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Monday, August 22, 2011

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  • Rebels Sweep Into Libya's Capital Tripoli
    It appears to be just a matter of time before the rebels take complete control of the capital. There are reports of heavy fighting near Moammar Gadhafi's compound but there is no sign of Gadhafi.
  • Egyptians Fear Military Stymies Democracy Push
    The Egyptian military is cracking down on pro-democracy activists, particularly those using the Internet to convey their message. The military rulers are also putting out statements to try to turn public sentiment against the activists, who were pivotal in starting the uprising that ousted former leader Hosni Mubarak.
  • 20 Years Ago: Coup Backfires, Destroys Soviet Union
    The Soviet Union was at a tipping point two decades ago. Communist party hardliners, determined to stop President Mikhail Gorbachev's moves towards democracy, attempted a coup. The action backfired, and rallied many Russians behind Boris Yeltsin.
  • White House Says It's Time For Gadhafi To Go
    President Obama says it is time for Libyan leader Moammar Gadhafi's regime to officially end. The U.S. has played a key role in supporting the NATO campaign that began in March — aimed at protecting civilians and the rebels.
  • When Not To Quit: Man Revived After 96 Minutes
    Last winter, a Minnesota man's heart stopped beating for an amazing 96 minutes. Emergency room doctors thought he was dead. But first responders who gave CPR on the scene decided not to give up, thanks to technology that allowed them to see their efforts were working.
  • How Music May Help Ward Off Hearing Loss As We Age
    Musicians focus extraordinary attention on deciphering low notes from high notes and detecting different tonal qualities. This intense auditory training early in life may make musicians better able to fend off hearing loss as they age.
  • Striking Verizon Workers End Strike Without Deal
    Tens of thousands of Verizon workers plan to go back to work this week after a strike that began earlier this month. Their union did not reach an agreement with management, but talks will continue. The strike was to protest company demands that workers pay more toward their health care premiums.
  • Mich. Manufacture Expects To Hire 1,000 Workers
    Manufacturers are still cautious when it comes to hiring. But one Michigan company is going on a hiring spree. Gentex Corporation mostly makes car mirrors.
  • E-Receipts Cut Clutter, Boost Marketing Opportunities
    Apple has been sending out electronic receipts for years. Nordstrom and Patagonia have also made the switch. And this summer, Gap Inc. launched e-receipts at more than 2,600 stores. The receipts, which are sent to customers' email inboxes, are convenient and eco-friendly. But the major plus for stores is branding.
  • Moscow's Torn Up Sidewalks Force Shoe Changes
    The mayor of Moscow is replacing the city's asphalt sidewalks with bricks. Moscow women are known for tottering in super high spiked heels. It's hard enough to walk in 5-inch heels on an ordinary day, so it must be especially precarious to navigate ripped up pavement.

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