Ines Guanchez

Ines Guanchez
(Faribault, MN)

from Shattuck St. Mary's Pre-Conservatory Strings Program, performing Sonata No. 3 Op. 28 composed/arranged by S. Prokofiev.


Artistic Statement

I love to perform because it gives me a chance to try and communicate what I feel and think in a piece to the public. I feel like music is a very powerful thing and that classical music is at various times underestimated by people, especially the younger generations, because they don't relate to it as much. I try to make music exciting when I play and I want to try and pass that on to the public so that they can feel and enjoy the piece. I'm not always successful at that of course, but I believe that the more I mature as a musician the better I will be at achieving this.

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