type of radical reform some critics of the current complex system hoped for when Gov. Pawlenty assembled the funding task force. But the report's authors hope it at least provides a starting point for what is likely to remain a heated political debate. http://news.minnesota.publicradio.org/features/2004/07/09_mccalluml_schoolfunding/?refid=0 Fri, 09 Jul 2004 14:24:00 -0500 Minnesota DFLers cheer Edwards selection, but effect is harder to gauge Many Minnesota Democrats are cheering Tuesday's selection of North Carolina Sen. John Edwards as presidential candidate John Kerry's running mate. They say Edwards brings energy to the ticket, and will appeal to undecided and moderate voters. But political analysts say vice presidential picks haven't made much difference in the outcome of recent elections. http://news.minnesota.publicradio.org/features/2004/07/06_mccalluml_edwardsreax/?refid=0 Tue, 06 Jul 2004 16:40:00 -0500 Some city fireworks fall victim to budget cuts Many Minnesotans will mark the Fourth of July by oohing and aahing over fireworks lighting up the sky. But the displays have fizzled in a handful of cities, where officials say they can't justify the cost at a time when they're cutting essential government services. http://news.minnesota.publicradio.org/features/2004/07/02_mccalluml_fireworkscut/?refid=0 Fri, 02 Jul 2004 15:19:00 -0500 Final phase of Minnesota welfare reform to affect half of new applicants A new Minnesota program that starts on Thursday is designed to help people find work before going on traditional welfare. The diversionary work program will require welfare applicants to look for work for four months. They won't get a welfare check, but they will get help with rent, food and utility bills. The Pawlenty administration calls the program the next phase in welfare reform, but some advocates for welfare recipients say it will hurt low-income Minnesotans. http://news.minnesota.publicradio.org/features/2004/06/29_mccalluml_welfare/?refid=0 Tue, 29 Jun 2004 16:33:00 -0500 Coveted swing voters could determine presidential election A new nationwide survey by the Pew Research Center finds about a fifth of registered voters haven't decided who they'll vote for in this year's presidential race. That's down from the percentage of swing voters at this point in the last three presidential campaigns. The number is still a significant segment of the electorate, and one that could determine the election in battleground states like Minnesota. http://news.minnesota.publicradio.org/features/2004/06/25_mccalluml_undecidedvoters/?refid=0 Fri, 25 Jun 2004 07:00:00 -0500 Minnesota Republicans gear up for November About 3,000 Minnesota Republicans meet in St. Paul this weekend for the party's state convention. The convention will honor the late President Ronald Reagan and get party activists fired up for the November election. Republicans want to build on their electoral victories in 2002, and they hope the state will vote for a Republican for president for the first time in more than three decades. http://news.minnesota.publicradio.org/features/2004/06/11_mccalluml_gopprev/?refid=0 Fri, 11 Jun 2004 05:00:00 -0500 MPR Poll: Growing concern about involvement in Iraq A new poll finds growing concern about the aftermath of the war in Iraq, even though a majority of Minnesotans say the U.S. was right to invade Iraq. The Minnesota Public Radio-St. Paul Pioneer Press poll also found most Minnesotans want the U.S. to stabilize Iraq, even if it takes awhile. Yet many people say they believe the Bush administration misled the public about the reasons for going to war. http://news.minnesota.publicradio.org/features/2004/06/01_mccalluml_iraqpoll2/?refid=0 Tue, 01 Jun 2004 04:00:00 -0500 MPR Poll: Presidential race is a close one A new Minnesota Public Radio-Pioneer Press poll shows the presidential race is extremely close in Minnesota. The poll shows Democrat John Kerry with a slight lead over Republican incumbent George W. Bush, although that lead is within the poll's margin of sampling error. The poll also shows President Bush's approval ratings have steadily dropped over the past year. http://news.minnesota.publicradio.org/features/2004/05/31_mccalluml_prespoll/?refid=0 Mon, 31 May 2004 04:00:00 -0500 Artist chronicles the Hmong migration Five thousand years of Hmong history unfold in an exhibit at the Minneapolis Institute of Arts. &quot;The Hmong Migration&quot; is a series of 50 oil paintings by St. Paul artist Cy Thao. Thao is also a DFL state representative, and only the second Hmong state legislator in the country. Thao says he hopes his exhibit helps people understand the story of the Hmong people. http://news.minnesota.publicradio.org/features/2004/05/20_mccalluml_hmongmigration/?refid=0 Fri, 21 May 2004 05:00:00 -0500 Legislature adjourns after Senate dumps Yecke The Minnesota Legislature adjourned for the year Sunday morning, ending a contentious session. Lawmakers failed to pass a budget-balancing plan, a capital investment bill or tougher penalties for sex offenders. In the final moments of the session, they passed new social studies and science standards that were agreed to early Sunday morning. They also dumped the state's education commissioner. http://news.minnesota.publicradio.org/features/2004/05/16_mccalluml_yecke/?refid=0 Sun, 16 May 2004 09:37:00 -0500 Sviggum: 'It's too late' Three days before the mandated end of the legislative session, all of the major issues remain unresolved. DFLers rejected the budget fix proposed Thursday by Gov. Pawlenty and Republican leaders. Barring a last-minute deal, the Legislature may adjourn Monday without passing a budget-balancing plan, a capital investment bill, new academic standards and a host of other issues. http://news.minnesota.publicradio.org/features/2004/05/14_mccalluml_sessionendgame/?refid=0 Fri, 14 May 2004 17:25:00 -0500 As legislative sessions winds down, both sides dig in Four days before the end of the legislative session, Gov. Pawlenty has used his executive authority to erase nearly $100 million of the state's budget deficit. Legislative leaders have been at a standstill over how to close a projected $160 million. Pawlenty and Republican leaders have a plan for taking care of the rest, but DFL leaders are demanding public hearings on the budget. If they can't agree on a solution, many organizations that rely on state funding are worried. http://news.minnesota.publicradio.org/features/2004/05/13_mccalluml_sessionupdate/?refid=0 Thu, 13 May 2004 16:53:00 -0500 Leaders say close, but cigar not yet lit, on session-ending deal Gov. Pawlenty flew around the state Tuesday to pressure lawmakers to finish their work. With less than a week left in the session, all of the major issues are still unresolved. House and Senate leaders continue to wrangle over how to bring an orderly end to the session, and time is running out. http://news.minnesota.publicradio.org/features/2004/05/11_mccalluml_session/?refid=0 Tue, 11 May 2004 12:04:00 -0500 DFL can't muster enough votes for bonding bill The Minnesota Senate Thursday defeated a $950 million package of public works projects. The bill needed 41 votes to pass, but fell two votes short. Most Republicans voted against it, saying the bill is too large. Senate DFL leaders say it's unlikely there will be a bonding bill this session. http://news.minnesota.publicradio.org/features/2004/05/06_mccalluml_bondingvote/?refid=0 Thu, 06 May 2004 15:24:00 -0500 Senate unveils $889 million borrowing bill Senate DFL leaders Tuesday proposed a nearly $950 million package of capital improvement projects. About $890 million worth of projects would be funded by selling state-backed bonds, so the bill is commonly called the bonding bill. The package is far bigger than a $677 million bonding bill the House passed last week. The two bills could be difficult to reconcile, especially with less than two weeks left in the legislative session. http://news.minnesota.publicradio.org/features/2004/05/04_ap_senatebonding/?refid=0 Tue, 04 May 2004 12:09:00 -0500 Special session looms as lawmakers consider the season of compromise The Minnesota Legislature must adjourn in a little over two weeks, and lawmakers have yet to send Gov. Pawlenty a major piece of legislation. The House and Senate haven't even appointed negotiators to work out differences in budget bills. Legislative leaders say they can still finish their work on time if both sides are willing to compromise, but that may be a big 'if.' http://news.minnesota.publicradio.org/features/2004/04/30_mccalluml_sessionupdate/?refid=0 Fri, 30 Apr 2004 17:03:00 -0500 House passes bonding bill; rejects commuter rail line The Minnesota House has voted overwhelmingly for a $677 million package of capital improvement projects. About $600 million in projects would be funded by money borrowed through bond sales, so the bill is commonly called the bonding bill. The project that drove the six-hour debate was an item that was removed from the bill earlier this week - the proposed Northstar commuter rail line between Minneapolis and Big Lake. Northstar supporters failed in their attempt to put funding for the line back into the bill. http://news.minnesota.publicradio.org/features/2004/04/29_mccalluml_bonding/?refid=0 Thu, 29 Apr 2004 20:39:00 -0500 Personal rapid transit spending draws fire at Capitol When House Republicans released a $683 million capital improvements package this week, it contained a transportation project that surprised some observers. The bill includes $4 million for a testing facility for personal rapid transit -- PRT. The idea has the support of some fiscal conservatives who don't usually support mass transit projects. Skeptics call it a boondoggle. http://news.minnesota.publicradio.org/features/2004/04/26_mccalluml_prt/?refid=0 Fri, 23 Apr 2004 16:38:00 -0500 Report rekindles snowplowing debate The snow has melted, but the debate over last winter's snowplowing continues. State transportation officials on Wednesday released a report showing the state Department of Transportation met its snowplowing goals over the winter. But they say it took longer to remove snow and ice from the roads because this winter was snowier than the year before. DFL legislative leaders who criticized MnDOT all winter say the agency is putting a positive spin on its poor plowing performance. http://news.minnesota.publicradio.org/features/2004/04/21_mccalluml_snowplowing/?refid=0 Wed, 21 Apr 2004 11:00:00 -0500 Northstar, college projects get boost in House bonding bill House Republicans have released a capital improvements proposal that's heavy on borrowing for higher education projects and includes funding for the Northstar commuter rail line. The proposal is smaller than Gov. Pawlenty's bonding recommendation, and doesn't fully fund some of the governor's priority projects such as a prison expansion. The bill gets its first hearing in a House committee on Wednesday. http://news.minnesota.publicradio.org/features/2004/04/20_mccalluml_bonding/?refid=0 Tue, 20 Apr 2004 16:32:00 -0500 Stanek's resignation may cast shadow on Yecke's confirmation Senate DFL leaders say last week's resignation of Public Safety Commissioner Rich Stanek will not affect the pending confirmations of other Pawlenty cabinet members. They say they will continue to scrutinize the governor's commissioners. Many DFL senators say they're particularly concerned about Education Commissioner Cheri Pierson Yecke, whose confirmation vote by the Senate Education Committee is scheduled for April 27. Republicans say DFLers are playing politics with qualified gubernatorial appointees. http://news.minnesota.publicradio.org/features/2004/04/20_mccalluml_stanekfallout/?refid=0 Tue, 20 Apr 2004 05:00:00 -0500 Education secretary finds few fans in bid to shore up support for No Child Left Behind U.S. Education Secretary Rod Paige visited Minnesota on Thursday, the second time in two months he's come to the state to promote the federal No Child Left Behind Law. Paige says the federal government is trying to respond to states' concerns about the law. His comments didn't satisfy some teachers and school officials, who say the law is causing many problems for schools. http://news.minnesota.publicradio.org/features/2004/04/15_mccalluml_paige/?refid=0 Thu, 15 Apr 2004 16:19:00 -0500 Bus strike highlights debate over transit at the Capitol While the bus strike may soon be over, the debate over transit funding is heating up at the Capitol. Gov, Pawlenty and House Republicans have proposed cutting the Metro Transit budget, while Senate Democrats want to increase transit funding. Transit advocates say Metro Transit will need more money to regain riders after the strike, and further cuts will cripple the agency. http://news.minnesota.publicradio.org/features/2004/04/14_mccalluml_transitfunding/?refid=0 Wed, 14 Apr 2004 16:42:00 -0500 Legislative session hinges on resolution of budget differences The Minnesota Senate completed work on a budget package in a marathon floor session that began Wednesday morning and ended early Thursday. The plan arrived in two pieces: one that erases a $160 million projected deficit and a second that provides more than $40 million for a wide spectrum of new or restored initiatives. The Republican minority criticized DFLers for loading their new spending and policy changes into one comprehensive plan, arguing the process overwhelmed any chance for careful consideration or debate. http://news.minnesota.publicradio.org/features/2004/04/07_mccalluml_senatebudget/?refid=0 Thu, 08 Apr 2004 16:24:00 -0500 GOP women rally around embattled Pawlenty cabinet members Republican women legislators and state officials are calling on Senate Democrats to confirm Transportation Commissioner Carol Molnau and Education Commissioner Cheri Pierson Yecke. http://news.minnesota.publicradio.org/features/2004/04/05_mccalluml_molnau/?refid=0 Mon, 05 Apr 2004 15:09:00 -0500 Senate Democrats target top-level employees with budget plan Taking a cue from Donald Trump, Senate Democrats came out with a budget plan Friday that would have a few dozen state agency managers hearing &quot;You're fired!&quot; http://news.minnesota.publicradio.org/features/2004/04/02_mccalluml_senatebudget/?refid=0 Fri, 02 Apr 2004 15:00:00 -0600 House approves life terms for most violent sex crimes The Minnesota House has voted overwhelmingly for a bill that would lock up the most violent sex offenders for life. The judiciary finance bill would also create tougher penalties for making methamphetamine, and merge the state's Gang Strike Force with regional drug task forces. http://news.minnesota.publicradio.org/features/2004/03/31_mccalluml_judiciary/?refid=0 Wed, 31 Mar 2004 16:57:00 -0600 Opponents rally against gay marriage ban Earlier this week, thousands of supporters of a same-sex marriage ban swarmed the state Capitol to urge lawmakers to put the issue before voters. A similar number of opponents showed up Thursday to urge just the opposite. The House passed a measure Wednesday that would put a constitutional amendment question on the ballot in November, but it could be defeated in a Senate committee Friday. http://news.minnesota.publicradio.org/features/2004/03/25_mccalluml_samesexredux/?refid=0 Thu, 25 Mar 2004 15:16:00 -0600 House Republicans split with Pawlenty on budget cuts Eight months before they stand for re-election, the Republicans who control the Minnesota House are working on their plan to resolve the latest state budget shortfall. Gov. Pawlenty has already released his plan to fill in the $160 million gap. It includes cuts to nursing homes, hospitals and pharmacies. The Republicans say they have a proposal to avoid those cuts, but some DFLers at the Capitol say the plan still unfairly hits welfare recipients. http://news.minnesota.publicradio.org/features/2004/03/24_mccalluml_gopbudget/?refid=0 Wed, 24 Mar 2004 17:25:00 -0600 Same-sex marriage debate keeps Capitol phones ringing On the eve of key legislative votes on a constitutional amendment banning same sex marriage, lobbying on both sides of the issue has intensified. The House is scheduled to vote on the measure Wednesday, and the bill will get a Senate hearing on Friday. Supporters of the measure have focused most of their efforts on the Senate, where the prospects for passage are uncertain. http://news.minnesota.publicradio.org/features/2004/03/23_mccalluml_lobbying/?refid=0 Tue, 23 Mar 2004 16:49:00 -0600 Anti-outsourcing bill flops at Capitol A proposal requiring state consulting work to be done in the United States was tabled on the Senate floor Thursday after the bill's sponsor decided it didn't have the votes to pass. http://news.minnesota.publicradio.org/features/2004/03/18_mccalluml_outsource/?refid=0 Thu, 18 Mar 2004 14:02:00 -0600 GOP budget fix sets stage for showdown on gambling House Republican leaders have released the outline of their budget plan. It relies on money from a casino at the Canterbury Park racetrack to balance the state budget. House Republicans say they went along with most of Gov. Pawlenty's budget recommendations. But the plan they released has some holes that Republican leaders say they'll fill in later. http://news.minnesota.publicradio.org/features/2004/03/17_mccalluml_gopbudget/?refid=0 Wed, 17 Mar 2004 16:46:00 -0600 Non-profits sue to overturn gun law Five non-profit agencies have filed suit to throw out Minnesota's concealed handgun law. The law, which passed last year, requires sheriffs to issue concealed weapons permits to mentally-competent adults who pass a background check and go through training. The groups say the law violates their rights to operate their property as they see fit. Supporters of the law say the lawsuits are a desperate attempt to get rid of a law that isn't causing any problems. http://news.minnesota.publicradio.org/features/2004/03/15_mccalluml_gunsuit/?refid=0 Mon, 15 Mar 2004 17:13:00 -0600 Committee passes bill that would send some sex offenders to prison for life The Minnesota House Judiciary Committee has approved a bill to lock up violent sex offenders for life. Only one person showed up to testify at a hearing on the measure Wednesday night, a man who opposes the bill. Some lawmakers on the committee also object to the tougher sentence, saying it goes too far. http://news.minnesota.publicradio.org/features/2004/03/11_mccalluml_offender/?refid=0 Thu, 11 Mar 2004 10:17:00 -0600 Minnesota suing North Dakota over hunting laws Minnesota Attorney General Mike Hatch and Rep. Collin Peterson are suing the state of North Dakota over hunting restrictions. A North Dakota law passed last year restricts the first week of the waterfowl hunting season to North Dakota residents only. Hatch says the law discriminates against Minnesotans and other nonresidents. http://news.minnesota.publicradio.org/features/2004/03/09_ap_huntingsuit/?refid=0 Tue, 09 Mar 2004 17:00:00 -0600 Sturrock to challenge Peterson in 7th District Southwest Minnesota State University professor David Sturrock said Tuesday that he'll run against 7th District Congressman Collin Peterson. http://news.minnesota.publicradio.org/features/2004/03/09_mccalluml_sturrock/?refid=0 Tue, 09 Mar 2004 07:00:00 -0600 Efforts to keep sex offenders locked up won't affect those already seeking release Minnesota lawmakers are considering several proposals to toughen penalties for the state's most severe sex offenders -- indeterminate sentencing, life without parole and even the death penalty in cases involving murder. But even if they make it harder for some offenders to get out of prison, the changes won't affect sex offenders scheduled for possible release under current sentencing laws. http://news.minnesota.publicradio.org/features/2004/03/10_mccalluml_sexoffender/?refid=0 Tue, 09 Mar 2004 06:00:00 -0600 Kerry adds Minnesota to Super Tuesday rout John Kerry charged to victory Tuesday in Minnesota's Democratic caucus, adding to his near sweep of Super Tuesday states that pushed rival John Edwards out of the nomination hunt. http://news.minnesota.publicradio.org/features/2004/03/03_mccalluml_supertuesday/?refid=0 Wed, 03 Mar 2004 05:59:00 -0600 Minnesota caucus night culminates campaign flurry in state On Tuesday, neighborhood meetings held around the state could help decide who the Democrats nominate for president. The Minnesota caucuses are part of &quot;super Tuesday.&quot; Residents of California, New York and seven other states will also vote in presidential primaries. And for the first time in many years, the candidates have been focusing on Minnesota along with the bigger states. http://news.minnesota.publicradio.org/features/2004/03/01_mccalluml_caucuspreview/?refid=0 Mon, 01 Mar 2004 00:01:00 -0600 State's budget situation better than expected State officials say Minnesota's budget outlook shows a slight improvement from last fall. The latest revenue forecast shows a projected $160 million deficit through June 2005. That's a smaller deficit than many lawmakers had predicted, but plugging the budget hole may still prove contentious. http://news.minnesota.publicradio.org/features/2004/02/27_mccalluml_budgetforecast/?refid=0 Fri, 27 Feb 2004 11:05:00 -0600 Pawlenty vs. the FDA Gov. Tim Pawlenty says federal concerns won't prompt him to shut down a state Web site that provides consumer information on Canadian pharmacies. The Food and Drug Administration sent Pawlenty a letter Monday calling the Web site &quot;unsafe, unsound and ill-considered.&quot; Attorney General Mike Hatch says the FDA doesn't have any grounds for legal action against the Web site. http://news.minnesota.publicradio.org/features/2004/02/24_mccalluml_fdathreat/?refid=0 Tue, 24 Feb 2004 14:37:00 -0600 Nader faces uphill struggle in bid for Minnesota supporters Ralph Nader's entrance into the presidential race is sparking debate in Minnesota political circles. The consumer advocate will run as an independent, not on the Green Party ticket as he did in 2000. Members of the Independence and Green parties appear to be divided about Nader's candidacy. Many Democrats are upset about Nader's decision, worried he'll pull votes from the Democratic nominee, while some Republicans are happy to see Nader in the race. http://news.minnesota.publicradio.org/features/2004/02/23_mccalluml_nader/?refid=0 Mon, 23 Feb 2004 17:15:00 -0600 Lawmakers begin work on sex offenders legislation A Minnesota Senate committee on Wednesday began discussions toward legislation to crack down on sex offenders. Lawmakers are considering requiring polygraph exams, tracking devices and lifetime supervision for certain sex offenders. The measures could be part of a comprehensive Senate bill that will create longer prison sentences for sexual predators. House lawmakers are also working on sex offender legislation, but the two bills may have some significant differences. http://news.minnesota.publicradio.org/features/2004/02/18_mccalluml_sexoffenders/?refid=0 Wed, 18 Feb 2004 17:15:00 -0600 Pawlenty wraps up Iraqi visit Gov. Tim Pawlenty wrapped up a two-day trip to Iraq Wednesday. Pawlenty and five other governors spent a second day in Baghdad at the invitation of the Bush administration. Pawlenty says he leaves Iraq convinced that President Bush was right to go to war against Saddam Hussein's regime. http://news.minnesota.publicradio.org/features/2004/02/11_mccalluml_iraqdaytwo/?refid=0 Wed, 11 Feb 2004 16:52:00 -0600 Pawlenty touts accomplishments in State of the State address Gov. Pawlenty delivered a State of the State address Thursday that was more upbeat than his first one. Pawlenty says Minnesotans have reason to be optimistic. He noted the state has largely overcome a historic budget deficit without raising taxes, and he highlighted several reforms he's already proposed over the last few months. DFL leaders object to Pawlenty's description of his first year, and disagree with his vision for the future. http://news.minnesota.publicradio.org/features/2004/02/05_mccalluml_stateofstate/?refid=0 Thu, 05 Feb 2004 14:42:00 -0600 Courtroom meets emergency room in health care debate The debate over health care costs began in earnest at the Capitol on Wednesday. A couple of doctors urged a House committee to pass medical malpractice reform. Caps on malpractice awards are part of a Republican bill designed to control rising health care costs. Testimony also focused on pain inflicted by the 2003 Legislature when it raised the fees paid for services by parents of disabled children. http://news.minnesota.publicradio.org/features/2004/02/04_mccalluml_healthcare/?refid=0 Wed, 04 Feb 2004 17:05:00 -0600 Pawlenty proposal leaves bioscience proponents disappointed Governor Pawlenty has outlined a series of proposals to help Minnesota's emerging biotech industry. Pawlenty has made biotech a top priority of his administration. But the governor's recommendations don't go as far as the proposals from the biosciences council he created last year. Industry experts say even if Pawlenty's package passes in its entirety, Minnesota will have to do more down the road to be a major player in the biotech industry. http://news.minnesota.publicradio.org/features/2004/02/03_mccalluml_biotech/?refid=0 Tue, 03 Feb 2004 16:45:00 -0600 MPR Poll: Despite financial woes, Pawlenty gets high marks A new MPR-Pioneer Press poll shows more than half of Minnesotans give Gov. Tim Pawlenty's job performance high marks. The numbers are higher than a similar poll conducted nearly a year ago. The poll