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Tuesday, November 14, 2006

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  • Levin: U.S. Pullout Would Force Iraq Political Solution
    Sen. Carl Levin proposes a phased U.S. withdrawal from Iraq in the next four to six months. Ending America's "open-ended commitment" would force Iraqis to find a "political solution" to violence, the Michigan Democrat says.
  • Democrats Starting to Form an Iraq Strategy
    The newly empowered Democrats aren't unified in their approach to the conflict in Iraq. Some want an immediate pullout, others do not. As they assume control of the House and Senate, the Democrats will need to come to a consensus about Iraq.
  • Government Rejects Suspected Terrorist's Speedy Trial Claim
    Prosecutors and Jose Padilla's lawyers have been fighting over what should happen at the suspected terrorist's trial. His attorneys argue the deadline for a speedy trial has long passed, and that he should be excused. Monday, the government disagreed.
  • Wall Street Doubts Benefits of CVS-Caremark Deal
    If the proposed CVS-Caremark deal goes through, it would create the biggest drug-dispensing business in the country. But, it's not clear that the combined company would make more money than the two businesses did separately.
  • Germany Attempts to Update Pharmacy Laws
    Germany's attempt to modernize its system of local pharmacies has led to claims that customer service and safety are being put at risk.
  • Christian Investors Put Their Beliefs into Practice
    Socially responsible investing began in the 1960s. Today, increasing numbers of Americans are investing in issue-based mutual funds, including funds with Christian investing principals.
  • Terrorism Course Lights Up Florida Classroom
    The Air Force is running a special course about terrorism at a base in Florida. The course focuses on the threats of dirty bombs, kidnappings and car bombs. It's part of an effort to train personnel for duty in Iraq and Afghanistan.
  • U.S. Emergency Medicine Fails Patients
    The American emergency care system is overloaded, overcrowded and unable to keep up with the needs of its patients. The author is a professor of emergency medicine.
  • Automakers Drop by the White House
    The heads of GM, Ford and Chrysler meet with President Bush to discuss their problems, and ask for federal help with trade and health care issues.
  • Corporate Fraud Punished by the Markets
    A new study from the University of Washington suggests that corporations that falsify financial records, and are caught, pay an even bigger price in the market than the price of the fines the government imposes.

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