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Thursday, August 27, 2009

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  • List Is Long For Those Who Want To Succeed Kennedy
    Massachusetts Sen. Edward Kennedy died Tuesday after a battle with brain cancer. Gov. Deval Patrick says he supports changing state law to allow him to appoint an interim successor to fill Kennedy's seat. Unlike most states, a successor to a vacant U.S. Senate seat in Massachusetts is chosen by special election five months after the opening, not appointed by the governor.
  • Iran's Presidential Election Shifts Its National Politics
    Morning Edition has focused this week on Iran's nuclear ambitions and what they mean for U.S. policy. Iran's presidential election two and a half months ago threw the country into turmoil. The fallout could change how Iran proceeds with its nuclear program, and how it approaches negotiations with the West. Hamid Dabashi, professor of Iranian Studies and Comparative Literature at Columbia University, talks with Steve Inskeep about the political shifts in Iran.
  • Steele: Don't Raid Medicare To Fund Health Changes
    Republican Party Chairman Michael Steele opposes a government-run health care system, as do most members of his party. While most health care overhaul proposals assume big savings by reworking Medicare, Steele says Medicare needs to be protected and not cut in the name of health insurance reform. But he also says he favors some cuts to maximize the program's efficiencies.
  • Scalding A Quarter-Mile In An Electric Ford Pinto
    For many, the image of an electric car is a hybrid, like the Toyota Prius. But can you picture a souped-up, battery-powered muscle car? On some racetracks, electric dragsters are beating their gas-guzzling counterparts.
  • Sen. Kennedy Spent Life Defending 'Little Guy'
    Senator Edward Kennedy came from one of America's wealthiest and most privileged families. But he was one of the most vocal advocates for the poor and underprivileged. The senator's friends and colleagues say it was no political act — that he truly empathized with those facing hard times.
  • Will Kennedy's Widow Succeed Him In The Senate?
    Senator Edward Kennedy's most important partnership was with his wife Victoria Reggie Kennedy. They married in 1992. Could she could succeed him in the Senate? Friends say that's not likely to happen. There is speculation that once memorial services are over, she could start thinking about pursuing her husband's Senate seat.
  • FDIC: Private Investors May Buy Failed Institutions
    The Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation adopted rules for buying failed banks on Wednesday. More than 80 banks have closed so far this year — the most since the height of the savings-and-loan crisis in the 1990s. The new guidelines open the door for private investors who see opportunities in the troubled industry.
  • Bid For Crypt Above Marilyn Monroe Falls Through
    For the dead and famous, arguably no neighborhood is more desirable than the mausoleum at the Westwood Village Memorial Park cemetery in Los Angeles. Among the many stars resting there is the iconic Marilyn Monroe. The crypt directly above her was recently auctioned on eBay, but there's a problem closing the deal.
  • Narrowest House Has Location, Location, Location
    Attention real estate buyers, the narrowest house in New York City is back on the market. The asking price for the three-story home built in 1873 in Greenwich Village is $2.7 million. Anthropologist Margaret Mead once lived in it, and Edna St Vincent Millay may have penned a poem in the narrow home. The house sold in 2000 for $1.6 million.
  • Kennedy Remembered As Civil Rights Champion
    Over nearly five decades, Sen. Edward Kennedy assumed an important role in framing the nation's civil rights laws and leading the opposition to Supreme Court nominees he viewed as hostile to civil rights.

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