also shows Minnesotans are divided about the budget fix approved last year to plug a record $4.2 billion budget gap. http://news.minnesota.publicradio.org/features/2004/02/03_mccalluml_pawlentypoll/?refid=0 Tue, 03 Feb 2004 00:01:00 -0600 Minnesota prisons filled to capacity State corrections officials say Minnesota's prison system is bursting at the seams. The state's 10 correctional facilities have fewer than 75 empty beds, at a time when the prison population is increasing rapidly. Gov. Tim Pawlenty is asking the Legislature to approve borrowing nearly $95 million to expand two state prisons to address the space crunch. Most of the money would go to the prison in Faribault. Corrections officials say expanding the medium-security prison there would make it cheaper to run and safer for inmates and prison staff. http://news.minnesota.publicradio.org/features/2004/02/02_mccalluml_prisonbonding/?refid=0 Fri, 30 Jan 2004 02:00:00 -0600 Abortion opponents, supporters mark anniversary More than 2,000 opponents of legalized abortion braved the cold for a rally in front of the Capitol Thursday, while supporters held their own event -- a prayer breakfast and program. http://news.minnesota.publicradio.org/features/2004/01/22_mccalluml_abortionanniv/?refid=0 Thu, 22 Jan 2004 16:05:00 -0600 Minnesota gets its share of pork pie in spending bill The U.S. Senate could take up a massive spending bill later this week. The House passed the $820 billion omnibus appropriations bill last month. It combines seven spending bills, including education, health, agriculture, and transportation. Critics say the 1,000-plus-page bill contains millions of dollars in porkbarrel spending. http://news.minnesota.publicradio.org/features/2004/01/20_mccalluml_pork/?refid=0 Tue, 20 Jan 2004 16:02:00 -0600 Committee narrows number of stadium proposals Gov. Pawlenty's stadium screening committee started winnowing down the list of stadium plans Monday. Ten written proposals made the first cut, and sixteen were tossed out. The committee will spend the next two days scrutinizing the 10 proposals, and could take pieces from various plans to come up with a recommendation for the governor. http://news.minnesota.publicradio.org/features/2004/01/19_mccalluml_stadium/?refid=0 Mon, 19 Jan 2004 11:46:00 -0600 Pawlenty's energy, media savvy upstage Democrats Gov. Tim Pawlenty just wrapped up a week of press conferences highlighting projects in his bonding proposal. After cutting budgets last year, the bonding proposal gave the governor the chance to dish out some spending around Minnesota. Pawlenty has released a flurry of initiatives in recent weeks, and some Democrats believe the activity level is designed to deflect criticism of his administration. http://news.minnesota.publicradio.org/features/2004/01/15_mccalluml_pawlentypace/?refid=0 Thu, 15 Jan 2004 15:35:00 -0600 Corrections officials on the hot seat over sex offender program The state's corrections commissioner faced a barrage of questions over the state's program for dealing with sex offenders at a Senate hearing Monday. The program has come under scrutiny after a level 3 sex offender living in northeastern Minnesota was arrested in the case of a missing college student. Senate DFLers grilled Corrections Commissioner Joan Fabian about the process for seeking civil commitments of sex offenders, but they say they aren't satisfied with her answers. http://news.minnesota.publicradio.org/features/2004/01/13_mccalluml_offenderhearing/?refid=0 Tue, 13 Jan 2004 10:12:00 -0600 Legislature will determine whether Minnesota is ready for toll roads Gov. Pawlenty says the state's transportation system is in crisis, and is offering up toll lanes as one solution. The Pawlenty administration will soon seek bids from private entities to build toll lanes on congested corridors. Some legislators question whether the proposal will do much to solve the state's transportation problems. http://news.minnesota.publicradio.org/features/2003/12/30_mccalluml_transportation/?refid=0 Tue, 30 Dec 2003 17:16:00 -0600 Pawlenty's first year Gov. Tim Pawlenty says he accomplished nearly everything he set out to do. The governor kept his campaign pledge to balance the budget without raising state taxes, and pushed through the bulk of his legislative agenda. But during the last half of the year, he took some heat for the effects of his budget, for income he earned from a political ally when he was a candidate and for the release of a level three sex offender since he took office. Pawlenty says he doesn't think the public is paying attention to the criticism. http://news.minnesota.publicradio.org/features/2003/12/31_mccalluml_pawlentysyear/?refid=0 Tue, 30 Dec 2003 00:01:00 -0600 Yecke unveils second try at social studies, science standards Education Commissioner Cheri Pierson Yecke on Friday released a new draft of social studies and science standards that she said were extensively changed from a widely criticized first effort. http://news.minnesota.publicradio.org/features/2003/12/19_mccalluml_newstandards/?refid=0 Fri, 19 Dec 2003 17:13:00 -0600 Pawlenty defends snowplowing changes Gov. Pawlenty says the blizzard of criticism he's receiving about changes to state snowplowing policy is misguided. Pawlenty is defending MnDOT's plowing after this week's heavy snowstorm. http://news.minnesota.publicradio.org/features/2003/12/12_mccalluml_plowing/?refid=0 Fri, 12 Dec 2003 17:38:00 -0600 DFLers say property tax bills show unfairness of revenue cuts House Democrats say an analysis of local property tax increases across the state shows a pattern of winners and losers. http://news.minnesota.publicradio.org/features/2003/12/11_mccalluml_demtax/?refid=0 Thu, 11 Dec 2003 17:20:00 -0600 Local political leaders selecting presidential favorites The 2004 presidential election is still 11 months away, but the presidential campaign is well underway in Minnesota. Three Democratic candidates recently kicked off their Minnesota campaigns, and some are mobilizing Minnesotans to travel to Iowa in advance of next month's caucuses. Meantime, Republicans are working to sign up a record number of Minnesota volunteers for President George W. Bush's re-election campaign. http://news.minnesota.publicradio.org/features/2003/12/11_mccalluml_prezpolitics/?refid=0 Tue, 09 Dec 2003 16:00:00 -0600 More cuts possible as budget deficit resurfaces in Minnesota The Legislature will be faced with a comparatively modest budget deficit of $185 million for the 2004-05 fiscal year, according to a new financial forecast for the state. http://news.minnesota.publicradio.org/features/2003/12/02_mccalluml_castpreview/?refid=0 Wed, 03 Dec 2003 17:10:00 -0600 Right to Know law changing few minds on abortion, providers say The Minnesota Health Department has been posting information about abortion on its Web site for two months now. The information was required by the so-called Women's Right to Know law passed by the 2003 Legislature. Some doctors and abortion providers say the materials are unnecessary, and in some cases offensive. Supporters say the law will ensure that women have consistent information on pregnancy and abortion. http://news.minnesota.publicradio.org/features/2003/11/26_mccalluml_righttoknow/?refid=0 Sun, 30 Nov 2003 05:00:00 -0600 Massachusetts ruling prompts Minnesota lawmakers to clarify marriage definition Two Minnesota lawmakers say they'll introduce legislation that would allow voters to decide whether the constitution should be amended to say that a marriage is a civil contract between a man and a woman. http://news.minnesota.publicradio.org/features/2003/11/20_mccalluml_doma/?refid=0 Thu, 20 Nov 2003 11:42:00 -0600 Petition drive launched to oust Fletcher A group of St. Paul community activists is kicking off a petition drive to recall Ramsey County Sheriff Bob Fletcher. The people organizing the petition drive say Fletcher abused his power after a City Council candidate debate last month. http://news.minnesota.publicradio.org/features/2003/11/15_mccalluml_fletcher/?refid=0 Mon, 17 Nov 2003 04:55:00 -0600 Prosecutors dismiss complaints over Pawlenty consulting income Prosecutors in three counties said Monday they won't pursue criminal charges related to consulting income Tim Pawlenty earned while running for governor. Concluding a joint investigation, the Anoka, Ramsey and Dakota county attorneys found no probable cause to believe that Pawlenty or a businessman who paid him $4,500 a month broke any campaign laws. http://news.minnesota.publicradio.org/features/2003/11/10_mccalluml_pawlentycleared/?refid=0 Mon, 10 Nov 2003 13:35:00 -0600 So you want to be a politician For every candidate who wins an election, there is another who experiences the agony of defeat. Many of them are newcomers to the world of politics, who get an eye-opening look at the inside of a campaign, from door knocking to raising money. One of those first-time candidates who lost in the 2002 election was Charlene Briner, a suburban mother of three. http://news.minnesota.publicradio.org/features/2003/11/09_mccalluml_democracy/?refid=0 Sun, 09 Nov 2003 13:53:00 -0600 As traffic congestion grows, tension boils over at Capitol Gov. Pawlenty has announced plans to allow solo drivers to pay a fee to use lanes reserved for car pools and buses on Interstate 394. Pawlenty says the toll lanes are one way to reduce traffic congestion. His administration is also planning to speed up construction of 12 major highway projects around the state. The selection of those projects came under scrutiny at a Senate committee hearing right after the governor's announcement. One key lawmaker even raised the possibility that the governor's transportation commissioner won't be confirmed. http://news.minnesota.publicradio.org/features/2003/11/05_mccalluml_transportation/?refid=0 Wed, 05 Nov 2003 16:11:00 -0600 Money talks at the Capitol Businesses, unions and other special interest groups spent more than $9 million this year to lobby the Legislature. Money flowing into Minnesota's political system has increased dramatically in recent years. Critics say big money dominates debate at the Capitol, while others say the average citizen still has a powerful voice. http://news.minnesota.publicradio.org/features/2003/09/11_mccalluml_democracy1/?refid=0 Wed, 05 Nov 2003 15:39:00 -0600 Social studies standards face more heat Four members of the committee that came up with proposed new social studies requirements say the standards are so flawed they can't be fixed. The committee meets Saturday to begin revising the proposed standards. Critics say the first draft is biased, and not age-appropriate for students. Gov. Pawlenty says some of the critics are equally biased. http://news.minnesota.publicradio.org/features/2003/10/31_mccalluml_standardsflap/?refid=0 Fri, 31 Oct 2003 16:42:00 -0600 Coleman proposes 'rural renaissance' Sen. Norm Coleman, R-Minn., has introduced a bill designed to revitalize rural communities. The Rural Renaissance Act would spend $50 billion on rural infrastructure projects in the next couple of years. Coleman says the money will help rebuild rural communities and create jobs. http://news.minnesota.publicradio.org/features/2003/10/29_mccalluml_ruralaid/?refid=0 Wed, 29 Oct 2003 16:21:00 -0600 Pawlenty names Shellito as new Guard leader Gov. Pawlenty has appointed Major General Larry Shellito to lead the Minnesota National Guard. Shellito is president of Alexandria Technical College and has 35 years of military experience. He starts his new job at a time when more National Guard reservists are deployed overseas than during any other period since World War II. The deployments have led to frustration among many reservists' families. http://news.minnesota.publicradio.org/features/2003/10/27_mccalluml_guard/?refid=0 Mon, 27 Oct 2003 14:54:00 -0600 Former employee details lawsuit against Dayton The man suing U.S. Sen. Mark Dayton for firing him spoke publicly this week for the first time about his lawsuit. Brad Hanson ran Dayton's Health Care Help Line. He says he was fired in July 2002, after telling Dayton he needed heart surgery. Dayton won't discuss Hanson's firing, but his chief of staff says Hanson was fired because he didn't do his job. http://news.minnesota.publicradio.org/features/2003/10/23_mccalluml_daytonlawsuit/?refid=0 Fri, 24 Oct 2003 09:43:00 -0500 Judge hears challenge to Minnesota campaign finance laws An anti-abortion group asked a federal judge Tuesday to overturn Minnesota laws restricting some campaign contributions while the state's top lawyer argued that they make elections cleaner and more competitive. http://news.minnesota.publicradio.org/features/2003/10/21_mccalluml_campaignfinance/?refid=0 Tue, 21 Oct 2003 15:40:00 -0500 Wellstone legacy may be reflected in new community center In the days after Minnesota Sen. Paul Wellstone's death a year ago, politicians from across the political spectrum said they would help build a memorial to him at a St. Paul community center. Congress appropriated nearly $9 million to build the Paul and Sheila Wellstone Center for Community Building on the site of Neighborhood House on St. Paul's West Side. Neighborhood House officials are still raising money to build the center, and the people who will use it say Wellstone's legacy will live on there. http://news.minnesota.publicradio.org/features/2003/10/21_mccalluml_wellstone/?refid=0 Tue, 21 Oct 2003 00:01:00 -0500 Trade mission gets mixed reviews Gov. Pawlenty wrapped up his first trade mission by calling for greater cooperation between Minnesota and Montreal. The governor returned from the two-day trip on Tuesday, saying there are opportunities for business and research partnerships between the two regions in the area of biotechnology. http://news.minnesota.publicradio.org/features/2003/09/30_mccalluml_pawlenty/?refid=0 Wed, 01 Oct 2003 11:02:00 -0500 Pawlenty may propose tax incentives for biotech Gov. Tim Pawlenty says he may seek tax incentives for biotech research and investment in Minnesota. The governor is promoting Minnesota's biosciences and medical industries during his first trade mission in Montreal. The governor says the Canadian government offers much more generous tax breaks to the biotech industry. http://news.minnesota.publicradio.org/features/2003/09/29_mccalluml_pawlenty/?refid=0 Tue, 30 Sep 2003 05:27:00 -0500 Pawlenty embarks on first trade mission; critics question expense Gov. Pawlenty says he wants to promote Minnesota's biosciences and medical industries, during his two-day mission to Montreal. Pawlenty says he doesn't plan to announce any trade deals, but says the trip's cost to the state of about $20,000 will pay off in increased trade with the state's largest trading partner. Others aren't so sure. http://news.minnesota.publicradio.org/features/2003/09/26_mccalluml_pawlentytrip/?refid=0 Fri, 26 Sep 2003 07:00:00 -0500 Minnesota banks on biotechnology Minnesota Gov. Tim Pawlenty leads a trade delegation to Montreal this weekend to focus on biotechnology, as the governor tries to promote Minnesota as a place for biotech companies. Pawlenty and other biotech boosters say Minnesota is well poised to compete in the rush for biotech business. Skeptics say the state doesn't have the resources to become a major biotech player. http://news.minnesota.publicradio.org/features/2003/09/24_mccalluml_biotech/?refid=0 Wed, 24 Sep 2003 00:01:00 -0500 Pawlenty to ask for federal aid for farmers; DFLers want state relief package too Gov. Pawlenty said Friday that the state will seek a federal disaster declaration because of drought conditions. He says it appears about 50 of the state's 87 counties qualify for disaster assistance because of the late-summer drought. Some House Democrats say the governor should also start putting together a state disaster relief package. http://news.minnesota.publicradio.org/features/2003/09/05_mccalluml_farmingdisaster/?refid=0 Fri, 05 Sep 2003 16:29:00 -0500 Bush holds fundraiser in St. Paul President Bush pulled in more than $1 million Tuesday at a downtown St. Paul fundraiser for his re-election. Speaking at the RiverCentre in front of several hundred people, Bush touted his accomplishments in the White House over the past two and a half years, and said his work in Washington has only begun. http://news.minnesota.publicradio.org/features/2003/08/26_zdechlikm_bushvisit/?refid=0 Tue, 26 Aug 2003 13:10:00 -0500 A bipartisan call for drug reimportation Seniors packed a Bloomington retirement community chapel Monday to hear about the high cost of prescription drugs. A bipartisan group of lawmakers urged them to lobby Congress in support of allowing the reimportation of prescription drugs from other countries. http://news.minnesota.publicradio.org/features/2003/08/25_mccalluml_drugprices/?refid=0 Mon, 25 Aug 2003 17:00:00 -0500 Politics on a stick It wouldn't be the Minnesota State Fair if there weren't some politicking among the cheese curds and livestock exhibits. It's not an election year for state officials, but that hasn't stopped politicians from converging on the fair. Republicans have handed out &quot;DFL lies on a stick&quot;, and Democrats are gathering signatures asking Gov. Pawlenty to release his tax returns. http://news.minnesota.publicradio.org/features/2003/08/22_mccalluml_fairpolitics/?refid=0 Fri, 22 Aug 2003 15:51:00 -0500 The power shifts to the suburbs The growth of Minnesota's suburbs became apparent in last year's elections. The redistricting that occurs every 10 years to account for population shifts added 12 legislative seats to suburbs in the seven-county metropolitan area. Last November, all but one of those new seats went Republican. But analysts say suburban voters are volatile, and they may not vote Republican in 2004. http://news.minnesota.publicradio.org/features/2003/08/11_mccalluml_rightturnsuburbs/?refid=0 Sun, 10 Aug 2003 15:00:00 -0500 What happened to the DFL? The Republican landslide in November's election left Democrats with little leverage at the state Capitol. Only the Senate remained in DFL control, and by the slimmest DFL margin since the state began partisan elections in the early 1970s. The result was predictable. Although they managed to blunt the impact of some of the proposed Republican budget cuts, no major DFL initiatives succeeded in the last session. http://news.minnesota.publicradio.org/features/2003/08/11_mccalluml_rturnhottinger/?refid=0 Sun, 10 Aug 2003 15:00:00 -0500 Minnesota's Right Turn The election of November 2002 turned the bulk of government over to the Republican Party in Minnesota. Although most of the campaign focused on economic issues, GOP legislators were able to successfully pass a conservative social agenda, confident that their plans were consistent with what the state's voters were demanding. What is the impact of a liberal state becoming a conservative stronghold? http://news.minnesota.publicradio.org/projects/2003/08/rightturn/?refid=0 Sun, 10 Aug 2003 12:01:00 -0500 Pawlenty-Hatch feud is escalating One day after Gov. Tim Pawlenty's top aide called for a truce in a feud with Democrats, the war of words shows no sign of abating. The chair of the state Republican Party Thursday blamed Attorney General Mike Hatch for the spate of recent accusations against the Pawlenty administration. Hatch says Republicans are simply trying to divert attention from the allegations. The feud is affecting the relationship between the state's top executive and the top lawyer officer. http://news.minnesota.publicradio.org/features/2003/08/01_mccalluml_pawlentyhatch/?refid=0 Fri, 01 Aug 2003 08:36:00 -0500 State announces plans to speed up work on 12 highway projects Gov. Tim Pawlenty says work on 12 Minnesota highway projects will be speeded up because of a transportation package passed by the Legislature. He released the list of projects Thursday. http://news.minnesota.publicradio.org/features/2003/07/31_mccalluml_roadprojects/?refid=0 Thu, 31 Jul 2003 10:50:00 -0500 DFLer slams &quot;Grunseth groupies&quot; A DFL legislator is calling on House Republican leaders to investigate the involvement of Gov. Pawlenty and other top Republicans in telecommunications companies facing scrutiny for their marketing practices. Pawlenty was on the board of the parent company of New Access Communications, a reseller of phone services that has been fined in several states for switching consumers' service without proper authorization. DFLer Tom Rukavina says State Auditor Pat Awada should also be included in the probe. Awada owned a company that verified whether phone customers wanted to switch service to New Access Communications. Regulators in a couple of states say Awada's company didn't do an adequate job of that. http://news.minnesota.publicradio.org/features/2003/07/16_mccalluml_ethics/?refid=0 Wed, 16 Jul 2003 16:04:00 -0500 Day 1 of new budget year brings more protests Minnesota's new two-year budget took effect Tuesday, marked by protests and dire predictions. The budget erases what was projected to be a $4.2 billion deficit with one-time money, payment shifts, fee increases and spending cuts. Some proposed welfare cuts were temporarily blocked by a Ramsey County judge, but other cuts across state government began as scheduled. http://news.minnesota.publicradio.org/features/2003/07/01_mccalluml_welfarefolo/?refid=0 Tue, 01 Jul 2003 16:39:00 -0500 Minnesotans begin feeling pinch of new budget Minnesotans will feel the impact of the state's new budget in areas from health care to state parks. Residents won't pay higher state taxes to erase what was projected to be a $4.2 billion deficit. But certain Minnesotans will pay more out of pocket, depending on what state services they need. http://news.minnesota.publicradio.org/features/2003/06/30_mccalluml_cuts/?refid=0 Mon, 30 Jun 2003 15:50:00 -0500 DFLers call for hearings into Pawlenty plan for sexual predators Gov. Pawlenty says Democrats are making reckless allegations that budget considerations have prompted his administration to consider releasing sexual predators. Pawlenty says the allegations are untrue, and he won't allow early release of sexual psychopaths being held for treatment after their prison terms end. Several House DFLers are calling for legislative hearings into the matter. http://news.minnesota.publicradio.org/features/2003/06/23_mccalluml_sexualpredators/?refid=0 Mon, 23 Jun 2003 16:38:00 -0500 Minnesota not so special in effort to solve budget blues Last month, the Minnesota Legislature erased a $4.2 billion projected deficit with a mix of spending cuts, one-time money and payment shifts. The three major Wall Street rating agencies have now rendered their verdict on the budget fix; one agency downgraded Minnesota's credit rating, while the other two said Minnesota still deserves to hold the top rating. State budget experts say Minnesota is among the majority of states reluctant to raise taxes to balance the budget. http://news.minnesota.publicradio.org/features/2003/06/17_mccalluml_statebudgets/?refid=0 Tue, 17 Jun 2003 16:38:00 -0500 How the Guthrie Theater made it into a lean year's bonding bill Gov. Pawlenty has signed a $237 million bonding bill into law. The bill authorizes the state to borrow for construction projects, including buildings at state colleges and universities and flood relief in northwestern Minnesota. The largest single item in the bill is $25 million for a new Guthrie Theater in Minneapolis. Guthrie officials say the theater's inclusion in the bonding bill ends a lengthy lobbying effort. http://news.minnesota.publicradio.org/features/2003/06/12_mccalluml_guthrie/?refid=0 Thu, 12 Jun 2003 16:29:00 -0500 Pawlenty, DFLers campaign around the state Gov. Pawlenty and DFL legislative leaders began separate tours of the state on Monday to talk about the 2003 session. The governor achieved much of his legislative agenda, and is highlighting the accomplishments of the session. Democrats, on the other hand, believe the Republican-backed budget will erode Minnesota's quality of life. http://news.minnesota.publicradio.org/features/2003/06/02_mccalluml_pawlentyvsdfl/?refid=0 Mon, 02 Jun 2003 14:09:00 -0500 Republicans tout accomplishments, DFLers lick wounds Minnesota lawmakers wrapped up a 10-day special session Thursday night, ending a grueling five months of debate over the largest budget deficit in Minnesota history. When it was over, the Legislature had erased a projected $4.2 billion deficit without raising state taxes. Republicans took to the road Friday to tout the session's accomplishments, while Democrats say Minnesotans will soon realize the harmful effects of a budget they don't support. At least one DFL senator is so upset about the budget, he says he may leave the caucus. http://news.minnesota.publicradio.org/features/2003/05/30_mccalluml_legwrap/?refid=0 Fri, 30 May 2003 16:26:00 -0500 Health and human services bill is final hurdle for Legislature Legislative negotiators are putting the finishing touches on a $7.4 billion dollar health and human services bill. They've hit a couple of snags as they wrap up the nearly 800-page bill. The bill could be the last piece of legislation passed in special session. http://news.minnesota.publicradio.org/features/2003/05/28_ap_sessionwrap/?refid=0 Wed, 28 May 2003 16:34:00 -0500 House, Senate play cat and mouse with bonding bill One week into the special session, the Minnesota House has passed a transportation bill that could put as much as $900 million into road projects