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  • Holiday programmingHoliday Programming
    Read about Classical MPR's 2014 holiday programming, including on-air specials, events and more!
  • Rough commute?Calm Your Commute
    Try out the YourClassical Relax stream and see if it doesn't make your commute a little more tolerable.
  • The Rite of Spring'Rite of Spring': A classic 'Fantasia' segment, whether Stravinsky liked it or not
    In 'Fantasia,' Walt Disney used Igor Stravinsky's infamous ballet to soundtrack the sweep of early evolution. Stravinsky grew to hate it, but the segment's impact is undeniable.
  • The Duchess Of Cambridge, arts patronLearning to Listen: Arts Patrons
    On this week's Learning to Listen, we'll take you through a survey of some of the greatest music created when a composer had a patron to pay the bills. We'll hear music by Haydn, Wagner, Tchaikovsky and others.
  • Classical Notes: An intimate look at the creation of a cello

    A short documentary takes us inside the workshop of master luthier Xavier Vidal i Roca, and provides a glimpse of how a cello is made. In the video, we see luthier Eduard Bosque Miñana creating the cello from scratch: from initial measurements, lines, and cuts to stain finishing, stringing, and tuning — all with painstaking detail … Continue reading An intimate look at the creation of a cello →


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