Morning Edition
Morning Edition
Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Minnesota Public Radio Stories

  • Ainsworth MillNew life for lumber mills brings jobs, environmental concerns
    Three buyers of former Ainsworth lumber mills all have similar plans to turn materials from the forest into biofuels, but environmentalists worry the increased demand will hurt the forests.6:50 a.m.
  • Augsburg CollegeMinn. colleges ready to begin teacher prep programs in 2010
    Augsburg College is one of a dozen colleges in Minnesota and the Dakotas gearing up in 2010 in an effort to turn out better teachers. The Minneapolis-based Bush Foundation announced earlier this month it would put $40 million into the initiative over the next ten years.7:25 a.m.
  • Ice dive a unique experience
    Today a big hole will be cut into the ice on top of Lake Minnetonka. That might seem a little odd, but Friday, hundreds of people will dive through that hole into the frigid lake water. They will be participating in the 20th annual New Years Day ALARC Ice Dive.8:25 a.m.

National Public Radio Stories

  • European Officials Review Airline Security Measures
    Airports across Europe are on high alert after a passenger traveling from Amsterdam to Detroit on Christmas Day managed to board the jetliner with a plastic explosive that he tried to detonate. Following the incident, some European officials are pushing for tighter security, including mandatory full-body scans at airports and detailed background checks on some passengers.
  • U.S., Yemen Face Juggling Act In Response To Threat
    The suspect in the attempted bombing of an airliner on Christmas Day, Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab, spent the past few months in Yemen, and a branch of al-Qaida based in Yemen has claimed responsibility for the attack. That's raising questions about the Obama administration's complicated relationship with Yemen and its efforts to counter a growing threat.
  • Sugar Ray Robinson: Fighting Toward Transcendence
    Wil Haygood talks to Steve Inskeep about the life and career of Sugar Ray Robinson, including his many fights against rival boxer Jake LaMotta. Haygood is the author of a new biography of Robinson called Sweet Thunder.
  • Executive Order Reduces Total Of Classified Papers
    President Obama signed an executive order on Tuesday that sets new rules for when government agencies can keep documents classified. The order is full of provisions that should make government transparency activists swoon. For example, within the next four years, the government will strive to declassify 400 million pages of historical documents.
  • How E-Books Will Change Reading And Writing
    The Kindle and other electronic reading devices have already started to make their mark, but they may begin to change the very words authors commit to posterity. Lynn Neary talks to Rick Moody, Lev Grossman and Nicholas Carr about the way these devices are shaping the publishing world.
  • 'In Rainbows': A Pragmatic Experiment
    In 2007, Radiohead shocked music fans and the industry by releasing their record In Rainbows without a label, via its own Web site, and for whatever price listeners wanted to pay to download it. Whether it was a success or not, the much-talked-about release reflected changes in the record industry and shaped the decade in music.
  • Nokia Expands Patent Dispute Beyond Apple iPhone
    Nokia is broadening its legal battle against Apple Inc. On the heels of a dispute with Apple over the iPhone, it now says almost all of the company's other products also violate the Finnish phone maker's patents. Nokia has filed a complaint against Apple with the U.S. International Trade Commission. Earlier this year Nokia sued Apple for patent infringement. Apple denied the charged and countersued.
  • Airports Lose Out As Travelers Cut Back On Parking
    As airline passengers pinch their travel pennies, more are hitching rides or taking public transport to catch their flight. That's good news for those looking for a spot but not so good for airports. At many facilities parking fees are the largest revenue source.
  • Women's Fitness Business Puts On Pink Gloves
    Just as the economy was sinking in the spring of 2008, two recent college graduates — both former football players — decided to plow ahead with a new business venture: a women-only fitness program focused on boxing. They're trying to sell the concept across the country.
  • What To Drink When You Want Less Energy
    Drink manufacturers are hoping for a boost by calming consumers down. The Los Angeles Times reports on alternatives to pick-me-up energy drinks like Red Bull. One is Slow Cow, which is a Canadian drink that could go on sale in the U.S. soon. A California company sells a drink called Chill, and there's also Mary Jane's Relaxing Soda.

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