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Minnesota Public Radio headquarters, downtown Saint Paul, Minn.

The Morning Show

Steve Seel, Jill Riley and Jade are on the air every morning from 6 a.m. until 10 a.m. They arrive in the dark of night and help you start your day... even as they're starting their own.

Steve Seel and Jill Riley in the the Morning Show studio.

Jill grabs a bowl of cereal for breakfast.

Steve Seel runs the board

6:30 a.m.Random Vinyl

Every morning around 6:30 a.m. Jill grabs an album from her stack of records for the Random Vinyl pick of the day.

Jade, Steve Seel and Jill Riley

Jill Riley introduces music trivia host Sean McPherson

Sean McPherson hosts Music Trivia every Tuesday at 8:30 a.m.

Digital Music

Engaging social media, event updates and original editorial content set The Current's online activity apart from that of the station's peers.

Writers Jay Gabler and Andrea Swensson

Andrea Swensson

Managing Digital Producer, Brett Baldwin

Digital Producer Luke Taylor and Production Assistant Leah Garaas

Studio Sessions

Maud Moon Weyerhaeuser Studio is the source of a continually growing list of unique studio recordings.

Production Manager Derrick Stevens and Technical Director Michael DeMark

Studio control room patch bay

Michael DeMark mixing a live recording session on the NEVE 88R console


New music is the lifeblood of The Current. Overflowing bins of new releases arrive in the mail every day.

Music Director David Safar checks the mail

Broadcast Studio

Studio 492 is the origin of the bulk of what you hear on the radio.

Mid-day host Barb Abney

Andrea Swensson

Toki Wright and Lizzo stop by for a break

Local Music

What's happening here, now? These staffers compile knowlege of the music scene each week.

Local show host David Campbell

Derrick Stevens cuts a promo spot.

Music Assistant Kelsey files CDs in the library.

Close-up of CDs in the music library. Music is digitized and re-filed in the library.

Host Mark Wheat previews songs for his on air shift

Mary Lucia

Mary Lucia's log sheet

News Cut writer Bob Collins joins Mary most weekdays at 4:20 p.m.

Music Meeting

The Programming team — David Safar, Program Director Jim McGuinn and Assistant Program Director Lindsay Kimball — meets weekly to discuss what new music to include in the library and how frequently to play it.

Music Director David Safar

Program Director Jim McGuinn

Bill DeVille previewing tracks for United States of Americana, his Sunday morning show.

DeVille's desk

International Control Center

Master Control Specialist Evan Clark monitors the levels of Local Current on HD Radio 89.3 channel 2

Thank You

The Current wouldn't be here without you. You are The Current. Thank you for helping make the best radio station in the world.

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