over the next four years. The bill would borrow for projects and use an advance of federal money, an approach criticized by Democrats as short-sighted. Senate DFL leaders say they won't take up the transportation bill until the House also passes a capital investment bill. http://news.minnesota.publicradio.org/features/2003/05/28_mccalluml_transportation/?refid=0 Wed, 28 May 2003 11:04:00 -0500 Legislature agrees on K-12 funding; Pawlenty to sign 2 a.m. bar closing bill Three days into their special session, state lawmakers have passed half of the state budget bills. The House and Senate passed a bill Thursday night that funds education from pre-school through grade 12, as well as some adult education programs. The bill now goes to Gov. Pawlenty. Supporters say they did their best to continue funding the classroom. Opponents say the bill makes significant cuts to early childhood education, special education funding and English as a second language. http://news.minnesota.publicradio.org/features/2003/05/22_mccalluml_day3/?refid=0 Fri, 23 May 2003 05:52:00 -0500 Blame game begins over slow pace at Capitol After two days of a special session, lawmakers have sent just two budget bills to the governor. The pace is slower than legislative leaders had hoped -- and the largest spending bills are still unresolved. One key lawmaker indicated the session could drag on past the self-imposed deadline of the end of the week. http://news.minnesota.publicradio.org/features/2003/05/21_mccalluml_specsession/?refid=0 Wed, 21 May 2003 11:15:00 -0500 Bitterness marks end of legislative session Minnesota lawmakers ended the 2003 session at midnight Monday, after passing just a small portion of the state budget. The House and Senate sent two budget bills to the governor, repealed the state's Profile of Learning graduation standards and passed a 2 a.m. bar closing bill. But the final hours of the session were marked by a bitter fight on the Senate floor which prevented a Prairie Island bill from a vote. http://news.minnesota.publicradio.org/features/2003/05/19_ap_monday1/?refid=0 Tue, 20 May 2003 02:58:00 -0500 DFL blinks, Republicans win the battle of the budget Senate Democrats say they've abandoned their efforts to raise taxes to balance the budget this session. DFL leaders say since Republicans won't budge from their no-tax-increase stance, a prolonged battle will only cause further pain to Minnesotans. Their announcement resolves the biggest debate of the legislative session, but many other details must still be worked out. http://news.minnesota.publicradio.org/features/2003/05/16_scheckt_deal/?refid=0 Fri, 16 May 2003 17:05:00 -0500 Special session all but certain, leaders say Budget talks continue at the Capitol, with five days to go until the end of the legislative session. Legislative leaders say they've made some progress, but a deep divide remains over taxes. Gov. Tim Pawlenty and House Republican leaders say they won't raise state taxes to balance the budget. Senate DFL leaders say it's hard to find middle ground if Republicans won't compromise. http://news.minnesota.publicradio.org/features/2003/05/14_mccalluml_capitolupdate/?refid=0 Wed, 14 May 2003 16:25:00 -0500 Pawlenty urges Republicans to stand tough on budget Gov. Tim Pawlenty told House and Senate Republicans Wednesday to stick to their principles and not raise taxes to erase the state's $4.2 billion deficit. &quot;We are at a crossroads in this legislative session,&quot; he said during a sort of pep rally before the House went into session for the day. http://news.minnesota.publicradio.org/features/2003/05/07_mccalluml_pawlentypeptalk/?refid=0 Wed, 07 May 2003 10:42:00 -0500 Later bar hours on tap Cities could allow their bars to stay open until 2 a.m., under a bill passed by the Minnesota Senate on Tuesday. The vote is a significant victory for supporters of extending bar hours, which has been debated at the Capitol for years. They say this could be the year a later bar closing is signed into law. http://news.minnesota.publicradio.org/features/2003/05/06_mccalluml_barhours/?refid=0 Tue, 06 May 2003 13:53:00 -0500 Two weeks left in the session, $28 billion to spend With two weeks left in the legislative session, there seems to be little middle ground between Democrats and Republicans. Both sides are pointing to weekend polls to make their case for balancing the budget. Republicans say they won't raise taxes, while DFL leaders say if Republicans won't compromise, a special session is likely. http://news.minnesota.publicradio.org/features/2003/05/05_mccalluml_sessionupdate/?refid=0 Mon, 05 May 2003 12:59:00 -0500 Split House approves education spending plan The Minnesota House has passed its largest budget bill, a nearly $12 billion education funding package. House Republican leaders say the bill aims to hold education harmless in the face of a projected $4.2 billion deficit. DFL lawmakers voted against the bill, calling it a &quot;leave every child behind&quot; education plan. As the House was debating the bill, the issue took an unusual turn in the Senate, where DFL leaders moved $12.5 billion in education spending into the Senate tax bill. http://news.minnesota.publicradio.org/features/2003/05/01_mccalluml_edfunding/?refid=0 Thu, 01 May 2003 05:46:00 -0500 As budget deadline looms, the houses remain divided Leaders in the Minnesota House and Senate plan to pass all of their budget bills by the end of the week. That gives them less than three weeks to work out their differences -- including a key issue that separates the two chambers. The House bills don't raise state taxes, while the Senate bills do, to restore funding for some of the budget cuts proposed by House Republicans and Gov. Pawlenty. http://news.minnesota.publicradio.org/features/2003/04/29_mccalluml_budgetupdate/?refid=0 Tue, 29 Apr 2003 16:59:00 -0500 Pawlenty's 100 days: The question is what's ahead? Gov. Tim Pawlenty says he doesn't want his term to be defined by the state's financial crisis. Pawlenty recently completed his first 100 days in office. He says despite the deficit, he's laid out a reform agenda focusing on education, economic development and transportation. But critics say Pawlenty's budget proposal contains little reform, and the governor's no-tax-increase pledge will reverse the gains Minnesota has made in recent years. http://news.minnesota.publicradio.org/features/2003/04/28_mccalluml_pawlenty/?refid=0 Sun, 27 Apr 2003 15:00:00 -0500 Committee deadlocks on Lindner ethics complaint An ethics complaint against Rep. Arlon Lindner died Thursday following a 2-2 tie vote in the House Ethics Committee that followed party lines. At issue was whether there was probable cause to discipline the Corcoran Republican for remarks he made on the House floor and in newspaper interviews questioning whether, or the extent to which, homosexuals were persecuted during the Nazi Holocaust. http://news.minnesota.publicradio.org/features/2003/04/24_mccalluml_lindner/?refid=0 Thu, 24 Apr 2003 15:08:00 -0500 Tax debate heats up at Capitol On the deadline for Americans to file their taxes, the tax debate heated up a notch at the Capitol. Several groups used Tuesday's filing deadline to either call for tax increases or argue for holding the line on taxes. At the same time, the House is moving quickly to approve budget bills that conform with Gov. Pawlenty's no-tax-increase pledge. http://news.minnesota.publicradio.org/features/2003/04/15_mccalluml_taxday/?refid=0 Tue, 15 Apr 2003 16:31:00 -0500 House cuts to child care draw protests A House panel is scheduled to vote Tuesday on a 600-plus page bill funding health and human services programs for the next two years. The bill would restore some of the governor's proposed cuts in funding for nursing homes and services for people with disabilities. To offset the additional funding, House Republicans would make deep cuts in child care subsidies. http://news.minnesota.publicradio.org/features/2003/04/15_mccalluml_childcare/?refid=0 Mon, 14 Apr 2003 17:20:00 -0500 Bills to extend statute of limitations for sexual abuse face uncertain future Legislation to extend the time limit for sexual abuse victims to sue their abusers is still alive at the Capitol. A bill cleared a key House panel in time for Friday's committee deadline. But the legislation faces several obstacles before it could become law. http://news.minnesota.publicradio.org/features/2003/04/11_mccalluml_abuse/?refid=0 Fri, 11 Apr 2003 15:30:00 -0500 A look at the Senate DFL's tax plan The Senate Democrats' budget plan includes a new income tax bracket for upper-income Minnesotans. Republicans immediately called the proposal class warfare, and said it would drive job creators out of the state. DFL leaders say they're simply asking wealthy Minnesotans to share the pain along with the rest of the state. http://news.minnesota.publicradio.org/features/2003/04/10_mccalluml_upperincome/?refid=0 Fri, 11 Apr 2003 05:00:00 -0500 House Ethics Committee hears testimony in Lindner case DFL lawmakers asked the House Ethics Committee Monday night to discipline Rep. Arlon Lindner, R-Corcoran, for comments that offended some homosexuals and blacks. They argued that Lindner made bigoted statements that brought dishonor to the House. Lindner's attorney said the charges are false, and Lindner's comments have been taken out of context. http://news.minnesota.publicradio.org/features/2003/04/08_mccalluml_lindner/?refid=0 Tue, 08 Apr 2003 10:54:00 -0500 House, Senate Republican budget helps local government, seniors House Republicans outlined a budget plan Thursday that is similar to Republican Gov. Tim Pawlenty's no-tax-increase proposal, but makes a few priorities of its own. House Republicans would include more funding for local government aid, ethanol projects, higher education, nursing homes and senior programs than does Pawlenty. http://news.minnesota.publicradio.org/features/2003/04/03_mccalluml_budgetplans/?refid=0 Thu, 03 Apr 2003 11:27:00 -0600 After months of debate, future of education funding to be decided A Senate panel is scheduled to vote Thursday on Gov. Pawlenty's proposed education budget. Pawlenty says his budget protects K-12 funding for the classroom. Education groups disagree, but they're not complaining too loudly. They say K-12 schools were largely spared from the deep cuts that hit other areas of the state budget. http://news.minnesota.publicradio.org/features/2003/04/03_mccalluml_edfunding/?refid=0 Thu, 03 Apr 2003 05:00:00 -0600 &quot;T&quot; word surfaces at Capitol The debate over taxes at the state Capitol is heating up on several fronts. A key Republican lawmaker is proposing a $1 increase in the state's cigarette tax. Gov. Tim Pawlenty says he'll consider the idea, because the money would be used to offset another tax. And the Minnesota Council of Nonprofits is the first interest group to come forward with a specific proposal to raise taxes since Pawlenty released his budget. http://news.minnesota.publicradio.org/features/2003/03/31_mccalluml_taxes/?refid=0 Mon, 31 Mar 2003 16:38:00 -0600 First lady announces military family initiative Minnesota first lady Mary Pawlenty announced a program Tuesday to help the families of soldiers who have been deployed because of the war with Iraq. The first lady says she's been moved by the Minnesotans she's met who've said goodbye to their family members who were called to active duty. http://news.minnesota.publicradio.org/features/2003/03/25_mccalluml_pawlentytroops/?refid=0 Tue, 25 Mar 2003 16:45:00 -0600 Pawlenty activates operations center Minnesota's emergency operations center is up and running for the first time since the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks. Shortly after the U.S. began the war against Iraq, Gov. Tim Pawlenty ordered the center to begin operating. Pawlenty says Minnesota is prepared to deal with any potential terrorist threats, although he emphasized that there are no specific threats targeting the state http://news.minnesota.publicradio.org/features/2003/03/20_mccalluml_pawlenty/?refid=0 Thu, 20 Mar 2003 17:01:00 -0600 Taxpayer group gives Pawlenty's plan a boost Minnesotans behind Gov. Tim Pawlenty's budget plan gave him a hero's welcome Wednesday at a Capitol rally. A few hundred people attended the event, dubbed Taxpayer Day at the Capitol, and gave Pawlenty's no-tax-increase budget a strong endorsement. http://news.minnesota.publicradio.org/features/2003/03/19_mccalluml_budgetlatest/?refid=0 Wed, 19 Mar 2003 12:30:00 -0600 State takes anti-terror precautions Gov. Tim Pawlenty says Minnesota is prepared to deal with terrorist threats that may follow the beginning of war with Iraq. President Bush warned Monday night that a war could trigger terrorist attacks in the U.S. Minnesotans will notice more security at the Minneapolis-St. Paul International Airport and at other public places. http://news.minnesota.publicradio.org/features/2003/03/18_mccalluml_statesecurity/?refid=0 Tue, 18 Mar 2003 10:45:00 -0600 Pawlenty's run into some 'speed bumps' Two months into his term, Gov. Tim Pawlenty has already dealt with several political landmines. He has asked one of his commissioners to resign, another one may have trouble getting confirmed, and his administration was accused of nepotism for hiring the husband of yet another commissioner. All that while the governor has been putting together a budget to erase a projected $4.2 billion deficit. http://news.minnesota.publicradio.org/features/2003/03/17_mccalluml_pawlentyscandals/?refid=0 Mon, 17 Mar 2003 17:02:00 -0600 Pawlenty proposes reorganizing some parts of state government Gov. Tim Pawlenty has released a plan to reorganize state government. Pawlenty is using his executive authority to eliminate the state planning agency and shift duties for five other agencies. The shuffling includes transferring a crime victim ombudsman into the Department of Public Safety, a move strongly opposed by the ombudsman. http://news.minnesota.publicradio.org/features/2003/03/13_mccalluml_reorganization/?refid=0 Thu, 13 Mar 2003 15:40:00 -0600 Revised budget contains more fees, cuts, shifts Income tax preparers, political contributors and candidates, public broadcasters and health maintenance organizations are among those pinched by a revised budget plan released Wednesday. Gov. Tim Pawlenty's administration detailed $148.5 million in additional spending cuts, increased fees and accounting shifts. He's recommending the moves to deal with a bigger projected deficit through mid-2005 and to further stock state reserves. http://news.minnesota.publicradio.org/features/2003/03/12_mccalluml_revisedbudget/?refid=0 Wed, 12 Mar 2003 16:36:00 -0600 The budget mess: How we got here Minnesota went from record budget surplus under Gov. Jesse Ventura to record budget shortfall under new Gov. Tim Pawlenty in a few years. How did it happen? http://news.minnesota.publicradio.org/features/2003/03/10_mulcahym_howwegothere/?refid=0 Wed, 12 Mar 2003 06:55:00 -0600 Some warm, others give cold reception to wage freeze plan A proposal to freeze all public employee salaries for two years got its first legislative hearing on Friday. Sen. Tom Neuville says his bill won't reduce the state's projected $4.2 billion. But he says it will help control costs for the state, cities, counties and school districts. The idea has sparked a wave of opposition from unions, teachers, mayors and other groups. http://news.minnesota.publicradio.org/features/2003/03/07_mccalluml_wagefreeze/?refid=0 Fri, 07 Mar 2003 14:42:00 -0600 Gays, lesbians rally against proposed changes in human rights law More than 1,000 gay and lesbian Minnesotans came to the Capitol on Thursday to protest a proposal to remove sexual orientation from the state's human rights law. They called the bill &quot;mean-spirited.&quot; The bill's author says he wants to prevent homosexuality from being taught in the schools. http://news.minnesota.publicradio.org/features/2003/03/06_mccalluml_gaysprotest/?refid=0 Thu, 06 Mar 2003 16:52:00 -0600 Budget deal at Capitol could shift tax showdown to cities As lawmakers debate Gov. Pawlenty's budget proposal, the issue of property taxes is becoming a major focus. DFL lawmakers say the governor's budget would result in significant local property tax increases. They say that violates the spirit of the no-tax-increase pledge on which Gov. Pawlenty campaigned. Pawlenty says his pledge didn't apply to property taxes. He says property taxes are going up with or without his budget. http://news.minnesota.publicradio.org/features/2003/03/05_mccalluml_propertytax/?refid=0 Wed, 05 Mar 2003 17:34:00 -0600 Deficit grows by $25 million on new forecast State finance officials say Minnesota's deficit is projected to grow slightly, by an additional $25 million over the next two years. A new revenue forecast bumps up the size of the deficit to $4.23 billion through June 2005. Gov. Tim Pawlenty says the new numbers don't change his commitment to balance the budget without raising taxes. http://news.minnesota.publicradio.org/features/2003/02/27_mccalluml_budgetforecast/?refid=0 Thu, 27 Feb 2003 10:01:00 -0600 Capitol protest cites budget cuts in services to disabled Hundreds of people with disabilities and their caregivers were at the Capitol on Wednesday to protest proposed budget cuts. They say Gov. Pawlenty's budget plan would cut services for people with disabilities by four percent. They say the state already cut community-based programs for people with disabilities by $63 million earlier this year. http://news.minnesota.publicradio.org/features/2003/02/26_mccalluml_disabilityprotes/?refid=0 Wed, 26 Feb 2003 15:10:00 -0600 Poll: Pawlenty has mixed approval ratings A new Minnesota Public Radio-St. Paul Pioneer Press poll finds nearly half of those polled think Gov. Pawlenty is doing a good or excellent job. It's the first poll to ask about the governor's job performance since he was elected in November. Pawlenty supporters say the numbers are surprisingly high, coming after the governor released a budget that makes major spending cuts in a number of areas. Political observers say his approval rating could drop after the full impact of those cuts is known. http://news.minnesota.publicradio.org/features/2003/02/26_mccalluml_pawlentypoll/?refid=0 Wed, 26 Feb 2003 00:02:00 -0600 Pawlenty rallies supporters Gov. Tim Pawlenty began a weekly radio show Friday, and prepared to do battle with critics of his budget proposal. Three days after the release of his budget, Pawlenty is coming under fire from groups affected by his proposed budget cuts. Pawlenty is calling on Minnesotans who support his no-tax-increase pledge to join the debate. http://news.minnesota.publicradio.org/features/2003/02/21_mccalluml_capreport/?refid=0 Fri, 21 Feb 2003 17:08:00 -0600 Skirmish over taxes looms in budget battle One day after the release of Gov. Pawlenty's budget, some people affected by the governor's proposed cuts are calling for tax increases. The governor and many Republican lawmakers say they're committed to balancing the budget without raising taxes. The debate over the state's level of taxes and spending is only beginning. http://news.minnesota.publicradio.org/features/2003/02/19_mccalluml_budgetredux/?refid=0 Wed, 19 Feb 2003 16:05:00 -0600 Huge cuts mark Pawlenty budget Gov. Tim Pawlenty has released a budget proposal that erases a projected $4.2 billion deficit without raising taxes. Gov. Pawlenty's budget would increase state spending by about a billion dollars in the next two years. But it makes deep cuts in the projected growth of health and human service programs, and cuts aid to local governments and higher education. http://news.minnesota.publicradio.org/features/2003/02/18_mccalluml_budgetoverview/?refid=0 Wed, 19 Feb 2003 05:50:00 -0600 State workers likely to lose domestic-partner benefits Bills that ratify contracts for state workers cleared legislative hurdles on Monday. The bills include pay and benefit provisions agreed to by state employee unions and the Ventura administration. But they're missing another provision -- health benefits for same-sex domestic partners. Gay and lesbian groups say removing the benefits is a slap in the face. http://news.minnesota.publicradio.org/features/2003/02/17_mccalluml_contracts/?refid=0 Mon, 17 Feb 2003 16:32:00 -0600 In budget-cutting game, state employees worry that they're the target A national expert on tax and budget issues says Gov. Pawlenty is taking an ambitious approach to Minnesota's budget problem. The governor says he'll eliminate a deficit that's about 14 percent of the state budget without raising taxes. An official with the National Conference of State Legislatures on Thursday told Minnesota lawmakers what other states are doing to balance their budgets. Also today, Minnesota business groups released their ideas to balance the budget, and public employee groups aren't happy about it. http://news.minnesota.publicradio.org/features/2003/02/13_mccalluml_budgetcontext/?refid=0 Thu, 13 Feb 2003 16:47:00 -0600 Does DFLer's win signal a GOP backlash? House Democrats are celebrating a surprise victory in this week's special election in the Stillwater area. DFLer Rebecca Otto won in what was considered a Republican stronghold. The seat was held by Republican Mark Holsten, who was appointed deputy DNR commissioner. DFL leaders say Otto's victory was a &quot;backlash against Republican extremism.&quot; But Republican leaders say it was the result of a negative campaign. http://news.minnesota.publicradio.org/features/2003/02/12_mccalluml_dflerwins/?refid=0 Wed, 12 Feb 2003 15:35:00 -0600 Pawlenty cuts hit education, social services, environment Gov. Tim Pawlenty has used his emergency budget-cutting powers, after lawmakers failed to agree on a short-term budget fix. Pawlenty's cuts affect nearly every area of state government, from education to road projects to legislative TV. The governor says he had little choice, with less than five months left in the fiscal year. http://news.minnesota.publicradio.org/features/2003/02/07_mccalluml_unallotment/?refid=0 Fri, 07 Feb 2003 12:08:00 -0600 Pawlenty's upbeat in first State of the State address Gov. Tim Pawlenty said he'll solve the state's budget crisis without raising taxes, but in his first State of the State speech, he said he couldn't do it alone. &quot;Today, I want to issue a call to citizenship and service to every Minnesotan who hears my voice,&quot; he said Thursday. &quot;Minnesota needs you - now.&quot; http://news.minnesota.publicradio.org/features/2003/02/06_mccalluml_stateofstate/?refid=0 Thu, 06 Feb 2003 16:28:00 -0600 Pawlenty demands deal by tomorrow or he'll cut budget Gov. Tim Pawlenty told lawmakers on Wednesday that he's prepared to cut spending on Friday if legislative leaders don't reach a budget deal. The House and Senate haven't agreed on how to eliminate a projected $356 million deficit in the current fiscal year. If Pawlenty uses his authority to cut spending unilaterally, the cuts could include school aid to Minneapolis and St. Paul, ethanol subsidies and an Iron Range development fund. http://news.minnesota.publicradio.org/features/2003/02/05_mccalluml_unallotment/?refid=0 Wed, 05 Feb 2003 15:23:00 -0600 House focuses on human services cuts in budget battle The Minnesota House on Monday evening passed its version of a short-term budget fix. The Republican-sponsored bill would erase a projected $356 million deficit in the current fiscal year, and leave a financial cushion in case the state's economy worsens. The plan must now be reconciled with a DFL-sponsored Senate plan. DFL leaders say House Republicans moved too quickly to cut programs without considering the impact of the cuts. http://news.minnesota.publicradio.org/features/2003/01/27_mccalluml_budget/?refid=0 Tue, 28 Jan 2003 01:00:00 -0600 Senate approves first budget-fix bill The Minnesota Senate has passed a short-term budget fix. The bill eliminates a projected $356 million deficit in the current fiscal year, and leaves a small financial cushion in case the state's revenues decline further. The bill relies more heavily on accounting shifts and makes fewer cuts than Gov. Tim Pawlenty's proposal. http://news.minnesota.publicradio.org/features/2003/01/23_mccalluml_senatebudget/?refid=0 Thu, 23 Jan 2003 14:18:00 -0600 Testifiers concerned about collection of medical data Opponents of a state database of medical records are urging the Legislature to stop the project. Health officials say collecting medical information on nearly every Minnesotan will allow them to better track health problems. But opponents say the plan violates patients' privacy rights. http://news.minnesota.publicradio.org/features/2003/01/22_ap_medicalprivacy/?refid=0 Wed, 22 Jan 2003 13:30:00 -0600 Liquor-related bills will spark debate at Capitol Although the budget is dominating the 2003 session, other issues are certain to resurface. Several bills changing the state's liquor laws will be introduced, and at least one has a good chance of passing. Those who support a lower drunk driving limit say this is the year it could finally pass. They want the legal limit to drop from .10 to .08 blood-alcohol content. Also this session, Minnesota grocers will renew an effort to allow wine sales in grocery stores. http://news.minnesota.publicradio.org/features/2003/01/21_mccalluml_alcohol/?refid=0 Tue, 21 Jan 2003 10:27:00 -0600 Rural vs. Metro split on display in budget-cutting dispute Gov. Tim Pawlenty's short-term budget fix is moving quickly through the Legislature, but not without some adjustments. House Republicans oppose Pawlenty's proposed ethanol cuts, while Senate Democrats want to restore several proposed cuts, including ethanol and an Iron Range fund. Pawlenty says he worries some lawmakers may not grasp the magnitude of the deficit Minnesota is facing. http://news.minnesota.publicradio.org/features/2003/01/20_mccalluml_budgetanalysis/?refid=0 Mon, 20 Jan 2003 06:00:00 -0600 Pawlenty announces first round of cuts Gov. Tim Pawlenty wants to use one-time money, and cut state agencies, programs and higher education to eliminate a projected $356 million projected deficit. Legislative leaders say they'll act quickly on Pawlenty's plan, although Democrats disagree with some of the details. http://news.minnesota.publicradio.org/features/2003/01/13_mccalluml_budget/?refid=0 Tue, 14 Jan 2003 11:32:00 -0600 Governor delivering bad news in person: Every program could be cut Gov. Tim Pawlenty ended his first week on the job with a tour of inner-city minority-owned businesses. Pawlenty talked about the importance of education and good jobs. He also asked for suggestions to solve a budget deficit he described as &quot;almost catastrophic,&quot; and warned that every Minnesotan will feel the pain of budget cuts. http://news.minnesota.publicradio.org/features/2003/01/10_mccalluml_ontheroad/?refid=0 Fri, 10 Jan 2003 16:43:00 -0600 Pawlenty names Bell to head Met Council Gov. Pawlenty has named Peter Bell to chair the Metropolitan Council, and Vicki Grunseth to chair the Metropolitan Airports Commission. Bell is the executive vice president at Hazelden Foundation, and a former top executive at TCF Bank. Grunseth is a consultant to start-up telecom firms. http://news.minnesota.publicradio.org/features/2003/01/09_mccalluml_appointments/?refid=0 Thu, 09 Jan 2003 12:58:00 -0600 Legislature convenes amid worries of what's to come While the opening session of the Legislature was festive and largely ceremonial, lawmakers face a daunting task: dealing with a $4.5 billion projected budget deficit. The new Legislature includes an unusually large crop of freshman lawmakers who say they're eager to get to work on tackling the budget crisis. http://news.minnesota.publicradio.org/features/2003/01/07_khoom_legislaturebegin/?refid=0 Tue, 07 Jan 2003 00:00:00 -0600 Pawlenty steps into new role with huge challenge at hand Republican Tim Pawlenty took over as Minnesota's governor Monday facing a daunting challenge that he said he intends to use as an opportunity to redefine state government. The opportunity is born out of necessity. Pawlenty must find a way to eliminate a $4.56 billion budget shortfall over the next 2½ years while adhering to a campaign promise not to raise taxes. http://news.minnesota.publicradio.org/features/2003/01/06_mccalluml_inauguration/?refid=0 Mon, 06 Jan 2003 12:01:00 -0600 Pawlenty names chief of staff, corrections commissioner Gov.