Morning Edition
Morning Edition
Thursday, August 23, 2007

Minnesota Public Radio Stories

  • Sweeping the streetsRushford asks: 'Will they be there' to help?
    In Rushford, Minnesota, residents are coping with extreme conditions following last weekend's flood -- no water, no sewer, no phones, no power. And they're waiting for help.7:20 a.m.
  • Prize-winning produceThe Great Minnesota Get-Together
    A new book chronicles the Minnesota State Fair since its start in the 1850s. Mother-daughter team Kathryn Strand Koutsky and Linda Koutsky have put together an illustrated history using pictures from all eras.7:25 a.m.
  • Flooded carWhitewater State Park closed due to flooding
    Whitewater State Park in southeastern Minnesota sustained damage in last weekend's floods, and is closed until further notice. MPR's Cathy Wurzer talked with the park manager, Gary Barvels.8:40 a.m.

National Public Radio Stories

  • Murray Says Crandall Canyon Mine to Be Closed
    The mine where three rescuers died trying to rescue six trapped miners will be closed, co-owner Bob Murray tells NPR. He also says that a sixth hole may be drilled in an attempt to find the trapped miners.
  • True Mine Safety Will Exclude Humans
    Experts question whether the Crandall Canyon mine in Utah, where six coal miners were trapped, should have been operating at all. With high demand, and a high price, for coal, mine safety is sometimes compromised by digging into areas that have already been stressed.
  • Israel Haunted by Nuclear Threat from Iran
    Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad has, on several occasions, publicly called for Israel to be "eliminated." Some Israelis say that with Iran's nuclear ambitions and growing regional clout, the threat of a war between the two nations looms.
  • Iran's Crackdown Cools U.S. Outreach Efforts
    The arrest of Iranian-American Haleh Esfandiari and several others is having a major effect in the United States. Iranian-Americans are more fearful now to travel to Iran, or to take part in meetings with democracy and human rights activists. That has put a chill into U.S. efforts to promote democracy in Iran.
  • FDA Approves Risperdal for Kids
    The Food and Drug Administration has approved the use of the powerful anti-psychotic drug Risperdal for use in preteens and teenagers with schizophrenia or manic depressive illness. Risperdal can be very effective, but it also has some significant side effects.
  • Pesky and Not Picky, Bedbugs Make a Comeback
    The saying "Don't let the bedbugs bite" might have seemed like a thing of the past. The little blood-sucking critters were mostly eradicated in the 1940s, but they seem to be staging a creepy return, causing great discomfort among sleepers across the country.
  • Bank of America Sends Cash to Countrywide
    Bank of America says that it will invest $2 billion in Countrywide, the largest home mortgage company. Countrywide has been struggling to raise cash. Last week, the lender was forced to draw on an $11.5 billion line of credit from a group of banks.
  • Mortgage Businesses Shutter in Subprime Debacle
    California-based Accredited Home Lenders says that it would stop writing new loans and lay off more than half its workforce. Lehman Brothers is shuttering its BNC Mortgage unit. And Quality Home Loans has joined about a dozen mortgage companies in filing for bankruptcy.
  • An Austin Institution Ousted by Development
    In Austin, a beloved Tex-Mex cafe is preparing to move to make way for a giant new Marriott hotel, and people are plenty upset about it. The controversy has raised anew the question: Is success ruining Austin?
  • The Big Mac Hits the Big 4-0
    The Big Mac debuted 40 years ago this week. Since the introduction of the double-patty burger in 1967, it has become an American icon. Americans eat 550 million Big Macs every year. It has its own museum featuring the world's biggest Big Mac, at 14 feet high and 12 feet wide.

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