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Morning Edition
Monday, October 8, 2012

Minnesota Public Radio Stories

  • Pro-amendment billboardMilitary voting in the spotlight in photo ID campaign
    Military veterans have moved front and center in the debate over Minnesota's voter ID constitutional amendment. For voter ID supporters, veterans are a symbol to sell their message of election integrity. Opponents have turned to veterans to point out the potential problems that soldiers could face when they try to vote.6:20 a.m.
  • Rep. Kurt BillsTrailing Klobuchar, Bills steps up criticism on campaign trail
    Every public opinion poll on Minnesota's U.S. Senate race released so far shows Republican state Rep. Kurt Bills far behind Democratic incumbent Amy Klobuchar. The Bills campaign has recently started using more aggressive language to criticize Klobuchar.7:20 a.m.

National Public Radio Stories

  • Chavez Wins Another Term As Venezuela's President
    Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez has beaten his most serious political challenge in years. He defeated a young former governor handily in Sunday's presidential election. With this victory, Chavez has another six years to consolidate his socialist system in the country with the world's largest oil reserves.
  • Predicting The Future: Fantasy Or A Good Algorithm?
    The intelligence community has always been in the business of forecasting the future. The question is whether tapping into publicly available data — Twitter and news feeds and blogs — can help them do that faster and more precisely. Now, a cutting-edge tech company is trying to use data to predict seminal events before they happen.
  • Kenny Rogers: 'I Take Great Pride In Not Writing Hits'
    Rogers has two dozen No. 1 songs to his name, but rarely writes for himself. In the new memoir Luck or Something Like It, he explains how careful curation has helped his career last.
  • Syria, Turkey Exchange Weekend Artillery Fire
    More Syrian mortar fire hit inside Turkey, and the Turkish military responded each time with artillery fire back into northern Syria. There is a growing international chorus of calls for restraint as the cross-border fire continues, amid fears that Turkey could be dragged into the Syrian conflict.
  • For Families Of Medicare Recipients, Insurance Choices Are Tricky
    When a relative signs up for Medicare, it is often perplexing — and unnerving — for the rest of the family who may have grown used to cushy employer-sponsored coverage.
  • When Should Seniors Hang Up The Car Keys?
    Most elderly drivers give up the keys only when their child or grandchild intervenes. Social workers say it's important for family members to be aware and look for changes in their parents' driving behavior.
  • World Bank Predicts Slower Growth In East Asia
    The World Bank warns of a deeper and longer slowdown in the region driven by weak exports and domestic demand. At the center of this is an accelerated slowdown in China, where the bank cut its annual growth rate prediction, lowering it to 7.7 percent, about half a point down.
  • What's Going Wrong With China's Solar Industry?
    Steve Inskeep talks to Beijing-based economist Patrick Chovanec about too many subsidies in China's solar energy industry. It is resulting in money-losing companies. One company, Suntech, could soon be delisted from the New York Stock Exchange because it is performing poorly.
  • Living Social Steps Up To The Plate
    The Washington Nationals are in the Major League Baseball playoffs this year but the games will end after public transit has closed. In the past, pro sports organizations have paid deposits to keep the metro system running overtime. But the Nationals said they wouldn't pay. So Living Social spotted a PR opportunity, and came up the $30,000 deposit.
  • Romney Campaigns In Florida, Obama In California
    Florida is considered a must-win state for Romney so every day he can spend there is crucial. President Obama attended three high-dollar campaign events in Los Angeles Sunday.

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