Caroline Donaldson

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Caroline Donaldson
(Eden Prairie, MN)

from Homeschool - PSEO student in Music Dept. of Northwestern, performing First Arabesque composed/arranged by Claude Debussy.


    Artistic Statement

    "Music expresses that which cannot be said and on which it is impossible to be silent." This statement by Victor Hugo summarizes why there is nothing which brings more joy to my soul than performing music. To expound upon this further, the first reason I love to perform is that the entire process from practicing to playing for an audience brings me great excitement! When I start learning a piece, I only hear fragmented, individual notes. As my mastery of the piece improves, however, I begin to hear, comprehend, and feel the true melody and message of the piece. Finally, it becomes part of me in a sense. I greatly enjoy the opportunity to see this progress made from fumbling fingers and harsh tones to a confident performance full of rich melodies and harmonies which combine to form stunning music. A second reason I love harp performances is the opportunity I then have to share the beauty of music. I am thrilled when my music blesses others by giving them joy and peace. Wherever I perform, I am always rewarded by the joy on the audience's happy faces, delight in their eyes, and encouragement in their words. If practicing becomes difficult and tiresome, I remind myself that I must continue the hard work so that I can bring others happiness through well-prepared, intellectually challenging music. Performing is one of my greatest loves because it brings me and my audience incredible happiness and fulfillment.

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