-elect Tim Pawlenty named his longtime friend and colleague, Charlie Weaver, as his chief of staff on Thursday. Pawlenty on Thursday also named Joan Fabian as corrections commissioner, a position previously held by Sheryl Ramstad, whom he appointed as a judge on the Minnesota Tax Court. http://news.minnesota.publicradio.org/features/2003/01/02_collinsb_appointments/?refid=0 Thu, 02 Jan 2003 11:18:00 -0600 Molnau will head MnDOT In an apparent first for state government, Minnesota's next lt. governor will head a state agency. Gov.-elect Tim Pawlenty has named Carol Molnau as commissioner of the Minnesota Department of Transportation. Pawlenty says the appointment shows his administration won't be business as usual. http://news.minnesota.publicradio.org/features/200212/31_mccalluml_molnau/?refid=0 Tue, 31 Dec 2002 15:26:00 -0600 No more boatload of money When the 2003 Legislature convenes Jan. 7, the main task facing lawmakers and Gov.-elect Tim Pawlenty is how to deal with a $4.5 billion budget deficit. The financial squeeze will affect almost every decision they make in the next few months. Yet just a couple of years ago, state officials were swimming in a sea of cash. What happened? http://news.minnesota.publicradio.org/features/200212/30_mccalluml_budgetpreview/?refid=0 Mon, 30 Dec 2002 01:00:00 -0600 Black leaders press Coleman to call for Lott's resignation Pressure is building on Sen.-elect Norm Coleman to decide whether he supports Senate Majority Leader Trent Lott. Coleman has criticized Lott's racially-charged comments, but has not said whether he'll vote for Lott to remain as Majority Leader. Some black leaders say Coleman's silence is telling. http://news.minnesota.publicradio.org/features/200212/18_mccalluml_lott/?refid=0 Wed, 18 Dec 2002 15:51:00 -0600 The political legacy of Jesse Ventura As Gov. Jesse Ventura prepares to leave office, he ends a term that saw one of the most dramatic four-year shifts in Minnesota's financial picture. Ventura inherited a $4 billion surplus, and leaves office with the state facing a $4.5 billion deficit. Will he be remembered as the man at the helm when the state's economy took a nosedive? Or as a competent CEO who left a lasting stamp on state government? http://news.minnesota.publicradio.org/features/200212/17_mccalluml_venturalegacy/?refid=0 Tue, 17 Dec 2002 05:00:00 -0600 Budget chief eyes arts for state cuts Gov.-elect Tim Pawlenty's finance commissioner says state funding for the arts and humanities could be cut to balance the budget. Dan McElroy told the Twin West Chamber of Commerce on Friday that spending cuts have to be fair, and Pawlenty won't balance the budget on the backs of poor people. http://news.minnesota.publicradio.org/features/200212/13_mccalluml_budget/?refid=0 Fri, 13 Dec 2002 13:18:00 -0600 Pawlenty says deficit won't stall transportation plan Gov.-elect Tim Pawlenty says he won't let a massive budget deficit prevent him from proposing a transportation plan next year. The state faces a budget hole of $4.5 billion over the next two-and-a-half years. Pawlenty says his transportation plan won't be as large as he'd like, but he says he can't ignore the state's transportation crunch. http://news.minnesota.publicradio.org/features/200212/06_mccalluml_transpoplan/?refid=0 Fri, 06 Dec 2002 17:00:00 -0600 Work begins on divvying up the pain Nearly every group that depends on state funding is nervous, in light of the $4.5 billion projected budget deficit announced Wednesday. And some groups say they have reason to be worried. Nursing homes, cities and counties say if their funding is cut, Minnesotans will feel the impact. http://news.minnesota.publicradio.org/features/200212/05_mccalluml_budgetfolo/?refid=0 Thu, 05 Dec 2002 17:00:00 -0600 &quot;Big honkin'&quot; deficit expected State finance officials release the latest revenue forecast Wednesday, and the news won't be good. The forecast is expected to show a budget deficit of at least $3 billion. Gov.-elect Tim Pawlenty says he won't raise taxes to balance the budget, and he may be eyeing the state's tobacco endowments as part of his budget solution. http://news.minnesota.publicradio.org/features/200212/04_mccalluml_budgetforecast/?refid=0 Wed, 04 Dec 2002 05:00:00 -0600 Tax bills may shock homeowners State revenue officials say property taxes could increase by $451 million, the largest increase in several years. The reason is the property tax reforms passed by the Legislature in 2001. Some DFL lawmakers would like to revisit the changes, but Republican leaders say they stand by the reforms. http://news.minnesota.publicradio.org/features/200211/28_mccalluml_proptaxes/?refid=0 Thu, 28 Nov 2002 06:00:00 -0600 Legislative leaders preview 2003 session Legislative leaders say the budget will dominate the 2003 legislative session. They said on MPR's <i>Midday</i> program that their biggest job will be dealing with a budget deficit that could top $3 billion. http://news.minnesota.publicradio.org/features/200211/18_mccalluml_legleaders/?refid=0 Mon, 18 Nov 2002 16:30:00 -0600 How much pain will no-tax pledge inflict? Gov.-elect Tim Pawlenty says he won't raise taxes to address a budget deficit that could top $3 billion. To do that, Pawlenty plans to cut government spending. State agency heads are saying they already cut to the bone under the last budget agreement, and any further cuts will be felt by the public. http://news.minnesota.publicradio.org/features/200211/11_mccalluml_budget/?refid=0 Mon, 11 Nov 2002 17:00:00 -0600 Buried bills will see light of day at Capitol The new Republican dominance at the Capitol will affect debate over the hot-button issues of guns, abortion and the Profile of Learning graduation standards. http://news.minnesota.publicradio.org/features/200211/08_mccalluml_issues/?refid=0 Thu, 07 Nov 2002 17:05:00 -0600 What happened? Minnesota Republicans are ecstatic, and Democrats are reeling from the near-Republican sweep of the general election. Republicans won races for U.S. Senate, governor, two closely-watched suburban congressional seats, and all but one constitutional office. Political observers say the reasons range from the messages of the campaigns to reaction to last week's memorial service for the late Sen. Paul Wellstone. http://news.minnesota.publicradio.org/features/200211/06_mccalluml_gopwhoop/?refid=0 Wed, 06 Nov 2002 12:00:00 -0600 Coleman, Mondale debate on eve of election U.S Senate front-runners Republican Norm Coleman and Democrat Walter Mondale squared off Monday for their first and only debate. For one hour the two outlined competing positions on social, tax and international policy. The event took place at the Fitzgerald Theater in St. Paul, a day before voters decide who to send to Washington. http://news.minnesota.publicradio.org/features/200211/04_zdechlikm_sendebate/?refid=0 Mon, 04 Nov 2002 12:00:00 -0600 It's Senator Barkley Gov. Ventura has appointed Dean Barkley, one of his closest advisors, to fill out the remainder of the late Sen. Paul Wellstone's term. His appointment means the Senate will be evenly divided during the lame duck session, with 49 Democrats, 49 Republicans and two independents. http://news.minnesota.publicradio.org/features/200211/04_mccalluml_senbarkley/?refid=0 Mon, 04 Nov 2002 12:00:00 -0600 Conflicting polls add to election confusion Two new polls show Minnesota's U.S. Senate race as a virtual toss up, just days before the election. The two polls also show Republican Tim Pawlenty and DFLer Roger Moe in a statistical dead heat in the race for governor. http://news.minnesota.publicradio.org/features/200211/03_khoom_poll/?refid=0 Sun, 03 Nov 2002 12:00:00 -0600 Pawlenty targeted in last gubernatorial debate Minnesota gubernatorial candidates clashed Friday night over driver's license provisions, the state budget and transportation. It was the last scheduled broadcast debate between the four major-party candidates before Tuesday's election. http://news.minnesota.publicradio.org/features/200211/02_mccalluml_govdebate/?refid=0 Sat, 02 Nov 2002 12:00:00 -0600 Wellstone colleagues join thousands for Minnesota memorial An event that began as a poignant farewell to the late Sen. Paul Wellstone Tuesday evening culminated in a furious series of partisan speeches, with Wellstone's family and friends exhorting supporters to help his ballot replacement to victory next week. http://news.minnesota.publicradio.org/features/200210/28_ap_memorialservice/?refid=0 Mon, 28 Oct 2002 12:00:00 -0600 DFL looks to Mondale Sen. Paul Wellstone's oldest son has urged former Vice President Walter Mondale to step in as his late father's replacement on the Nov. 5 ballot, Democratic leaders said Sunday. One source who has spoken to Mondale said he is likely to accept. http://news.minnesota.publicradio.org/features/200210/27_mccalluml_mondale/?refid=0 Sun, 27 Oct 2002 12:00:00 -0600 Pentel's water tax - a good idea? Green Party gubernatorial candidate Ken Pentel is proposing a water tax to balance the state budget. Pentel says a 3-cent per gallon tax on commercial/industrial water use could wipe out a deficit that could top $3 billion. Some companies, however, say such a tax could put them out of business. http://news.minnesota.publicradio.org/features/200210/24_mccalluml_pentelplan/?refid=0 Thu, 24 Oct 2002 17:00:00 -0500 Race for state auditor slips under political radar When Minnesotans go to the polls, they'll choose a new state auditor. Two-term auditor Judi Dutcher isn't running for re-election. The four candidates vying to replace her are having a tough time getting anyone to pay attention to the race. It may be worth paying attention, because the auditor's office can be a stepping stone to higher positions. Two recent auditors -- Arne Carlson and Mark Dayton -- have gone on to be elected governor and U.S. senator. http://news.minnesota.publicradio.org/features/200210/17_mccalluml_auditor/?refid=0 Thu, 17 Oct 2002 12:00:00 -0500 In MPR debate, candidates for governor point finger on budget shortfall issue Candidates for governor sparred over Minnesota's budget mess during an appearance on Minnesota Public Radio. The gubernatorial candidates took turns blaming each other for the state's fiscal problems. The next governor will have to deal with a budget deficit that could top $3 billion in the next two-year budget cycle. http://news.minnesota.publicradio.org/features/200210/14_mccalluml_govdebate/?refid=0 Mon, 14 Oct 2002 12:00:00 -0500 Transportation: Candidates split over rail and resources Transportation has become one of the defining issues in the governor's race. The four major-party candidates are divided over everything from raising the gas tax to expanding light rail. Some voters say the candidates' views on transportation will determine their vote. http://news.minnesota.publicradio.org/features/200210/14_mccalluml_transportation/?refid=0 Mon, 14 Oct 2002 12:00:00 -0500 Budget outlook is bleak New economic figures have Minnesota finance officials predicting the worst budget deficit in a dozen years. http://news.minnesota.publicradio.org/features/200210/10_mccalluml_budget/?refid=0 Thu, 10 Oct 2002 12:00:00 -0500 Higher ed debate frames candidate differences in race for governor Minnesota gubernatorial candidates debated higher education and workforce development issues in St. Paul on Wednesday. DFLer Roger Moe, the Independence Party's Tim Penny and Green Party candidate Ken Pentel agreed on the need to educate Minnesota's workforce. Republican Tim Pawlenty didn't attend the debate, but he unveiled a new campaign vehicle earlier in the day that jabs both Moe and Penny. http://news.minnesota.publicradio.org/features/200210/09_mccalluml_highered/?refid=0 Wed, 09 Oct 2002 12:00:00 -0500 Ad Watch: Candidates for governor increase TV ads New television ads in Minnesota's gubernatorial race are filling the airwaves around the state. DFLer Roger Moe and Independence Party candidate Tim Penny started running their first TV ads this week. the Republican Party is running an ad that criticizes both Moe and Penny, and the Green Party's Ken Pentel begins running his first TV ads Thursday. http://news.minnesota.publicradio.org/features/200210/02_mccalluml_adwatch/?refid=0 Wed, 02 Oct 2002 12:00:00 -0500 Nader: Wellstone's the best, but... Former Green Party presidential candidate Ralph Nader waded into the debate over Minnesota's Senate race. During a stop in Minnesota, Nader said he considers DFL Sen. Paul Wellstone 'the best senator currently serving in Congress.' But Nader did not urge Green Party members to vote for Wellstone. He says if the Greens are going to build their party, they have to support Green Party candidates. http://news.minnesota.publicradio.org/features/200209/25_mccalluml_nader/?refid=0 Wed, 25 Sep 2002 12:00:00 -0500 Penny seeks new budget forecast before election Independence Party gubernatorial candidate Tim Penny asked Gov. Jesse Ventura on Monday to order an updated budget forecast to determine the size of a state deficit before the November election. http://news.minnesota.publicradio.org/features/200209/23_mccalluml_pennybudget/?refid=0 Mon, 23 Sep 2002 12:00:00 -0500 The high-tech debate Candidates for governor offered different approaches as they debated business and high-tech issues on Thursday before an audience of business executives. Republican Tim Pawlenty, Independence Party candidate Tim Penny and the Green Party's Ken Pentel discussed Minnesota's job climate at a debate sponsored by the Minnesota High Tech Association. http://news.minnesota.publicradio.org/features/200209/19_mccalluml_hightechdebate/?refid=0 Thu, 19 Sep 2002 12:00:00 -0500 Poll: Cuts before taxes A new poll finds the state budget and taxes are foremost on many voters' minds when it comes to this year's governor's race. The MPR-St. Paul Pioneer Press poll found respondents prefer balancing the budget with budget cuts instead of raising taxes. Yet more than half of poll respondents also support a gax tax increase, and three out of five would back a cigarette tax hike. http://news.minnesota.publicradio.org/features/200209/19_mccalluml_legpoll/?refid=0 Thu, 19 Sep 2002 12:00:00 -0500 Serious about issues: Ken Pentel profile Green Party gubernatorial candidate Ken Pentel says Gov. Ventura's surprise victory four years ago shows he has a chance to win this year. Pentel is making his second gubernatorial bid, after getting less than one percent of the vote in 1998. This time, he's included in the debates and will get nearly $240,000 in public financing. http://news.minnesota.publicradio.org/features/200209/17_mccalluml_pentelprofile/?refid=0 Tue, 17 Sep 2002 12:00:00 -0500 Profile: Tim Pawlenty Republican gubernatorial candidate Tim Pawlenty says he's running for the job he's always wanted. He's in a very tight race with three other contenders for the office. http://news.minnesota.publicradio.org/features/200209/13_mccalluml_pawlentyprofile/?refid=0 Fri, 13 Sep 2002 12:00:00 -0500 Minnesota remembers 9/11 Ceremonies across the state Wednesday marked the first anniversary of the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks. From Moorhead to Rochester to the state Capitol, Minnesotans remembered the victims of Sept. 11. http://news.minnesota.publicradio.org/features/200209/11_mccalluml_anniversary/?refid=0 Wed, 11 Sep 2002 12:00:00 -0500 Eyes on key races in battle for Legislature When voters go to the polls for the primary election, some will find their legislators on the ballot, along with challengers seeking to unseat them. Minnesota's legislative caucuses will be closely watching a handful of those races. Three have been flagged by the caucuses as the most competitive. The incumbents being challenged include a state senator facing the former senator he replaced and the assistant Senate majority leader. http://news.minnesota.publicradio.org/features/200209/09_mccalluml_leg/?refid=0 Mon, 09 Sep 2002 12:00:00 -0500 More talk than action marks Minnesota anti-terrorism training effort The Minnesota Legislature appropriated $13 million for equipment and training, and national leaders pledged to provide federal anti-terrorism money. But one year later, no money has gone out to first responders in Minnesota, and not everyone agrees on how the money should be spent. http://news.minnesota.publicradio.org/features/200209/05_mccalluml_legterrorism/?refid=0 Thu, 05 Sep 2002 12:00:00 -0500 Candidates gang up on Penny at the State Fair Even as Gov. Jesse Ventura campaigned for him in another part of the State Fair, Tim Penny distanced himself from Ventura on a key issue during a debate at the fair on Friday. http://news.minnesota.publicradio.org/features/200208/30_mccalluml_govdebate/?refid=0 Fri, 30 Aug 2002 12:00:00 -0500 Ad Watch: Penny tries self-deprecating humor in first ads Independence Party gubernatorial candidate Tim Penny started running his first radio ads this week that rely on humor to counteract the candidate's serious reputation. http://news.minnesota.publicradio.org/features/200208/22_mccalluml_pennyad/?refid=0 Thu, 22 Aug 2002 12:00:00 -0500 Attack ads target Wellstone The first television attack ad in Minnesota's U.S. Senate race has prompted candidates on both sides to call for it to be taken off the air. http://news.minnesota.publicradio.org/features/200208/14_mccalluml_adwwatch/?refid=0 Wed, 14 Aug 2002 12:00:00 -0500 Cheney stumps for Pawlenty Vice President Dick Cheney came to Minneapolis Monday to campaign, and raise money, for Republican gubernatorial candidate Tim Pawlenty. http://news.minnesota.publicradio.org/features/200208/12_mccalluml_cheney/?refid=0 Mon, 12 Aug 2002 12:00:00 -0500 State workers may lose child care State officials have decided to stop subsidizing a day care center located near the state Capitol. The decision means Capitol Child Care, which has been a model for other centers, will likely be run by a new provider. State employees whose children are enrolled in Capitol Child Care are outraged. Some say they may take a leave of absence from the state to stay home with their children if the center changes hands. Child care experts say the situation points out the problem many working parents face in trying to find good child care. http://news.minnesota.publicradio.org/features/200208/07_mccalluml_childcare/?refid=0 Wed, 07 Aug 2002 12:00:00 -0500 More cuts likely coming to state budget Fresh off a round of spending cuts to balance the budget this year, state agencies are preparing to make even deeper cuts in the next state budget. http://news.minnesota.publicradio.org/features/200207/31_mccalluml_budgetwoes/?refid=0 Wed, 31 Jul 2002 12:00:00 -0500 Key lawmakers show little love for a new stadium debate The stadium debate will be back at the Capitol again next year. Now that a new Twins ballpark in St. Paul seems all but dead, Hennepin County officials say they'll try to persuade lawmakers to take up the issue again next session. The four major party gubernatorial candidates say they're willing to allow Hennepin County to bid for a new ballpark, but some key legislators are skeptical. http://news.minnesota.publicradio.org/features/200207/12_mccalluml_stadium/?refid=0 Fri, 12 Jul 2002 12:00:00 -0500 Jax drops out of race for governor State Education Commissioner Christine Jax says she's dropping out of the race for governor. Jax was planning to run as an Independence Party candidate, but she told Minnesota Public Radio there's not enough time to put together an effective campaign. http://news.minnesota.publicradio.org/features/200207/11_mccalluml_jax/?refid=0 Thu, 11 Jul 2002 12:00:00 -0500 In wake of scandals, corporate oversight becomes issue in Senate race Sen. Paul Wellstone has now filed to run for a third term. Wellstone also pushed for legislation to tighten corporate oversight. Corporate accountability could become a key campaign issue, with two of Wellstone's opponents also speaking out against corporate accounting scandals. http://news.minnesota.publicradio.org/features/200207/08_mccalluml_wellstoneruns/?refid=0 Mon, 08 Jul 2002 12:00:00 -0500 Wellstone wants medical devices on faster FDA track U.S. Sen. Paul Wellstone says he's working on legislation that would speed up the FDA approval process for medical devices. Wellstone and Connecticut Sen. Christopher Dodd held a forum on the issue Monday at Medtronic, Minnesota's largest medical device company. http://news.minnesota.publicradio.org/features/200207/02_mccalluml_medtronictour/?refid=0 Tue, 02 Jul 2002 12:00:00 -0500 Adwatch: Attack ad goes after Wellstone The first attack ad of the U.S. Senate campaign is running on radio stations across Minnesota. Paid for by an interest group, the ad accuses DFL Sen. Paul Wellstone of "taxing the dead." Wellstone's campaign is outraged over the ad. At the same time, the Wellstone campaign is running its first television spot. http://news.minnesota.publicradio.org/features/200206/21_mccalluml_adwatch/?refid=0 Fri, 21 Jun 2002 12:00:00 -0500 Independents scramble to fill Ventura's political vacuum One day after Gov. Ventura's surprise announcement that he won't seek re-election, the field of candidates for governor is still in flux. More names are being talked about as possible Independence Party candidates, and other potential candidates have taken their names out of the running. http://news.minnesota.publicradio.org/features/200206/19_mccalluml_campaign/?refid=0 Wed, 19 Jun 2002 12:00:00 -0500 Ventura not running for second term Gov. Jesse Ventura announced Tuesday he won't run for re-election. Ventura made his announcement on Minnesota Public Radio's Midday program, ending months of speculation over whether he'd seek a second term. Ventura said he wants to protect his family's privacy. But he says he made his decision before news coverage of reported parties thrown by his son at the governor's mansion. Ventura's decision changes the political dynamics of the governor's race, and may entice former Minnesota congressman Tim Penny to jump in. http://news.minnesota.publicradio.org/features/200206/18_mccalluml_notrunning/?refid=0 Tue, 18 Jun 2002 12:00:00 -0500 Gubernatorial candidates aren't waiting for Ventura The gubernatorial campaign between the Republican and DFL candidates began in earnest following the GOP convention over the weekend. Fresh from receiving the Republican Party endorsement, House Majority Leader Tim Pawlenty started a statewide bus tour. His DFL opponent, Senate Majority Leader Roger Moe, toured flooded areas in northwestern Minnesota. Each one is accusing the