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Friday, October 26, 2012

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  • Do Political Ads Actually Work?
    Democrats and Republicans are on track to spend about $1 billion each on TV advertising in the presidential race — most of it negative and almost all in battleground states. There's little evidence the ads sway voters, but the campaigns are happy to settle for low odds, given the lingering memories of the close 2000 election.
  • Obama Campaign Expected To Top $1B In Fundraising
    The Obama organization is expected to exceed $1 billion in fundraising, as the candidates, party committees and superPACs file their last disclosure reports before Election Day.
  • The Future Of 'Short Attention Span Theater'
    Digital gadgetry and on-demand media are changing the way we watch TV. Why wait for next week's episode when you can download a whole season from Netflix? Graphic design critic Jessica Helfand wants to harness that impatience and come up with more compelling short-form media.
  • Detroit Tigers Look To Regroup In World Series
    The San Francisco Giants are halfway to a World Series title. On Thursday night, the Giants beat the Detroit Tigers 2-0, giving San Francisco a two-games lead as the best of seven series now shifts back to Detroit.
  • President Embraces 'Obamacare'; What Would Romney Do?
    Some critics are puzzled by Mitt Romney's opposition to the Affordable Care Act because the law is a close cousin of the measure he signed while governor of Massachusetts. But others counter that the private sector is best left to make the changes imposed by President Obama's signature achievement.
  • Energy Independence Wouldn't Make Gasoline Any Cheaper
    If you don't believe me, just ask Canada. They produce more oil than they can use — and they pay just as much as we do.
  • Publishers Random House, Penguin In Merger Talks
    The book industry is buzzing with the news that Random House and Penguin, the two largest publishing houses in the U.S., could be headed for a merger. The two companies publish such best-selling authors as John Grisham and Tom Clancy.
  • What Windows 8 Could Mean For You
    Renee Montagne talks with Bloomberg Technology columnist Rich Jaroslovsky about Microsoft's latest update to Windows.
  • Iconic British Cab Company Is On The Skids
    One of London's defining features is the black hackney cab. Along with the city's red double-decker buses, those shiny black cabs are moving landmarks on the city's streets. But the company that makes them is on the skids.
  • President Obama Stops In Chicago To Vote Early
    After barnstorming through half a dozen battleground states this week, President Obama stopped in Chicago to vote. He became the first sitting president to vote early in person.

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