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Thursday, October 25, 2007

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  • California Firefighters Get Break from Easing Winds
    Winds are slowing in California, giving firefighters a respite from the massive wildfires. The fires around Los Angeles are contained, but farther south in San Diego County, firefighters are struggling to control them. Around 10,000 firefighters are working day and night to put out the blazes.
  • NASA Aids Fight Against California Wildfires
    NASA launches the unmanned aircraft Ikhana from Edwards Air Force Base north of Los Angeles. It measures the heat coming off the wildfires raging there. That data is then converted to images, and sent back to the ground via satellite. It helps firefighters better react to conditions on the ground.
  • Malibu Man Refuses California Wildfire Evacuation
    Residents in Malibu were told to evacuate. Mark Pozorski chose to stay at home. He was prepared to defend it with professional firefighting gear: a high-powered pump and a hose that can empty his pool in less than an hour. He stood by ready to use it. And his truck remains packed if that's not enough.
  • Army Medevac Unit Races Against 'Golden Hour'
    The first hour after an attack is crucial for wounded soldiers. Injured troops who get medical help have a 95 percent chance of surviving. Eagle Dustoff, a medevac unit in Iraq, keeps its mission simple: Evacuate the wounded as quickly as possible.
  • Letters: Journalist's Iraq Assignment Ends
    Listeners respond to NPR Producer Tom Bullock's essay on the end of his Iraq assignment. He says when he arrived in 2003, it was safe to go get a haircut. Shops reminded him of the Andy Griffith Show. But a degree of hope evaporated before his departure in 2007.
  • Red Sox Rout Rockies in Game 1 of World Series
    The Boston Red Sox won the first game of the World Series, thumping the Colorado Rockies 13-1. That's the most lopsided game-one victory in series history. The Rockies came into the championship round having won 21 of their last 22 games. But now the Red Sox are the team on fire.
  • Smoking Bans Help People Quit, Research Shows
    Smoking bans are on the rise across the country in workplaces, restaurants and bars. Research shows these bans decrease the overall number of cigarettes people smoke and in some cases, actually result in people quitting.
  • Despite Worries, Psychiatric Hospital Bans Smoking
    Smoking has been part of life in psychiatric hospitals for decades. Now, one such hospital faces the challenges of promoting a smoke-free environment.
  • China Reports Robust Economy
    The world's fastest-growing economy grew at a stunning 11.5 percent in the third quarter, newly released government data show. China could overtake Germany as the world's third-largest economy. For the sake of comparison, the U.S. economy is expected to grow 2 percent this year.
  • Microsoft Wins Well-Publicized Battle for Facebook
    Microsoft is buying a minority stake in the social-networking Web site for $240 million. Microsoft will become the exclusive advertising partner for Facebook internationally. It already had the domestic business. The deal values Facebook at $15 billion.

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