other of being out of touch with mainstream Minnesota views, a theme likely to continue until November. http://news.minnesota.publicradio.org/features/200206/17_mccalluml_campaignroundup/?refid=0 Mon, 17 Jun 2002 12:00:00 -0500 Campaign 2002 profile: Brian Sullivan Minnesota Republicans will endorse a candidate for governor on Friday - and the race is a close one between entrepreneur Brian Sullivan and legislative leader Tim Pawlenty. Sullivan holds a slight lead in the party's non-binding straw polls of delegates. This is Sullivan's first bid for public office, but he says his business background has prepared him to run the state. http://news.minnesota.publicradio.org/features/200206/12_mccalluml_sullivan/?refid=0 Wed, 12 Jun 2002 12:00:00 -0500 The money chase The two Republicans seeking party endorsement for governor are nearly neck and neck heading into the state party convention. Non-binding straw polls of delegates show entrepreneur Brian Sullivan with a slim lead over House Majority Leader Tim Pawlenty. One of the defining issues may be the matter of money. http://news.minnesota.publicradio.org/features/200206/05_mccalluml_campaignmoney/?refid=0 Wed, 05 Jun 2002 12:00:00 -0500 Lessons from the retirees at the Capitol The Minnesota Senate honored retiring members before ending the 2002 session. Twelve legislators are leaving the Senate, including some of its most senior members. The House said goodbye to 24 members before adjourning. Some of the retiring lawmakers say the Legislature has become more partisan over the years, and it's becoming harder for a moderate to get elected. http://news.minnesota.publicradio.org/features/200205/21_mccalluml_retiring/?refid=0 Tue, 21 May 2002 12:00:00 -0500 Ventura ready to cut massive state spending bill The last bill passed before the Legislature adjourned Sunday morning was a $979 million package of public works projects. The House voted 102-31 and the Senate voted 51-13 for the second largest bonding bill in state history. But the bill could wind up a lot smaller after Gov. Ventura's done with it. http://news.minnesota.publicradio.org/features/200205/19_mccalluml_bonding/?refid=0 Sun, 19 May 2002 12:00:00 -0500 Lawmakers agree on bonding bill; Ventura threatens veto The House and Senate are expected to take up a bonding bill today, two days before the Legislature's deadline to adjourn. A conference committee approved the bill late last night. It includes $977 million in construction projects around the state, but it could wind up much smaller after Gov. Ventura is done with it. http://news.minnesota.publicradio.org/features/200205/18_mccalluml_bonding/?refid=0 Sat, 18 May 2002 12:00:00 -0500 Lawmakers reach budget deal; Ventura 'disappointed' Legislative leaders have reached a budget deal, just days before the end of the legislative session. The House and Senate plan to vote on the budget bill Wednesday. Legislative leaders also say a transportation funding package appears dead for the session. http://news.minnesota.publicradio.org/features/200205/15_mccalluml_deal/?refid=0 Wed, 15 May 2002 12:00:00 -0500 Agreement is elusive in search for budget deal Minnesota lawmakers are still trying to work out the details of a budget-balancing bill. Legislative leaders reached agreement on the framework of the bill over the weekend, but sticking points remain. They don't have much time; if they want to override a possible veto by Gov. Ventura, they say they have to pass the bill by noon Tuesday. http://news.minnesota.publicradio.org/features/200205/13_mccalluml_session/?refid=0 Mon, 13 May 2002 12:00:00 -0500 Ventura prepares budget cuts in wake of Legislature's inaction Gov. Ventura says he's preparing for the possibility that the Legislature won't finish its work by the May 20 deadline for adjournment. The House and Senate have yet to agree on several major issues, including the budget, bonding, transportation and anti-terrorism initiatives. Some legislators say the governor should get more involved to force lawmakers to reach agreement. http://news.minnesota.publicradio.org/features/200205/08_mccalluml_stucksession/?refid=0 Wed, 08 May 2002 12:00:00 -0500 A role switch: DFL united, GOP fighting Senate Majority Leader Roger Moe was back at the Capitol Monday, two days after winning the DFL endorsement for governor. The party appears to be united behind Moe, who will likely spend the next two weeks juggling campaign work with the legislative session. His potential opponents for governor are starting to take shots at Moe - and each other. http://news.minnesota.publicradio.org/features/200205/06_mccalluml_dflyunity/?refid=0 Mon, 06 May 2002 12:00:00 -0500 Campaign 2002 Profile: Roger Moe When about 1,300 DFL activists meet this weekend in Minneapolis for their state party convention, one of their biggest decisions will be who to endorse for governor. Early delegate counts show Roger Moe with a slim lead over his major rivals, State Auditor Judy Dutcher and state Sen. Becky Lourey. Moe, the longtime Senate Majority Leader, says he's optimistic he'll get the endorsement, and confident he's the best person to try to regain the governor's office for the DFL. http://news.minnesota.publicradio.org/features/200204/30_mccalluml_moe/?refid=0 Tue, 30 Apr 2002 12:00:00 -0500 Sullivan taps Scheevel as running mate Republican gubernatorial hopeful Brian Sullivan on Friday tapped a southern Minnesota farmer, state Sen. Kenric Scheevel, as his running mate. http://news.minnesota.publicradio.org/features/200204/26_mccalluml_runningmate/?refid=0 Fri, 26 Apr 2002 12:00:00 -0500 Gubernatorial candidates debate; Greens shut out The five major DFL and Republican candidates for governor shared a stage for the first time in the campaign Wednesday night. The five participated in a student-sponsored debate at the University of Minnesota. Questions about higher education, jobs and affordable housing highlighted the differences between the Democrats and Republicans. http://news.minnesota.publicradio.org/features/200204/18_mccalluml_debate/?refid=0 Thu, 18 Apr 2002 12:00:00 -0500 Ad Watch: Taking credit If recent television ads are any indication, education will be one of the top issues in this year's U.S. Senate race. An ad for Republican Norm Coleman touts Coleman's educational achievements during his two terms as mayor of St. Paul. Democrats say Coleman is taking credit for things he didn't do. A recent ad for Coleman's opponent, DFL incumbent Sen. Paul Wellstone, highlighted Wellstone's push for more education funding. http://news.minnesota.publicradio.org/features/200204/17_mccalluml_adwatch/?refid=0 Wed, 17 Apr 2002 12:00:00 -0500 'Not a dollar of common ground' as budget talks open On the day the Legislature hoped to leave town for the year, House and Senate leaders conceded that it'll be a struggle to get done before mid-April. http://news.minnesota.publicradio.org/features/200203/27_mccalluml_budget/?refid=0 Wed, 27 Mar 2002 12:00:00 -0600 House road plan includes no gas tax increase Continuing to reject tax increases this session, House Republicans passed a road funding bill Tuesday that doesn't raise the gas tax. http://news.minnesota.publicradio.org/features/200203/26_mccalluml_transportation/?refid=0 Tue, 26 Mar 2002 12:00:00 -0600 Kennedy opts for 6th District, and possible bout with Luther Second District Congressman Mark Kennedy has announced he'll run for re-election in the new 6th District. A new political map released by the courts last week moved Kennedy out of the 2nd District and into the 6th. The freshman Republican faced pressure from state and national party officials to try to unseat Democratic Congressman Bill Luther. http://news.minnesota.publicradio.org/features/200203/25_mccalluml_kennedy/?refid=0 Mon, 25 Mar 2002 12:00:00 -0600 House passes contract bill minus same-sex benefits In an unusual move, the Minnesota House approved labor contracts negotiated with state employee unions, after removing health benefits for same-sex domestic partners. Senate DFL leaders support the benefits, and Gov. Ventura called the House action 'homophobic.' http://news.minnesota.publicradio.org/features/200203/22_mccalluml_domesticbenefits/?refid=0 Fri, 22 Mar 2002 12:00:00 -0600 House approves anti-terrorism bill The House adopted a broad anti-terrorism bill aimed at giving police more training, emergency workers more equipment and prosecutors more power. http://news.minnesota.publicradio.org/features/200203/21_mccalluml_terrorism/?refid=0 Thu, 21 Mar 2002 12:00:00 -0600 Big gas tax increase accompanies transportation package passed by Senate The Minnesota Senate has passed the largest transportation funding package in state history. It would put an additional $5 billion into roads and transit over the next decade. The Ventura administration helped craft the bill, but House Republican leaders say its hefty price tag is irresponsible. http://news.minnesota.publicradio.org/features/200203/21_mccalluml_transportation/?refid=0 Thu, 21 Mar 2002 12:00:00 -0600 On second try, House passes bonding package The Minnesota House has passed an $839 million capital investment bill, four days after the bill was defeated. Removing funding for commuter rail appears to have been the key to passage. http://news.minnesota.publicradio.org/features/200203/18_mccalluml_bonding/?refid=0 Mon, 18 Mar 2002 12:00:00 -0600 House defeats bonding bill The Minnesota House rejected an $839 million capital investment bill Thursday night, after funding for the North Star commuter rail line was added to the bill. The speaker of the House says it's possible the House will not pass a bonding bill this session. The vote came hours after the House passed four budget-cutting bills. http://news.minnesota.publicradio.org/features/200203/15_mccalluml_bonding/?refid=0 Fri, 15 Mar 2002 12:00:00 -0600 Biodiesel survives rocky road at Legislature A bill on its way to the governor's desk would make Minnesota the first state in the country to mandate biodiesel use. The House and Senate passed the bill, requiring diesel fuel sold in the state to contain a two-percent blend of biodiesel by 2005. http://news.minnesota.publicradio.org/features/200203/12_mccalluml_biodiesel/?refid=0 Tue, 12 Mar 2002 12:00:00 -0600 Abortion plans complicate GOP plan to cut health, welfare Putting yet more twists in the budget pretzel, a House committee on Tuesday tacked two abortion-related measures to the bill that contains the bulk of the House's plan to balance the budget. http://news.minnesota.publicradio.org/features/200203/12_mccalluml_budget/?refid=0 Tue, 12 Mar 2002 12:00:00 -0600 Philosophical differences may tie up transportation package...again A House committee has approved a road funding bill, one day after a Senate committee voted for a much larger transportation funding package. The two bills are dramatically different, and transportation advocates doubt the two can be reconciled. http://news.minnesota.publicradio.org/features/200203/08_mccalluml_transportation/?refid=0 Fri, 08 Mar 2002 12:00:00 -0600 House plan stresses roads, not theaters House leaders offered a bonding plan on Thursday that's heavy on infrastructure, light on money for theaters and nearly as large as a plan proposed by Gov. Jesse Ventura which he now says the state can't afford. http://news.minnesota.publicradio.org/features/200203/07_mccalluml_bonding/?refid=0 Thu, 07 Mar 2002 12:00:00 -0600 Sullivan wins GOP straw poll The 2002 campaign season officially began Tuesday night, as Minnesotans gathered in community centers and school gymnasiums for precinct caucuses. The neighborhood gatherings are the first step in the process of choosing candidates for the November election. In an early sign of party support, Republican caucus attendees favored gubernatorial candidate Brian Sullivan over Tim Pawlenty 51 percent to 37 percent. http://news.minnesota.publicradio.org/features/200203/06_mccalluml_caucuses/?refid=0 Wed, 06 Mar 2002 12:00:00 -0600 Ad Watch Two Republican candidates for governor - Tim Pawlenty and Brian Sullivan - have been running ads to introduce themselves to voters. This is the first in a series of Ad Watches from MPR News. http://news.minnesota.publicradio.org/features/200203/05_mccalluml_adwatch/?refid=0 Tue, 05 Mar 2002 12:00:00 -0600 Senate overrides Ventura's veto The Minnesota Senate has easily overriden Gov. Ventura's veto of a plan to help balance the state budget. http://news.minnesota.publicradio.org/features/200202/28_mccalluml_budget/?refid=0 Thu, 28 Feb 2002 12:00:00 -0600 House fails to override Ventura budget veto The Minnesota House Tuesday failed to override Gov. Ventura's veto of a budget-balancing bill. The override attempt fell three votes shy of the necessary two-thirds majority. Legislators who voted against overriding the veto say the plan to deal with the state's deficit is fiscally irresponsible. Many said they specifically object to the proposal's cuts in education spending. When Gov. Ventura vetoed the bill Monday. http://news.minnesota.publicradio.org/features/200202/26_mccalluml_budget/?refid=0 Tue, 26 Feb 2002 12:00:00 -0600 Budget deal is in Ventura's court In record speed, the Minnesota Legislature has approved a budget-balancing plan and sent it to the governor. The House and Senate passed a bill that addresses the state's nearly $2 billionprojected deficit. Gov. Ventura won't say whether he'll sign it, but he's given a few reasons he could veto it. http://news.minnesota.publicradio.org/features/200202/21_mccalluml_budget/?refid=0 Thu, 21 Feb 2002 12:00:00 -0600 Ventura, House Democrats balk at budget deal Gov. Ventura blasted a budget deal reached by House and Senate leaders as an election-year gimmick. Ventura says the deal won't solve the state's budget crisis, and will only make the problem worse next year. Ventura says he hasn't decided whether to veto the plan. He'll get to make that decision soon - legislative leaders say the bill will land on his desk as early as Thursday. http://news.minnesota.publicradio.org/features/200202/21_mccalluml_budgetfolo/?refid=0 Wed, 20 Feb 2002 12:00:00 -0600 Legislative leaders reach a budget deal Legislative leaders said Tuesday they may have found a way to solve the budget crisis without Gov. Jesse Ventura's input. It also left House DFLers on their own. http://news.minnesota.publicradio.org/features/200202/19_mccalluml_venturabudget/?refid=0 Tue, 19 Feb 2002 12:00:00 -0600 Senate hands Ventura a defeat with passage of bonding bill The Minnesota Senate voted 51-13 for what would be the most expensive bonding bill in state history if signed into law. The $1.2 billion bill is larger than Gov. Ventura's bonding recommendation and bigger than what House Republicans plan to propose. http://news.minnesota.publicradio.org/features/200202/18_mccalluml_bonding/?refid=0 Mon, 18 Feb 2002 12:00:00 -0600 Ventura puts brakes on state hiring Gov. Ventura has ordered his state agencies to hold off on hiring new workers. The move doesn't go as far as the blanket hiring freeze Republican legislators are calling for, because it allows essential jobs to be filled. Still, legislative leaders are applauding the governor's action as an important step in balancing the budget. http://news.minnesota.publicradio.org/features/200202/14_mccalluml_budget/?refid=0 Thu, 14 Feb 2002 12:00:00 -0600 Candidates for governor step up attacks on Ventura State Auditor Judi Dutcher has officially entered the DFL race for governor. Dutcher says if elected, she would be a fiscal leader and a champion of public education. Meanwhile, another gubernatorial candidate, Republican Brian Sullivan, started running a new round of television ads. Both Sullivan and Dutcher used their news conferences to question the priorities of Gov. Jesse Ventura, who hasn't said whether he's running for re-election. http://news.minnesota.publicradio.org/features/200202/13_mccalluml_dutcher/?refid=0 Wed, 13 Feb 2002 12:00:00 -0600 Commuter rail plan stalls at Capitol stop Gov. Ventura is accusing lawmakers of playing politics with transportation projects. He wants the Legislature to fund his proposal for a commuter rail line between St. Cloud and Minneapolis. But many lawmakers are skeptical of the project, and a plan approved by a key Senate committee recommended borrowing only a fraction of the governor's proposal. http://news.minnesota.publicradio.org/features/200202/12_mccalluml_commuterrail/?refid=0 Tue, 12 Feb 2002 12:00:00 -0600 Senate passes budget plan Less than two weeks into the 2002 session, the Minnesota Senate has passed a budget-balancing plan. The Senate Monday voted 35-31 for a plan that would erase the nearly $2 billion shortfall this biennium. But it's unlikely the DFL-sponsored plan will win easy approval from the Republican-controlled House or Gov. Ventura. http://news.minnesota.publicradio.org/features/200202/11_mccalluml_senatebudget/?refid=0 Mon, 11 Feb 2002 12:00:00 -0600 House Republicans detail budget plan House Republicans proposed trimming 2,650 state jobs, tapping a smoking prevention endowment and drawing down state reserves to solve Minnesota's budget problems. http://news.minnesota.publicradio.org/features/200202/07_mccalluml_budgetplans/?refid=0 Thu, 07 Feb 2002 12:00:00 -0600 The surrogate debate A Minnesota House committee began debating a bill dealing with surrogate motherhood that critics say will lead to baby selling. http://news.minnesota.publicradio.org/features/200202/07_mccalluml_surrogate/?refid=0 Wed, 06 Feb 2002 12:00:00 -0600 No appetite for taxes Lawyers, auto mechanics and newspaper publishers object to Gov. Ventura's plan to increase taxes to pay for a budget deficit. http://news.minnesota.publicradio.org/features/200202/04_mccalluml_taxes/?refid=0 Mon, 04 Feb 2002 12:00:00 -0600 Ventura proposes $16 million in four-year anti-terrorism plan Gov. Jesse Ventura revealed an anti-terrorism spending package Thursday that is far leaner than plans proposed by Senate Democrats and House Republicans. http://news.minnesota.publicradio.org/features/200201/30_mccalluml_terrorism/?refid=0 Thu, 31 Jan 2002 12:00:00 -0600 Lawmakers avoid big battles as session gets going The 2002 legislative session got off to a fairly tame start. While lawmakers and the governor will battle over the budget, bonding, and contentious social issues in the coming weeks, the session began with few fireworks. A threatened vote on concealed handgun legislation did not happen, but lawmakers debated a state hiring freeze and took a few shots at the governor. http://news.minnesota.publicradio.org/features/200201/29_mccalluml_sessionbegins/?refid=0 Tue, 29 Jan 2002 12:00:00 -0600 Analysis: Higher education is winner in bonding derby One of their top agenda items for the Legislature is assembling a package of public works projects. Gov. Ventura is recommending $845 million in projects, and some legislators want to borrow even more. A look at the last 20 years of major capital investment bills shows where the state has spent most of its money. http://news.minnesota.publicradio.org/features/200201/28_mccalluml_bonding/?refid=0 Mon, 28 Jan 2002 12:00:00 -0600 Election year motives could influence legislative session Perhaps more than in any other year since Gov. Ventura took office, politics will dominate the 2002 legislative session. Politicians are eyeing this year's governor's race, lawmakers are supposed to re-draw the state's political districts, and all 201 legislative seats are on the ballot this November. Politics will influence votes on issues ranging from abortion to taxes. http://news.minnesota.publicradio.org/features/200201/24_mccalluml_politics/?refid=0 Thu, 24 Jan 2002 12:00:00 -0600 Ventura's tax plans panned at Capitol One week before the start of the 2002 legislative session, Gov. Ventura's budget plan is already getting panned at the Capitol. Legislators and advocacy groups are criticizing various elements of Ventura's proposal to deal with a projected $2 billion budget shortfall. http://news.minnesota.publicradio.org/features/200201/22_mccalluml_gastax/?refid=0 Tue, 22 Jan 2002 12:00:00 -0600 Ventura proposes spending cuts, tax increases to fix deficit Gov. Ventura has outlined his plan for addressing a nearly $2 billion projected budget deficit, and there's plenty of pain to go around. He's proposing cuts in every major area of the state budget, and increased taxes on gasoline, tobacco and some services. Legislative leaders didn't find much to like in the plan. http://news.minnesota.publicradio.org/features/200201/10_mccalluml_venturabudget/?refid=0 Thu, 10 Jan 2002 12:00:00 -0600 Arts groups seek bonding money When Minnesota lawmakers converge on the Capitol at the end of January for the 2002 legislative session, one of their main agenda items is crafting a bonding bill. They'll winnow down more than $2 billion worth of requests for building projects. Among them is more than $140 million in requests for new or renovated arts buildings. http://news.minnesota.publicradio.org/features/200201/04_mccalluml_artsbonding/?refid=0 Fri, 04 Jan 2002 12:00:00 -0600 Ventura threatens cuts if lawmakers dally on budget deficit Gov. Ventura spelled out the state's budget woes and the tough choices ahead during his State of the State address. He said the way to fix a budget shortfall is to either cut spending and/or raise taxes. He said those were the only legitimate options and that he wouldn't stand for state lawmakers using election-year budget gimmicks as a quick fix. http://news.minnesota.publicradio.org/features/200201/03_mccalluml_sos/?refid=0 Wed, 02 Jan 2002 12:00:00 -0600 Bridging the gender gap in governor's office There's a good chance the DFL candidate for governor in 2002 will be a woman. Others may still enter the race, but for now, the DFL race is between two women - State Auditor Judi Dutcher and State Sen. Becky Lourey. A woman has never been on the ballot for governor in Minnesota. The presence of Dutcher and Lourey in the race has many political observers, especially women, saying it's about time. http://news.minnesota.publicradio.org/features/200112/27_mccalluml_womengov/?refid=0 Thu, 27 Dec 2001 12:00:00 -0600 New leader, same agenda for MCCL Minnesota's largest anti-abortion group has a new leader. Scott Fischbach took over as executive director of Minnesota Citizens Concerned for Life in December. He replaced the MCCL's leader of 18 years, Jackie Schwietz, who was widely viewed as one of the most effective lobbyists at the state Capitol. Fischbach says he'll build on Schwietz' success, although he may have a different style. http://news.minnesota.publicradio.org/features/200112/21_mccalluml_fischbach/?refid=0 Fri, 21 Dec 2001 12:00:00 -0600 Ventura vows a four-year fix for budget Gov. Jesse Ventura promised Tuesday to fix the state's budget for four years instead of simply applying a two-year patch as required under the state constitution. http://news.minnesota.publicradio.org/features/200112/11_mccalluml_budget/?refid=0 Tue, 11 Dec 2001 12:00:00 -0600 Spend or save? When Minnesota finance officials announced a projected $2 billion budget shortfall, some lawmakers began calling for a big public works bill to jumpstart the state's economy. Supporters of borrowing a lot of money for building projects say it will create jobs. Others are urging fiscal restraint in a time of deficit. http://news.minnesota.publicradio.org/features/200112/10_mccalluml_bonding/?refid=0 Mon, 10 Dec 2001 12:00:00 -0600 Nonprofits claim they're singled out in budget mess State Finance Commissioner Pam Wheelock told Minnesota nonprofit organizations Wednesday that they aren't being singled out for budget cuts. http://news.minnesota.publicradio.org/features/200112/05_mccalluml_nonprofits/?refid=0 Wed, 05 Dec 2001 12:00:00 -0600 State's fall revenue forecast coming up $1.95 billion short Minnesota has a projected budget shortfall of nearly $2 billion. That's almost double what many legislators had expected. The deficit means Gov. Ventura and the Legislature will need to look at cutting spending, dipping into the state's budget reserve and raising taxes to balance the budget. http://news.minnesota.publicradio.org/features/200112/04_mccalluml_budgetforecast/?refid=0 Tue, 04 Dec 2001 12:00:00 -0600 Budget forecast paints bleak backdrop for legislative session Minnesota finance officials release the state's latest revenue Tuesday. The forecast will show a budget shortfall that many legislators expect to be around $1 billion. The state's first deficit in nearly a decade will mean tough choices - and lots of fingerpointing - in the 2002 session. http://news.minnesota.publicradio.org/features/200112/03_mccalluml_budget/?refid=0 Mon, 03 Dec 2001 12:00:00 -0600 Ventura tax plan may be dead on arrival at Capitol Legislative leaders are dismissing Gov. Ventura's idea to expand the state sales tax to cover some services. http://news.minnesota.publicradio.org/features/200111/29_mccalluml_taxplan/?refid=0 Thu, 29 Nov 2001 12:00:00 -0600 Nonprofits scramble in wake of grant freeze Minnesota nonprofit organizations and some legislative leaders are outraged over a Ventura administration decision to temporarily freeze new state grants. State officials say the move gives state agencies more flexibility to deal with a looming budget shortfall. Critics say the action jeopardizes essential services for teens, the elderly and people with HIV. http://news.minnesota.publicradio.org/features/200111/28_mccalluml_nonprofits/?refid=0 Wed, 28 Nov 2001 12:00:00 -0600 