Calvin Connell

Calvin Connell
(Falcon Heights, MN)

from University of Minnesota School of Music, performing Sonata 3 composed/arranged by Prokofiev.


Artistic Statement

1. I love to perform because I work hard at piano, and getting the chance to play for people makes all that work worthwhile. Performance is difficult for me because I get a lot of anxiety, but once I have a few successful performances of a piece under my belt, I'm able to play to the best of my ability and that is what I want as a musician. 2. My goals are to be the best musician I can be. Through PSEO, I've already started my undergrad degree in music, but I plan to get my masters and hopefully my PHD in piano performance. I also have a few students, and hope to get more in years to come. 3. I chose this piece because I have been playing it long enough to feel like I really know it. When I first started this piece, it was difficult for me. Even from the beginning, however, I really liked this piece. Once I've toiled through a piece I like, the music becomes very important and meaningful to me.

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