Minnesota Public Radio features by Kate Smith http://minnesota.publicradio.org/about/people/mpr_people_display.php?aut_id=113 en-us Copyright 2018 Minnesota Public Radio Tue, 24 Apr 2018 09:05:07 -0500 Minnesota Public Radio features by Kate Smith http://minnesota.publicradio.org/standard/images/mpr003/logo_mpr.gif http://minnesota.publicradio.org/?refid=0 Texts on the take: How crammers used her phone to get into her wallet Consumers' best defense is to read their phone bills, carefully. http://minnesota.publicradio.orghttp://www.mprnews.org/story/2012/06/14/smith?refid=0 Thu, 14 Jun 2012 05:00:00 -0500 Who knows what secrets lurk in storage units? Her sudden need for extra storage led her to lift the garage door on a strange new world. http://minnesota.publicradio.orghttp://www.mprnews.org/story/2012/04/18/smith?refid=0 Wed, 18 Apr 2012 05:00:00 -0500 You can take the woman out of the BWCA, but ... A visit to the wilderness can make life in the city seem strange. http://minnesota.publicradio.orghttp://www.mprnews.org/story/2011/09/07/smith?refid=0 Wed, 07 Sep 2011 05:00:00 -0500 After years of battle with creeping charlie, she yields to the Dark Side This is one gardener who did not go gently to chemicals. http://minnesota.publicradio.orghttp://www.mprnews.org/story/2011/06/10/smith?refid=0 Fri, 10 Jun 2011 05:00:00 -0500 Eighty-five-year-old furnace held up its end of a warm friendship The Twin City Smokeless finally gives way to the demands of modern efficiency. http://minnesota.publicradio.orghttp://www.mprnews.org/story/2010/11/19/smith?refid=0 Fri, 19 Nov 2010 05:00:00 -0600 Fargo and Moorhead expect to hit 1.5 million sandbag goal today City officials in Fargo and Moorhead planned Wednesday to wrap up efforts to fill sandbags and deliver them to flood-prone areas. http://minnesota.publicradio.orghttp://www.mprnews.org/story/2010/03/17/fargo-officials-wrap-up-sandbag-efforts?refid=0 Wed, 17 Mar 2010 10:37:25 -0500 Fargo-Moorhead flood fight moves into high gear The National Weather Service predicts Red River flood waters will crest this coming Saturday. They say the water will reach 38 feet which is about three feet lower than last year's all-time record flood. http://minnesota.publicradio.orghttp://www.mprnews.org/story/2010/03/15/flood-forecast-crest-earlier-than-expected?refid=0 Mon, 15 Mar 2010 10:31:44 -0500 Prescription for Change Companies are creating a host of ways to shift the cost of health care while encouraging employees to live healthy lifestyles. http://news.minnesota.publicradio.org/projects/2006/01/healthcare/?refid=0 Mon, 23 Jan 2006 00:01:00 -0600 Hard choices for small communities Rural cities and towns want to define their future, but the challenges in creating sustainable economic development can be great. How communities look ahead is at the center of many of today's debates. http://news.minnesota.publicradio.org/features/2005/11/21_mainstreet_hardchoiceshome/?refid=0 Mon, 21 Nov 2005 15:16:00 -0600 Meth in Minnesota: The costly addiction Meth is taking its toll in Minnesota. Methamphetamine, a highly-addictive drug that's been around for decades, has become the drug of choice for many in recent years because it's cheap, easy to make, and a "good high." But it is a costly drug in terms of the devastation it causes for users and their families. One family in northern Minnesota has lived that nightmare for years. http://news.minnesota.publicradio.org/projects/2004/06/meth/?refid=0 Mon, 14 Jun 2004 08:45:00 -0500 State of the Unions Unions in the United States are working hard to make up ground they lost in the changing realities of the modern work world. At one time, half of American workers were in a union. Now the number is just one in eight. Minnesota Public Radio's Mainstreet Radio team examines "the State of the Unions," in this series of stories looking at how unions have changed their organizing strategies. http://news.minnesota.publicradio.org/features/2004/01/26_smithk_unionsintro/?refid=0 Mon, 26 Jan 2004 12:01:00 -0600 Water Wars The Missouri and Mississippi Rivers are not only two major environmental resources in the region, they're important to the economic success of the Upper Midwest. But sometimes these two purposes clash. What is the future of these rivers and how can their roles co-exist? http://news.minnesota.publicradio.org/features/2003/06/30_steilm_riverpolitics/?refid=0 Wed, 02 Jul 2003 12:01:00 -0500 1992: Mai Vang, supporting her family as an entrepreneur MPR News reporter Kate Smith talks to Mai Vang, a woman who is working to support her parents and siblings in Rosemount, Minn. http://minnesota.publicradio.orghttp://www.mprnews.org/story/1992/04/06/archive-mai-vang?refid=0 Mon, 06 Apr 1992 00:00:00 -0500