Anti-terrorism measures test limits of civil liberties The Ventura administration has released a series of anti-terrorism initiatives. The proposals range from expanded background checks to updated quarantine laws. State officials say they expect widespread legislative support, but privacy advocates are already starting to raise questions. http://news.minnesota.publicradio.org/features/200111/22_mccalluml_terrorism/?refid=0 Thu, 22 Nov 2001 12:00:00 -0600 Ventura concerned about security for himself Gov. Ventura reassured Minnesotans this week that the state is prepared to deal with a terrorist attack. But even as he has tried to calm the public, Ventura has shown increasing concern about the security of the state Capitol - and his own personal protection. http://news.minnesota.publicradio.org/features/200111/15_mccalluml_govsecurity/?refid=0 Thu, 15 Nov 2001 12:00:00 -0600 Lourey announces bid for governor State Sen. Becky Lourey has officially entered the 2002 governor's race. The DFLer from northern Minnesota says she's running for governor because 'the state needs a leader, not a celebrity.' Gov. Ventura hasn't said whether he's running for a second term. A year before the election, Lourey is the first Democrat to formally announce a gubernatorial bid, but she won't be the last. http://news.minnesota.publicradio.org/features/200111/15_mccalluml_lourey/?refid=0 Thu, 15 Nov 2001 12:00:00 -0600 Voting begins on state workers' contract http://news.minnesota.publicradio.org/features/200111/12_mccalluml_strikermood/?refid=0 Mon, 12 Nov 2001 12:00:00 -0600 Health officials: More training, less panic for anthrax scare Minnesota doctors and nurses say they need more supplies and training to deal with a bioterrorist attack. Two Minnesota House committees held a hearing on bioterrorism and key lawmakers say they want to alleviate public fear about anthrax and other forms of bioterrorism. http://news.minnesota.publicradio.org/features/200111/05_mccalluml_bioterrorism/?refid=0 Mon, 05 Nov 2001 12:00:00 -0600 It's back to work for 23,000 state employees With a mixture of relief and anger, state employees returned to their jobs Monday after a two-week walkout. Meanwhile, a poll taken just before the settlement showed Minnesotans favored the Ventura administration over the strikers. http://news.minnesota.publicradio.org/features/200110/15_mccalluml_strike/?refid=0 Mon, 15 Oct 2001 12:00:00 -0500 Striking union members rally before new talks begin If the state wants more than 23,000 workers back on the job, it will have to settle with both striking unions, labor leaders said Wednesday. http://news.minnesota.publicradio.org/features/200110/10_newsroom_strikeday10/?refid=0 Wed, 10 Oct 2001 12:00:00 -0500 Ventura says he'll meet with union members - as long as media isn't there At the end of the first week of Minnesota's largest state employee strike, no new talks are scheduled and neither side shows any sign of movement. State officials say state government is weathering the loss of about 23,000 workers, and Gov. Ventura says the striking workers should accept the state's offer and come back to work. http://news.minnesota.publicradio.org/features/200110/05_newsroom_strikeday5/?refid=0 Fri, 05 Oct 2001 12:00:00 -0500 Minnesota ready to respond to terrorism, officials insist State officials say Minnesota is prepared for the threat of terrorism, despite having as many as half of its workers on strike. They say the state has been preparing for the possibility of a terrorist attack for years, and those plans aren't compromised by Minnesota's largest state employee strike. Members of AFSCME and MAPE were originally set to strike the week after the September 11 attacks, but delayed the strike for two weeks. http://news.minnesota.publicradio.org/features/200110/04_mccalluml_terrorism/?refid=0 Thu, 04 Oct 2001 12:00:00 -0500 Day 3: Who pays the health insurance? On the third day of Minnesota's largest state employee strike, many of the workers walking the picket lines say their main reason for striking is the health insurance package offered by the state. State officials say years of double-digit health insurance increases leave the state with no choice but to pass some of those costs onto employees, just as the private sector has done. The unions say they're willing to absorb some of the costs, but say the increase in out-of-pocket expenses will dwarf any pay raise for many employees. http://news.minnesota.publicradio.org/features/200110/03_mccalluml_strikeday3/?refid=0 Wed, 03 Oct 2001 12:00:00 -0500 Strikers say health benefits are main issue in strike On day two of Minnesota's largest state employee strike, thousands of state workers walked the picket lines, and no new talks are scheduled. State officials say state government is still functioning, although at a reduced level of service. Union leaders say much of the stalemate centers around health insurance. http://news.minnesota.publicradio.org/features/200110/02_mccalluml_strikeday2/?refid=0 Tue, 02 Oct 2001 12:00:00 -0500 The strike begins The largest state employee strike in Minnesota history - the first in 20 years - began Monday morning, when as many as 28,000 members of the state's two largest employee unions walked out. That's more than half of the state's workforce. Leaders of AFSCME and MAPE authorized the strike after contract talks with the state broke down over the weekend. http://news.minnesota.publicradio.org/features/200109/30_helmsm_strike/?refid=0 Sun, 30 Sep 2001 12:00:00 -0500 State official defends sky-high gas prices Minnesota's commerce commissioner has told lawmakers that retailers who hiked gas prices the night of September 11 were not gouging consumers. Jim Bernstein says gas stations were merely responding to panicked customers willing to wait in line for gas at any price. Attorney General Mike Hatch called that explanation "hogwash," and says he'd support legislation to cap gas prices during a state of emergency. http://news.minnesota.publicradio.org/features/200109/26_mccalluml_gasprices/?refid=0 Wed, 26 Sep 2001 12:00:00 -0500 Hatch releases audit of Allina Minnesota Attorney General Mike Hatch has released his year-and-a-half-long investigation into the state's largest health-care organization, Allina Health System. At the same time, Allina announced it's agreed to pay $16 million to settle a federal investigation into improper billing. The two actions end the state and federal probes into Allina, and the company says it's trying to move forward with new management and policies preventing wasteful spending. http://news.minnesota.publicradio.org/features/200109/24_mccalluml_allina/?refid=0 Mon, 24 Sep 2001 12:00:00 -0500 State lawmakers look at helping Northwest As Congress considers a $24 billion airline bailout package, some Minnesota legislative leaders think the state should look at ways to help Northwest Airlines, one of the state's largest private employers. But there is no concensus on whether the state should step in with assistance. http://news.minnesota.publicradio.org/features/200109/18_mccalluml_bailout/?refid=0 Tue, 18 Sep 2001 12:00:00 -0500 Ventura proves his popularity Gov. Jesse Ventura wrapped up his tour of southwestern Minnesota in New Ulm Friday. Ventura sampled beer, got close to the town's famous monument and broadcast his weekly radio show from German Park. The visit almost felt like a campaign swing, but Ventura insists he's putting off a decision on whether to run for re-election until next year. http://news.minnesota.publicradio.org/features/200109/07_mccalluml_ventura/?refid=0 Fri, 07 Sep 2001 12:00:00 -0500 Pawlenty announces bid for governor Republican House Majority Leader Tim Pawlenty ended speculation about his political plans by jumping into the race for governor in 2002. Pawlenty is the first candidate to formally announce a gubernatorial bid, although several other candidates are actively campaigning and others are considering running. http://news.minnesota.publicradio.org/features/200109/05_mccalluml_pawlenty/?refid=0 Wed, 05 Sep 2001 12:00:00 -0500 Serving up politics at the State Fair Along with the pronto pups and cheese curds, the one thing you're bound to find at the Minnesota State Fair is politicians. With more than one and a half million visitors each year, the state fair is prime campaign territory - even if the election is more than a year away. http://news.minnesota.publicradio.org/features/200108/29_mccalluml_fairpolitics/?refid=0 Wed, 29 Aug 2001 12:00:00 -0500 State, employees prepare for strike Two months after lawmakers barely averted a government shutdown, the state is now facing another potential shutdown because of a labor dispute. About 30,000 state employees vote this week on whether to walk off the job in mid-September. If members of the state's two largest public employee unions reject the state's latest contract offer, it would be the first state employee strike in twenty years - and the largest ever. Union representatives say a strike appears imminent, and state officials are preparing for the possibility. http://news.minnesota.publicradio.org/features/200108/27_mccalluml_statestrike/?refid=0 Mon, 27 Aug 2001 12:00:00 -0500 The checks are in the mail For the third year in a row, rebate checks have begun arriving in Minnesotans' mailboxes. Checks totaling nearly $800 million are going out to about 3.4 million Minnesota taxpayers. But Gov. Ventura says there's no guarantee there will be a fourth round of rebate checks, and he's urging taxpayers to make sure local officials keep a lid on taxes. http://news.minnesota.publicradio.org/features/200108/20_mccalluml_rebate/?refid=0 Mon, 20 Aug 2001 12:00:00 -0500 Wave of publicity could propel Hatch higher There's one Minnesota politician who's attracted more media coverage than Gov. Ventura this summer: Attorney General Mike Hatch. Hatch has been in the news recently for his investigation of Allina Health System, and throughout his term, has gotten attention for focusing on health care, privacy and consumer issues. Political observers say Hatch would be smart to seek a second term next year, although the Democrat has long sought the office across the hall - the one occupied by Jesse Ventura. http://news.minnesota.publicradio.org/features/200108/16_mccalluml_hatch/?refid=0 Thu, 16 Aug 2001 12:00:00 -0500 Hatch's threat forced Medica board's ouster The board of Allina's Medica HMO has been replaced by an entirely new slate and the Allina board could be next. Some observers have wondered why the company appears to be giving in to Hatch's demands without a fight. Minnesota Public Radio has learned that the possibility Hatch's office might put the company into receivership put pressure on some board members to go along with the attorney general's recommendations. http://news.minnesota.publicradio.org/features/200108/03_mccalluml_allina2/?refid=0 Fri, 03 Aug 2001 12:00:00 -0500 Poll: Wellstone may be in tight 2002 race An MPR-Pioneer Press poll indicates Minnesota's next U.S. Senate race is a close one, although the 2002 election is still 16 months away. The poll shows Democratic Sen. Paul Wellstone, who's seeking his third term, and Republican challenger Norm Coleman running neck and neck. http://news.minnesota.publicradio.org/features/200107/11_mccalluml_senatepoll/?refid=0 Wed, 11 Jul 2001 12:00:00 -0500 Poll: Ventura retains popularity Gov. Ventura has emerged from a bruising legislative session with his approval ratings intact. In the first poll since a special session narrowly averted a government shutdown, Ventura's approval ratings have remained steady, and nearly half of those polled think he should run for a second term next year. http://news.minnesota.publicradio.org/features/200107/10_mccalluml_venturapoll/?refid=0 Tue, 10 Jul 2001 12:00:00 -0500 Lawmakers agree on transit bill; Senate passes K-12 Negotiators have reached an agreement on a transportation bill at the Capitol and are putting the finishing touches on the state government operations bill. The House and Senate must still pass both bills, along with the health and human services bill. http://news.minnesota.publicradio.org/features/200106/29_scheckt_transit/?refid=0 Fri, 29 Jun 2001 12:00:00 -0500 Clock Ticks Toward Shutdown With four days to go before a potential government shutdown, Minnesota lawmakers are still wrestling with tax and spending issues. State employees picketed at more than 60 state buildings Tuesday to urge the Legislature to pass a new two-year budget before state funding runs out this weekend. Legislative leaders say they should be able to avoid a shutdown, but have yet to resolve some thorny issues from abortion to welfare reform. http://news.minnesota.publicradio.org/features/200106/26_mccalluml_protest/?refid=0 Tue, 26 Jun 2001 12:00:00 -0500 Action returns to Capitol The House and Senate Monday pass legislation funding higher education and environment and agriculture programs. The move marks the first major action by the Legislature in the two-week old special session. http://news.minnesota.publicradio.org/features/200106/25_mccalluml_session/?refid=0 Mon, 25 Jun 2001 12:00:00 -0500 Lights out for 'lights on'? Senate Democrats have introduced legislation to keep state government running if lawmakers fail to pass a new budget by July 1. House Republicans rejected the idea, along with a House DFL attempt to pass a sales-tax rebate. With the prospect of a government shutdown increasing by the day, the attorney general's office asked the courts to fund critical government functions if a shutdown occurs. http://news.minnesota.publicradio.org/features/200106/21_mccalluml_shutdown/?refid=0 Thu, 21 Jun 2001 12:00:00 -0500 Criticism of Ventura mounts as shutdown nears More than four weeks after the regular session adjourned, lawmakers continue to negotiate major tax and spending issues, but have yet to reach agreement. Some current and former legislative leaders say one factor in the protracted stalemate is Gov. Ventura's involvement - or lack thereof - in the negotiations. http://news.minnesota.publicradio.org/features/200106/20_mccalluml_ventura/?refid=0 Wed, 20 Jun 2001 12:00:00 -0500 Progress Proves Elusive Four weeks after the regular session adjourned, legislators still haven't resolved major tax and spending issues. The House and Senate held floor sessions Monday, but accomplished little. Some Republicans are accusing Senate Democrats of trying to avoid passing a tax bill, while DFLers say House Republicans haven't adequately addressed their concerns about education funding and the structure of property tax reform. http://news.minnesota.publicradio.org/features/200106/18_mccalluml_weektwo/?refid=0 Mon, 18 Jun 2001 12:00:00 -0500 State, Union Agree To Shutdown Plan The state and public employee unions have reached agreement on a plan to pay state workers if there's a government shutdown July 1. The move comes as legislative leaders appear no closer to a budget deal than they did when the special session began on Monday. http://news.minnesota.publicradio.org/features/200106/15_mccalluml_noprogress/?refid=0 Fri, 15 Jun 2001 12:00:00 -0500 Ventura Wants Agreement By Friday Gov. Jesse Ventura on Thursday told legislative leaders to reach agreement on tax and spending bills by tomorrow. On day four of the special session, the House and Senate remained deadlocked on major budget issues. Some lawmakers have suggested both bodies simply pass their own versions of tax and spending bills, send them to the governor and let him decide. But in an interview with MPR, Ventura said that scenerio means the Legislature is shirking its responsibility to agree on a new two-year budget. http://news.minnesota.publicradio.org/features/200106/14_mccalluml_moretalks/?refid=0 Thu, 14 Jun 2001 12:00:00 -0500 Ventura Prods Lawmakers Gov. Jesse Ventura on Tuesday blamed Senate Democrats for the budget stalemate, and said he would probably veto a "lights-on" budget that kept government running but didn't include a tax bill. House Republicans say if the governor puts pressure on the Senate, he could bring a quick end to the special session. Senate DFL leaders say Ventura's comments are misleading. http://news.minnesota.publicradio.org/features/200106/12_mccalluml_daytwo/?refid=0 Tue, 12 Jun 2001 12:00:00 -0500 Special Session Begins With No End In Sight Minnesota lawmakers returned to the Capitol on Monday for the 40th special session in state history. The Legislature adjourned its regular session three weeks ago without passing a new two-year budget. The House and Senate remain divided on tax and spending issues, and both sides seem to be running out of ideas to end the stalemate. http://news.minnesota.publicradio.org/features/200106/11_mccalluml_sessionopen/?refid=0 Mon, 11 Jun 2001 12:00:00 -0500 Ventura Calls Special Session Gov. Jesse Ventura has called a special session for Monday at 8 a.m., putting legislators who have yet to reach a budget deal on the spot. Legislative leaders say they made some progress toward reaching agreement Thursday, but they say a Monday special session is a bad idea. Legislators are also weighing the impact of new numbers showing a weakening state economy. http://news.minnesota.publicradio.org/features/200106/07_mccalluml_sessionon/?refid=0 Thu, 07 Jun 2001 12:00:00 -0500 Minnesota Economy Weakens; Rebate Checks May Shrink As budget talks reach a heightened stage of concern, new data show that the state's economy is weakening, state economists said Thursday. http://news.minnesota.publicradio.org/features/200106/07_mccalluml_shrinkingsurplus/?refid=0 Thu, 07 Jun 2001 12:00:00 -0500 Tension Increases as Capitol Clock Ticks Gov. Ventura says state agencies are preparing for a government shutdown, as the budget standoff worsens. Meanwhile, legislative leaders are barely talking to each other. http://news.minnesota.publicradio.org/features/200106/06_mccalluml_legis/?refid=0 Wed, 06 Jun 2001 12:00:00 -0500 Details Still Divide Lawmakers Two weeks after the Legislature adjourned its regular session, lawmakers still haven't worked out the details on seven major tax and spending bills. Legislative leaders say it would take a miracle for them to finish their work by Wednesday, when Gov. Jesse Ventura wants to call a special session. The biggest sticking point hasn't changed - a debate over the level of education spending and the make-up of property tax cuts in the tax bill. http://news.minnesota.publicradio.org/features/200106/04_mccalluml_nodeal/?refid=0 Mon, 04 Jun 2001 12:00:00 -0500 Final Pleas Aired At Capitol Advocates for women, children and low-income families came to the Capitol on Wednesday in a last-ditch effort to influence Minnesota lawmakers before they make final decisions on a new two-year state budget. Conference committees are still working out the details of tax and spending bills under the framework of a budget deal reached last week. Critics say the agreement shortchanges women and children, and the number of disgruntled lawmakers who don't like the deal is growing. http://news.minnesota.publicradio.org/features/200105/30_mccalluml_lastplea/?refid=0 Wed, 30 May 2001 12:00:00 -0500 Lawmakers Cast Blame For Unfinished Business The 2001 Legislature will adjourn by midnight Monday without a major budget agreement. Lawmakers could leave the Capitol without sending the governor any sweeping spending or tax bills. Under any circumstances, a special session has become a certainty. While unfinished business has prompted several special sessions in recent memory, no one can at the Capitol can recall having as much left to address as lawmakers face this year. And that situation has prompted a round of finger-pointing between Gov. Jesse Ventura and the Legislature. http://news.minnesota.publicradio.org/features/200105/21_mccalluml_blamegame/?refid=0 Mon, 21 May 2001 12:00:00 -0500 Week Ends Without Budget Deal Another day of budget negotiations passed at the Capitol on Friday with no deal. Legislative leaders have been meeting on and off with aides to Gov. Jesse Ventura to try to break a logjam over major tax and spending issues. With less than four days left until Monday's adjournment deadline, a special session seems inevitable, and there's plenty of finger-pointing going on. http://news.minnesota.publicradio.org/features/200105/18_mccalluml_deadlock/?refid=0 Fri, 18 May 2001 12:00:00 -0500 House, Senate Look for Options as Ventura Vetoes Health Bill Over Abortion Gov. Jesse Ventura vetoed a $6.3 billion health and human services bill over an abortion waiting period Tuesday, even as the Senate pried the provision off another version of the bill. http://news.minnesota.publicradio.org/features/200105/15_mccalluml_abortion/?refid=0 Tue, 15 May 2001 12:00:00 -0500 Lawmakers Play 'Chicken' over Abortion Bill A massive health and human services spending bill that contains a 24-hour waiting period for abortions is languishing on Republican House Speaker Steve Sviggum's desk, delaying an almost-certain gubernatorial veto. Both sides in the abortion debate are accusing each other of playing politics. http://news.minnesota.publicradio.org/features/200105/14_mccalluml_abortion/?refid=0 Mon, 14 May 2001 12:00:00 -0500 Abortion Waiting Period Passes in House The Minnesota House has voted 89-43 for a $6.3 billion health and human services funding bill, that includes a 24-hour abortion waiting period. Gov. Jesse Ventura says he'll veto the entire bill if it arrives on his desk with the abortion provision. His veto would cut off state funding for programs ranging from nursing homes to welfare on July 1. Supporters of the waiting period say Ventura should reconsider his threat. http://news.minnesota.publicradio.org/features/200105/11_mccalluml_hhs/?refid=0 Fri, 11 May 2001 12:00:00 -0500 Tax Plan Passes Senate The Minnesota Senate has passed a $600 million tax bill on a largely party-line vote. Republicans mocked the bill as a puny attempt to throw crumbs at taxpayers, while DFLers say they wanted to balance tax relief with new spending on education, transportation and health care. http://news.minnesota.publicradio.org/features/200105/11_mccalluml_taxes/?refid=0 Fri, 11 May 2001 12:00:00 -0500 Property Taxes Emerge as Favored Target The Minnesota House has overwhelmingly approved a $1.5 billion tax bill. The bill picked up 39 DFL votes, because many Democrats like its emphasis on cutting property taxes and eliminating the so-called 'sick tax.' http://news.minnesota.publicradio.org/features/200105/04_mccalluml_taxbill/?refid=0 Fri, 04 May 2001 12:00:00 -0500 Politics on a Three-Legged Stool Minnesota lawmakers have spent the past week passing major spending bills funding higher education, transportation, agriculture and other priorities. Now comes the hard part: getting the House, Senate and governor together on the major budget issues. http://news.minnesota.publicradio.org/features/200105/03_mccalluml_budget/?refid=0 Thu, 03 May 2001 12:00:00 -0500 Standoff Over Abortion Looms at Capitol Abortion politics played out in the Minnesota Senate as an abortion waiting period, vetoed by Gov. Ventura last year, was added to a massive health-spending bill. The abortion provision prompted the bill's sponsor to set the spending package aside before a final vote. Abortion opponents call the move an abuse of power, but supporters of legalized abortion say they're not willing to put an $8 billion bill at risk of a gubernatorial veto. http://news.minnesota.publicradio.org/features/200105/01_mccalluml_abortion/?refid=0 Tue, 01 May 2001 12:00:00 -0500 Differences in Human Services Bills Focuses on Abortion Provision HeAlong partisan lines, a House committee approved a wide-ranging $6.3 billion health and human services funding bill. Democrats say it neglects children's health, teen pregnancy prevention and welfare recipients. It also includes an abortion provision that Gov. Ventura has threatened to veto. http://news.minnesota.publicradio.org/features/200104/25_mccalluml_hhs/?refid=0 Wed, 25 Apr 2001 12:00:00 -0500 Biodiesel Debate Pits Farmers Against Transportation Industry A bill working its way through the Legislature would make Minnesota the first state to mandate the sale of biodiesel, an alternative fuel made from vegetable oil or animal fat. The bill, which gets a hearing in the House Transportation Finance Thursday, pits farmers against the trucking industry. Opponents say there are too many unanswered questions about biodiesel, while supporters say the proposal is something the state can do to help farmers. http://news.minnesota.publicradio.org/features/200104/19_mccalluml_fat/?refid=0 Thu, 19 Apr 2001 12:00:00 -0500 Low High-Tech Ranking Gives Legislators Ammunition The Twin Cities' shaky 10th-place showing in rankings of metropolitan areas' New Economy strength served as ammunition Thursday for a trio of DFL lawmakers seeking more money to bolster the state's high-tech sector. http://news.minnesota.publicradio.org/features/200104/19_mccalluml_hitech/?refid=0 Thu, 19 Apr 2001 12:00:00 -0500 Handgun Bill is Down, Not Out A 'concealed carry' handgun bill, that was picking up steam at the Capitol, was dealt a major blow Friday. After two hours of debate, a key Senate committee defeated the bill, making it much trickier to get the bill through the Legislature. But supporters say the proposal is far from dead. http://news.minnesota.publicradio.org/features/200104/06_mccalluml_guns/?refid=0 Fri, 06 Apr 2001 12:00:00 -0500 Legislature-Lobbyist Relations Strained