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Tuesday, December 4, 2007

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  • Report: Iran Stopped Weapons Program in 2003
    A new National Intelligence Estimate on Iran concludes that the country's efforts to build a nuclear weapon had ceased back in 2003. The report is a stark contrast to the dire warnings issued from the Bush administration about a nuclear threat posed by Iran.
  • Iran, U.S. Allies Respond to Intel on Nuclear Program
    Iran's foreign minister tells reporters, "Iran's peaceful nuclear activities (are) becoming clear to the world." Britain is saying its conclusions justify actions by the international community to get to the bottom of Iran's nuclear program. Russia is likely to weigh in as well.
  • Notion of Political Dynasty a Problem for Clinton
    Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton runs her campaign based on the idea of a "new beginning." But she also talks about turning the clock back to the "good old days." That concerns voters skeptical of two families (Bush and Clinton) that could produce an entire generation's presidents.
  • More Iraqi Refugees Returning from Syria
    For the first time since the Iraq war began, more Iraqi refugees are returning from Syria than fleeing there. The movement is still a trickle, but growing numbers of refugees are considering going home.
  • Iraq Struggles to Cope with Returning Refugees
    There is much uncertainty and possibly danger awaiting the refugees and internally displaced Iraqis seeking to return to their homes in Baghdad. The Iraqi government appears to have no real plan to deal with the problem.
  • New Tests May Make HIV Reports More Precise
    Federal officials have put the number of new HIV infections in the U.S. at 40,000 a year. Now there are indications the number may be higher. Researchers have developed a test that diagnoses HIV and separates the recently infected from those who have been infected for a longer time.
  • Senator Probes Megachurches' Finances
    Ministries raise millions of dollars with little oversight. One Senate lawmaker wonders whether the lavish lifestyles of the ministers violate the churches' tax-exempt status. Six megachurches have been asked to respond by Dec. 6 to questions about their spending.
  • Hanukkah Is in the Holiday Season, Too
    A writer describes her childhood in an Orthodox Jewish neighborhood in Brooklyn, New York where no one she knew celebrated Christmas, and her young adult years in Israel, where Hanukkah is a national holiday. Today she throws huge Hanukkah parties.
  • Treasury to Air Plan to Help Homeowners
    Treasury Secretary Henry Paulson is due to announce a plan this week to stem the rising number of foreclosures, one that includes both lenders and investors. With adjustable-rate mortgages set to jump from 7 percent up to 12 percent, economists estimate upward of 1 million foreclosures.
  • Florida Locales Divest Fund Tied to Bad Mortgages
    In Florida, dozens of cities, counties, and school boards have yanked $13 billion of investments from a state-run fund that invested some of its money in securities backed by subprime mortgages that had defaulted.

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