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Member list policy

Individuals are Minnesota Public Radio/American Public Media (MPR)'s single most important source of support, and MPR's relationship with its members is the highest expression of our mutual commitment to the MPR mission: to enrich the mind and nourish the spirit, thereby assisting our audiences to enhance their lives, expand perspectives, and strengthen their communities.

Using Member Names:
MPR does not share the names, mailing addresses, email addresses, or telephone numbers of its members or former members with other organizations.

MPR uses third party vendors to update member mailing addresses and telephone numbers, to print and mail letters, to process payments, to place calls to members, to answer member calls, and for other services related to communicating with members and former members. In no case do these vendors retain the member information or use it for any purpose other than that specified by MPR.

To opt-out of receiving requests for contributions via mail or telephone, members may contact MPR's Member Services team at 800-228-7123 or send an email message to mail@mpr.org. To opt-out of email requests for contributions, members can use the Unsubscribe link which appears at the bottom of each message, or send an email message to mail@mpr.org, or call Member Services at 800-228-7123.

Using Names from Other Organizations:
MPR does not sell, rent, or trade its own member list. However, in order to build our base of support, MPR periodically rents or purchases lists from other organizations to reach prospective members.

MPR will not rent or purchase lists from political parties or candidates for political office.

MPR will not rent lists from organizations where such an association may harm the goodwill and trust between MPR and its members.

Complying with Accepted Standards:
In its fund-raising practices, MPR complies with the laws and regulations of the Internal Revenue Service, the Communications Act, the policies of the Corporation for Public Broadcasting, the laws of the State of Minnesota, and the regulations of the United States Postal Service.

(This statement was last reviewed December 5, 2014.)