Last week's unusually angry outburst against lobbyists by a key legislator has many state Capitol insiders wondering what set it off. House Commerce Committee Chairman Greg Davids called the successful effort to kill wine sales in grocery stores 'the most disgusting, underhanded, unethical, pathetic, dishonest, dishonorable show of lobbying' that he's ever seen. http://news.minnesota.publicradio.org/features/200104/03_mccalluml_lobbying/?refid=0 Tue, 03 Apr 2001 12:00:00 -0500 Abortion Waiting Period Bill Passes First Test Just days before the first legislative committee deadline, abortion bills are gaining strength at the Capitol. A bill to create a special <i>Choose Life</i> license plate, and one to require a 24-hour waiting period before a woman could get an abortion cleared their first legislative hurdle. But Gov. Ventura says he'll veto both bills if they land on his desk. http://news.minnesota.publicradio.org/features/200103/28_mccalluml_abortion/?refid=0 Wed, 28 Mar 2001 12:00:00 -0600 A Simmering Feud Gov. Ventura says he's considering asking for legislation to bar Minnesota teachers from striking. The suggestion is the latest in a developing feud between Ventura and educators. http://news.minnesota.publicradio.org/features/200103/21_mccalluml_teachers/?refid=0 Wed, 21 Mar 2001 12:00:00 -0600 Lessons from a Legend Minnesota's eldest former governor addressed the Senate Monday March 19th, one of only two times in recent memory a former statesman has been invited to speak on the Senate floor. Elmer Anderson, 91, used his half-hour speech to reminisce about politics and criticize Gov. Ventura's budget. http://news.minnesota.publicradio.org/features/200103/19_mccalluml_anderson/?refid=0 Mon, 19 Mar 2001 12:00:00 -0600 A State-Run Casino? Leaders of Minnesota tribes that run casinos are urging Minnesota lawmakers to stay out of the casino business. Although a casino bill remains a long shot to pass this session, the issue is gaining momentum. http://news.minnesota.publicradio.org/features/200103/14_mccalluml_casino/?refid=0 Wed, 14 Mar 2001 12:00:00 -0600 Emotional Testimony at 'Concealed Carry' Hearing Emotional testimony from victims of gun violence marked a hearing on a concealed handgun bill. Two women whose parents were shot in front of them told their stories to lawmakers. But the two took different sides in the gun debate. http://news.minnesota.publicradio.org/features/200103/08_mccalluml_guns/?refid=0 Thu, 08 Mar 2001 12:00:00 -0600 Internet: The Tax Target Gov. Jesse Ventura has announced an effort to simplify the state's sales tax system. The move represents a first step toward taxing Internet sales. Ventura says it's not fair to impose sales taxes on Main Street businesses, but not e-commerce. http://news.minnesota.publicradio.org/features/200103/07_mccalluml_internettax/?refid=0 Wed, 07 Mar 2001 12:00:00 -0600 Students, Educators Rally for Increased Funding As many as 1,000 students, parents, and educators rallied at the Capitol Monday for more education spending. http://news.minnesota.publicradio.org/features/200103/05_mccalluml_edbudget/?refid=0 Mon, 05 Mar 2001 12:00:00 -0600 Lawmakers Prepare Battle Over Shrinking Budget Surplus Minnesota lawmakers will have about $600 million less than expected for tax cuts and spending increases over the next two years. For the first time in nine years, the state's revenue forecast shows a drop in projected revenues. http://news.minnesota.publicradio.org/features/200102/28_mccalluml_budget/?refid=0 Wed, 28 Feb 2001 12:00:00 -0600 The Art and Science of Budget Forecasts The governor and state lawmakers find out this week whether they still have a big budget surplus to carve up, or whether the slowing economy will lead to less money than expected for tax cuts and spending increases. Nearly everyone at the Capitol expects the earlier projection of a $3 billion dollar surplus to have shrunk when state finance officials release the latest revenue forecast on Wednesday. http://news.minnesota.publicradio.org/features/200102/26_mccalluml_budgetforecast/?refid=0 Mon, 26 Feb 2001 12:00:00 -0600 Ventura Ready for Budget Fight In an interview with Minnesota Public Radio, Gov. Jesse Ventura says he's the only one who 'can stand up to the education lobby.' Ventura says he's not backing down from his budget proposal, despite increasing pressure from lawmakers and educators. http://news.minnesota.publicradio.org/features/200102/14_mccalluml_budget/?refid=0 Wed, 14 Feb 2001 12:00:00 -0600 Poll: Some Backlash from Wellstone's Decision to Run Again An MPR poll shows half of Minnesotans support Democratic Senator Paul Wellstone's decision to seek a third term next year. In the first poll since Wellstone announced his re-election plans, Wellstone's job approval is the highest it's been since he took office, but Republicans say he's still vulnerable. http://news.minnesota.publicradio.org/features/200102/13_mccalluml_poll/?refid=0 Tue, 13 Feb 2001 12:00:00 -0600 Campaign 2002 Already Underway The 2002 election is still 21 months away, but potential candidates for governor are already testing the waters. While no one has officially announced an intention to run, more than a half-dozen potential candidates are exploring the idea. http://news.minnesota.publicradio.org/features/200102/08_mccalluml_campaign2002/?refid=0 Thu, 08 Feb 2001 12:00:00 -0600 Legislature Ready to Crack Down on Drunk Driving A bill toughening penalties for chronic drunk drivers has passed its first legislative hurdle. While most lawmakers support making repeat drunk driving a felony, the bill has stalled in previous years because of its price tag. But the bill's sponsor is predicting the bill will make it through the Legislature and be signed into law. http://news.minnesota.publicradio.org/features/200102/08_mccalluml_drunks/?refid=0 Thu, 08 Feb 2001 12:00:00 -0600 Legislators Warming to Stadium Idea The Minnesota Twins are back at the Capitol talking about a new stadium. This time, team officials are taking a go-slow approach, listening to legislators and floating ideas. Some lawmakers are warming to one idea that doesn't involve a direct taxpayer subsidy, but they say funding a new ballpark won't be a top priority during a busy budget session. http://news.minnesota.publicradio.org/features/200101/31_mccalluml_stadium/?refid=0 Wed, 31 Jan 2001 12:00:00 -0600 Let the Lobbying Begin The governor began taking his case to the public in St Paul. Meanwhile, the lobbying has begun in earnest as groups that feel short-changed by the governor's budget are starting to rally their supporters. http://news.minnesota.publicradio.org/features/200101/25_mccalluml_budget/?refid=0 Thu, 25 Jan 2001 12:00:00 -0600 A Budget with 'A Republican Look' Gov. Jesse Ventura is proposing a two-year, $27 billion budget that focuses on tax cuts and limited spending. Initial reaction at the Capitol ranged from Republican glee over the size of the tax cuts to DFL concern that there's not enough money for education, transportation and the environment. http://news.minnesota.publicradio.org/features/200101/23_mccalluml_budget/?refid=0 Tue, 23 Jan 2001 12:00:00 -0600 Wellstone Breaks Pledge; Will Run Again Minnesota Sen. Paul Wellstone ended months of speculation by announcing he <i>will</i> run for a third term in 2002. Wellstone says the political climate has changed since he pledged to serve only two terms. Wellstone's decision was praised by Democrats and panned by Republicans. http://news.minnesota.publicradio.org/features/200101/17_mccalluml_wellstone/?refid=0 Wed, 17 Jan 2001 12:00:00 -0600 Reformers Poised for Campaign Finance Assault Supporters of campaign finance reform say the 2001 session may be the best chance in years to pass significant changes. Gov. Jesse Ventura and leaders in both parties say they want to reduce the amount of money flowing into politics. http://news.minnesota.publicradio.org/features/200101/09_mccalluml_reform/?refid=0 Tue, 09 Jan 2001 12:00:00 -0600 Ventura Highlights Tax Reform in State of State Address Gov. Jesse Ventura used his second State of the State address to call for major tax cuts and government reform. Ventura wants to cut property, income and sales taxes, and change the way the Legislature does business. The governor has his work cut out for him to sell a bold agenda. http://news.minnesota.publicradio.org/features/200101/05_mccalluml_sos/?refid=0 Fri, 05 Jan 2001 12:00:00 -0600 Ventura's Tax Plan: Dead on Arrival? The reaction at the Capitol to Gov. Ventura's proposal to expand the sales tax to services has been almost universally negative from both sides of the aisle, although economists say the idea makes sense. http://news.minnesota.publicradio.org/features/200101/05_mccalluml_taxes/?refid=0 Fri, 05 Jan 2001 12:00:00 -0600 Minnesota Legislature Opens Session The 2001 legislative session got underway Wednesday with Democrats and Republicans sparring in the House. Meanwhile, in the Senate, Gov. Ventura picked up his first party ally. http://news.minnesota.publicradio.org/features/200101/03_mccalluml_sessionopens/?refid=0 Wed, 03 Jan 2001 12:00:00 -0600 Lawmakers Stand on Shifting Political Ground The major players are the same for the 2001 legislative session: a Republican-controlled House, a Senate dominated by Democrats, and an independent governor who answers to neither party. As Minnesota's experiment with tri-partisan government enters its third year, the political dynamics are shifting. http://news.minnesota.publicradio.org/features/200012/29_mccalluml_legisdynamic/?refid=0 Fri, 29 Dec 2000 12:00:00 -0600 Session 2001: The Budget Gov. Jesse Ventura will reveal his budget in late January, a budget he's spent months preparing. Political observers say the governor's second budget will define his administration by showing his top priorities. http://news.minnesota.publicradio.org/features/200012/27_mccalluml_legisbudget/?refid=0 Wed, 27 Dec 2000 12:00:00 -0600 Ventura to Lawmakers: 'Bring it On' Lawmakers at the Capitol are moving toward reigning in some of Governor Ventura's outside deals. After a hearing in Saint Paul, Ventura indicated he's ready for a fight. http://news.minnesota.publicradio.org/features/200012/19_mccalluml_ethics/?refid=0 Tue, 19 Dec 2000 12:00:00 -0600 Gore Wins... Minnesota The balloting by the Electoral College is about as ceremonial as it gets. But with this year's Florida deadlock, even Minnesota's balloting garnered more attention than usual. http://news.minnesota.publicradio.org/features/200012/18_mccalluml_electors/?refid=0 Mon, 18 Dec 2000 12:00:00 -0600 Money Wins Big DFL Senator-elect Mark Dayton put $11.7 million of his own money into his Senate bid, outspending Republican incumbent Rod Grams by about three to one in the final weeks of the campaign. http://news.minnesota.publicradio.org/features/200012/08_mccalluml_moneychase/?refid=0 Fri, 08 Dec 2000 12:00:00 -0600 Minnesota's Rolling in Dough Minnesotans are likely to get another round of rebate checks next year. State officials announced a projected revenue surplus of $3 billion over the next two-and-a-half years. Finance officials are urging a cautious approach to spending the money, in case the economy slows, but the race to divy up the money has already begun. http://news.minnesota.publicradio.org/features/200011/30_mccalluml_surplus/?refid=0 Thu, 30 Nov 2000 12:00:00 -0600 Bush Campaigns in Minnesota Republican presidential candidate George W. Bush predicted he'll carry Minnesota during a campaign stop in Minneapolis. Bush stressed tax cuts, and attacked Democratic opponent Al Gore as a big spender who's achieved little as vice president. http://news.minnesota.publicradio.org/features/200011/01_mccalluml_bush/?refid=0 Wed, 01 Nov 2000 12:00:00 -0600 Poll: Senate Race is Close DFL Senate candidate Mark Dayton maintains his advantage over Republican Sen. Rod Grams in the latest poll for Minnesota Public Radio, the Pioneer Press and KARE-TV. The former state auditor leads Grams by five percentage points, the same margin reported in the last MPR poll in September. http://news.minnesota.publicradio.org/features/200010/31_mccalluml_senpoll/?refid=0 Tue, 31 Oct 2000 12:00:00 -0600 Ad Watch: The Ad Police Chastise the Candidates Minnesota's U.S. Senate race is the most expensive in the state's history, and much of the nearly $10 million spent by the three major candidates so far has been used on television ads. A group of citizens - the Ad Police - watched some of the latest commercials, and they're not happy. http://news.minnesota.publicradio.org/features/200010/25_mccalluml_adwatch/?refid=0 Wed, 25 Oct 2000 12:00:00 -0500 Stadium Issue Enters 4th District Race The candidates for Minnesota's 4th congressional district seat sparred during their first public debate since the primary. The hottest topic was funding for sports stadiums, despite the fact that it's not a federal issue. http://news.minnesota.publicradio.org/features/200010/12_mccalluml_4distdebate/?refid=0 Thu, 12 Oct 2000 12:00:00 -0500 Attack of the Attack Ads For years, voters have said they're tired of negative TV ads from political candidates. But as the general campaign of Campaign 2000 winds down, many candidates are unleashing attack ads. http://news.minnesota.publicradio.org/features/200010/05_mccalluml_adwatch/?refid=0 Thu, 05 Oct 2000 12:00:00 -0500 MPR Poll: Gore Leads Bush in Minnesota A new poll on the presidential race in Minnesota shows Democrat Al Gore maintains a slight lead over Republican George W. Bush. Ralph Nader is barely registering in the state. http://news.minnesota.publicradio.org/features/200009/29_mccalluml_prezpoll/?refid=0 Fri, 29 Sep 2000 12:00:00 -0500 Senate Candidates in Television War A week into the general election campaign, the first attack ads of Minnesota's U.S. Senate race are on the air. The Republican National Committee and Republican Senator Rod Grams are running a commercial questioning the credibility of DFL Senate candidate Mark Dayton. Dayton is out with his own ad challenging Grams on the issue of Social Security, but it doesn't rise to the level of a personal attack. http://news.minnesota.publicradio.org/features/200009/21_mccalluml_adwatch/?refid=0 Thu, 21 Sep 2000 12:00:00 -0500 The First Debate In their first face-to-face meeting since the primary election, the candidates focus on the hot issue of the primary campaign: health care. The trio also sparred over what to do with the budget surplus. http://news.minnesota.publicradio.org/features/200009/18_mccalluml_sendebate/?refid=0 Mon, 18 Sep 2000 12:00:00 -0500 Senate Race Already a Slugfest Former State Auditor Mark Dayton captured more than 40 percent of the vote to win the competitive DFL Senate primary. Dayton now faces Republican Senator Rod Grams, who came out swinging when he found out who his DFL opponent is. http://news.minnesota.publicradio.org/features/200009/13_mccalluml_senate/?refid=0 Wed, 13 Sep 2000 12:00:00 -0500 Political Ads Play Loose with Facts An estimated $7 million has already been spent on ads in Minnesota's DFL Senate primary race, and the candidates are increasing their presence in the final days of the campaign. The three big spenders - Mike Ciresi, Mark Dayton and Rebecca Yanisch - are running new television spots touting their various endorsements, but the ads of all three contain some misleading elements, according to an ad analyst. http://news.minnesota.publicradio.org/features/200009/08_mccalluml_adwatch/?refid=0 Fri, 08 Sep 2000 12:00:00 -0500 Ad Watch: The Fourth District Race The Fourth District Congressional candidates are competing for voters' attention in a campaign that's largely been dominated by the big-money Senate candidate ad buys. http://news.minnesota.publicradio.org/features/200009/06_mccalluml_adwatch/?refid=0 Wed, 06 Sep 2000 12:00:00 -0500 The Money Trail DFL Senate candidate Mark Dayton spent nearly $3 million dollars on his campaign in the past seven and a half weeks. That's nearly twice the spending of his nearest financial competitor among the DFL Senate candidates. Dayton used the bulk of the money on television ads that have been saturating the airwaves and may have led to his recent bump in the polls. http://news.minnesota.publicradio.org/features/200008/25_mccalluml_money/?refid=0 Fri, 25 Aug 2000 12:00:00 -0500 Dayton Leads in Latest Senate Poll DFL Senate candidate Mark Dayton has developed a solid lead over his primary opponents, according to a statewide poll for Minnesota Public Radio, the St. Paul Pioneer Press and KARE-TV. Dayton continues to have the highest name recognition of the DFL candidates, and is as well known as Republican Senator Rod Grams. http://news.minnesota.publicradio.org/features/200008/25_mccalluml_senpoll/?refid=0 Fri, 25 Aug 2000 12:00:00 -0500 Ad Watch: DFL Candidates Prepare for the Primary With less than three weeks left until the September primary, DFL Senate candidate Rebecca Yanisch is out with a new television ad. She joins DFLers Mike Ciresi and Mark Dayton, whose campaigns have gobbled up huge chunks of television airtime over the past few weeks. http://news.minnesota.publicradio.org/features/200008/23_mccalluml_adwatch/?refid=0 Wed, 23 Aug 2000 12:00:00 -0500 Ad Watch: The Value of Humor As more and more campaign ads fill the airwaves this election year, a couple of candidates are trying different approaches to cut through the clutter. A commercial created by Minneapolis adman Bill Hillsman for Green Party presidential candidate Ralph Nader parodies a popular MasterCard ad campaign, and Fourth District Congressional candidate Cathie Hartnett makes fun of herself in a series of humorous radio ads. http://news.minnesota.publicradio.org/features/200008/23_mccalluml_adwatch2/?refid=0 Wed, 23 Aug 2000 12:00:00 -0500 Courting the Black Vote Both Republicans and Democrats are aggressively courting African American voters this year, from the national conventions to outreach efforts in Minnesota's central cities. But it's clear from several recent events that bridging the gap between politicians and urban voters is no easy task when the topic is race. http://news.minnesota.publicradio.org/features/200008/16_mccalluml_blackvote/?refid=0 Wed, 16 Aug 2000 12:00:00 -0500 Senate Candidate Profile: Mike Ciresi The lawyer who led Minnesota's successful lawsuit against big tobacco is tackling what some may see as an even bigger challenge, Minnesota's U.S. Senate race. Mike Ciresi hopes to win a competitive four-way DFL Senate primary and go on to beat Republican incumbent Rod Grams. http://news.minnesota.publicradio.org/features/200008/14_mccalluml_ciresi/?refid=0 Mon, 14 Aug 2000 12:00:00 -0500 The Dividing Issue in the Senate Race DFL candidates in the U.S. Senate race are looking for ways to distinguish themselves from one another. An MPR debate suggests they've found it: health care. http://news.minnesota.publicradio.org/features/200008/11_mccalluml_sendebate/?refid=0 Fri, 11 Aug 2000 12:00:00 -0500 Ventura Rips Major Parties As Republicans wrap up their national convention in Philadelphia and Democrats prepare to hold theirs in another week, Minnesota Gov. Jesse Ventura ratcheted up his criticism of the two major parties. http://news.minnesota.publicradio.org/features/200008/03_mccalluml_ventura/?refid=0 Thu, 03 Aug 2000 12:00:00 -0500 Ad Watch: Where Are the Issues? The DFL's endorsed U.S. Senate candidate Jerry Janezich, has finally joined his major primary opponents in running ads. Janezich is starting with radio ads. In the latest in our series of Ad Watches, Minnesota Public Radio asks analyst Dean Alger to review the Janezich and Ciresi ads. http://news.minnesota.publicradio.org/features/200008/01_mccalluml_adwatch/?refid=0 Tue, 01 Aug 2000 12:00:00 -0500 Senate Candidate Profile: Mark Dayton Recent polls have found more people recognize former State Auditor Mark Dayton than any of the other DFL U.S. Senate candidates. Dayton is a politician who has run in five statewide elections, but perhaps more importantly, his name calls to mind the department store his family founded. MPR chronicles the career and campaign of Senate candidate Mark Dayton. http://news.minnesota.publicradio.org/features/200008/01_mccalluml_dayton/?refid=0 Tue, 01 Aug 2000 12:00:00 -0500 Poll: Most Favor Social Security Privatization A new poll shows most Minnesotans worry Social Security won't be there for them when they retire, and many want to use the federal budget surplus to shore up the program. http://news.minnesota.publicradio.org/features/200007/14_mccalluml_sspoll/?refid=0 Fri, 14 Jul 2000 12:00:00 -0500 Ad Watch 2000: TV Ads from Mark Dayton and Rebecca Yanisch Minnesota Public Radio asks analyst Dean Alger to discuss new TV ads from DFL U.S. Senate candidates Mark Dayton and Rebecca Yanisch. http://news.minnesota.publicradio.org/features/200007/13_mccalluml_adwatch/?refid=0 Thu, 13 Jul 2000 12:00:00 -0500 MPR Poll: Grams Running Strong in Senate Race With nine weeks to go until the September primary, DFL voters are still undecided and divided about the U.S. Senate race. None of the four major DFL candidates captures more than one-fourth of the likely Democratic voters polled. http://news.minnesota.publicradio.org/features/200007/11_mccalluml_senpoll/?refid=0 Tue, 11 Jul 2000 12:00:00 -0500 Candidates Make First Impressions at Summer Parades The Fourth of July meant fireworks, parades, and - in an election year - politicians. Minnesota candidates worked the crowds at parades around the state Tuesday. Many of them could be seen at one of the state's biggest parades in Forest Lake. The primary is 10 weeks away, and although voters may not be paying attention yet, that's not stopping the candidates in Minnesota's U.S. Senate race. http://news.minnesota.publicradio.org/features/200007/04_mccalluml_parades/?refid=0 Tue, 04 Jul 2000 12:00:00 -0500 Candidate Profile: Pam Ellison Two years ago, Jesse Ventura took the political establishment by surprise, defeating two well-known politicians with a campaign that was heavy on blunt talk and short on money. The governor's former volunteer coordinator is hoping to do the same this year in the Fourth Congressional District, which includes St. Paul and surrounding suburbs. Pam Ellison of St. Paul, endorsed by the Independence Party to run for retiring Congressman Bruce Vento's seat, is banking on the district's block of independent voters. But Ellison doesn't have two of the governor's advantages: the name Jesse Ventura and state campaign funding. http://news.minnesota.publicradio.org/features/200006/23_mccalluml_ellison/?refid=0 Fri, 23 Jun 2000 12:00:00 -0500 Wild Names Lemaire Head Coach The Minnesota Wild have named Hall of Famer Jacques Lemaire as its first head coach. Lemaire coached the New Jersey Devils to the Stanley Cup championship in 1995, and won eight Stanley Cups as a forward with the Montreal Canadiens. Lemaire is charged with building the expansion hockey franchise into a winning team. http://news.minnesota.publicradio.org/features/200006/19_mccalluml_lemaire/?refid=0 Mon, 19 Jun 2000 12:00:00 -0500 Power Play With Minnesota's three-party sharing of government, the first party to control an additional branch, reaps enormous power. Republicans are hoping to hold off a DFL assault on their share of power in the Minnesota House. http://news.minnesota.publicradio.org/features/200006/09_mccalluml_gop/?refid=0 Fri, 09 Jun 2000 12:00:00 -0500 Ad Watch The first television ads for the U.S. Senate race and presidential campaign have begun airing in Minnesota. DFL Senate candidate Michael Ciresi is running statewide spots until the March DFL caucuses, and Democratic presidential hopeful Bill Bradley bought airtime in Minnesota earlier this month. http://news.minnesota.publicradio.org/features/200002/28_mccalluml_adwatch/?refid=0 Mon, 28 Feb 2000 12:00:00 -0600 Senate Wins Showdown with Ventura For the first time in several decades, the Minnesota Senate has rejected a governor's cabinet appointee. Steve Minn was Governor Jesse Ventura's choice to head a merged Commerce and Public Service Department. http://news.minnesota.publicradio.org/features/200002/24_mccalluml_minn/?refid=0 Thu, 24 Feb 2000 12:00:00 -0600 Two Strikes Against Ventura Nominee Governor Ventura's commerce commissioner appointee suffered another setback Tuesday. The Senate Commerce Committee became the second Senate panel to vote against confirming Steve Minn as head of a newly-merged Commerce and Public Service Department. http://news.minnesota.publicradio.org/features/200002/15_mccalluml_minn/?refid=0 Tue, 15 Feb 2000 12:00:00 -0600 Ventura Proposes Rebate; Defends Commissioner The checks aren't in the mail yet, but it seems certain that Minnesota lawmakers will pass another sales tax rebate this year. Governor Ventura used his weekly radio show to propose his rebate plan, and to rail against lawmakers who voted against confirming one of his top agency heads. Although legislators are showing their willingness to challenge Ventura this session, everyone appears to be onboard with his idea of giving taxpayers another one-time rebate. http://news.minnesota.publicradio.org/features/200002/04_mccalluml_rebate/?refid=0 Fri, 04 Feb 2000 12:00:00 -0600 Stalemate Looms over Profile's Future Minnesota's largest teachers union and the state's education commissioner are calling for a moratorium on requiring students to meet the Profile of Learning graduation standards. There seems to be universal agreement at the Capitol that the standards aren't working in