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Monday, November 20, 2006

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  • Iraqi Corruption Starts at the Top
    Corruption is so widespread in Iraq that it is treated as part of every day life. People pay bribes for almost everything including passport applications, jobs and food rations. Both the U.S. and Iraqi inspectors general say the corruption starts on top.
  • Germany Considers Expanded Military Activities
    Seven years ago, Germany sent troops abroad for the first time since the end of World War II. Most missions have focused on aid and rebuilding efforts in crisis zones. But Germany recently published a new vision for its military future.
  • GOP Candidate for Iowa House Reflects on Defeat
    Republican Mike Whalen lost his bid for a House seat from Iowa that had previously been held by the GOP. The candidate is sanguine about his loss, but says too much national-party involvement and strong antiwar sentiment hurt his campaign.
  • Britain's Blair Visits the Troops in Afghanistan
    British Prime Minister Tony Blair visits Afghanistan, meeting with some of the 5,000 British troops stationed in the country. Blair is also meeting with Afghan President Hamid Karzai. Britain has had dozens of soldiers killed fighting the resurgent Taliban in Afghanistan since the summer.
  • Democrats Seek to Boost Aid for College Students
    House Democrats have signaled that reducing interest rates on student loans is on the top of their domestic to-do list. And it's also likely that they'll push hard for increases in the Pell Grant program that aids college students from poor families.
  • Mining Merger Would Create Copper Giant
    Freeport-McMoRan Copper and Gold wants to acquire a rival, the Phelps Dodge Corporation, for more than $25 billion. The merger will need approval from shareholders and regulators. It would create the world's largest publicly traded copper company.
  • PlayStation 3 Arrival Produces Lines, Shortages
    Sony's much anticipated PlayStation 3 came out on Friday. With it came long lines, bidding wars on eBay and even some violence.
  • Wii and PlayStation Woo Gamers
    Nintendo's Wii videogame system is hitting the market at about the same time as Sony's PlayStation 3. But the two boxes are aimed at different people.
  • Ten Ways to Ruin your Hard Drive
    The data recovery company called On-Track puts out a list each year of horrible data disasters. Oozing bananas, leaking shampoo bottles and misused WD-40 all made the list of this year's data disasters.
  • Indonesians Protest U.S. President's Visit
    President Bush visits Indonesia, a Muslim nation where many people have greeted his visit with street protests. Bush said the open protests were a sign of a healthy society.

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