Morning Edition
Morning Edition
Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Minnesota Public Radio Stories

  • Hennepin County drug court faces possible changes
    Hennepin County officials could decide the future of its drug court this morning. The county's chief judge would not give specifics; she would only say a task force is expected to vote on changing the specialized court. Drug court was intended to help the chronically addicted but it's faced criticism that it's going soft on high-level drug traffickers.7:20 a.m.
  • An integral part of the St. Paul skylineSt. Paul Travelers: a Minnesota company with an East Coast brain
    Some of the insurance company's moves in the past year or so have prompted questions about its commitment to keeping the headquarters in St. Paul. The company is adamant that it's not going anywhere.7:25 a.m.
  • Minnesota offers Safe Place for Newborns
    A Minnesota law offers an alternative to mothers thinking of abandoning their babies.8:25 a.m.

National Public Radio Stories

  • Lebanon Quiet, Tense After Cabinet Minister's Killing
    The Lebanese government canceled Independence Day celebrations in the wake of Tuesday's assassination of Industry Minister Pierre Gemayel. He is the sixth anti-Syrian figure to be killed in Lebanon in nearly two years.
  • Iran Seeks IAEA Help with Plans for Nuclear Reactor
    Iran recently asked the International Atomic Energy Agency for technical assistance with a new reactor the country is building. The controversial reactor could be used to extract plutonium for nuclear weapons. The U.S. is opposed to the aid.
  • Drawing Parallels Between Ancient Rome and the U.S. Today
    In the second part of our series examining our perceptions of history, novelist Robert Harris speaks with Steve Inskeep about how the history of Rome is reflected in our modern-day world. Harris sees parallels between the time of Rome's transition from republican to imperial rule and the challenges the U.S. faces now.
  • Take that, Tiger! Cosmonaut Tees Off
    Golf in space is slightly different from that on Earth. For one, you have to tie down the ball. You also have to tie down the cosmonaut. During a spacewalk tonight, Mikhail Tyurin plans on doing just that as he takes the first swing at a ball in space since Alan Shepard's 1971 lunar game.
  • Woman Testifies Against Polygamist Jeffs in Court
    A woman who claims she was forced to marry her cousin when she was 14 testified Tuesday at a preliminary hearing for polygamist leader Warren Jeffs. The court is trying to decide whether Jeffs should stand trial on rape charges.
  • 'Deja Vu' is First-Class Fun
    Deja Vu is in the business of confounding expectations. It's not the routine potboiler starring Denzel Washington that the advertising indicates. The film makes little sense, but that hardly matters because it's some first-class genre fun.
  • Film Director Robert Altman Remembered for Actors Touch
    Film director Robert Altman died Monday at the age of 81. Altman was the man behind MASH, Gosford Park and, most recently, A Prairie Home Companion.
  • Alcoa Cuts Jobs, Sells Plants
    The aluminum maker Alcoa plans to layoff about 6,700 employees worldwide over the coming year. The cuts are part of a restructuring effort the Pittsburgh-based company hopes will increase profits. Alcoa is also selling three plants and entering into a joint-venture with a Norwegian metals company.
  • Social Networking Technology Boosts Job Recruiting
    Professional recruiters have started hunting for job candidates using social networking technology -- like the kind found on sites such as Linkedin, Spoke, Jigsaw and Ryze. And those who want to be discovered can make more effective use of such sites, too.
  • 'Forbes' Counts the Wealth of Fictional Characters
    Forbes magazine has calculated what it says would be the wealth of fictional characters if they were real. Near the top of the list is the Simpsons' character C. Montgomery Burns at an estimated $17 billion. Just ahead of Burns, at No. 1 on the list, is Oliver "Daddy" Warbucks from Annie.

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