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Wednesday, October 17, 2012

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  • Take-Charge Obama Shows Up For Second Debate
    Two weeks ago, GOP presidential nominee Mitt Romney was seen as the clear winner of that debate. A very different President Obama showed up for the second debate. He went hard after his Republican opponent from the very start.
  • Cuba To Lift Travel Restrictions But Not For All
    Cuba has announced it's lifting restrictions on travel outside of the country beginning in January. It's the most sweeping overhaul since Castro imposed the restrictions more than half a century ago. But not all Cubans will be treated equally when the new rules take effect.
  • Farmers Cautious Of Drought-Resistant Seeds
    This summer's dry weather gave a great real-world test for drought-resistant corn, which seed companies are eager to promote. But many farmers worry that these drought-resistant seeds won't perform as well in regular or wet years.
  • TV Westerns Prove The West Is Still Fun
    While gritty TV Westerns like AMC's Hell on Wheels may be historically accurate, they often lack substance and fall victim to generic tropes. But as Eric Deggans argues, more modern Westerns like CBS' Vegas and A&E's Longmire make the West wild again with a dash of fun and style.
  • Home Health Aides Often As Old As Their Clients
    As America ages, so do the nation's 2.5 million home health aides, leaving the elderly caring for the even more elderly. Clients often request someone closer to their own age, and agencies say older workers are reliable and well-suited to the job.
  • States Iron Out The Kinks In Long-Term Care Insurance
    Oregon is one of several states making it easier for consumers to appeal long-term care insurance denials, and expedite payment of claims.
  • A123's Bankruptcy Reignites Obama's Green Critics
    A123 Systems has filed for bankruptcy. The company makes lithium ion batteries for hybrid and electric cars — or it did. The company's automotive assets are being sold, and the bankruptcy filing will likely be controversial. A123 received a $249 million grant from the government in 2009.
  • The Brain Of The Beast: Google Reveals The Computers Behind The Cloud
    For years, Google has kept mostly silent about the technology that has made it one of the leaders in cloud computing. Now, for the first time, Google has opened the doors of its data centers to the outside.
  • Target Begins Running Holiday TV Ads Early
    Traditionally, Target has held off on unveiling its Christmas season ads until after Thanksgiving. Social media has buzzed with shock that the chain was breaching holiday decorum.
  • Close Read: NPR Reporters Examine Second Debate
    A team of NPR correspondents joins Renee Montagne to give Tuesday night's presidential debate a Close Read. The second meeting was a town hall-style debate and covered a wide range of issues. The reporters include: John Ydstie, Julie Rovner, Michele Kelemen, Jeff Brady and Ted Robbins.

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