their current form, but some observers fear a repeat of last session, when legislators deadlocked over the issue and no changes were made. http://news.minnesota.publicradio.org/features/200002/03_mccalluml_profile/?refid=0 Thu, 03 Feb 2000 12:00:00 -0600 On the Road for a Fight? Governor Jesse Ventura touted his transportation funding package before the Senate Transportation Committee Wednesday. Many Senators support Ventura's transportation initiatives in general, but lawmakers also appear far more willing to challenge the governor this session. http://news.minnesota.publicradio.org/features/200002/02_mccalluml_transit/?refid=0 Wed, 02 Feb 2000 12:00:00 -0600 Legislative Session Begins Minnesota lawmakers returned to the Capitol for what's expected to be a hectic session dominated by tax cuts, borrowing for capital improvements, transportation funding and several major policy initiatives. Both Republicans and Democrats have ambitious agendas for a short non-budget session, partly because the state is awash in cash, and partly because all 201 legislative seats are at stake this election year. http://news.minnesota.publicradio.org/features/200002/01_mccalluml_sessionopens/?refid=0 Tue, 01 Feb 2000 12:00:00 -0600 The One House Debate Minnesota lawmakers will take up Governor Ventura's top priority: whether to put a one-house legislature on the November ballot. Ventura is staking his political clout on the issue, but its prospects at the Capitol are far from certain. http://news.minnesota.publicradio.org/features/200001/31_mccalluml_unicameral/?refid=0 Mon, 31 Jan 2000 12:00:00 -0600 Time for Reform? A report shows lobbyists and political action committees spent nearly $10 million to influence Minnesota politics in 1998. The study's author says most of that money is unregulated, and virtually impossible for the public to track. The report is prompting calls for restrictions on campaign spending, but party officials and special interests are already lining up to oppose any limits. http://news.minnesota.publicradio.org/features/200001/27_mccalluml_money/?refid=0 Thu, 27 Jan 2000 12:00:00 -0600 Money Rules Minnesota Politics A report to be released finds an explosion of special-interest money in Minnesota politics over the past few years. The study gives ammunition to campaign finance reform supporters, who argue the 2000 elections are likely to be the most expensive in Minnesota history. http://news.minnesota.publicradio.org/features/200001/26_mccalluml_money/?refid=0 Wed, 26 Jan 2000 12:00:00 -0600 Rural Minnesota Getting Legislative Attention Minnesota House Republicans are proposing a $75 million package designed to boost the state's rural economy. The plan includes farm property-tax relief, aid to rural schools and nursing homes, and money for new technology. Republicans say they're trying to help outstate communities that haven't benefited from the state's economic boom, but some Democrats say the plan amounts to a Band-Aid approach to the rural crisis. http://news.minnesota.publicradio.org/features/200001/18_mccalluml_rural/?refid=0 Tue, 18 Jan 2000 12:00:00 -0600 Dean Johnson Defects to DFL Prominent state senator Dean Johnson of Willmar has joined the DFL party, after more than two decades as a Republican legislator. Johnson has often sparred with the Republican party over abortion, gay rights and other issues, and Republican leaders say they're not surprised by his switch. http://news.minnesota.publicradio.org/features/200001/12_mccalluml_deanjohnson/?refid=0 Wed, 12 Jan 2000 12:00:00 -0600 Non-Partisan Privacy Minnesota DFL leaders traveled around the state to push the issue of consumer privacy protection. Democrats are planning to introduce a package of privacy initiatives in the upcoming legislative session, and appear to be positioning their party to be at the forefront of a growing citizen concern. Several Republicans say they, too, are interested in the issue, and they hope it doesn't turn into a partisan debate. http://news.minnesota.publicradio.org/features/200001/11_mccalluml_privacy/?refid=0 Tue, 11 Jan 2000 12:00:00 -0600 Katie's Law Highlights Crime Package Minnesota House Republicans are joining the growing call for tougher sex-offender laws. Republicans detailed a crime prevention package that includes a law named after Katie Poirier, the Barnum teenager who was kidnapped and believed killed last year. DFL legislators and the Ventura administration also support better tracking of repeat sex offenders, but some lawmakers worry the governor won't approve money for a stronger system this session. http://news.minnesota.publicradio.org/features/200001/10_mccalluml_crime/?refid=0 Mon, 10 Jan 2000 12:00:00 -0600 Trump Holds His Cards Donald Trump says there's a very good possibility he'll run for president as a Reform Party candidate. Trump was in Minnesota to speak to business leaders and address Governor Ventura's first post-election fundraiser. Trump says if he decides to run, he'll ask for Ventura's endorsement. http://news.minnesota.publicradio.org/features/200001/07_mccalluml_trump/?refid=0 Fri, 07 Jan 2000 12:00:00 -0600 Attorney General Sues MPR The Minnesota attorney general's office is suing Minnesota Public Radio, alleging improper use of donor lists. The lawsuit claims MPR exchanges names with other organizations without full disclosure to its members. MPR says it will vigorously fight the lawsuit. The company says it has done nothing wrong and that its practices are in line with those of other non-profits. http://news.minnesota.publicradio.org/features/199912/28_mccalluml_hatchmpr/?refid=0 Tue, 28 Dec 1999 12:00:00 -0600 A New Year's Strike? Negotiators for the state and its second-largest employees union return to the bargaining table to try to avert a strike. Members of the Minnesota Association of Professional Employees, or MAPE, could walk off the job as early as Tuesday at midnight if the talks are unsuccessful. http://news.minnesota.publicradio.org/features/199912/24_mccalluml_mape/?refid=0 Fri, 24 Dec 1999 12:00:00 -0600 Should Cyberspace Be Tax Free? A panel on electronic commerce, which met this week in San Francisco, has yet to tackle the question of whether to tax Internet purchases. As online shopping increases, states are beginning to ask whether an important source of revenue - the sales tax - will be eroded. There's no concensus among lawmakers, retailers or industry experts on the issue. http://news.minnesota.publicradio.org/features/199912/17_mccalluml_etax/?refid=0 Fri, 17 Dec 1999 12:00:00 -0600 Ad Watch The 2000 election is 11 months away, yet campaign ads have already begun hitting the airwaves. DFL Senate candidate Mike Ciresi has been running radio spots on the Iron Range, the Republican Party has countered with an attack ad, and the first of what promises to be an explosion of so-called "issue ads" challenges Congressman Bill Luther. http://news.minnesota.publicradio.org/features/199912/09_mccalluml_adwatch/?refid=0 Thu, 09 Dec 1999 12:00:00 -0600 A Boatload of Money For the 15th consecutive time in seven years, state officials have propjected a surplus for the state budget. The nearly $1.6 billion dollar surplus stunned legislative leaders, who are calling for tax cuts and more spending. But Governor Ventura and budget experts are urging a cautious approach. http://news.minnesota.publicradio.org/features/199912/02_mccalluml_surplus/?refid=0 Thu, 02 Dec 1999 12:00:00 -0600 Billboard Battle is Just Starting Voters in St. Paul have rejected an attempt to eliminate about half the city's billboards. About 53 percent of voters rejected a measure that would have removed billboards from city streets and prohibited new signs. The billboard industry says the vote shows people don't want to get rid of a legal form of advertising, but billboard opponents say they're not giving up. http://news.minnesota.publicradio.org/features/199911/03_mccalluml_billboards/?refid=0 Wed, 03 Nov 1999 12:00:00 -0600 Private Politics Privacy advocates say privacy is the civil rights issue of the new millennium. Perhaps not coincidentally, Republicans and Democrats are jumping on the issue in Minnesota. http://news.minnesota.publicradio.org/features/199911/01_mccalluml_privacy/?refid=0 Mon, 01 Nov 1999 12:00:00 -0600 The Billboard Capital The big issue driving St. Paul voters to the polls next week may be the stadium, but there's another contentious measure on the ballot. Residents will vote on whether to ban about half the city's billboards, a proposal the outdoor-advertising industry could end up spending half a million dollars to try to defeat. http://news.minnesota.publicradio.org/features/199910/25_mccalluml_billboard/?refid=0 Mon, 25 Oct 1999 12:00:00 -0500 On Your Own In the second installment of his "Big Plan," Governor Ventura outlines his vision for a self-sufficient Minnesota. http://news.minnesota.publicradio.org/features/199910/12_mccalluml_bigplan2/?refid=0 Tue, 12 Oct 1999 12:00:00 -0500 Putting Out The Fire: The Teen-Smoking Comeback When Minnesota lawmakers created anti-smoking endowments with money from the state's tobacco settlement, they gave the health department an ambitious goal: Cut teen smoking rates by 30 percent in the next five years. Because the endowments won't generate interest until January, so far all officials have been able to do is plan. Health officials are hoping to learn from states that have successfully reduced youth smoking, and plan to involve teens every step of the way.Description all on one line. Part three of a series http://news.minnesota.publicradio.org/features/199910/06_mccalluml_tobaccothree/?refid=0 Wed, 06 Oct 1999 12:00:00 -0500 Putting Out the Fire: The Tobacco Money Earlier this year, Governor Ventura and state lawmakers agreed to set aside nearly a billion dollars of the state's tobacco settlement for smoking prevention, public health and medical education. Since then, there have been a series of news reports about Minnesota falling behind other states in its efforts to prevent teens from smoking. Eventually the state will have $25 million a year in endowment interest to spend on anti-smoking efforts. But for now, all state officials can do is plan for the money. http://news.minnesota.publicradio.org/features/199910/04_mccalluml_tobaccoone/?refid=0 Mon, 04 Oct 1999 12:00:00 -0500 Whose Problem Is Teen Smoking? A Minnesota Senate panel considers the problem of illegal cigarette sales to minors. Minnesota stands to lose more than $8 million dollars in federal funding for failing to reduce underage tobacco sales. There's plenty of blame to go around; some officials say retailers, law enforcement and local communities are at fault. http://news.minnesota.publicradio.org/features/199909/30_mccalluml_smoking/?refid=0 Thu, 30 Sep 1999 12:00:00 -0500 The Honeymoon Is Over, Now Comes the Divorce The honeymoon between Governor Ventura and the Capitol press corps ended the night he joked about drunken Irishmen in St. Paul. Now it appears Ventura has concluded he doesn't need the local media anymore. Reporters are worrying that he may be right. http://news.minnesota.publicradio.org/features/199909/23_mccalluml_venturavspress/?refid=0 Thu, 23 Sep 1999 12:00:00 -0500 Jesse's Clout For a person who was swept into office on the basis of an anti-professional-politician platform, Governor Ventura is starting to look like a political kingmaker in the maneuvering over a Reform Party presidential candidate. http://news.minnesota.publicradio.org/features/199909/20_mccalluml_jessesclout/?refid=0 Mon, 20 Sep 1999 12:00:00 -0500 Bauer Stakes Conservative Ground Republican presidential hopeful Gary Bauer brought his conservative campaign to Minnesota. Bauer touted vouchers and local control of schools at Stillwater High School, and picked up the endorsement of the conservative wing of the state Republican Party. http://news.minnesota.publicradio.org/features/199909/17_mccalluml_bauer/?refid=0 Fri, 17 Sep 1999 12:00:00 -0500 Bradley Stumps in Minnesota Democratic presidential candidate Bill Bradley stumped for campaign volunteers and money in Minneapolis yesterday. Some recent polls show the former New Jersey senator neck-and-neck with his only other Democratic rival - Vice President Al Gore, and Bradley has picked up the backing of some prominent Minnesota DFLers. http://news.minnesota.publicradio.org/features/199909/16_mccalluml_bradley/?refid=0 Thu, 16 Sep 1999 12:00:00 -0500 Is Ventura Violating Ethics Guidelines? An internal memo written by a state ethics officer concluded if Ventura were a typical state employee, he would be violating the law. http://news.minnesota.publicradio.org/features/199909/14_mccalluml_ethics/?refid=0 Tue, 14 Sep 1999 12:00:00 -0500 No Conflict for Ventura A judge ruled that Governor Ventura's upcoming stint as a WWF referee does not violate conflict of interest laws, clearing the way for him to continue his private interests. http://news.minnesota.publicradio.org/features/199908/19_mccalluml_dismissed/?refid=0 Thu, 19 Aug 1999 12:00:00 -0500 Ventura's Conflict of Interest Common Cause Minnesota has filed a complaint against Governor Ventura, alleging his guest-refereeing stint for the WWF presents a conflict of interest. http://news.minnesota.publicradio.org/features/199908/18_mccalluml_commoncause/?refid=0 Wed, 18 Aug 1999 12:00:00 -0500 Ventura Should Reimburse State, Says Auditor The legislative auditor says governors should reimburse the state when their private business dealings create extra costs for the state. A legislative audit prompted by Governor Ventura's book tour, which cost taxpayers $16,000, recommends that governors reimburse the state for expenses from private business dealings. But where should we draw the line? http://news.minnesota.publicradio.org/features/199907/30_mccalluml_ventura/?refid=0 Fri, 30 Jul 1999 12:00:00 -0500 Hatch Has Them Nervous Attorney General Mike Hatch has taken an office that traditionally has concerned itself with crime, and shifted its focus to consumer protection. In the process, he's alienated powerful interests - interests he may need if he has ambitions for higher office, as some critics suspect. Second of a two-part series. http://news.minnesota.publicradio.org/features/199907/27_mccalluml_hatch/?refid=0 Tue, 27 Jul 1999 12:00:00 -0500 Turmoil at the Top Some say Mike Hatch is micromanaging the attorney general's office. They say he's created an atmosphere of fear in the office. MPR's Laura McCallum looks at the man who replaced Skip Humphrey. http://news.minnesota.publicradio.org/features/199907/26_mccalluml_hatch/?refid=0 Mon, 26 Jul 1999 12:00:00 -0500 Olson Admits She's Soliah http://news.minnesota.publicradio.org/features/199907/09_mccalluml_soliah/?refid=0 Fri, 09 Jul 1999 12:00:00 -0500 A Cushioned Fall Few are surprised Haskins is leaving. Some are shocked at what he's taking with him. http://news.minnesota.publicradio.org/features/199906/26_mccalluml_clemreax/?refid=0 Sat, 26 Jun 1999 12:00:00 -0500 A Fugitive's Life An alleged former Symbionese Liberation Army fighter remains in jail while two states negotiate her extradition. Meanwhile, Governor Ventura and a DFL legislator battle over whether she should be prosecuted. http://news.minnesota.publicradio.org/features/199906/19_mccalluml_soliah/?refid=0 Sat, 19 Jun 1999 12:00:00 -0500 Do State Subsidies Work? A new report says businesses which get state money, are creating more jobs than expected. http://news.minnesota.publicradio.org/features/199906/03_mccalluml_subsidies/?refid=0 Thu, 03 Jun 1999 12:00:00 -0500 Ventura Hits Nixon Country In California to promote his book, Governor Ventura finds an audience at the Nixon Library doesn't want to kick him around. http://news.minnesota.publicradio.org/features/199905/28_mccalluml_venturatour/?refid=0 Fri, 28 May 1999 12:00:00 -0500 Who Won? All political sides claim victory in legislative scorecard. http://news.minnesota.publicradio.org/features/199905/19_mccalluml_session/?refid=0 Wed, 19 May 1999 12:00:00 -0500 How to Spend the Money Budget deal calls for endowments for tobacco money, but where will it go? http://news.minnesota.publicradio.org/features/199905/13_mccalluml_tobacco/?refid=0 Thu, 13 May 1999 12:00:00 -0500 When? How? How Much? Grab the calculator! Here's a comparison of the Senate and House tax-cut plans. http://news.minnesota.publicradio.org/features/199905/07_mccalluml_tax/?refid=0 Fri, 07 May 1999 12:00:00 -0500 The Campaign Begins Minnesota's few electoral votes aren't much to sneeze at for a candidate trailing a vice-president in the race for the White House. http://news.minnesota.publicradio.org/features/199904/26_mccalluml_bradley/?refid=0 Mon, 26 Apr 1999 12:00:00 -0500 Gridlock at the Capitol? An abortion amendment attached to a major bill raises the possibility of last year's stalemate over the perennial issue. http://news.minnesota.publicradio.org/features/199904/16_mccalluml_abortion/?refid=0 Fri, 16 Apr 1999 12:00:00 -0500 Ventura's Style Want a glimpse of the governor's management style? Just look to his commissioners. http://news.minnesota.publicradio.org/features/199904/14_mccalluml_ventura/?refid=0 Wed, 14 Apr 1999 12:00:00 -0500 The Balancing Act A freshman state representatives handles political duties and family responsibilities. Part three of a continuing series. http://news.minnesota.publicradio.org/features/199903/15_mccalluml_legislator/?refid=0 Mon, 15 Mar 1999 12:00:00 -0600 City With a Sense of Humor Ventura shares laughs with St. Paul leaders. http://news.minnesota.publicradio.org/features/199902/26_mccalluml_ventura/?refid=0 Fri, 26 Feb 1999 12:00:00 -0600 End of the "Sick Tax" Legislature ready to use tobacco money to lighten tax on health-care providers. http://news.minnesota.publicradio.org/features/199902/18_mccalluml_sicktax/?refid=0 Thu, 18 Feb 1999 12:00:00 -0600 New Legislator Makes Impact Second in Laura McCallum's series following the first term of a Minnesota legislator. http://news.minnesota.publicradio.org/features/199902/12_mccalluml_freshman/?refid=0 Fri, 12 Feb 1999 12:00:00 -0600 House Deals Blow to Ventura Rebate Republicans push their own income tax plan. http://news.minnesota.publicradio.org/features/199902/01_mccalluml_rebate/?refid=0 Mon, 01 Feb 1999 12:00:00 -0600 Reaction to Ventura Budget Democrats generally more supportive of proposals than Republicans. http://news.minnesota.publicradio.org/features/199901/29_mccalluml_budget/?refid=0 Fri, 29 Jan 1999 12:00:00 -0600 Legislature Set to Debate Tobacco Dollars Millions at stake thanks to court settlement. http://news.minnesota.publicradio.org/features/199901/29_mccalluml_tobacco/?refid=0 Fri, 29 Jan 1999 12:00:00 -0600 Residency Ruckus Some Minnesota cities require its workers to live in the community. Now the legislature may overturn the requirements. http://news.minnesota.publicradio.org/features/199901/25_mccalluml_residency/?refid=0 Mon, 25 Jan 1999 12:00:00 -0600 A Freshman's Education MPR's Laura McCallum follows a freshman legislator through her first year at the Capitol. http://news.minnesota.publicradio.org/features/199901/21_mccalluml_freshman/?refid=0 Thu, 21 Jan 1999 12:00:00 -0600 Ventura Win Forcing DFL Changes The DFL lost the Minnesota House of Representatives and most of its statewide offices. What's a beleaguered party to do? http://news.minnesota.publicradio.org/features/199901/14_mccalluml_dfl/?refid=0 Thu, 14 Jan 1999 12:00:00 -0600 Ad Watch Ventura runs his first ad of the campaign while Coleman and Humphrey go on the offensive. http://news.minnesota.publicradio.org/features/199811/02_mccalluml_adwatch/?refid=0 Mon, 02 Nov 1998 12:00:00 -0600 Ad Watch Farm fields provide the backdrop for recent Coleman and Humphrey ads. http://news.minnesota.publicradio.org/features/199810/02_mccalluml_adwatch/?refid=0 Fri, 02 Oct 1998 12:00:00 -0500 Ad Watch Republican ads attack Humphrey's legislative record from 25 years ago. http://news.minnesota.publicradio.org/features/199809/17_mccalluml_adwatch/?refid=0 Thu, 17 Sep 1998 12:00:00 -0500 Skip Humphrey: The Environment $140 million environmental initiatives; provide a temporary moratorium on feedlots. http://news.minnesota.publicradio.org/features/199809/11_mccalluml_humphreyenviro/?refid=0 Fri, 11 Sep 1998 12:00:00 -0500 Jesse Ventura: The Environment Pollution-control measures should be implemented on a federal level; Any moratorium on feedlots should be temporary. http://news.minnesota.publicradio.org/features/199809/11_mccalluml_venturaenviro/?refid=0 Fri, 11 Sep 1998 12:00:00 -0500 Ad Watch An examination of the advertising put forth by Ted Mondale, Skip Humphrey, and Doug Johnson. http://news.minnesota.publicradio.org/features/199809/09_mccalluml_adwatch/?refid=0 Wed, 09 Sep 1998 12:00:00 -0500 Skip Humphrey: Crime Double the funding for the State Gang Task Force; create more prevention initiatives. http://news.minnesota.publicradio.org/features/199809/01_mccalluml_humphreycrime/?refid=0 Tue, 01 Sep 1998 12:00:00 -0500 Jesse Ventura: Crime Fight crime for a local level, not state level; training requirements to receive gun permits. http://news.minnesota.publicradio.org/features/199809/01_mccalluml_venturacrime/?refid=0 Tue, 01 Sep 1998 12:00:00 -0500 Ad Watch An examination of the advertising put forth by Mark Dayton, Mike Freeman, and the Republican Party. http://news.minnesota.publicradio.org/features/199808/28_mccalluml_adwatch/?refid=0 Fri, 28 Aug 1998 12:00:00 -0500 Skip Humphrey: Economic Development Combine efforts with other states to draw businesses to the Midwest; stimulate growth in urban areas. http://news.minnesota.publicradio.org/features/199808/26_mccalluml_humphreyecon/?refid=0 Wed, 26 Aug 1998 12:00:00 -0500 Jesse Ventura: Economic Development Lower taxes to spur economic growth; use private funds for sports-team facilities. http://news.minnesota.publicradio.org/features/199808/26_mccalluml_venturaecon/?refid=0 Wed, 26 Aug 1998 12:00:00 -0500 Skip Humphrey: Health Care Open MinnesotaCare to all children; use part of tobacco settlement to sponser anti-smoking campaign. http://news.minnesota.publicradio.org/features/199808/20_mccalluml_humphreyhealth/?refid=0 Thu, 20 Aug 1998 12:00:00 -0500 Jesse Ventura: Health Care Find alternative to state-funded health insurance for general population; greater support for MinnesotaCare. http://news.minnesota.publicradio.org/features/199808/20_mccalluml_venturahealth/?refid=0 Thu, 20 Aug 1998 12:00:00 -0500 Skip Humphrey: Welfare $110 million proposed child fund; more emphasis on early childhood development. http://news.minnesota.publicradio.org/features/199808/10_mccalluml_humphreywelfare/?refid=0 Mon, 10 Aug 1998 12:00:00 -0500 Jesse Ventura: Welfare Provide benefits while working; allow middle-class access to welfare benefits. http://news.minnesota.publicradio.org/features/199808/10_mccalluml_venturawelfare/?refid=0 Mon, 10 Aug 1998 12:00:00 -0500 Jesse Ventura on Taxes Eliminate current property tax system; give surplus back to the taxpayers. http://news.minnesota.publicradio.org/features/199808/05_mccalluml_venturatax/?refid=0 Wed, 05 Aug 1998 12:00:00 -0500 Skip Humphrey on Taxes Cut taxes by $1.4 billion over four years; tax relief working families. http://news.minnesota.publicradio.org/features/199808/04_mccalluml_humphreytax/?refid=0 Tue, 04 Aug 1998 12:00:00 -0500 Jesse Ventura on Education Encourage parental involvement; hold the line on spending. http://news.minnesota.publicradio.org/features/199807/29_mccalluml_ventura/?refid=0 Wed, 29 Jul 1998 12:00:00 -0500 Skip Humphrey on Education Tax credits for learning-based day care; state help for needy college students. http://news.minnesota.publicradio.org/features/199807/28_mccalluml_humphrey/?refid=0 Tue, 28 Jul 1998 12:00:00 -0500 Ad Watch An examination of the advertising put forth by Mark Dayton, Mike Freeman, and the Republican Party. http://news.minnesota.publicradio.org/features/199807/20_mccalluml_ads/?refid=0 Mon, 20 Jul 1998 12:00:00 -0500 Jesse Ventura, Reform Party Candidate Part of the gubernatorial candidate series. http://news.minnesota.publicradio.org/features/199807/08_mccalluml_ventura/?refid=0 Wed, 08 Jul 1998 12:00:00 -0500 Joanne Benson: Confident Before the Convention As the only Republican gubernatorial candidate who's held statewide office, and as the first woman to run for the governor's office, Benson believes she can win. http://news.minnesota.publicradio.org/features/199806/16_mccalluml_benson/?refid=0 Tue, 16 Jun 1998 12:00:00 -0500 Tobacco Company Documents Played Key Role in Trial Did volumes of industry papers prove tobacco companies lied to the public, or did they merely embarrass the industry? http://news.minnesota.publicradio.org/features/199805/08_mccalluml_docs/?refid=0 Fri, 08 May 1998 12:00:00 -0500 A Smoker's Story Lyman Jenson began smoking at age 10. Today he has emphysema and requires oxygen. http://news.minnesota.publicradio.org/features/199801/23_mccalluml_smoker/?refid=0 Fri, 23 Jan 1998 12:00:00 -0600 Tobacco Case's Other Plaintiff Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Minnesota is the only private health plan in the country to sue tobacco. http://news.minnesota.publicradio.org/features/199801/21_mccalluml_blues/?refid=0 Wed, 21 Jan 1998 12:00:00 -0600 Losing Lincoln Drive Three families from an inundated Grand Forks neighborhood tell about the 1997 Red River flood and how it changed their lives. http://news.minnesota.publicradio.org/features/199712/30_mccalluml_flood/?refid=0 Tue, 30 Dec 1997 12:00:00 -0600