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Friday, December 20, 2013

Minnesota Public Radio Stories

  • St. Frances Cabrini parish offeringAs Christmas approaches amid clergy abuse revelations, Catholics weigh options for giving
    Allegations against leaders of the Twin Cities Archdiocese in recent months have triggered anger among many parishioners. If they choose to take a stand with their dollars, it could affect how the church moves forward with projects throughout the coming year.5:40 a.m.
  • TargetData breach creates PR headache for Target
    It's not clear how many customers could see fraudulent charges on their debit or credit cards. But plenty of shoppers worry they might. Some say Target is not doing enough to assuage customers' fears over the security breach.6:40 a.m.
  • MPR meteorologist Mark SeeleyWinter solstice just around the corner
    MPR News' Cathy Wurzer spoke with University of Minnesota Climatologist Mark Seeley about the amount, and the frequency of measurable snow fall this month in many parts of the state. And he has some good news for those suffering the winter blues: the winter solstice is near and daylight will start getting longer and longer as the days go by.6:55 a.m.
  • Virgil AndersonDorothy Day Center's time may be up; new homeless facility, new location proposed
    St. Paul's Dorothy Day Center was founded in 1981 and was never meant to be a place where people sleep. Now, up to 250 people cram into that building at night. But change may be coming. The city is proposing a new homeless facility with better services in a new part of the city.7:20 a.m.
  • Timberwolves still a work in progress
    The Minnesota Timberwolves are in Los Angeles to play the Lakers tonight. On Wednesday, the Wolves beat Portland, a team that came into the game with the best record in the NBA. MPR's Cathy Wurzer spoke with Howard Sinker, a digital sports editor for the Star Tribune, about the team.8:45 a.m.
  • Hip hop concert to benefit Native American youth
    Today's music is from the Twin Cities hip hop group Big Quarters with their song "New Plateau." .8:49 a.m.

National Public Radio Stories

  • Budget Bill Scales Back Military Pensions In 2015
    The budget bill awaiting President Obama's signature would trim a lot of programs including the pensions of military officers. The pension cuts would save the government more than $6 million over a decade. Steve Inskeep talks to Politico reporter Juana Summers about how much the country spends on military personnel.
  • How Fraud Flourishes Unchecked In Medicare's Drug Plan
    Credit card companies routinely flag or block suspicious charges as they happen. Yet under Medicare, a convoluted and poorly managed system for catching fraud allows costly scams for prescription drugs to slide by. The federal government has done little to stop the fraud, an investigation by ProPublica found.
  • Do Crossword Puzzles Really Stave Off Dementia?
    On Dec. 21, 100 years ago, a paper in New York published the first crossword. It quickly became known as a game for the intelligent — even helping Britain recruit code-breakers during WWII. But there isn't much evidence that this brainy game can help stave off dementia.
  • 'Her,' Another Quirky Film For Director Spike Jonze
    Spike Jonze is known for directing emotionally resonant films — like Being John Malkovich and Adaptation. Los Angeles Times and Morning Edition film critic Kenneth Turan reviews Jonze's new film Her.
  • Overturned Truck Spills Holiday Hams
    An interstate ramp outside of Atlanta was tied up on Thursday — not with cars but with 40,000 pounds of ham. The driver wasn't hurt but ham and diesel fuel were everywhere.
  • Conflict In South Sudan Grows Worse
    On Thursday, President Obama warned the country is "on the precipice." Forces opposed to the nation's president have taken control of a major town, and killed at least three U.N. peacekeepers in the process.
  • U.S. Deports 10 Percent Fewer People Last Fiscal Year
    The Obama administration has released deportation numbers for the last fiscal year. For the first time since the president took office, fewer people were removed than the year before.
  • Cybersecurity Forces U.S. To Examine Technological Changes
    Between now and the end of the year, Morning Edition will have a number of conversations about the future. To begin our series of conversations, Steve Inskeep talks to Peter Singer of the Brookings Institution about cybersecurity.
  • Administration Offers A Stopgap Health Insurance Option
    Millions of Americans facing canceled health insurance policies under the Affordable Care Act will no longer be fined for being uninsured in the new year. Instead, they can enroll in basic coverage — previously available only to those with a hardship exemption.
  • More Retail Chains Cater To Last-Minute Holiday Shoppers
    Santa's elves will be working overtime starting Friday. Stores like Toys R US and Kohl's are hoping to capitalize on last-minute shoppers, and those who like to avoid the crowds by staying open 24/7.

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