Alia Gribbon

Alia Gribbon
(Duluth, MN)

from Denfeld High School Symphony Orchestra, DSSO Youth Symphony, Sound of Strings Ensembles, performing Violin Concerto in Bm, 3rd movement composed/arranged by Saint Saens.


Artistic Statement

There are many reasons why I love to perform. One of the biggest reasons is the feeling that I get after the performance is done; the feeling of accomplishment and exhilaration! I always get nervous and a little shaky before I perform, so after I am done I feel like I've just climbed a mountain! Another reason I love to perform is meeting and talking with the audience. I play for a lot of community outreach concerts at elementary schools and nursing homes, and connecting with people young and old through music is truly a beautiful thing. By planning concerts with fun music and interactive parts, the kids learn little things throughout the concert, such as the different string instrument names, how to feel the music in different time signatures, and the neat and unique sounds we can make. Even the older folks at the nursing homes gain a bit of extra knowledge about music! And to me, that is what performing is all about; giving back to the audience and showing them how amazing and moving music can be. Performing is a key part to becoming a better musician. Even though not every performance is going to be perfect, each one helps gain more practice and experience, as well as demonstrating your art to people from all over your community, and in the end, giving the performer something to accomplish and be proud of.

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