Morning Edition
Morning Edition
Friday, November 28, 2008

Minnesota Public Radio Stories

  • Mark SeeleyWeather with Mark Seeley
    University of Minnesota Meteorologist and Climatologist Mark Seeley looks back at what happened with the weather in November and what we can expect this weekend.6:55 a.m.
  • Holiday shoppingRegional retailers are hopeful for the holidays
    Retailers from around the region talk about what they are doing differently this year because of the down economy and low consumer confidence.7:20 a.m.
  • Sign of the timesMinnesota school counselors struggle with huge caseloads
    Minnesota scores well on some education statistics, but is near the bottom of national rankings for school counselors. Experts say eliminating school counselors leads to lower test scores.7:40 a.m.
  • Sam Grocholski was adopted from RomaniaNew research shows a little stress is OK for kids
    Children who spent their early years in orphanages offer researchers a unique opportunity to see how chronic adversity primes the brain's stress response system. New research comparing adoptees to children raised in biological families, or those adopted early from foster care, gives some surprising results. (Originally aired on Weekend America.)7:45 a.m.

National Public Radio Stories

  • Indian Commandos Try To Oust Gunmen
    Gunmen in Mumbai are thought to still be holding a number of foreign hostages. Indian commandos have been trading fire with the attackers. On Wednesday, gunmen armed with assault rifles and grenades fanned out across Mumbai and attacked popular tourist sites, including the city's top two luxury hotels.
  • Columnist: Mumbai Bigger Than Terror Attack
    Writer Shobhaa De is a columnist in India. She's written about what the terror attacks mean to Mumbai, and she says the terrorist were trying to send the world a message. But she tells Steve Inskeep Mumbai is bigger than any terrorist attack.
  • Thai Government Declares State Of Emergency
    In Thailand, anti-government protesters occupying Bangkok's two main airports are bracing for confrontation. The prime minister has declared a state of emergency and ordered the police to resolve the situation. Police say they're attempting to negotiate the protesters' withdrawal, but protest leaders say they won't go until the government does.
  • Soccer Match Reopens Ethnic Tension Wounds
    At an October soccer match between France and Tunisia in Paris, the crowd booed when the French national anthem was sung. Many of those booing were French citizens, the descendents of North African immigrants. The incident coincided with the anniversary of the 2005 riots, and again raised questions about the state of ethnic relations in France.
  • Venezuela's Chavez Seeks Out U.S. Adversaries
    Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez may have less oil money these days, but that isn't stopping him from buying billions in Russian weaponry. Chavez also has invited Russian soldiers to participate in military maneuvers. Analysts say Chavez wants to align with Washington's adversaries — a signal he'll be a serious challenge next year to President Barack Obama.
  • Oil Prices Lower On Economic Downturn
    In the last several months, the price of oil has sunk from $147 a barrel to about $50. Sarah Ladislaw, of the Center for Strategic and International Studies, talks with Steve Inskeep about why oil prices have fallen so much more dramatically than global demand, and what the projections are for future global demand.
  • Obama Faces Tight Deadline On Climate Change
    President-elect Barack Obama has promised to move aggressively on global warming. As the deadline for a new international treaty on climate change draws closer, the international community is pressing him to make good on that promise.
  • Stores Bring Out Big Discounts To Attract Shoppers
    The slow economy has retailers offering big price cuts. One longtime analyst says he's seeing discounts of 75 percent, which is something he's never seen in November. For some merchants, November and December account for up to half of the year's sales. Most analysts expect a drop in overall sales this holiday season.
  • Retailers Hope There Is No Gray In Black Friday
    Move over Turkey Day — Black Friday is here. That's the day when merchants hope to get into the black. Given the current economic turmoil, retailers are using drastic sales to try to attract business. NPR's Tamara Keith, is at Best Buy outside Washington, D.C., and she talks with Steve Inskeep about whether the economic downturn has shoppers reining in their spending.
  • Gas Prices Down, SUV Sales Up
    SUV sales seemed doomed by high gas prices. But as prices at the pump drop, customers are returning to the big vehicles that — just a few months ago — they wouldn't look at.

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